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07/03/2022 – Ladywood, Birmingham – Glowing UFO Formation Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Ian Jones

Release Date: 29/06/2022

Witness Name: Nikola Dzambo

Sighting Date: 7th March 2022

Time: About 5.15am to 5.45am

Place: Birmingham – Ladywood area


Since contacting Mr Dzambo to discuss his sighting, I have not been able to contact him again to obtain more information. This report, therefore, still lacks some details, such as his drawing of what he saw.

Mr Dzambo reports he is an international student and he was sitting by the window of his 3rd floor flat in Ryland Street, Birmingham (the blue shape on the map), smoking a cigarette. It was before dawn, about 5.15am in the morning of Monday 7th March, and it was still dark. The post code places this address at the corner where Ryland Street curves round into Morville Street.

I have not been able to find out exactly which flat Nikola lives in, so it is not certain what the view is from the window he was looking from when he saw this display of lights, but he says he was looking to the South East. The building’s location is about 145 metres above sea level, but Nikola would have been well above that, on the 3rd floor. To the South East he would have looked out at the many mature trees spread along the inside of the pavement on the other side of the road, which in March would not be in leaf yet.

Behind them there is a green, open area, which is the grounds of a school and a play area. There are also several high-rise office buildings in that direction.

The arrow on the map shows that further in the South East direction are the Hagley Road / Ladywood Middleway / Broad Street / Five Ways traffic areas. The Five Ways shopping centre is about ¾ to 1 kilometre away. At 5.15 am traffic would not have been very busy, although it would have been passing through here at all times of the day.

There would also be a degree of light pollution over the city during the night, although it is impossible to estimate how this might affect seeing objects in the sky.

Further away, beyond the map, there is Edgbaston, where there is a mixture of green, open spaces, residential and higher-rise office buildings and side roads. It is about 13 kilometres in the same direction to the airport.

Map of sighting location indicating direction witness was facing

Details of the Sighting

Nikola’s attention was drawn to a light in the South East that was moving in an irregular pattern.

A few minutes later, several more objects appeared, then more. At one point he estimates there were between 15 and 25 sphere-shaped lights visible. They were below the clouds and brighter than stars. The dominant colour was white, but with a blue tinge.

They moved into a regular circle formation, like a vertical wheel, for about 10 seconds, before they dispersed. Each sphere flew off in a different direction and disappeared completely.

Then, a few minutes later they re-appeared, moving extremely fast, also stopping/starting suddenly, in apparently random directions.