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Rendal Contact Case - Greys, Visitation, UFO Sightings, Orbs

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 20/02/2012

Last Updated: 13/12/2015

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Lee first got in touch with BUFOG on 20th February 2012 to report a sighting of a glowing white orb which he and his wife had witnessed at their home in Rednal, Longbridge. After getting back to him it soon became clear that he had also had many other interesting experiences over the years, some of which suggested that he may even be a contactee. I arranged to visit him and his wife in person to talk face-to-face about his experiences. Several days later I drove out to Rednal and we spent a number of hours covering everything which had taken place. This report provides an overview of many of Lee’s experiences which appear to be UFO or contact related.

Childhood Fears

From about the age of 4 throughout his childhood Lee was frightened of going off to sleep in his bedroom at night. He would only be able to drop off if all the covers were pulled up around him, leaving just a small hole for breathing through. He has no recollection of anything specific taking place around this time which could have been responsible for these feelings.

It is of course quite common for young children to get a fear of the dark in their room. However I feel this is worth mentioning as this is one of the common side effects f contact that contactees report time and time again. When speaking in terms of contact, it is likely that these emotions are brought on by the fact that the individual knows this is when the ETs have come for them. Perhaps Lee had an early experience which has currently been blanked from his mind.

Back in the 1960’s parents would often be far less concerned about their children being outside on their own. Lee’s parents used to allow him to walk to and from his school in Cotteridge, even when it was dark due to the time of year. This journey would always take him through Cotteridge Park. He had no worries at all about walking this route on a daily basis.

Aerial map of Cotteridge Park:


From age 6 Lee began to experience a recurring nightmare. In this dream he would be walking through the park when suddenly a pack of wolves would appear behind him and begin to give chase. He would try to run away but his legs would not work properly and he would not move fast enough. When the wolves caught up with him the dream would end.

Later on the dream changed, and instead of a pack of wolves he would see a large jester/joker face which would float towards him. This was reminiscent of Punch off a Punch and Judy show, wearing a hat with bells on.

Witness drawing of the jester face which used to chase after him in his dream:


This particular dream is quite intriguing. The ETs will sometimes disguise themselves using something referred to as a screen memory to mask their true appearance. They are often known to appear in a different form, especially to children. They usually appear as something familiar to the individual such as a family member, friend, pet, other animal or something else which the individual would recognise. I have heard of contact cases where these beings have appeared in the form of wolves/dogs, and other cases where they have appeared as clowns, possibly in an attempt to appear less frightening. However this sometimes has the opposite effect and the individual can get a lasting phobia as a result.

Due to the open location involved I do wonder if Lee has had a contact experience here in the park, perhaps while walking too or from school on his own, an experience which led to these recurring nightmares. This would just be speculation and this may not have occurred, but I felt it was worth mentioning due to the possible links described above.

Night Time Visitation

When Lee was 5 years he lived with his parents and grandmother. Unfortunately around this time his father suffered from a heart attack. He survived this but afterwards was consigned to the living room of his home and used to sleep downstairs. Lee would often play cards with his father in the evening just before bed. One evening he could hear that his father was not breathing very well. His father ended the game and told him to go up to bed.

During the night Lee awoke with the feeling of being poked in his back a couple of times. Behind him was just the bedroom wall. He then heard a voice say to him “Come on Lee, wake up. You know who it is”.  The voice did not appear to come from any particular location in the room, he just heard it directly inside his head. He questioned the voice, asking himself “Do I know who it is? Who would be saying that?”

The next thing he was aware of, he was standing at the top of the staircase looking downwards. He could see some other men wheeling his father out in a wheelchair. His father was wearing a face mask, and Lee could see his mother waving them off. He was also aware of two figures standing either side of him holding his hands. One was holding his hand quite softly, where as the other had quite a firm grip. They appeared to be only slightly taller than himself, so would have been around 4 feet in height.  He also remembers these figures speaking to him saying something similar to “You need to see this. This is the last time you are ever going to see him.”

Suddenly the view switched and he remembers moving towards his closed bedroom door and passing straight through it. He is not aware whether the figures were still there alongside him when this happened. He not only remembers the sight of this taking place, but also how it actually felt. This was all he could remember when he awoke the following morning.

