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06/02/2008 - Kingstanding - Orange Orb Sighting

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Craig Lowe

Release Date: 06/02/2008

Hi there, just been reading through your site. Myself and fiance were at work (Night shift) when we saw a large red/orange roundish object in the sky which when first seen appeared to be a ball of fire (looked like a plane in distress, engine fire) which caught our eye. As we observed the object for about ten minutes over the Kingstanding area of Birmingham, it was silent, moving slowly and occasionally changed it's flight path. I would estimate that it was about 300 feet high. At some points it would also stop stationary in the sky before moving off again still completely silent.

The object eventually disappeared out of view as it moved away from us. This was also witnessed by several other professional people. We managed to get a single photograph of the object on my phone which appeared to the naked eye to be a ball of fire. However upon looking at the photo and zooming in it appeared to be a a small orange triangularish shape with what I can only describe as a greenish red straw shaped probe coming from the main object pointing towards the ground. The probe appeared to be quite long four times the length of the object from which it stemmed. This was nowhere near the ground itself but seemed to hang in mid air. This could not be seen with the naked eye but only showed up on the photograph. We've since learned that this object continues to be seen in the Birmingham and Staffordshire areas and also on other internet sites we have seen the same object on people's videos/pictures throughout the world.

We have retained the photograph and have also learned that although there were civil airliners in the sky at the time Birmingham International airport did not pick up any object on radar at that time. Just thought this would be of interest to you, it certainly is to us and we still can't explain it! We look forward to any answers you may have!!

Regards XXXXX

Copyright Craig Lowe 2008

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