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02/07/2022 – Wolverhampton – Lit Flying Triangle Sighting

Updated: Feb 14

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 07/02/2023

Last Updated: 14/02/2023

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

On 17th January "Harold" got in touch with me via the BUFOG website to report on an interesting sighting and possible direct communication he had back in July 2022.

Sighting Details

At 10.19pm on the evening of 2nd July 2022 Harold was in the kitchen of his first floor flat in Pennfields, Wolverhampton. He happened to look out of the rear facing window to the North West. It was a clear and dry night outside and fully dark.

In the sky visible over the rooftops of the opposite house he suddenly noticed a bright light at an elevation of about 25-30 degrees. He initially thought was a distant helicopter, possibly a mile away, ascending vertically at a slow pace. However he soon noticed the light had a glowing tail behind it.

Estimated location of the object

After watching it for about 15 seconds it suddenly began to move in an erratic fashion, moving back and forth instead of continuing to ascend on a straight course. At this point the object resembled three pink/red lights in a triangular configuration. Harold thought he could make out the body of a triangular object between the lights.

At this point he realised that the object was something quite unusual. After watching it for about a minute he decided to go and grab his mobile phone from the living room to attempt to capture it on camera. As he walked back to the kitchen he opened the camera and started recording a video. He rushed back to the kitchen window and held the phone up in the direction the triangle had been seen.

Unfortunately when he looked outside he realised the object had completely vanished. Disappointed that it had seemingly gone, Harold stopped the video recording. He then went through to the living room and quickly sketched what he had just seen.

Original witness sketch and notes

A couple of minutes later he decided to check the recorded video footage on his phone anyway, just in the off chance that something had been captured. However when he looked in his phone’s gallery, instead of the footage he found an unusual image. It appeared to be mostly white in colour, with a curved pink triangle half way down the left side.