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Saint Nazaire Contact Case Part 1 - Nordics, Abduction, UFOs, MIB, Psychic Abilities

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 16/01/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and certain experiences ommitted


Most of the contact cases I look into are from the UK. However sometimes contactees from elsewhere in the world wish to share their experiences with me. This is one such case. Morgane is from Saint Nazaire in France. Since an early age she has had numerous experiences which have included UFO sightings, psychic abilities and at least one abduction, probably more. This report covers the majority of her experiences in depth, and includes the transcript of a hypnotic regression session, as well as many drawings she has done to illustrate the incidents.

The Investigation

Morgane first got in contact with me via E-Mail on 21st May 2011 after checking out the BUFOG website and seeing my background in dealing with contactee cases. Over the following months we exchanged many detailed E-Mails until I had a good knowledge of her experiences. Morgane had already looked into contact experiences since 2010 after deciding to look for answers online to what had happened to her. She was astounded to find out that her experiences matched those of other contactees from around the world in many different ways. This was further confirmed after speaking with me in depth about them.

On Friday 23rd September, Morgane and her husband Arthur, came across from France to Birmingham specifically for a hypnotic regression. She did this due to the lack of French hypnotherapists who look into contact, and due to the level of trust we had built up. It gave us the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss her experiences further. We initially met on the Friday evening for a chat. Then the following day I took both Morgane and Arthur to the house of the hypnotherapist I now work with so Morgane could be regressed. This proved to be very successful.

After the regression I continued to keep in touch with Morgane to understand the full details of her experiences, which have formed the basis of this report.


As seems to often be the case with contactees, Morgane sometimes has premonitions of future events. This has happened many times in her life. She knew in advance about an explosion that occurred at a tower in Paris in the summer of 1969. She was aware of the Chernobyl disaster a fortnight before it took place. She also knew the profession of the Yorkshire Ripper serial killer before it was released.

Usually when she has these visions or thoughts, she does not know where they are going to take place. However she has on occasion sensed when her family or friends are in danger and has possibly thwarted accidents. As an example of this, on one occasion, she smelt the odour of burnt rubber when she met with a couple of her friends. She took this as meaning that they were going to shortly have a car accident. She asked them not to go out in the car that day and they agreed. No accident ever occurred, but the question is would it if she hadn’t intervened?

Morgane also used to train engineers in English vocabulary. Despite having no knowledge of which particular projects these engineers were working on, she would provide them with extremely relevant vocabulary for what their work. They would sometimes be amazed by this, and ask her how she was so good at providing them with such relevant and useful words. 

Green UFO Sighting

In April 1990, when Morgane was living in Essex, she had a sighting of an emerald coloured UFO with her partner and son. They were on their way out to the post office at Dunmow. The UFO flew right over their road and car. It headed away at quite a fast speed to the South. When Morgane arrived at the post office she was still in a state of shock. She said to others there “Sorry I am not all there, I’ve just seen a UFO!”  Rather than ridicule her they seemed to believe her story.

Witness drawing of the UFO and her car:


Overhead view showing various positions of the UFO and its movement path:


Later Morgane read in the newspaper about the UFO and found out that it had been witnessed by hundreds of people, some of whom had reported it to the police. It had also been picked up on radar at Stanstead airport. I am in the process of trying to locate this newspaper article. Due to the number of witnesses involved, and the fact that there appeared to be no direct interaction, I do not believe that this sighting had anything to do with Morgane directly, she was just one of many to observe it.

Nordic Abduction

By 1994 Morgane had split from her partner and moved to Saint Nazaire in France. One night she settled down to sleep quite early after putting the children to bed, between 9-10pm. During the night she had what seemed at the time to be a very vivid dream. In the first part of this dream she found herself flying extremely fast over the French countryside. She was wearing her night clothes. She was at low altitude but was clearly hovering as she remembers crossing a high wall and wondering how she could have gotten over it. While this was going on she felt that there was someone flying alongside her but she could not see them. There was also an unusual humming sound which concerned her. She wondered if it was the sound of the air rushing past her.

