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07/12/2011 - Hagley, Birmingham - Flying Triangle Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/01/2012

Last Updated: 11/01/2023


For the last couple of decades one of the more widely reported UFO types has been the Flying Triangle. On 13th December 2011 active West Midlands Police Officer Gary Nock got in touch with BUFOG to report the sighting of one such object, which had been seen by him and his family on the evening of 7th December. Gary had also reported the sighting to the Express and Star newspaper in order to establish whether anyone else had also seen it.

On 14th December I drove out to the sighting location to discuss the incident with Gary face-to-face, and also get some location photographs. This report contains both a detailed overview of what took place, and the newspaper article.

Sighting Details

It was 6.40pm on the 7th December 2011. Gary, his wife, his daughter and her boyfriend Jamie were on their way out to the Badgers Sett pub in Hagley for a meal. It was a very clear and still evening, and due to the time of year it was dark and the stars were already out.

Photograph of the Badger’s Sett pub

The pub is situated on Hagley Causeway. Opposite the pub is the Clent Hills which are made up of grass covered-fields and areas of woodland. As the family approached the pub, Gary noticed some lights out of the front window of the car. The lights were off to the right of the road to the East. They were white in colour and arranged in a line. They were low down, just over the tops of trees at the western end of Hagley Wood. They appeared to be heading in the direction of them and the pub. It was clear that they were attached to a single object, but as it was getting dark it was hard to make this out at first. He pointed the lights out to everyone else in the car.

Witness drawing of how the UFO initially appeared
Photograph of the sighting location in the direction the object was first seen

Gary turned into the pub car park and parked. He was intrigued by the white lights and so quickly got out. He asked Jamie to come and take a look. Leaving his wife and daughter at the car, the men walked back to the path that separated the car park from the road.

When they looked back over at the field they saw that the object had now changed course and was no longer heading towards them but had turned and was now moving away from them to the South East. It was clear that the object had banked as it was now at a sharp angle, giving a clear view of the lights on its underside. The main body of the object appeared to be black in colour, and was triangular in shape. It was dark but the shape could be made out as it blocked out the stars. Gary noted that unlike a stealth bomber or other known aircraft, the rear of the object was completely straight. On its underside there was a white light at each corner, and in the centre a dimmer red coloured ring of light. This ring appeared to be separated into sections. The object was very large indeed – Gary says that it was at least half the size of a football pitch, if not larger.

Witness drawing of the UFO as it now appeared