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Stefan Lobuczek Contact Case - Greys, Abduction, Paranormal Actvity,

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Stefan Lobuczek

Release Date: 07/08/2016

Note: This report is written by Stefan in his own words.


I was eleven years old and in order to play football I joined a youth club attached to my local church. If I went to the Sunday school and the Sunday church service I got to play football on a Saturday. I returned home from church one Sunday evening and found a strange paperback book in the front room of our semi-detached house. The book had pictures of strange creatures and had big words I could not read or understand. I have an elder brother and two younger sisters and none of them claimed ownership to the book. In truth I only questioned my brother as I was convinced it couldn't have belonged to any of my sisters. I took the book upstairs and placed it on the floor and forgot about it in the midst of my other boyish junk.

My bedroom was a converted loft extension with a wooden staircase going up through my sisters shared bedroom. There was a single fluorescent tube illuminating the room and a big dormer window opening up onto the roof. The day after taking possession of the book at bedtime in the middle of the night I heard noises. I could hear the sound of footsteps and an unusual sound like a slow heart beat. The room seemed to get very cold and I could feel a presence in the room that frightened me.

I buried my head under the bedclothes I new the sound of the slow heartbeat was not mine because my heart was racing. I tried to cry out for help but nothing came out. I could feel as if red-hot eyes were piercing my body I prayed in my mind and eventually it went away.

The following morning I awoke thinking that I'd had a bad nightmare but when I called for my best friend on the way to school I discovered something more sinister. My friend explained that he wanted to tell me something but then changed his mind. I eventually managed to get him to spill the beans and he told me that he had been woken up in the night and that there was an evil presence, which had past his house and was going through the gully towards my house. This really played on my mind for the rest of the day and when it was time to go to bed that evening I was doing everything I could to avoid doing so. I didn't mention anything to Mum and Dad, as I didn't want them to think I'd gone crazy.

That evening I ran up those wooden stairs and flicked the switch for the fluorescent light which seemed to flick off and on for an eternity until it stayed solid and illuminated the room. I got undressed turned the light off and jumped into bed and although a restless night nothing happened. This was reassuring and I dismissed the experience of the night before as a nightmare and my friend’s comments as coincidence. Anyway this was not to be as when I went to sleep that evening the same thing happened only this time I could feel myself being pushed into the bed. I was really terrified but it eventually went leaving me alone. When I got out of bed that morning I noticed the strange paperback book that I had discovered days earlier it was laying on the floor at the side yet at the head of the bed. I felt that the book marked the position of the presence that I had felt in the room on those two occasions.

I took the book to another friend’s house and showed it to him and his elder sister. His elder sister who at one time had been involved in witchcraft before becoming a born again Christian said that it was a witches spell book. The book was burnt page by page whilst reciting the Lord’s Prayer and some prayers were said in my bedroom. At this point everything became peaceful for me and years past by.

However in my middle thirties I started having serious nightmares relating to the childhood experience described above. I became paranoid of the dark and could not sleep at night without having the light on. I had a memory flashback I remember at the age of five going into my parents room in the middle of the night shouting mummy daddy there are strange people in my room please make them go away. I was ushered back to my room the light was turned on and I was reassured there was nothing.

Then from this early memory some kind of link formed and I remembered being 11 years old and being carried out onto the roof through the big dormer window. I was taken up in a beam of intense light and can remember lying on a shiny metal table with strange being's looking down at me. There were the tall thin ones, which I always think of as the pink panthers, but without the tail, they had big black eyes and they floated about a lot. The other being's of which there seemed to be more of where short grey and wrinkly and had a pungent odour I can't begin to describe.

I was lying on the table naked and caught a glimmer of a shiny metallic instrument thrusting towards me. This was followed by a burning sensation in my arm and the feeling of helplessness as everything slowed for me to a strobe like flicker. They were hurting me but I couldn’t cry out for them to stop. I said in my mind I'm going to kill you in response to the Pink that was hurting me. He stopped he'd heard me he'd read my thoughts and I was terrified.

I said in my mind I didn't mean I'd kill him but he was hurting me. Please I said when can I go home at this point I could feel this tremendous pressure in my head which was way over the top and was as gentle as a baseball bat playing baseball with an egg I heard its voice in my head the reply to my question was soon.

Then I remembered another encounter this time I was being taken along a corridor the lighting was blue and was concealed in the recess either side of the walk way. The walls narrowed to the ceiling I remember running my fingers along the wall it felt metallic, silky smooth and was cold to the touch. The corridor led to a dark holding area where I was left and the door closed. I was in the room with other children none of us spoke I felt sick and very cold.

I then remembered around the time of the encounters that I'd been mowing the lawn for my dad and it was a hot summer’s day. I saw a bright light in the sky my mum and dad they saw it too. The UFO they called it was mentioned on the radio and in the newspaper many local people saw it. There were some close up sightings at Farmer Johns Farm which is less than a ten minute walk from where I was living.

