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September 2009 - Enville - Flying Triangle Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 26/09/2013

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Sighting Details

On an evening in September 2009 Pete and his girlfriend Laura were on their way to Bridgenorth travelling along Cote Lane from Stourbridge. Due to the time of year it was fully dark. They noticed a bright light in a field near to Enville Hall. It appeared to be about 10-20 feet off the ground and was partially hidden behind some trees. The first thing to jump into Pete’s mind was that it was a helicopter with a search light. However he wound down the window and could not hear any sound coming from the object.

Aerial map of Cote Lane with notes from Pete:

As they got closer to the field, the light suddenly vanished. They did not think any more about it and continued driving through Enville village. They left Enville and carried on along Bridgenorth Road. As they drove they noticed a number of strange looking lights in the sky. As they were driving they did not get a good look at them but they appeared unusual to both witnesses.

About half a mile before the Six Ashes pub Pete decided to pull up in a small lay-by to have a better look at the lights. He got out of the car and looked up into the sky. Most of the lights had flashing strobes and he immediately realised they were nothing more than distant planes. However he noticed that one object had no flashing lights on it. It appeared to be triangular in shape and had 3 white lights on it. He asked Laura to get out of the car and take a look at it too.

Witness drawing of the UFO:

They continued to watch and the object started to come towards them at a slow speed. The main body of the object was black or very dark in colour, and it had one white light at each corner. It was completely silent. It came quite close to their location, just above the field on the far side of the road. It looked about 15-20 feet across. Pete and Laura just stood there amazed. Pete says it was “like seeing something out of a sci-fi film.”

At this point Pete remembered that he had a camera on his mobile phone so he briefly looked down to get it out of his pocket. As he did Laura said that the object was turning. As he looked back up the object began to move away from them at great speed. By the time he had raised his camera phone and taken the photo it was almost on the horizon. When describing the movement of the object Pete says “I had never seen anything move so fast.”

Aerial map of the lay-by showing the path of the UFO:

The object had gone and was unlikely to return. The witnesses had nothing left to do but get back into the car and continue their journey.

Sighting Analysis

It is unknown whether the light seen in the field by Enville Hall was anything to do with the UFO seen further along the road. It is possible that it was the same object down low over the field, but also possible that it was something mundane such as a helicopter or ground vehicle/equipment of some kind.

The description of the object seen at the lay-by fits very closely with that of a Flying Triangle, one of the more commonly reported types of ET craft. These are almost always very dark or black in colour and often display a white light at each corner. They are usually either silent or emit a faint humming noise. The change in direction and sudden great acceleration in speed suggests that the object was under intelligent powered control. It was clearly not a lit balloon, hand glider or radio controlled model. Was it just a coincidence that the object turned and flew away just as Pete was getting his camera to take a picture? Or did the UFO or its occupants somehow know what he was about to do and left the area directly as a result? This is something we will never know for certain.

There is the possibility that it was some kind of secret military craft rather than ET in origin. However I have investigated a number of cases which have directly linked craft of this type with ET beings. They are also often reported over highly populated areas, although in this case it was quite a rural location.

I feel that based on the testimonial evidence available it is likely that the object was a Flying Triangle craft which was flying in the area for an unknown reason and was fortunately spotted by the two witnesses.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2013



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