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San Antonio Contact Case - Greys, Abductions, UFO, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal Activity

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 24/10/2016

For anonymity reasons pseudonyms have been used

Maria first got in contact with me via E-Mail in June 2016 asking for my thoughts and advice on a number of experiences she has had over the last few years. These experiences have many fascinating aspects and involve contact with both beings and craft, as well as other paranormal events.

Learning Telepathy

In 2013 Maria lived on Ferber Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her mother Helen, stepfather Tom and sister Ella. One night in 2013 she was getting ready for bed. At her home she had a room in the basement with windows that let in light from outside. Maria has a fear of the dark, so as with most nights she left the TV and her Playstation on to provide a low source of light (as the home screen would just be white). She changed into her night clothes, lay down in bed and tried to settle down, but was feeling quite awake so knew it would take a while to sleep. Before dropping off she happened to look round the room and immediately saw a shadowy figure standing over by the far wall. It was about 5 feet tall, slender, with long thin arms and legs and an elongated oval-shaped head. No facial features were visible. The outline of the being was slightly blurred and it was semi-transparent. Maria interpreted this as some kind of cloaking device which it was using.

Aerial map of Ferber Drive:

Maria immediately felt that this being was an ET. She had had an interest in the UFO subject for many years. She knew that the being was not a ghost, and sensed that it was from very far away. She was initially shocked at the presence of the being, but then more curious. As she watched, the being walked across the room and came and stood alongside of the bed no further than 2 feet from her.

Despite the situation she then instantly dropped off to sleep against her will. The next thing she became aware of she found herself in a place surrounded in glowing white light. In front of her about 7-8 feet stood the being she had seen in her room. However she was now able to see it fully. It was an unclothed Grey with green-brown coloured skin. In proportion to its head size its eyes were large and completely black. It had two small holes for a nose and a small line for a mouth.

The Grey then began to speak to her telepathically. She knew this because its mouth did not move but she heard a female voice inside her head. It told her that it was her sister. Maria seemed to accept this like this was completely fine. It then said that it wanted to teach her anything she would like to know. Maria has had a fascination with telekinesis for many years, but for reasons unknown to her asked if it could teach her telepathy. In response to this the being showed her how to project her thoughts utilising the mind link that existed between her and it. It also taught her how to open her mind to hear the thoughts of others. It did warn her that she would have to be careful as others would be able to hear what she was thinking. This is all she remembered taking place when she awoke in the morning at 10am. Her recollection felt more vivid and real than a dream usually would.

A little while after this experience Maria was out walking with her family while listening to loud music on her headphones. Suddenly she heard Tom call out for her, even though the music was too loud to be able to have heard him. At the same time she had a mental image of Ella in her mind. Her sister was further ahead on the path so she shouted out and asked her to slow down, then asked Tom what he wanted. He informed her that he hadn’t called her, but was about to, and that he was going to ask her to get her sister to slow down. It was as if she had had a premonition of what he was going to do!

Soon after that she was in class sitting near to her best friend Amanda. Her friend was getting angry at people in the class being rude. In her mind, Maria told her to calm down, not attempting to direct her thoughts just thinking it. She looked over and noticed that Amanda now looked shocked and confused. Later on Maria asked her why she had looked that way. She said she had heard Maria’s voice in her mind telling her to calm down!

After this they experimented to see if she could repeat what had happened. But this time Amanda left the room. Maria tried to send her a message. Amanda confirmed that again she had heard her but less clearly. This time she heard the word “Oh!” in her mind very faintly. Maria says that it has happened on other occasions since, sometimes with Amanda, sometimes with other friends.

In 2015 Helen also confirmed that she had heard Maria’s voice in her mind. Maria was at school waiting to be picked up by her. When she arrived she informed her that she had heard her asking when she would get there and to hurry.

These examples do suggest that Maria can sometimes project messages to other people, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Many contactees report possessing psychic abilities of one form or another. Perhaps the Grey she met with really did grant her this ability in the way that she remembers.