Morgane did not recognise any of the surroundings, and also realised she was not in control of where she went, it was like she was on a pre-defined path. It seemed to go on for quite a long time. She became anxious as she felt like she was lost.

Then without warning the dream suddenly changed. She now found herself in an enclosed room with white walls. The room was very clean and clinical looking, with very few furnishings. It was not very large, no larger than 4 metres across. She was lying on top of a metallic gently sloping couch. It was flat, hard and not very comfortable. Above her head was a bright pure white light source. She could not make out the ceiling of the room because of the brightness from this light. The temperature was moderate, it was not particularly warm or cold. She could still hear the constant humming sound, although now rather than concern her it seemed to calm her.

Either side of her was a tall being. They looked almost human but had very beautiful facial features.  They were at least 6 feet 10 inches in height. Their skin was perfectly smooth and pale. They had long blond shoulder length hair. Their eyes were slightly slanted, the irises a deep blue colour. Their ears were delicately pointed. Their bodies looked strong and muscular. The beings were wearing medium blue coloured one piece suits, which appeared to be made out of a thick stretchable cotton-like material. There was a darker belt around the middle with no buckle. The suits had a high neck line. There was a complex looking geometric symbol just under the collar, which appeared to be part of the outfit rather than something being worn on top. The arms had long sleeves, with only their slender hands exposed. Initially Morgane thought they were female, as their features looked feminine and unblemished. These beings have been seen by contactees many times before, and are referred to as Nordics. They are often seen working alongside other ET species, or sometimes watching over proceedings.

Witness drawing of one of the Nordics:


Alongside each Nordic was a tall stand or cabinet of some kind. These were mellatic grey-silver in colour. They were about five feet tall, 80-90 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

Witness drawing of the surroundings:


The Nordics appeared to be finishing some kind of operation on her chest. The one on the right was closing back up her night clothes. The one to her left appeared to be assisting with what had taken place and was putting some objects back onto one of the stands. They appeared to be extremely well ordered and moved in harmony with their surroundings and each other. Morgane does not believe she was paralyzed, but she felt calm and did not try to struggle against what was happening. The Nordics were smiling, and appeared friendly and kind. One of them turned to her and Morgane heard a gentle voice inside her head say “Now you will never get lost again”.

One of the beings then handed her a silver coloured chalice-like cup with clear liquid in. She drank from this cup for a short while. She did not remember the liquid having a particular taste, but thought it was something other than water. The being then said “It is enough!” and held out its hand to retrieve the cup from her.

Witness drawing of the cup the Nordic handed her:


The Nordics then moved and stood at the foot of the couch. Morgane stared intensely at the beings a while. It was now that she realised that they were not female, but neither did they appear male. She assumed that they were angels, and that this was some kind of religious experience, due to the fact that she is a catholic.

Morgane stared at the symbol under the collars of the Nordic’s outfits. She realised it did not look like a Christian symbol, which confused her as she assumed at that point that they were angels. They seemed to read her thoughts, as they then began to speak to her telepathically. They explained to her what the symbol meant. The circle represented the universe. The five pointed star represented their home planet. They told her that they did not intend to colonise ours. Their aim was to prevent us from destroying ourselves with nuclear power, and electro-magnetism which in due course will cause vegetation to die. The seven pointed star surrounding the five pointed star represented the “Galactic Federation”, an organisation made up of numerous species. Surrounding the seven pointed star was a pyramid shape. She cannot precisely remember the symbol, she just remembers it having these particular elements to it and being informed of the reasons behind them. Morgane felt reassured at this explanation, and from that point onward was relaxed with the situation.

Witness drawing of the symbol on the Nordics clothing:


The Nordics also told Morgane their names. She cannot remember precisely what they were but believes it was something like Axion/Axiom and Axial/Axiel. She was surprised at how similar both their names sounded.

