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04/05/2014 – London – Red & Green Lights Photograph

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 24/06/2020

Sighting Details

On the evening of 4th May 2014 Camilla was working in her flat on Barrier Point Road, central London. At 8.35pm she got up from her desk to stretch her legs and looked out of the window which overlooks Barrier Point Park. It was a dry and relatively clear evening with only sparse clouds. Due to the time of year the sun was just setting, but it was not fully dark and the stars were not yet visible in the sky.

Almost immediately her attention was suddenly drawn to three lights in the sky to the North East-East. She initially thought the lights were over the park, but soon realized they were further away, possibly over City Airport. Two of the lights were a crimson/magenta colour and were extremely bright. The third light was green in colour. At least one of the lights was pulsating, although Camilla cannot recall exactly which. The three lights were in a triangular formation with one another. They appeared to be attached to a single object, but were too distant to make out anything but the lights.

Aerial map showing the sighting location (A) and City Airport (B):

Colours of the lights as remembered by the witness:

Camilla estimates that the lights were about 300 metres high in the air, but this was hard to judge. Initially they were stationary, but soon began making short but extremely rapid manoeuvres in the sky, both left and right, and up and down. When they started making these movements Camilla realized that the lights could not be from any normal aircraft or helicopter. The object would travel for at least a couple of hundred metres before stopping dead in the sky. At first it appeared to be surveying something, perhaps the airport, as this is what it seemed to be over.

It then began to move for longer distances of around 500 metres, using the same darting manoeuvres, and began to move away from the airport area heading further to the North East. Camilla was transfixed by the object, but after a minute decided to grab her Sony Cybershot camera and try to get a photograph of it. As she looked back up and raised the camera she realized that the lights now appeared to be descending and were close to or beyond the electricity tower near to Stansfeld Road. As she removed the camera from her eye and looked back out of the window she found that the lights had vanished.

Aerial map showing the sighting location (A) and electricity tower near Stanfeld Road (B):

Photograph of the UFO ringed in red:

Zoomed view of the UFO:

The photo appears to show a pale green light and either one or two dark pink coloured lights. Unfortunately I no longer possess the original photograph sent by the witness, so metadata analysis is not possible. I would usually use this to confirm authenticity of the image.

Camilla continued to look out of the window for several minutes in the hope that the lights would reappear. When they did not she decided to stop watching and downloaded the photograph from her camera onto her computer. She had a look on the internet but could not find any other reports of the object she had seen, although did find some other videos showing unexplained green and red lights.

Sighting Analysis

This is a hard sighting to explain away as something mundane. Due to the fact that the lights were initially seen close to City Airport, some may dismiss this sighting putting it down to a distant aircraft. However I do not believe this to be the case. The lights are not the right colour for normal navigation lights. Aircraft lights are generally a standard bright red colour, yet two of the three lights seen were crimson/magenta in colouration, which can be seen on the photograph. Camilla also wished to highlight that City Airport is closed on Saturday evening, and that the lights seemed far too low in the sky to be an aircraft. The object appeared to be silent, Camilla says that even distant aircraft make noise and she feels she would have been able to hear it. Due to the way in which the object was stopping for periods of time it cannot have been an aeroplane. And the darting movements it was performing sound much too fast to have been a helicopter, either civilian or military. They were also much too fast to be a lit inflatable or radio controlled model.

The distance of the object, evident from the photograph, means it must have been quite sizeable. Camilla estimates it was 10-15 metres across but this was hard to judge accurately.The shape of the object was not verified, but due to the positioning of the lights it could possibly have been triangular.

It is a shame that Camilla did not get video footage of the lights performing the impressive manoeuvres, something she herself admits. She says that she was so intrigued the lights that it was only after about a minute that she decided to try and get a quick shot of the object. Luckily she managed to capture it in time before it vanished, so at least we have a still shot of it. Obviously this photograph would be very easy to mock up on a computer paint program, but having spoken with Camilla about the sighting I believe she is being genuine about what she saw. This appears to be a real sighting, and the astounding manoeuvres observed suggest an an advanced craft under intelligent control.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2014



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