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Summer 1984 - Liverpool - Silver UFO Sighting

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 02/07/2011

This report is about a fascinating incident that happened to a man named David from Liverpool. The UFO seen in this case was not high up in the sky, it appeared to be right over the roof of the witness’s house!

Incident Details

It was early morning in the summer of 1984. David was woken from his sleep around 5.30am to some very loud and strange sounds. He could hear a loud humming and whooshing sound that was making the whole bedroom seem to vibrate. The noise seemed to be coming from directly over the roof of the house. His wife was lying in bed next to him but for some reason could not hear the sounds and remained asleep.

Frightened by the sound, David jumped up out of bed. He ran to the window and peered upward to see if he could spot the source of the noise. It was a bright sunny morning. Looking up he saw the curved edge of some enormous object. The object was silver-ish in colour. It appeared to be absolutely huge, easily bigger than just his own property, although as he could only see one edge of it he could not verify this for certain. The object appeared to be at a height of about 50 feet.

Between 10-15 seconds went by, during which David just stared in fear and awe at the part of the object which was in view. Then without warning the object shifted slightly. A moment later it vanished from sight and the noise completely stopped. Immediately afterwards David heard the sound of a siren going off at the local fire station. He noticed that the street was deserted and the whole area seemed un-naturally quiet, not even the birds were singing.

David was extremely scared by what he had just witnessed. He ran through into his children’s room, expecting them to be awake and also frightened by the noise, but they were fast asleep. He was very confused by the fact that only he had been awoken by the loud noise, both his wife and children had slept through the whole thing.

In the morning he decided to keep what he had seen to himself. He got ready for work and as he got into his car he noticed the birds were now starting to sing. At work he could not stop thinking about what had occurred. One of his neighbours named Peter would regularly walk his pet dogs every morning. David wondered if he too had witnessed the object. He could barely wait to get home to question him.

When he returned home, David went and knocked on his door and asked him if he had seen or heard anything strange that morning while walking the dogs. He looked at David and said to him “Do you know what Dave, believe it or not I overslept today for some reason and that is the first time in ten years!” David found this very strange; it was like he had been stopped from waking on purpose so that he would not witness the UFO.

David did not tell his children about the experience until 2009. He felt foolish telling them and they didn’t really believe him.

Incident Analysis

This is quite an interesting experience for a number of reasons. The apparent size of the object puts most mundane explanations out of the question. It seems like the sound was definitely coming from the object, David could sense that it was coming from above him even before he looked out of the window. The only mundane explanation I can think of would be a powered blimp at low altitude. However to assume it was this would be illogical. Why would someone be flying a blimp over the houses that early in the morning and at such a low height? Surely that would be illegal due to the noise pollution? Also if it was a blimp it would not have suddenly vanished as it did. The object left and the sound abruptly stopped, indicating it had left the area at tremendous speed. If it really was a blimp this would not have happened, it would have slowly glided away.

Another fascinating aspect is that David’s wife, children and neighbour all seem to have been put into a state during which they did not awake. It was as if the object did not want people to witness it, or only wanted David to observe it. Surely with such a loud noise taking place they should have woken up exactly like David did? The most puzzling is what happened to David’s neighbour Peter – he would usually be up around that time to walk the dogs but on that particular morning had overslept. It seems like far too much of a coincidence. In many contact cases it has been reported that the ETs have seemingly shut down other people in the area. This is probably done so that they will not be witnessed and so that they can go about their business without interference. Perhaps this is what took place here.

We can even speculate that David may have experienced contact beforehand, and that the object he saw was the craft which had just returned him to his house. However there is not much evidence to back up this theory, David does not feel like anything else occurred. So the incident remains largely a mystery, but at the very least we can say that something clearly out of the ordinary took place.

Unfortunately David has not got back in touch with any additional information so for now this is as much as I know about what happened. If he does get back to me then the report will be updated.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011



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