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Summer 2005 - Hockley Heath - Glowing Oval-Shaped UFO Sighting

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 23/03/2011

On 15th March 2011, Richard Tomes gave details via Richard Hall’s website regarding a fascinating UFO sighting he and his girlfriend had back in 2005. As I investigate cases reported via this site, the details were forwarded to me. It turned out that Richard lived quite close to myself, so on Sunday 20th March I met up with him directly to interview him about what he saw. This report covers the incident in depth.

Sighting Details

It was an evening in the summer of 2005. Richard and his girlfriend Emma had been out for the day and were just on their way home. It was about 5pm and they were on the Stratford Road just south of Hockley Heath. They were approaching the M40 motorway and were stuck in a traffic jam on a shallow hill. There were trees either side of the road, but they still had a good view to the sky to the North. It was an overcast evening and the sun was just starting to set.

Aerial map indicating the approximate location the witnesses were:


Photograph of the sighting location:


Suddenly Richard noticed a glowing object to the North which appeared to be over Hockley Heath. He pointed it out to Emma. The object was a fat oval shape and appeared to be completely luminescent. It was glowing a very bright white but with a slight green-yellow tinge to it. It had clearly defined crisp edges to it. The object was hovering completely motionless. It appeared to be between 200-300 feet high. Richard estimates it was about 30 feet in width but this was hard to judge.

Initially Richard thought he must be seeing the planet Venus in the evening sky. However he soon realised that it could not be this for a number of reasons. It appeared much brighter and larger than a star. It was not completely round in shape. Also it was clearly hovering in the atmosphere as there was total cloud cover and the clouds could be seen behind and above it. Both Richard and Emma were completely mystified by the object. It appeared much too still to be a helicopter. Richard was also certain that it was a solid object and not a searchlight bouncing off the base of the clouds. They wondered if other people in the traffic jam were also looking at it.

They watched the object for about 2 minutes, during which the traffic had not moved. For this period of time the UFO had not moved at all. Then suddenly without warning it shot away at an incredible speed to the South West West. The acceleration was instantaneous and within a second the object had completely vanished from sight! Richard and Emma were completely shocked by what they had just witnessed. They immediately realised that this manoeuvre was much too fast to have been a normal aircraft of any kind. Richard felt that it must have been an extraterrestrial craft, as nothing we have could fly at the speed they had just seen the object perform. The couple continued their journey home, discussing the object.

Witness drawing giving an overview of the sighting:


In the days following the sighting Richard checked newspapers to see if anyone else had reported it but there was no mention of it anywhere. He feels that others may well have also seen the UFO.

Sighting Analysis

This is a stunning sighting, especially due to the manoeuvre the object performed from a stationary position. This manoeuvre meant that the object could not have been a lit inflatable, model or normal aircraft. As it was stationary for two minutes before suddenly leaving the area, it could not have been a meteorite. I would have suggested the possibility that it was a searchlight or laser light from somewhere reflecting off the clouds. However both Richard and Emma are adamant that it was a solid brightly glowing object and not just a flat circle of reflected light. Also Richard says there are no buildings in Hockley Heath, such as night clubs, which have a light of this kind on them. It is certainly nowhere near any military bases.

I feel that this was more than likely a genuine sighting of an extraterrestrial craft. It is unlikely to have been a secret military aircraft, I find it highly improbable that even in secret they are test flying something which can perform such movements and speeds, and even if they are there would be no reason for them to fly it over a populated town, this would make no sense at all.

UFOs have been seen to perform impressive manoeuvres similar to what Richard and Emma witnessed many times before, I have investigated quite a few of these incidents. Manoeuvres such as these are evidence that these craft are not influenced by our normal gravitational laws. UFOs are often seen to glow brightly after dark. Many believe that it is the field around the craft which causes it to glow in this way – could this be what Richard and Emma observed at the time?

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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