He went downstairs and found his mother crying and being comforted by his grandmother. He was immediately told that his father had died during the night. At hearing this dreadful news, Lee felt emotionally numb and went back upstairs. He felt like the experience during the night had “buffered” the impact of what had happened.

Later on he spoke with his mother about what had taken place, and what she described matched what he had seen. He is absolutely convinced that he had been woken up on purpose to see his father for the last time.

There are a number of aspects of this experience which certainly fit in with a visitation by ETs. Numerous contactees have reported being woke up by the beings prodding them, or described such feelings during abduction experiences. There are missing time elements to this experience, such as how Lee got from his bed to the top of the stairs. This is very common with contact, and the contactee will more often than not remember fragmented memories of what has taken place.

The beings that Lee describes either side of him are very intriguing. Although he did not turn to look at them, he was aware that they were short in height, certainly much shorter than an adult human would be. This would fit in with the figures being Greys; the most commonly reported type of ET. In addition to this Lee says that when they spoke to him he would hear the words inside his head, it did not sound like the beings were actually audibly speaking. This again would fit in with Greys, which always talk via telepathic means.

Lastly Lee then recalls actually passing through his bedroom door. This is again another common aspect of abduction experiences that take place at home. The individual is often taken through solid objects by the ETs, such as the window, wall or ceiling. I have had numerous contactees describe how this actually feels. It appears that the beings use advanced technology of some kind which allows this to take place.

Because of all the above stated reasons, I feel it is certainly possible that Lee was visited by two  ETs during that night, and for whatever reason they wanted him to see his father depart for the last time, maybe to lessen the impact of his father’s death, or provide him with a lasting memory. As he did not actually look at the beings, or did but had the memory of this removed, we cannot say for certain that this is what took place, but there are many aspects which seem to back up this theory.

If this was a visitation, as it appears to be, then the fact that the beings first said to Lee “You know who this is” suggests that he had previously had other experiences with these same entities. This perhaps lends weight to the unusual dreams that he had experienced for the previous two years. However the dreams appeared to be quite frightening, where as there was no fear involved with this experience. Lee felt quite comfortable with the situation he found himself in.

Something In The Sky

The next unusual incident which Lee can recall happening took place in 1971/72 when he was a teenager. His memory of what took place is quite blurred but he remembers leaving the house to go and meet up with a friend. It was a bright sunny day. He was walking towards Cotteridge when he suddenly noticed a big group of people all staring up into the air and pointing. The traffic also appeared to be stopped. He walked on over to see what they were looking at, but when he looked up into the sky he couldn't see anything.

He then remembers looking back down and seeing a tough looking boy walk across the road towards him. He then felt himself get hit and he blacked out. When he came round he was lying on the ground surrounded by a number of adults. He remembers them helping him to his feet and asking if he was ok.

His next memory was of being about a mile away in Kings Norton walking along the edge of the road. He felt extremely confused and could not fathom how he had got to the location he was now at. It has played on his mind ever since.

There are a number of unanswered questions surrounding this incident. What were the people all staring at in the sky? Why had the other boy suddenly decided to walk over to Lee and then knock him out? And how had he got from that position to walking through Kings Norton? It is possible that the other boy was just nasty, or maybe thought that Lee was someone else. It is probable that the missing period of time was down to concussion from being knocked out, and that Lee had walked a mile in a daze. However what everyone was looking at remains completely unanswered.

Interests and Dreams

In his late teens, Lee suddenly developed an obsession with the UFO subject. He began purchasing many books and reading as much as he could about everything. He does not really know where this sudden interest in the subject came from, as he had not really paid much attention to it prior to this point.

Around the same time period, he also began to have regular dreams about UFOs. He cannot really remember whether the dreams came first or whether they came after he had began looking into everything.

In some of these dreams he would be visited by small ET beings. These beings would be semi-translucent and inside them Lee saw some kind of electrical energy. In other dreams the skies would be filled with craft and he was struggling to survive alongside others against a hostile invasion force.

