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05/12/2014 – Wellington, Telford – Flying Triangle Photograph & Video

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 29/12/2014

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Darren is a contactee who has had a number of experiences over the years involving UFOs and beings. On the evening of Friday 5th December 2014 he and his wife Emma witnessed a large triangular-shaped UFO which they attempted to capture on video.

Sighting Overview

The witnesses were at their home on Rushbury Road, Wellington, Telford. At approx 7.35pm Emma went out into the back garden for a cigarette while Darren remained in the living room. It was a cold night with low lying hazy cloud covering most of the sky, although a few stars and the moon could be seen through this.

Looking down the garden to the South-West-West, she noticed several white lights in the distance in the sky behind the copse of trees on Admaston Road, about half a mile from their location. There were two lights at the top and one between them lower down making a triangular formation. She at first assumed these were planes following one another.

However she soon realised that the lights were holding position with one another and that there was no discernible sound coming from them. They seemed to rotate slowly in formation with one another, and at this point she noticed that the area of sky between them was a solid black colour, darker than the hazy cloud cover. It became clear that what she was looking at was a massive black triangular-shaped object which had a white flashing light at each of its corners. 

Aerial map showing the sighting location (A) and the estimated location of the UFO (B):

Photograph near to the sighting location taken in the direction of the object:

After watching for about 20 seconds she called Darren shouting “Darren come here quick!” Darren joined her in the back garden and she pointed out the object to him. At first it was completely motionless but then after about 6 seconds it began to slowly turn. The object was absolutely huge in size. Darren estimates it was between 150-200 feet across. Soon after realising what he was looking at Darren took out Emma’s smartphone which he happened to have on him. He tried to begin videoing but instead accidentally took a still photograph in the direction of the object. He then managed to start the video recording off.

Drawing by Darren showing how the UFO appeared to his naked eye: