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03/04/2020 - Winson Green, Birmingham - Coloured Lights Video

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 31/07/2020

Last Updated: 19/08/2020

In late July 2020 I was contacted by a gentleman named Shomari. He informed me that he had discovered a video on his mobile phone which had links with an incident that had occurred months before, and which he had no explanation for. This report covers his claims, analysis of the footage which took place and eventual conclusions which were reached regarding it. As you will see, evidence points towards this not being a flying object at all, although there are still unexplained aspects relating to it.

Incident Details

The witness claims that on the evening of the 3rd April 2020 he stepped outside the back door of his house on Talbot Street, Winston Green for a cigarette. It was around 8pm and the sun had already set due to the time of year. Shomari says that the weather conditions were normal, it was not raining or windy.

He then claims that he recollects seeing something up in the sky, but dismissing it, and that he has no other memories of what may or may not have taken place.

Shomari informed me that he was checking through his Android mobile phone’s taken photographs and recorded videos when he came across a video taken after dark which he did not recognise. The video seemed to show some unusual lights hovering up in the sky near to his back garden. In the footage he reacted to the lights exclaiming “What the fuck is that?” The video lasted for 27 seconds before suddenly stopping. It had quite clearly been taken by him, yet according to him he had no recollection of filming it!

Video Analysis

Below is the video footage which was found on Shomari’s phone:

At the start of the footage some blurred red and magenta coloured lights can be seen:

Once the camera focuses better, a number of red coloured lights and an unusual rectangular-shape made up of shimmering white and magenta coloured light can be seen. At the base of the screen is the top of the witness’s garden fence:

There are five red lights which are seen that fade in and out at various points of the video. These do not vary in distance from one another so appear to be attached to a singular object, the exact shape of which cannot be made out. At 11 seconds in the camera pans to the right a bit and a sixth red light can be seen for a brief moment:

It is clear from the footage that the lights are not static but are slowly moving in different directions at certain points.

The white and purple rectangular-shaped seems to be highly reflective and have areas of brightness and shadow which change throughout the footage. In the below video the lights themselves have been tracked to keep them still, and this movement within the rectangle of light is clearer:

Here is a close up of three of the red lights and lit rectangle, taken from 10 seconds into the footage:

Below is the same zoomed image with edge find, high pass and negative colour filters:

Below is a zoomed view of the main lights and additional red light which is only briefly seen:

When certain stills of the lights are sharpened the bar of white/magenta light looks similar to oriental script. This may be purely coincidental or could offer a clue as to what it is:

Apart from the obvious exclamation from the witness the sound of the video is rather quiet. However behind the breathing there is a constant low whirring noise. This might be just background noise, this is inconclusive at present.

Location Analysis

In many UFO videos there is no clear point of reference, however luckily in this instance the top of the garden fence can clearly be seen.

I visited the witness at his house and was able to ascertain the direction and angle it was taken at. I assumed at the time that the video was taken from outside the back door of his house where he claimed to usually stand when popping outside for a cigarette. As you will see later in this report this is very likely not to be the case.

Close to the back door of his house is the garden gate. The video has been taken looking upward at a diagonal angle at the top right of the gate. The below images show stills from the footage, and daylight comparison photographs:

Using pattern