The bizarre nightmare about the witches spell book was some sort of memory block implanted to hide the truth from me. I felt at peace again with myself and put all of these memories behind me yet I'd kept them all to myself and did not share them with anybody.

My youngest sister had a bad experience, which she told mum and mum told me. I asked my sister about it and in her own words she said as follows. I was woken up in the middle of the night whilst in bed with my husband my two daughters were asleep in the front bedroom and I could feel a chill in the room. The curtains were blowing about so I got up to close the window. However the window was closed I saw a funnel of wind it came towards me and went inside me through my mouth. I found myself downstairs with my arms outstretched like nailed to a crucifix. On the right-hand was an angel and on the left a jester. I had to remember the Lord’s Prayer but was stumbling over the words. When I eventually got the words correct the jester turned into an angel. I levitated backwards up the stairs was thrown against the landing wall the wind came out of me and I woke up in bed.

My sister felt this experience so real that she asked the local priest to come and bless the house. Much to my surprise my sister added that it was a bit like the old house and then quickly changed her mind and said no it was different. She said that when she was five, which coincides with me being 11, she was woken up in the middle of the night. There was light that was so bright shining through the curtains it made the room like outside daylight. She said there were strange people moving around the house, the following night nothing happened and then it happened again.

My youngest sister said that her big sister had told her about a dream of being on an operating table in a spacecraft. I phoned my sister and asked her if she could remember ever having a dream when she was a little girl being on a table in a spacecraft. The phone went silent and dead and about an hour later my sister’s husband questioned me as to what I had said that had upset her so much. I left it there apologized and nothing else has ever been mentioned on this subject until this posting.

My dad has told me that my granddad told him that when he was courting a girl in Poland he was walking her home to her farm and on the way back he saw a bright light in the forest. He went to investigate and then suddenly found himself walking in the opposite direction. When he turned around the light had gone and when he looked at his watch he'd lost two hours.

These few thoughts stick in my head and I can't explain why: - The aliens I encountered do not travel from the far distant regions of our galaxy they travel between dimensions. They do not resonate like the matter that exists in our universe, as they are not of it. This gives them the ability to pass through solid matter in our universe at will and manipulate matter using thought alone.

The ETs implant devices to monitor and track the host humans they abduct but these are not necessarily found under the skin. They have a stealth method which is undetectable which is done by encoding and re-modulating the host human’s energy field.

The above account of my experience is as original to when it was first scribed in text nearly twenty years ago. So it was really quite a shock when I came across the following photographs on the internet quite recently.

These are some genuine pictures (only obtained fairly recently quite by chance) of two similar types that I have experienced. I know these are real because I remember them from past experience amongst the others.

Finally the tall ones do download and uploads. The ears are lower down in the skull facing forwards in difference to the other types. Interesting on a personal level is the colour pigmentation and my childish description as them being like the Pink Panther, but without the tail.

I also have a third party account obtained last year relating to the location and time period of my alleged experience but the following in blue is not included for any media propagation and is only to show you that there is some correlation between my own experience and the experience of another unrelated witness 10 years older than me and one that I have never met.

I would like to thank John Hanson a retired Police Officer from the Birmingham area, who has spent the last 12 + years writing up various accounts of strange phenomenon seen in and around the skies of the UK going back to the 1940's, entitled 'Haunted Skies' (Foreword by Tim Good). John supplied me with the following information:


Mike Freebury’s Witness statement given at the Truro UFO Conference, Sunday 15th October 2006:

"The events I am going to relate took place during August to November 1970, and I apologise with one exception, for not keeping exact dates. During the summer of 1970, myself and two friends Ron Buck and Fred Snelson, were walking back from Walsall to Pheasey Estate, Great Barr. It was about 2300 hours and as we turned in to Barr Lakes Lane we noticed a bright star like object slowly moving above us.

After a minute or so the star like object began moving again and disappeared into a large bank of cloud, reappearing out of the cloud within seconds. It had obviously accelerated, and we watched it clear the horizon. The following week, we made the same journey at roughly the same time, and as we approached Barr Lakes Lane from Skip Lane we saw a bright star like object. This time it was very low and appeared to be no more than tree height. We tried to get a better view in Barr Lakes Lane, and found a gap in the hedge.

To our astonishment, the object went dull then bright as it began hedgehopping away from us. The week after, at a similar time, we had another sighting of the dull star, bright star object in Skip Lane. We began sky watching at a place called Doe Bank Lane playing fields, from where we could watch right across towards Birmingham. On the first occasion we saw a metallic sphere, which just floated down from the sky and hovered about 100feet above us. I thought we were being watched, it was really strange and sinister. At about 1900 hours one evening Ron came round to my house and we set off for a couple of hours sky watching. My house was about half a mile from Doe Bank playing fields, and as we started our journey we noticed a bright, star like object that seemed to be heading for Barr Beacon. We ran virtually all the way to Doe Bank playing fields, stopping only a couple of times to monitor its flight direction.

The object changed colour from diamond blue to dull silver. As we arrived at Doe Bank we now had a fantastic view of the object. We were only six or seven hundred yards from the school and the UFO appeared to be at least fifty feet in diameter. It began to rotate, and as it did so, it changed colour several times, from diamond blue to bright red, to orange brown. It was awesome! After about ninety seconds of this spectacular show we lost sight of the object as it moved off behind the school in the direction of Crook Lane and Barr Lakes Lane Not long after this, I was in Aldridge, it was dark as I walked into Gretton Road, and the time was about 1930 hours.

A jet flew overhead and was quite low. This prompted me to look up. As the plane flew over I saw what I thought was the moon, except that it had an eerie suffused light. I noticed that the light, was in fact two lights and the object they came from was hovering a few feet above the roof of the house opposite! The thing began to move, and I was completely terrified! I was so frightened I couldn't shout for help, I was paralysed with fear.

The UFO, which I would now describe as an Adamski craft, made no sound as it moved to the middle of the road junction, hovering about fifty feet in the air. After about two minutes or so the craft appeared to wobble slightly then glided into a position where it was on end, it then shot straight up into the sky, whereupon it became a spec amongst the stars before disappearing.

On the 5th November 1970, Ron and I went to Doe Bank playing fields for what would turn out to be our final sky watch. It was bonfire night and nothing was seen until about 2100 hours, when we noted a red pulsing object approaching from Barr Beacon. It was very low and looked as though it was going to fly under the power line cables that crossed the lower part of the Beacon. In fact the object rose suddenly, over the power lines and approached our position no more than 20/30 feet from the ground. As the object got closer, it rose steeply and went straight over us on a straight flight path towards Birmingham. The object appeared to be bell shaped and had a red glow. This sighting was quite unlike any of the other UFOs."

Stefan said as taken from his original account quote:

"I then remembered around the time of the encounters that I'd been mowing the lawn for my dad and it was a hot summer’s day. I saw a bright light in the sky my mum and dad they saw it too. The UFO they called it was mentioned on the radio and in the newspaper many local people saw it. There were some close up sightings at Farmer Johns Farm which is less than a ten minute walk from where I was living."

Mike Freebury Quote:

"The events I am going to relate took place during August to November 1970, and I apologise with one exception, for not keeping exact dates."

I hope you can see that the timeframe is quite precise between Mikes account and my own. I was 11 years old in 1970 and I relate to the time period of my experiences as being in the summer.

Stefan said as taken from his original account quote:

"Then from this early memory some kind of link formed and I remembered being 11 years old and being carried out onto the roof through the big dormer window. I was taken up in a beam of intense light and can remember lying on a shiny metal table with strange being's looking down at me."

Mike Freebury Quote:

"I noticed that the light, was in fact two lights and the object they came from was hovering a few feet above the roof of the house opposite!"

This is a most interesting observation as I was taken out through the big dormer window onto the roof and all the locations mentioned by Mike where known and frequented by me as a child.

The following is a single find of a 1965 colour photograph containing the key members of my family. This scan of the original photograph has text added to identify those family members present.

The following is an extract copy and pasted from the original correspondence email I had with Jenny Smedley (a writer) on the 14th August 2005:

“This picture is a rare find containing significant family members. I find this photo extremely disturbing as I now remember being taken outside at night and being surrounded by light in this exact spot. I also have a vague recollection of my brother being taken with me.”

This following isn't in the original transcript of my childhood experience:

"As I held this very old photograph I had a most bizarre vision of my brother and me standing in our garden in the middle of the night (a year earlier than this actual photograph). I was 5 years old and my brother 7 years old and what we should be doing standing in the middle of our garden in the middle of the night is unexplainable. I have a vague recollection that it was me that had persuaded my brother outside and that I wanted to show him something important. Then I remember us both being surrounded by the brightest of light nothing could be seen through it to the outside of it. I have no further recollection of the events that followed."

My granddad, my two sisters and I share these strange encounter experiences but it wasn't until I saw that photograph that I knew that my brother was also implicated in this bizarre nightmare of events. Why should this photograph trigger this memory was it because it contains all those of my family that share this experience? Actually the most important aspect is the location of my brother and I in the photograph. This was the exact spot we were standing at the time of the event looking upwards towards the back of our house in the middle of the night.

Finally we’d have to be pretty naïve to believe that we are alone in the vastness of space. The governments do have extraordinary aircraft and many other secret technologies, but I can assure you we are not alone as an intelligent species. However it’s up to the individual to draw their own conclusions.


Founder of Paranormal Awakening Scientific Study Association

Former ASSAP Secretary



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