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Swindon Contact Case – Grey Visitation, UFO Sightings

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 29/06/2020

In May 2020 Nathan got in touch with me to discuss a number of UFO and contact related experiences he has had over the years. He has never spoken with anyone before about these experiences before.

Pale Grey Spheres Sighting

In the summer of 2000 Nathan was 17 years old. One evening in either July or August he was just on the way out of his house in West Swindon to go ice skating. It was around 6.30pm and a very pleasant evening, sunny and still with a clear blue sky. As Nathan stepped outside he happened to glance up. It was now that he noticed three objects in a triangular formation. They were light grey in colour and spherical in shape. The objects were at quite high altitude, about as high as a low flying hot air balloon might fly at. They seemed to be about the size of a large car in size, perhaps 20 feet in diameter.

Initially the objects were at an angle of 50 degrees in the sky South of his location. They were moving slowly in an Easterly direction. As they moved the top sphere and lower right sphere seemed to switch places in sync with one another constantly.

Witness drawing of the three spheres showing movement pattern

Nathan watched the spheres in awe for about a minute until they went out of sight. His family were in the house at the time but he did not go and get them as he was too fascinated by the objects. It was quite quiet on the street and there appeared to be no other witnesses, at least in his vicinity. He did not have a camera on him at the time. He did not tell his family about what he had seen afterwards as he did not think they would believe him.

Obviously when spheres are witnessed there is sometimes the possibility that they are balloons or other inflatables drifting on air currents. However Nathan does not believe this could explain what he saw because of the way two of the spheres were switching with one another while the other remained locked in place, they appeared to be under intelligent control.

Cigars, Discs & Spheres

On a week day in August 2010 Nathan decided to go out for a walk to Lydiad Park near to where he lives. It was a very hot and sunny day with a clear sky. It was early afternoon and he was walking around the park. As it was such a nice day there were other pedestrians also around.

Aerial map of Lydiad Park

Photograph of Lydiad Park

He glanced up into the sky and to his amazement saw a large grouping of UFOs at very high altitude. They were at an angle of about 75 degrees from his position. They were not all the same shape. There appeared to be three large cigar-shaped objects. Below these were four disc shaped objects, and below these was around 10 smaller spherical objects! Nathan looked away a moment and back just to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, but the objects were still there.

They appeared to all be grey in colour. They weren’t glowing but the spheres appeared to be reflecting the sunlight a bit. The objects were at very high altitude, a bit higher than a jet would fly at. If they were at the height they appeared to be, this would have made them quite sizeable. The cigar shaped objects appeared to be a little bit shorter than a passenger jet, perhaps 200 feet in length. The discs were about 100 feet in diameter, and the spheres were each about 50 feet in diameter.

The UFOs were all travelling in a Westerly direction at a slow speed, ascending as they went. The spheres seemed to be moving a little faster than the cigars and discs, but every so often would slow down, almost to let the cigars and discs catch up. Nathan watched them for about a minute and then one by one they started to vanish from sight at roughly 5 second intervals, probably due to their height.

Witness drawing of the cigars, discs and spheres including paths of movement

Nathan had a camera phone on him at the time but did not attempt to photograph or video the UFOs. He says that due to how high up the objects were and the low quality of the camera on the phone they would not have come out so he did not bother trying to film them. He did not tell any of the other pedestrians about the objects as he did not know any of them, so did not feel comfortable in drawing their attention.

Once the objects has vanished from sight Nathan continued his walk around the park. On his return home he did not tell his family about the sighting as although they would likely have believed him they would not really have been able to comment further.

Could the objects have been a cluster of inflatable objects? Nathan doesn’t believe so for a number of reasons. Firstly the objects appeared quite large in size, much too big to be normal inflatables drifting in the air. Also the way in which the spheres moved, sometimes slowing down to keep close to the cigar and disc shaped objects also appeared intelligent. In instances where celebratory helium-filled balloons are launched, these would usually all be roughly or exactly the same shape – here there appeared to be three very distinct shapes.

Nathan says that this and the previous grey spheres sighting have remained in his mind over the years. For the past few years he says he has had a bugging feeling in the back of his head that he is due another sighting some point in 2020. Only time will tell whether this comes true or not.

The Blue Grey

Nathan practices meditation regularly, usually after getting into bed at night if he’s not too tired. He believes that when he does this his “spirit guides” come to him. Sometimes he will get an image of them or hear something from them, sometimes not.

On one such meditation instead of his usual spirit guides, the image of a blue-coloured Grey appeared. It appeared to be a few metres in front of him and roughly 6.5 to 7 feet tall. The being was unclothed and had blue coloured skin. Around it was blue coloured glowing light. It had a slender frame, and an oval shaped head which was in proportion to its body. Its eyes were large and almond-shaped and dark blue in colour. It had two nostril holes but Nathan cannot recall whether or not it had a mouth visible.

Witness drawing of the blue-coloured Grey

Behind the Grey he saw a tree, almost like the surroundings were in a forest after dark. The being did not seem to speak with him, it just stood and stared at him. In his meditations Nathan finds it hard to attempt communication as it usually snaps him out of his meditative state.

After a while the vision of the being faded away. Nathan has no idea why this particular being came to him on this occasion or what it could mean.

Voice In The Dark

On 6th May 2020 at around 3am Nathan woke up to the sound of his 3 year old son crying. His son often wakes at this time. To calm him down Nathan brought him into bed with his wife, and instead got into bed in the spare bedroom. He was about to drift back off to sleep when he suddenly became aware of a presence in the room. He doesn’t know how to explain this, but he felt certain it was the blue-coloured Grey he had previously seen during the meditation.

There was nothing visible but he heard a voice say “Get out of the room”. The voice sounded almost robot-like and there was the sound of static in the background. As he was really tired he just responded to the voice in his mind saying “No I’m going to sleep!” This is the last thing he recalled before dropping off.

While it is of course possible that this was the blue-coloured Grey returning to him, much of what Nathan has shared here would fit with hypnogogia. During the period between waking and sleeping it is sometimes possible to experience visual and audial hallucinations, sometimes accompanied by physical paralysis of the body or sensations of being pulled in different directions. The possibility of this happening can sometimes be increased by being in unusual surroundings, and Nathan was in the other bedroom instead of his usual resting place. The sound of electrical static and robotic sounding voices has been reported, as has the feeling of an unseen presence. Of course some aspects cross over with contact but the fact that Nathan did not see the being in this situation means that hypnogogia may have been responsible.


Nathan has had a number of interesting experiences. Both of his UFO sightings have aspects which are hard to explain, especially the second incident involving numerous types of object. As he saw the blue coloured Grey while in a meditative state there is the possibility that it was just in his mind rather than an actual visitation, it is hard to say for sure. And the voice he heard in the spare bedroom is again inconclusive and does not necessarily point towards contact. Hopefully Nathan will continue to inform me of other experiences which occur, if so this report will be updated in due course.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2020



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