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07/09/2013 - West Heath, Birmingham - Circle Of Lights Sighting

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 22/09/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

In early September 2013 BUFOG was contacted by a gentleman from Australia who wanted to pass on details of a possible UFO sighting that was witnessed by a lady he knew from West Heath, Birmingham, who we shall call Rachel, and her young son. Although we only have limited information at present, here are the details of what took place.

Sighting Overview

It was around 9pm on the evening of 7th September. The weather was cloudy but dry. Due to the time of year it was quite dark. Rachel and her son were out in West Heath. She looked up into the sky and saw what appeared to be a rotating circle of glowing white round lights coming from out of a cloud. It looked like a large rounded object with lights in its base was hiding inside the cloud layer. She was startled by what she saw. Her young son was quite upset by the lights and began to cry.

Rachel watched the lights for over an hour. After this extended period of time they suddenly vanished without trace. She later checked on Facebook on the B31 Voices page, where people in the local area often post messages. She found that other people had also seen the lights and had actually been posting about them while they were visible in the sky.

Facebook Posts

Below are various posts about the lights which were added to the B31 Voices Facebook page soon after the incident:

Few readers report seeing lights circling in the sky around Longbridge/Northfield - is there an event somewhere? Anyone know what it is?

could it be due to the event in birmingham?

Never the show in Bham , the live theatre in the sky

I can see it! It's so weird

there all over the sky in redditch...palace theater celebraring 100 anniversary but doubt ud c it from there so basically this was probly a pointless comment haha

I saw it around Rednal last night

I saw it as well and I was wondering what it was

Some in Redditch as well.

It's the show in brum it's on 6/7 th sept

I saw this?

Yes at the back of Hawkesley too, The local youths think there's going to be an alien invasion lol

saw it in kings norton too

Yes I can see it to looks like a UFO

probz the kids messing with lazers

Could hear fireworks in Stirchley earlier and something like a balloon floating about...

Police helicopter prob!!!!!