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07/09/2011 – Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk – Glowing UFO Video & Ghost Cyclist Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 02/11/2019

Paul Southey is one of the Chairmen of Spectral Ghostseekers, a paranormal investigation group which has been running for 11 years. In recent years his group have been interested in the subject UFOs because of the cross-over between the world of ufology and the world of ghosts – the paranormal activity often reported by experiencers following ET contact.

On Saturday 28th September I was invited to speak at a paranormal-focused market day known as the Supernatural Fayre. In addition to my talk I also ran a live UFO investigation desk. Spectral Ghostseekers have attended numerous BUFOG meetings in the past, but this gave Paul the ideal opportunity to discuss a fascinating sighting he and a friend experienced at Rendlesham Forest, the location of the infamous series of UFO incidents in December 1980.

Sighting Details

Paul and his friend Tim visited the forest in Tim’s car on Friday 7th September 2018. It was a warm and sunny day. As it was their first time at the forest they parked on the visitor’s car park and walked the UFO trail which leads to various locations linked with the events from 1980.

Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail sign

At around 4.45pm they were walking along one of the trails on their way back to the car when they suddenly both heard and felt a very strong sub-bass frequency. The noise lasted for several seconds and was quite loud and the vibrations could be felt in the air. It stopped abruptly and both witnesses were puzzled by what had just occurred. They initially thought that it must be a HGV on a nearby road, but Paul checked their location on his mobile phone GPS and they found they were nowhere near any roads. They waited for about 10 minutes to see if the sound would occur again but it did not, so in the end they continued their journey back to the car.

After dark at around 10.30pm they returned to the forest. Tim parked in the car park a little further up the road and made their way to the fence at the edge of Capel Green, the farmer’s field in which a UFO landing took place back in 1980 that was witnessed by numerous military personnel. They spent several hours sky watching at the location. It was a very clear and still night, with the stars fully visible overhead. Only distant aircraft and satellites were observed. At around 12.45am a low mist began to appear so they decided to call it a night.

They walked back to the car and left the forest with Tim at the wheel, heading West along Woodbridge Road towards the hotel they had booked for the night. They purposely drove slowly at around 20mph in the hopes of yet seeing something unusual. It was very dark as there are no streetlights on that stretch of road.

In the distance ahead of them they suddenly noticed what at first appeared to be bright white car headlights coming down a hill. However they were positioned quite high above their position at an angle of about 30 degrees. Paul said to Tim “That’s a big hill!” Tim turned to him and said “There’s no hills around here, that’s why it’s an army base!” Puzzled by this Paul asked “So what’s that light?”