Witness drawing of one of the short semi-translucent beings:


Throughout his life, right up to present day, Lee has also had a number of precognitive dreams. In these dreams he sees random things, and it is only when they happen for real soon afterwards that he realises they have been future predictions. While some of them have been quite random, others have been very specific and clearly of real life incidents. They have included deaths of prominent figures. He has also had dreams of accidents from time to time. As an example, in his early 20s Lee used to work at Cadburys, and every day would walk to and from work along Lyndon Road. One night he had a dream in which a car crashed on the road and flipped over upside down ending up in a garden. Three days later that exact thing took place, and he realised he had previously dreamt of it.

The dreams that Lee had about UFOs and beings did not seem to relate to any known real life incidents. Therefore it is possible that they were simply a side effect of his obsessive research into the subject. However the precognitive dreams that Lee continues to have are much more interesting. Many contactees report having precognitive abilities, and I have investigated other cases where people have reported exactly the same thing. Just as with Lee’s dreams, these tend to usually be completely random events. The fact that Lee has mentioned having such dreams is certainly significant and worthy of mention.

He also regularly experiences night terrors, where he wakes up in the middle of the night absolutely terrified.  Sometimes he will see black shapes moving around in front of him, and when he opens his eyes they are still there for a brief moment. Other times he will shout out and punch out at something unknown in front of him until his wife manages to wake him up. While it is of course possible for these to just be bad dreams and hallucinations brought on by waking suddenly from dreams, again they may have links with contact so should not be ignored.

Tired of UFOs

In recent years Lee has looked into the UFO subject and realised the links that some of his experiences have had with it. However he says that whenever he starts looking up information on the subject, or even talking about it, he begins to feel extremely fatigued. He has noted that this only happens with this subject, if he is checking out anything else in depth he does not experience these feelings. You could suggest that this was just down to boredom; however this would not be correct at all, because Lee is very interested in the subject.

Contactees often report experiencing unusual emotions of one kind or another when looking at information relating to UFOs or ETs. Sometimes they get obsessed with the subject, as mentioned previously in this report. Other times they get an extreme aversion to it, especially pictures of the beings themselves. This is completely understandable as it will sometimes bring back the feelings of fear or panic that they have gone through during their experiences. Perhaps the feelings of tiredness that Lee experiences is something trying to stop him from looking into the subject, or maybe an over familiarity with it. These are just speculations, nothing more.

Orbs Around The Home

On a number of occasions Lee has seen small white coloured orbs moving around his house in Rednal. They are usually seen in the corner of his eye. They just seem to appear and quickly drift along a short distance above the floor. He has seen them during the day-time, and also at night while lying in bed.

We cannot verify at this time whether or not these are merely down to an issue with his sight, or something more unusual. However many experiencers report seeing glowing orbs around their home, so there does seem to be some link with contact. What these orbs that are reported actually are is jet to be determined, although I feel they may be some kind of energy manifestation. The fact that Lee occasionally sees these may be further evidence that he is a contactee.

Golden Disc

In 2000 Lee went on holiday with his family to Newquay in Cornwall. They were staying at Trevella Holiday Park in a tent. One evening he was sat outside the tent star gazing. It was a very clear and still evening, and the stars were fully visible.

Aerial map showing location of Trevella Holiday Park:


Photograph of Trevella Holiday Park:


Suddenly right overhead he saw what appeared to be a huge disc-shaped object. It had not been visible due to the angle it was at, but it turned on its axis catching the moonlight. It appeared as a golden-brass like colour. Lee feels that it was at very high altitude and was extremely large in size. The object continued to rotate until it had turned 180 degrees, at which point it no longer caught the light and so vanished into the darkness. Lee compares the object to a penny turning over from one side to the other. He was astounded at what he had just witnessed. He told his wife about it and continued to watch the sky, but the object did not make a reappearance.

Lee feels that this was a very large disc-shaped craft of some kind, perhaps even a “mother ship”. While this is indeed possible, and cannot be ruled out, there are other more mundane explanations that must also be considered. There is the possibility that the object was a large inflatable drifting across the sky, and that the object was a lot closer than it appeared to be. When viewing objects in the night sky it is often very hard to accurately judge their altitude as there is no point of reference. The object was clearly not a normal aircraft or helicopter, and it is very unlikely to have been a meteorite.

