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Summer 1975 to December 2010 - White Orb, Domed Disc & Silver Sphere UFO Sightings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 17/05/2011

In March 2011 Julie Symes got in touch with me via Richard Hall’s website to let me know the details of an interesting sighting that she and her son Geraint had between 1999 and 2001. In speaking with her via E-Mail it became apparent that the family have had had several other UFO sightings as well. This report covers each of these sightings in detail.

Summer 1975 – Stackpole Quay – White Orb Sighting

In the summer of 1975 Julie’s husband Martyn (who was 21 at the time) and his friend Mark were on holiday near Stackpole Quay, Wales. They were camping near to the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. In the evening they went out to a local pub for a meal, about half a mile from where they had pitched the tent. It was a pleasant and still evening. On the way back they were walking past some fields when they noticed a white orb of light hovering over a field off to their right. It was quite dark by this time so the light stood out.

Aerial map of Stackpole Quay:

Photograph of Stackpole Quay:

The orb appeared to be about the size of a football. It was glowing but not bright enough to light up the surroundings. It appeared to be about 3 feet off the ground and hovering over the hedge at the far side of the field. It was completely stationary when they first noticed it. It was odd but they decided not to attempt to approach it. They began walking again and noticed that the orb was now following them. When they stopped it stopped, when they moved it also moved! They tried running, and stopping suddenly. But the orb kept pace with them whatever they did! It always did this instantaneously.

Martyn and Mark stared at the object for 5 minutes trying to work out what it was. After this time they became nervous of the object and so ran back to the tent without looking at it again. Safely back in the tent they then both discussed what they had seen. In the years following this sighting, Martyn apparently learned that there had been other similar sightings in the area.

This is a fascinating sighting due to the fact the object appeared to be mimicking the witnesses movements. They are certain that it was actually moving and not just a distant light which was stationary. It was in land so could not have been a ships light out to sea. The instant movements it performed, combined with the fact that it was right over a hedge means it cannot have been someone playing with a torch trying to frighten the men. Martyn says that if it was a torch it would have cast light and shadows on the ground but there was nothing like this. It appeared to be a glowing sphere or object which was under intelligent control and for whatever reason was copying the movements of the witnesses.

July 1995 – Sphere/Saucer UFO Sighting

On an evening in July 1995, the family were on their way home from Alton Towers theme park. It was about 6pm, and the weather was dry but cloudy. The family were on holiday and staying at a nearby caravan park. Unfortunately Julie cannot remember the exact name and location of this park. Martyn was driving, Julie was in the passenger seat and Geraint, who was 8 years old at the time, was on the back seat behind Julie. Geraint's sister was sat behind Martyn.

As the car approached the entrance of the caravan park, Julie and Geraint spotted something strange out of the car windows. There was a metallic object hovering just behind some nearby fir trees. It seemed to be rotating and was about 10-12 feet in diameter. Looking back at the incident, Julie and Geraint remember the shape of the object differently. Geraint remembers seeing a chrome coloured sphere. Julie remembers it being more disc shaped with a raised dome in the middle. The object was only visible for a moment before it descended downwards and was lost from sight behind the trees.

Drawing by Geraint showing his view of the UFO out of the car window, and the direction in which it moved: