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04/04/2009 to 26/09/2009 - Sedgley - Segmented Wedge UFO & Flying Triangle Sightings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 18/10/2009


With many UFO sightings, the object or objects seen are indiscriminate lights, or seen at such a distance that no clear picture can be made of them. However occasionally a sighting occurs where a great amount of detail can be made out. It is this type of sighting which Pete Sutton was lucky enough to witness in April 2009. Little did he know as he set out to walk the dog that he would see something which would change his views on UFOs for ever – what can only be described as two extremely unusual flying craft! Soon afterwards we would also discover that a possible sighting of one of these craft had also taken place two days before Pete's sighting.

But this would not be the end of his UFO encounters. Since April, Pete has had a number of other sightings, of both the same craft and other unexplained objects. This report will cover each incident in seperate sections.

UFO witness Peter Sutton:


Pete lives in the village of Sedgley to the north of Birmingham. Late evening on the 4th April 2009 he decided to take his pet dog Jake out for a walk to the pub which lies on the far side of Sedgley Hall Park. It was around 10.35pm when he set out. The moon was clearly visible in the night sky, and the weather was very clear and still. There was nobody else around so it was very peaceful. The entrance to the park lies just around the corner from Padarn Close where Peter lives. As he walked along the path he glanced to his right at the moon above the tree tops. It is then that he noticed an orange glowing light to the right of it, hovering in the sky. He assumed at the time that it must be a police helicopter or the air ambulance which regularly can be seen flying between RAF Cosford and Birmingham Accident Hospital. After a few seconds he lost sight of it behind the trees.

Photograph in direction where Pete saw the orange light:

Continuing along the path he entered the park and began heading up the gentle slope. It was quite dark with the moon giving the only light. The park is split into two grass fields. As he was half way along the upper field of the park, he happened to glance around to take a look at the night sky. Due to the height of the park it is possible to see towards the west between the trees.

Satellite map of Sedgley Hall Park showing location where sighting took place:

It is then that he noticed two brightly glowing large orange lights in the sky to the North West West. The lights were slowly coming towards him. He estimated they were travelling at around 35mph and around 200 feet in the sky, climbing slightly. Peter is a pilot so is adept at determining relative distance, height, speed and size of objects. At a distance the lights looked like they were next to each other.

Photograph at sighting location in direction where UFOs came from:

He continued to stare at the objects. As they approached he realised they were like nothing he had ever seen before. They were now about 300 feet above ground level. He could see now that one object was about 300 metres behind the other and to one side. They were illuminated by the moonlight and looked metallic medium grey in colour. He describes them as being wedge-shaped with a curved top which was split into separate segments akin to a barrel. All the corners and edges on them were rounded. He estimated they were around 30-40 feet long by 15-25 feet wide. He immediately believed them to be craft, more than likely extraterrestrial in origin, as they were so unlike anything he had seen before. They were approaching slightly to the south of his position, and from the edges that he could see, vivid orange and red coloured light was being emitted. This light was in alternating red and orange squares and appeared to be flowing out of the side of the objects continuously and falling down for quite a distance before fading. He believes this was a form of waste energy being dismissed. They had a wide orange light running along the front of them. He feels that the reason for this could have been to create negative energy to slow down the craft. They were completely silent even when relatively close to his position.

Witness drawing of one of the objects, showing light being emitted:

Sketch showing object shape from a side on angle: