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Sheffield Contact Case Part 3 - Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Abduction, Mutilation, UFOs, MIB

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Originally forwarded by Richard Hall

Release Date: 04/09/2011

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

The Red Sphere Returns?

In April 1986, Lara went to Madame Tussauds in London with her sister. While she was there she saw something which seemed to trigger a sudden flashback to an experience she had forgotten about which had taken place during a night of the previous month.

She remembered waking up to find that she was completely paralyzed and could only move her eyes. She could hear something moving around in the room. Her husband Joseph was lying in bed next to her but she could not move or shout to wake him up. She could feel something which appeared to be on the bed between her and him. Suddenly the whole room lit up in red light, which immediately frightened her. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the morning to the alarm clock like normal.

On 13th June again Laura began to put on weight unexpectedly. Because of what had happened two years before, she decided to go to a doctor to get checked out. Sure enough she once again found that she was pregnant, this time by twelve weeks! Just as with her first son, she had not experienced any of the usual early signs of pregnancy. Also when she counted back the weeks she found that she must have become pregnant back in March, around the time that she had the paralysis incident with the red light.

Unlike her first pregnancy, she never saw or sensed the silver triangular UFO. However during the pregnancy there were another few occasions where she awoke to find herself paralyzed. On none of these occasions did she see a red light, she would just drop back off to sleep. Her second son, Darren was born on 26th December 1986. Just as with Peter, he was completely healthy and normal in every way. He too has had experiences throughout his life but does not wish to speak about them with me.

Some of what Laura described fits in with sleep paralysis. In this you awake to find you can only move your eyes. You can also hear strange noises or sense a presence in the room. However the fact that the room lit up bright red, and that this incident occurred around the time she was told she became pregnant tends suggests that once again she was abducted, taken aboard the red glowing sphere and her second son implanted in her. The pregnancy went similar to before, the only real difference being that the silver UFO was not seen this time for whatever reason. Perhaps Laura was paralyzed this time because of the fact she had fought back against the ETs on the previous occasion. They may have remembered how angry she had been and decided that it would be better if she could not hit out at them.

Unfortunately we did not have enough time to cover this incident in the regression, although I feel that if we had then a similar story would have emerged. Laura may wish to be regressed again at some point in the future, if so then this may well be explored in more depth.

A Mass Abduction

On 3rd July 1988 Laura attended the “Hells Angels 10th Custom Bike Show”, a biker rally in Kent. She was there with her family. On the second evening of the rally about 10pm Laura went to use the portaloos. These were separated from the tents by a large area of grass. While she was in there she heard some kind of commotion going on outside, people shouting and running around. She assumed it was a fight. The next thing she became aware of she was waking up from a very vivid dream on Sunday morning.

In this dream she had been in the middle of a huge crowd of people who were all screaming and running away from something. Everyone was running towards the road that ran alongside the field where the rally was taking place. Laura ran along with them. Everyone else seemed to be panicking but for some reason she felt calm. She saw a girl drop her doll and stop to pick it up. She quickly ran over and scooped the girl up, afraid she would be crushed under the stampede of people. She told her to forget about the doll and that she could get a new one later.

The next thing she became aware of, she and all the other people were standing in a large round brightly lit room with white coloured walls. Sticking out of one wall was a white bench with a book on it. There was nothing else in the room at all, not even a visible doorway.

Laura still had the little girl with her and so initially tried to locate the parents of the child. While she was doing so she noticed several people walking over to the bench and picking up and looking at the book. They would stare at it a moment then drop it again.

She found the parents and left the girl with them. She then walked over to the bench, sat down, picked up the book and began to read it. She found that inside there was a picture at the top of every page but the wording was written in a strange language that looked almost like hieroglyphics. She thought to herself “That’s a shame, I would have loved to have read this but I don’t understand the writing”. At that moment the words on the pages seemed to change into English.