Flesh Eater

A number of weeks after her meeting with the Grey, Maria had a disturbing experience which she initially put down to a bad dream. She recalled waking up in the night and walking out of her bedroom. A Grey being approached her. It looked different to the being she had met previously. It was only about three foot high and was unclothed, had mottled brown and green-grey coloured skin. It was slender but could see muscle on its arms. Its head was almost round in shape with large black eyes and a wide jaw filled with small sharp teeth.

The being told Maria that it was dying and that it need to eat some of her to live. She wanted to help the being so asked it whether this would hurt, how much it was going to eat and how fast it would take to heal. It replied “Well let me ask you this. Do you like your food?” It then lurched for her and bit her on her left hand. Maria grabbed the being’s head and began to hit it against the tiled floor. It was still attempting to attack her so she hit its head on the side of the coffee table.

She blinked and noticed that the colour when she closed her eyes was blue instead of black. Intrigued she closed her eyes for longer. She was amazed to see lines of words she could not understand moving by very fast. Occasionally particular words would slow down for a brief moment and she would be able to read them. The only word she remembers seeing was “shakinah” or something similar.

She awoke in bed and immediately remembered what had happened. She initially put it down to a dream, but when she checked her hand she could see what appeared to be teeth marks on it. However the markings did not look fresh, they were more like small scars. These scars are still visible today. There are 8 of them, some of which are almost 1cm in length. Maria feels sure that she had not injured her hand on the previous day.

Soon afterwards she showed the scars to her best friend Amanda and told her what happened. She was concerned but could see that she was coping. Maria says that in July 2016 she finally told her parents about the incident. Tom seemed surprised and shocked by her revelations.

Floating Across Room

A couple of months later in 2013 Maria went to bed around midnight. She was lying in bed trying to get to sleep. She was finding this difficult as she could see shadowy forms moving around her room which she interpreted as intelligent and evil entities. She got the sense that they were waiting for something to happen. It was not the first time she had seen them in her room so did not feel the need to run away. Somehow she managed to drop off to sleep.

During the night she abruptly woke up. She sensed that she had not been asleep for long. She watched as her blanket moved off her seemingly of its own accord. For some reason she was not frightened and remained very calm. She could move her head but is not sure whether her body was paralyzed or not. However she thinks not as she did unintentionally move her arm a bit.

Maria then rose a foot off the bed. She says this felt like a force pushing her upward rather than pulling her. She then tilted forward until she was in a standing position alongside the bed but still floating in the air. She was then moved across the bedroom towards the closed door. When she reached it she slowly descended back down onto the concrete floor.

When she touched the floor she was surprised to find that it wasn’t its usual cold temperature. She turned and looked around the bedroom and noticed that the TV was now off, even though she had dropped off to sleep with it on. At night she hangs blankets up over the windows as makeshift curtains. She could see a blinding white light coming into the room through these blankets, it was so bright that it was as if they were not there at all.

She turned back around and tried to open the door by turning the knob, but for some reason it would not open. She pulled and pulled but no matter how hard she tried it would not move. It was like something was forcing it closed. She gave up and let go, and at this moment once more lifted up into the air several inches. She was turned around in the air and now noticed that the light was gone. Her body moved towards the bed, rotated into a lying down position, and then slowly descended back down onto the bed. The blanket then moved back onto her by itself. Against her will, she rolled over and dropped off to sleep.

In the morning when she awoke she noticed that the TV was still off as she had seen during the night. She assumed the incident must have been a dream and soon put what had happened to the back of her mind. About a week went by, then her sister brought it up in conversation. She said that at about 1am she had heard Maria pulling on the door trying to get it open. Helen overheard their conversation and then informed Maria that she had heard her too! Her room is directly above where Maria sleeps. She informed her that after the noises stopped she then had a strong urge to go and check on her and Ella. She got out of bed and went downstairs. She first checked on Ella and found her asleep in her room. She then came and checked on Maria. She said that she noticed the TV was off, but that Maria appeared to be fast asleep like normal.

Ghost Experiences

Maria claims to have had encounters and communication with ghostly apparitions on numerous occasions.