The Nordics helped her to her feet. There was a closed sliding door at one side of the room. They led her towards this door, and as they approached it opened. Morgane noted that if these beings really were angels, then they had no wings. They went through the door and stepped out into a much larger open area. This area was very well lit and there appeared to be large windows high up near the ceiling. There were raised walkways on each side of the area, off which were a number of sliding doors similar to the one she had just walked through. She assumed these led off to other examination rooms. Outside some of the doors were Nordics attending to other individuals who she did not recognise. In the central area she recalled seeing a crowd of people all dressed in white.

Witness drawing showing the structure of the large hall:


Witness drawing showing the hall and the positions of other people and beings:


The next thing she knew, she awoke in her bed. It was very early in the morning and the sun had only just started to come up. Morgane does not usually wake up this early. She had the distinct feeling that her heart had been operated on in some way. She remembered the dream and thought that she had been visited by angels. She felt extremely happy and privileged to have had such an experience. She thought for a while about what had just happened before dropping back off to sleep.

In the morning as Morgane was getting dressed she noticed a circle of red dots on the inside of her right forearm. The marking was about 3cm in diameter. It did not seem to be sore. She thought to herself “What the hell is this?” She could not think of anything which could have caused the marking. It worried her a bit as she thought it may be an allergy of some kind. She was certain it was not insect bites.

She called her daughter and informed her of what had happened. Her daughter still remembers her mother telling her that “they had put something in her chest” and that they had “healed her heart”. Morgane also showed her daughter the round marking on her arm. Her daughter then noticed something on the top of her left wrist and hand. It looked like a yellow-green coloured stain of some kind, as if a fluid had been on her hand and stained the skin.

Morgane was very confused as to what these markings could be, and assumed they were in some way connected to the strange dream. She does not recall how long they remained for, but is certain that they soon faded away.

Witness drawing of the marking on her right arm:


For many years Morgane put the entire incident down to a visit by angels. In early 2011 she bought a PC, and decided to look into the subject of aliens on the internet. She was astounded to find other cases where almost identical beings had been seen. She realised that she had interacted with the ET species known as the Nordics and that an abduction may have been behind the vivid dream.

Morgane feels that the Nordics may have put an implant inside her chest. It is unknown at present whether this is the case or not. However she wonders about what one of the beings told her – “Now you will never get lost again”. Could they have been referring to the fact that from that point on they would know where she was? Or were they referring to one or more previous experiences which she cannot currently remember where she was “lost”? She is aware that ever since this experience she has often felt like someone is watching over her, something commonly reported by contactees.

While she was living in England she had been diagnosed with a heart murmur. A while after her abduction experience she had an operation on her heart over in France. She was informed that she no longer had the heart murmur. Could the ETs have healed this? Is this the reason why they opened up her chest?

In the weeks leading up to her regression, Morgane thought deeply over what had taken place during the incident. This led to her consciously recollecting further details which would provide answers to some of the questions she had about the incident. It is quite common for additional memories to return in this way.

She recalled that after finishing the operation on her chest, the being on her right then proceeded to pull a long tube from out of the top of the metallic cabinet next to it. The tube appeared to end in what looked like a round circle of needles. The being pulled the tube down and pushed it against the skin of Morgane’s inner right arm. This did not appear to cause any pain.

Witness sketch of the examination procedure, showing her position and the tube-like instrument on her right:


It was this which had caused the marking she had found on her arm after the experience. Marks similar to this have been reported by contactees before, and have been referred to as “cookie cutter” markings. The artificial looking shape, and the way in which it quickly faded and did not leave a scar both fit in with it being related to Morgane’s abduction experience.

On her left side the other being was pushing needles into her and appeared to be taking blood samples, which again was painless. Morgane assumed that the green stain she had found on the top of her left hand had been some sort of liquid which the being had applied in order to numb her skin or clean it of bacteria. After using these instruments on her the Nordics tidied away everything into the metallic cabinets. They moved rapidly and with intent.

Witness drawing showing one of the Nordics tidying away the tube-like instrument:


She still had no idea of whether anything else had happened during the experience besides the examination. Her last memory was of stepping out of the room into the open hall area.

(Continued in Part 2)

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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