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08/10/2013 – Tile Hill, Coventry – Lit UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 28/10/2013


With many UFO sightings the witnesses will get a clear view of the shape of the object they are observing, and will be able to refer to this when describing it later on. However sometimes in sightings which occur after dark, the main body of the object will not be discernible, only the lighting configuration on it. I know this all too well after my own sighting down in Warminster in the summer of 2009. This report covers a sighting of this type. Although the actual shape of the object could not be accurately determined, the incident has a number of very interesting aspects to it.

Early on the evening of Friday 18th October I met with the witness Ian at the sighting location to discuss what took place. My photographs of the location can be seen below.

Sighting Details

It was the evening of 8th October 2013. The time was approximately 7.20pm. Due to the time of year it was already dark. There was quite a bit of cloud cover, with not many stars visible, but it was a dry and still evening. Ian was driving through the area of Tile Hill in South West Coventry. He was travelling along Herald Way and approaching Sainsbury's on his left. There was lots of other traffic around.

Before reaching the entrance to the store’s car park he came to a roundabout. As he began to drive around the island he glanced to his left to the South along Renown Avenue. There in the sky, less than a mile from his position was an object with numerous coloured lights. There was a white light at what he assumed was the front, an orange flashing light on each side, and a red light at the rear. It appeared to be about the size of a helicopter, which is what he initially assumed it must be, although the exact shape of the object could not be determined, all he could see was that the lights on it were arranged in a diamond shaped configuration.

Aerial map showing position of witness (A) and estimated initial position of UFO (B):

Photograph of the initial sighting location in the direction the UFO was observed:

The object appeared to be near stationary in the sky. It was quite low down, possibly around 80 feet off the ground. Ian had only looked at the object for a couple of seconds when suddenly it made an abrupt and very fast movement to the West and was lost from sight behind some nearby trees! At this moment Ian realised it could not be a helicopter as its acceleration had been far too sudden and extreme.

He continued to drive along Herald Way alongside the edge of Sainsbury's trying to spot the object in the sky again. As he arrived alongside a footpath which leads into the corner of the car park he once again spotted the object in the sky to the South West of his position. However he was now amazed to see that the object looked almost 4 times as big as it had done previously! It was still not possible to see the shape of the object but the distance between the white light and the red light seemed to be at least 80 feet, and the distance between the two orange flashing lights appeared to be around 30 feet. This was extremely puzzling, as it had not looked like it had flown towards his location, when he initially saw the object move it had appeared to move on a straight and level path. It was almost as if it had physically grown in size, although there is no way that this can be verified of course.

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