A long time before her family moved into the house on Ferber Drive, it had burnt to the ground and been rebuilt. Apparently two children died in the fire, a boy and his little sister. Maria says that she met with both of them while she lived at the house. The boy informed her of what had happened. They had been playing in the basement when the fire broke out and unfortunately when they tried to get out the stairs were already aflame. They tried the windows but there were heavy grates across them. He and his sister huddled in the corner until the house capsized on top of them. During the summer of 2012 Maria says that the little girl would appear in front of the door to her room night after night. The girl asked her to help her. Maria asked how she could help but the girl never responded.

Also in the same property was another ghost which she named the “woman in the white dress”. Maria was the first to see her. She moved her belongings upstairs to share the room with her baby sister. Every night while in that room the door would open of its own accord. One night Helen stepped onto the hallway and noticed the door was open. She walked down the hall and firmly closed it. She then turned and started to walk back up the hall, but then remembered she had forgotten something. Turning back round she was surprised to see that the door was once again open.

One night Maria awoke to find the door open like usual. She looked over at the baby’s crib and saw a lady dressed in a white nightgown, which looked like it was from the 19th century. This lady approached the crib. She looked into it, looked back up, and then walked through the wall. Maria believes that this lady was protecting the baby from darker entities. She feels that she must have lost her own baby.


On 4th March 2014 Maria and her family moved to Texas. For 4 months they initially stayed with relatives close Canyon Lake on Scenic Drive. Maria and two of her sisters stayed at her great uncle’s house. One night she began to hear an intermittent tapping noise on the window right behind her head. It sounded like a nail tapping on it but when she turned and looked she could not see anything there. The window led to the inside of a covered porch, so the sound could not have been made by the wind or by vegetation knocking against it. She could think of no explanation for the noise, which deeply unsettled her. It continued for about 10 minutes before stopping.

Aerial map of Scenic Drive:

Maria says that the tapping noises continued on most nights from that point. It would always be irregular and last for about the same length of time, but seemed to alter depending on which window she was sitting nearest. She also noted that whenever she left the TV on when she dropped off to sleep, she would awake to find it switched off. It is possible that these events were completely unrelated to the landed craft she had stepped aboard. Maybe the tapping was caused by something mundane, perhaps an echo from something else or temperature changes in the glass. And perhaps she would switch the TV off herself unknowingly during the night in her sleep.

However one evening in May 2014 an incident which occurred which suggested otherwise. While living with their relatives, Maria’s parents were staying at her cousin’s house just along the road from where she was. Her mother, step father, cousin and her cousin’s husband were standing outside smoking at around 9pm. They looked down towards her great uncle’s house and saw a figure walk from the porch of the house around to the side. Her mother thought it must be one of her sisters trying to sneak out to go and meet up with one of her other cousins. She started to walk over to confront them but then saw her other cousins at their own porch. At this moment she realised the figure was not a family member.

Deeply concerned, her relatives grabbed torches, bats and guns to defend themselves with and walked over to the house to look for the figure. They checked all around the property but couldn’t find anything.

Craft Landing

On the following night after the figure had been seen, Maria was up late watching a movie. Again like most nights she heard the tapping sounds for a short while which un-nerved her. She settled down to sleep around 2am. During the night (Maria believes between 3-4am) she suddenly awoke and felt the urge to walk to the tall grass covered field that lies alongside the yard of the property. It was like she was under control of some kind.

She got out of bed in her nightgown, unlocked her door, walked barefoot out of the back door, across the yard and into the field. There waiting for her in the field about 30 feet away from her was a disc-shaped craft hovering about a foot off the ground. It was a dull metallic colour with no visible windows or lights. In the side of it was a six foot tall and two foot wide rounded-rectangular shaped doorway with glowing white light coming from within. The section of hull that would usually fill the doorway came down from the door to the ground to form a platform up into the craft.

Alongside the doorway on the platform stood two Grey beings. They looked different to those she had seen in previous experiences. They were unclothed and had tan-yellow coloured skin. Their faces had large black eyes which “seemed to project intellect and kindness, yet also a little sadness”. Maria does not know why she felt this way when looking at them. 

