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03/11/2007 - Quinton - White & Red Square Grid UFO Photographs

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Craig Lowe

Release Date: 03/11/2007

In mid August (date not recorded) my girlfriend and I were having a cigarette in the back garden at approx 10.00pm, as we do not smoke in the house as having a 1-year-old daughter. We both noticed out the corner of or eye a huge bright white flash of light followed by a white streak across the sky at a tremendous speed.

On Saturday 3rd November 2007 at approx 3.00pm a red helicopter came over my house extremely low, I could see the pilot. The helicopter had no markings are numbers on it. It was a small possible 2-seater helicopter; even my 1 ear old daughter came over to the window to see it, as it was extremely loud. I understand this may be just coincidence and not actually related to this experience. A few days prior to this experience I had a strange experience involving a dream that stayed on my mind for 2 days, a strange episode with my daughter and a voice inside me. I will not go into this at this point as it personally involves my family and something about my daughter, but is linked to the event, which I am still finding hard trying to explain to myself.

My girlfriend was visiting her grandmother at hospital who is very ill, although related to the experience I won’t explain at this moment. I don’t know by who or how but I was told to “Go outside, it’s time.” I followed this message and went outside through my patio door at the rear of may house. To my amazement I noticed to my left (north) a bright red light travelling towards me. I can only describe the object as square with lots of red lights inside it, just like a modern motorcycle rear light unit. The object was square like a dice, where instead of the dots there were lights.

The object travelled from my left hand side (north) towards me, as it was virtually overhead it slowed down dramatically for a few seconds, I ran in the house to get my camcorder and returned to video the object. As I began recording it started to move away heading to me right which is south. As it moved away I noticed it slightly oval shaped and carried on moving until it disappeared into the horizon. The object, whatever angled I looked at it seemed the same, square with lights whilst it was over head. I returned to the house a made a mental note to video the clock to show the time. It was 10.08pm.

Within a few moments I experienced the same feeling to go outside which I did. Unbelievably the object was back in the same position to my left and repeated the exact same procedure of moving towards me and slowing down. I then returned to the house and made a further recording of the clock 10.14pm. This experience happened another 2 times between 10.20pm and 10.34pm in exactly the same way making it a total of 4 exactly identical sigtings. As you can imagine I was a little amazed and calmed myself down before viewing the footage.

When I viewed the footage I was completely shocked to see I had actually recorded something. It was very clear on the footage that the object was red, had no strobe lights so cannot be a plane or helicopter. The first 2 recordings worked perfectly but I noticed when I played back recordings 3 and 4 that after a few seconds the camera had switched itself off from recording. The camera was working fine when I was using it as I can recall the flashing light on the top telling me it is in record mode but looking at the last 2 footages it somehow decided to stop recording .