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06/05/2020 – Dudley – Reflective UFO Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 22/05/2020

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Sighting Details

Early on the afternoon of 6th May 2020, Simon was having a BBQ with his partner Nicky and family Frank, Tim and Emma in the garden of his house on Bean Road, Dudley. It was a very clear, warm and sunny day. He was getting a bag of coals when he happened to glance to the East in the direction of Birmingham. He noticed a reflective object at very high altitude which was catching the sun’s rays and shining brightly. It was definitely present but due to the distance was only sometimes visible. The object appeared to be above Birmingham city centre. It seemed to be moving very slowly in a Northern direction.

Aerial map of Bean Road

Photograph from the sighting location in the direction the UFO was observed

Simon pointed it out to his family and then began attempting to record the object on his mobile phone camera. His partner also tried recording it on her phone. Unfortunately due to the distance he was finding it very hard to see the object on the footage, but could see it twinkling with his naked eye. While he tried zooming in Nicky mentioned that she could see two objects instead of one, however Simon was unable to see this. Later while filming Emma said she could see the object spinning, again something Simon could not see himself. After a while he stopped filming as it was obvious his camera was not picking it up.

Aerial map showing the sighting location and estimated area the UFO was over

After watching it for a further few minutes, the object flashed and vanished, but when it reappeared a moment later it was much further across to the left in the sky, almost like it had moved a couple of miles Northward in a brief moment! It then flashed one more time and vanished permanently.

Simon pointed out that about half an hour later an aeroplane flew over at a lower altitude than the object had been at, but travelling on the same course from South to North.

Video Footage

Unfortunately Simon has not been able to correctly send me either of the pieces of video footage he and his partner shot. Currently when he tries to upload his video off his phone, only the audio works. He is the process of working out how to send me a working version, however he does not believe the object has been captured on it. He is in the process of obtaining the other video for me, which he believes may show it at one point.

Below is a transcript of the audio of his video footage. It’s worth pointing out that the witnesses were having a few drinks at the time, which has led to an over-reaction to what was being observed in some regards. However it’s obvious that there was something present in the sky.

S: I'm just gonna carry on.

F: That's what we thought.

S: I don't know how to zoom in, how do you bloody zoom in on this? Did you see it then Nicky?

N: Yeah.

S: It just went really bright. There we are, it's there again now right above the chimney tops.

N: How big is...oh yes! I can see it now.

E: Oh I can, yeah.

N: Is it an aeroplane?