She walked towards the craft and stopped about 10 feet away from it. One of the beings walked up to her and stopped about 3 feet away. It extended its hand towards her and she put her hand in its. It led her towards the craft and up the platform towards the door. Before stepping inside Maria turned round and looked back at the darkened field. She thought about her family and that she may never come back. In response to this thought, the Grey holding her hand telepathically told her that she would be back before she knew it. It slightly tugged at her hand to gesture for her to continue walking. She stepped into the glowing doorway. As she stepped inside she found that she was now in darkness. She looked behind her and realised the door had now closed. This was all she could remember taking place, she has no memory of what else happened aboard the craft.

She awoke at 10am and recalled what had happened in the night. She also noted that her feet were a little sore, although not visibly marked. In addition to this she also found that her bedroom door was unlocked, even though she knew she had locked it before going to sleep. However she tried telling herself it must have been a dream. She did not tell her family about it, as she thought they too would just put it down to a dream, and if not would worry about it.

It should be noted that part of this recollection only came about when discussing it with me. Up until then she had not recalled the being leading her back aboard the craft, only that it approached her. When thinking back to contact experiences it is common for those involved to remember additional details, especially if some of the memories have been seemingly blocked out. Sometimes merely talking about things can trigger recollections of entire experiences.

Due to the fact that this incident occurred the following night after the figure was seen around the outside of the house, it could well be that the two are related. And as the figure was seen at the porch close to the window to Maria’s room, the tapping noises may also be related. It is hard to say for definite either way.

Eye Pains

About a month after the landing incident Maria’s family purchased a house on Shadow Lake Drive, San Antonio. One night she settled down to bed about 11pm. For several days she had been hearing strange noises coming from outside. Suddenly she heard a high pitched whistle sound, and then what sounded like something jumping over the six foot high fence into the yard right outside the window. She then saw two beings standing in her room. Like the Grey in her previous experience they appeared shadowy and semi-transparent like moving silhouettes. However they were at least 1 foot taller than before and their heads were not so elongated.

Aerial map of Shadow Lake Drive:

Suddenly one of the beings was standing right alongside her. It placed its hand onto her chest and then telepathically spoke to her, saying something she did not understand. At this moment she blacked out.

When she awoke around 10am she felt that her left eye was sore. Whenever she looked in a direction it would send a shooting pain into her head. The following night she was lying awake at around 1am when she suddenly saw what appeared to be a glowing red light. It appeared that the light was emanating from inside of the eye which was causing pain! Her vision went all red for 2 seconds like she was looking through a camera lens. After this the red light went off but her vision was still a little blurred like she was looking through glass. She then felt like there was a presence inside her looking out through her own eyes. It then felt like it was beginning to look through her memories. This was all she could remember happening, so must have blacked out and fell asleep.

She did not speak to her GP about what had happened as she felt they would not be able to find anything. A few days later her right eye started to hurt, this time even more than last time. That night she expected to see a red light switch on in that eye too, but instead felt an external force which was trying to make her drop off to sleep. She fought against it but in the end did drop off.

Abduction Recollection

On 21st June 2016 Maria had another flashback to an abduction, no doubt triggered by the fact that I had been speaking with her about her experiences. She recalled lying down on a black table in a circular black room. She was unable to move and felt like she was being held down by invisible straps. Alongside her stood a tan-yellow coloured Grey holding a metallic operation tool of some kind in its hand. The central part of the tool looked like a big syringe but it appeared to have other functions too.

The being looked at her and then gently but firmly grabbed hold of her arm. It then injected her with something using the tool. She began to feel the heat of it spreading through her body. This was all she could remember of this experience.


Maria has had a variety of experiences, many of which are commonly reported by contactees. She has witnessed Greys and landed craft on numerous occasions so clearly seems to be experiencing contact. She has also indicated that she may possess psychic abilities, which is something commonly mentioned by contactees.

However it should also be noted that she has had an interest in the UFO subject for a number of years prior to these experiences, and some of the incidents, particularly the flesh-eating being, have dream-like aspects to them. In this subject it is always good to remain subjective, while being open minded enough to accept that contact is a very real phenomenon. That said there have sometimes been other witnesses who have confirmed aspects of her experiences, or physical elements to them such as the markings on her hand.

Maria has informed me that she will do some drawings and send a photograph of the markings, and that I may be able to get a statement off her best friend, so keep an eye out for updates to this report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2016



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