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San Antonio Contact Case - Greys, Abductions, UFO, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 24/10/2016

For anonymity reasons pseudonyms have been used

Maria first got in contact with me via E-Mail in June 2016 asking for my thoughts and advice on a number of experiences she has had over the last few years. These experiences have many fascinating aspects and involve contact with both beings and craft, as well as other paranormal events.

Learning Telepathy

In 2013 Maria lived on Ferber Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her mother Helen, stepfather Tom and sister Ella. One night in 2013 she was getting ready for bed. At her home she had a room in the basement with windows that let in light from outside. Maria has a fear of the dark, so as with most nights she left the TV and her Playstation on to provide a low source of light (as the home screen would just be white). She changed into her night clothes, lay down in bed and tried to settle down, but was feeling quite awake so knew it would take a while to sleep. Before dropping off she happened to look round the room and immediately saw a shadowy figure standing over by the far wall. It was about 5 feet tall, slender, with long thin arms and legs and an elongated oval-shaped head. No facial features were visible. The outline of the being was slightly blurred and it was semi-transparent. Maria interpreted this as some kind of cloaking device which it was using.

Aerial map of Ferber Drive:

Maria immediately felt that this being was an ET. She had had an interest in the UFO subject for many years. She knew that the being was not a ghost, and sensed that it was from very far away. She was initially shocked at the presence of the being, but then more curious. As she watched, the being walked across the room and came and stood alongside of the bed no further than 2 feet from her.

Despite the situation she then instantly dropped off to sleep against her will. The next thing she became aware of she found herself in a place surrounded in glowing white light. In front of her about 7-8 feet stood the being she had seen in her room. However she was now able to see it fully. It was an unclothed Grey with green-brown coloured skin. In proportion to its head size its eyes were large and completely black. It had two small holes for a nose and a small line for a mouth.

The Grey then began to speak to her telepathically. She knew this because its mouth did not move but she heard a female voice inside her head. It told her that it was her sister. Maria seemed to accept this like this was completely fine. It then said that it wanted to teach her anything she would like to know. Maria has had a fascination with telekinesis for many years, but for reasons unknown to her asked if it could teach her telepathy. In response to this the being showed her how to project her thoughts utilising the mind link that existed between her and it. It also taught her how to open her mind to hear the thoughts of others. It did warn her that she would have to be careful as others would be able to hear what she was thinking. This is all she remembered taking place when she awoke in the morning at 10am. Her recollection felt more vivid and real than a dream usually would.

A little while after this experience Maria was out walking with her family while listening to loud music on her headphones. Suddenly she heard Tom call out for her, even though the music was too loud to be able to have heard him. At the same time she had a mental image of Ella in her mind. Her sister was further ahead on the path so she shouted out and asked her to slow down, then asked Tom what he wanted. He informed her that he hadn’t called her, but was about to, and that he was going to ask her to get her sister to slow down. It was as if she had had a premonition of what he was going to do!

Soon after that she was in class sitting near to her best friend Amanda. Her friend was getting angry at people in the class being rude. In her mind, Maria told her to calm down, not attempting to direct her thoughts just thinking it. She looked over and noticed that Amanda now looked shocked and confused. Later on Maria asked her why she had looked that way. She said she had heard Maria’s voice in her mind telling her to calm down!

After this they experimented to see if she could repeat what had happened. But this time Amanda left the room. Maria tried to send her a message. Amanda confirmed that again she had heard her but less clearly. This time she heard the word “Oh!” in her mind very faintly. Maria says that it has happened on other occasions since, sometimes with Amanda, sometimes with other friends.