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Saint Nazaire Contact Case Part 1 - Nordics, Abduction, UFOs, MIB, Psychic Abilities

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 16/01/2012

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used and certain experiences ommitted


Most of the contact cases I look into are from the UK. However sometimes contactees from elsewhere in the world wish to share their experiences with me. This is one such case. Morgane is from Saint Nazaire in France. Since an early age she has had numerous experiences which have included UFO sightings, psychic abilities and at least one abduction, probably more. This report covers the majority of her experiences in depth, and includes the transcript of a hypnotic regression session, as well as many drawings she has done to illustrate the incidents.

The Investigation

Morgane first got in contact with me via E-Mail on 21st May 2011 after checking out the BUFOG website and seeing my background in dealing with contactee cases. Over the following months we exchanged many detailed E-Mails until I had a good knowledge of her experiences. Morgane had already looked into contact experiences since 2010 after deciding to look for answers online to what had happened to her. She was astounded to find out that her experiences matched those of other contactees from around the world in many different ways. This was further confirmed after speaking with me in depth about them.

On Friday 23rd September, Morgane and her husband Arthur, came across from France to Birmingham specifically for a hypnotic regression. She did this due to the lack of French hypnotherapists who look into contact, and due to the level of trust we had built up. It gave us the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss her experiences further. We initially met on the Friday evening for a chat. Then the following day I took both Morgane and Arthur to the house of the hypnotherapist I now work with so Morgane could be regressed. This proved to be very successful.

After the regression I continued to keep in touch with Morgane to understand the full details of her experiences, which have formed the basis of this report.


As seems to often be the case with contactees, Morgane sometimes has premonitions of future events. This has happened many times in her life. She knew in advance about an explosion that occurred at a tower in Paris in the summer of 1969. She was aware of the Chernobyl disaster a fortnight before it took place. She also knew the profession of the Yorkshire Ripper serial killer before it was released.

Usually when she has these visions or thoughts, she does not know where they are going to take place. However she has on occasion sensed when her family or friends are in danger and has possibly thwarted accidents. As an example of this, on one occasion, she smelt the odour of burnt rubber when she met with a couple of her friends. She took this as meaning that they were going to shortly have a car accident. She asked them not to go out in the car that day and they agreed. No accident ever occurred, but the question is would it if she hadn’t intervened?

Morgane also used to train engineers in English vocabulary. Despite having no knowledge of which particular projects these engineers were working on, she would provide them with extremely relevant vocabulary for what their work. They would sometimes be amazed by this, and ask her how she was so good at providing them with such relevant and useful words. 

Green UFO Sighting

In April 1990, when Morgane was living in Essex, she had a sighting of an emerald coloured UFO with her partner and son. They were on their way out to the post office at Dunmow. The UFO flew right over their road and car. It headed away at quite a fast speed to the South. When Morgane arrived at the post office she was still in a state of shock. She said to others there “Sorry I am not all there, I’ve just seen a UFO!”  Rather than ridicule her they seemed to believe her story.

Witness drawing of the UFO and her car: