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Sumatra Contact Case - Greys, Visitation, Paranormal Activity

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 14/10/2012


While most contact related cases I have looked into have come from the UK for obvious reasons, I have also occasionally investigated cases from elsewhere in the world. This particular case took place at a very unusual location indeed.

When Steve (name changed for reasons of anonymity) was 36 years old, he lived at Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra. The lake is actually a flooded dormant volcano which last erupted 75000 years ago. Steve lived on the large island in the middle of the lake.

Aerial photograph of Lake Toba:

A lot of the residential housing in the area is made up of Batak houses. These are unusual shaped wooden houses on stilts, which raise the house about 4 feet off the ground. They have very distinctive curved roofs. Inside the houses are open plan, and it is possible to see right up to the roof from the ground floor. It is said that this is where the dead ancestors of the area reside, and there are celebrations held where offerings are given to these ancestors. It is inside one of these houses that Steve’s experience took place.

Photograph of some Batak houses:

Experience Details

It was an evening in January 1999. At the time Steve was staying in his girlfriend’s brother’s rented Batak house. Things were not going well with his relationship and he was planning to leave in the morning. It was around 6 pm and just starting to get dark. Steve was in the house alone. Suddenly he heard a loud bang sound, and the whole of the house vibrated. The noise sounded like wood colliding. He was wondering what had caused the noise and vibrations when it happened again a further two times! Steve assumed it was his girlfriend messing around. He shouted out telling whoever it was to stop. It then happened one more time. He checked outside there was nobody anywhere nearby. It was still relatively light; the sun was just starting to set. There was no wind or rain, and nothing which could have been responsible for the sounds he had heard and vibrations he had felt through the house. He did not want to ask any of the locals if they had also heard the noises as he didn't want to cause any undue concern, so he went back inside.

Soon after this Steve decided to go to bed. A while later he suddenly woke with a start. He was lying down in bed facing to the left. He had the distinct feeling that someone was standing behind him inside the house alongside the bed. He also sensed an uncomfortable pain at the base of his spine.

He wanted to roll over to take a look, but did not want the person to know that he was awake. It was very dark but h felt that he would still be able to glimpse who was present. So he pretended to shift in his sleep and then began to turn over in the bed. As he turned he saw directly above him a large bright white head floating in the air just below the start of the roof. It appeared to have two dark “pits” of black where the eyes should have been, and a nose, but no visible mouth. He stared at the face and it faded away. As it did so, the pain in his spine also diminished and went away completely.