Whatever the actual identity of the object, it captured Lee’s imagination and ignited his interest in the UFO subject.

Glowing Lights

Soon after his sighting in Newquay, Lee decided to purchase an LED torch to shine up into the sky to try and attract attention. He began standing out in the back garden sky watching, while using the torch to trace out various patterns or flash it on and off. Sometimes it would be just him outside, on other occasions he was also joined by his wife Madeline.

One evening in 2008/2009 he and Madeline had been standing outside for about an hour. He asked Madeline to go back inside and fetch the binoculars as he realised he hadn't brought them out. Soon after she had gone inside, Lee suddenly noticed a triangle of three white lights appear to the North East. They appeared to be several hundred feet high. These lights proceeded to swoop downward in a descending arc towards his location at a fast speed. As they did so, the three lights began swapping switching on and off fast, while still retaining their triangular formation. There was no regular discernible pattern to how they were switching on and off. This gave the impression that they were dancing. The lights went past and began heading off to the South West. As they did, Madeline came back outside with the binoculars. Lee diverted her attention to the lights. She glanced up and saw them, but then quickly looked away, frightened at what she was seeing.

The lights continued moving away until they were lost from sight. In total they had only been visible for several seconds. During this time they had moved from one side of the sky to the other, so they were clearly moving at a very fast speed, much faster than an aircraft would move at. Lee exclaimed “Did you see that?” His wife replied that she had seen “something”.  Obviously she had not got as good a look at the lights as Lee had.

Then Lee noticed something else out of the corner of his eye, coming from the direction the triangle of lights had moved off in. He and his wife watched as a long string of white lights with a split formation at the front flew silently across the sky. Initially they were moving on a level course, but then suddenly began to ascend until they were lost from sight. Once again they were only visible for a few seconds, and like the triangle pattern of lights were moving extremely fast.

Witness drawing showing the string of lights visible above the nearby houses:


Witness drawing illustrating the movement path of the string of lights:


The most obvious answer for groups of lights seen in the night sky would be either Chinese lanterns or LED balloons. However both of these explanations seem very unlikely given the facts of what took place. The lights in both formations were white, so were unlikely to have been lanterns, as these usually glow amber orange/yellow. The lights were all constantly bright and did not flicker at all. Lee knows exactly what Chinese lanterns look like in the night sky, and says that these were definitely something else. They were moving with intent and appeared to be under control.

LED balloons are often white, so this would match the appearance of the lights. However both the triangular formation and the string of lights were moving much too fast to have been lit balloons drifting on air currents. They were both only visible for several seconds, during which they travelled right across the sky. After speaking with Lee in great detail about what was observed, I am convinced that this was something out of the ordinary. However there did not appear to be any direct interaction, so it is unlikely this sighting was related to contact.

Yellow Beam

Soon after the sighting of the white lights, Lee had another sighting of something very different. It was after dark and he went to close the net curtain on his son’s bedroom window. As he did so he glanced outside. Suddenly what appeared to be a very straight edged bright yellow laser-like beam shot towards his location from the North, and vanished over the top of the house. It appeared to have a definite start and end to it rather than be a continuous line across the sky, and be travelling on a course rather than just switching on and back off again. It was only visible for a moment but was extremely clear and well defined.

Witness drawing showing the yellow beam appearing over the trees in the back garden:


The most obvious mundane explanation for this sighting is that the beam was a laser fired from a nearby location. However there are a number of things that do not fit this explanation. Lasers tend to be green or red in colour usually. While yellow lasers do exist they tend to not be very powerful or go for long distances. This doesn’t fit Lee’s description as he said it was very bright and defined. If the beam was a laser from a nearby location then it would be expected to have been seen going up into the sky at an angle from a point on the ground. However the beam appeared to be horizontal and was higher than the roof of the house. There are no nightclubs in the area which the beam could have been shone from, and night clubs are not allowed to use laser displays due to the risk of blinding people. Also the way in which the beam appeared to be moving and have a start and end point to it again does not fit with a laser, as these appear right across the skyline instantly. If it wasn’t a laser then what else could it have been? It appeared too straight edged to have been a search light, and there are no telephone wires over the house which could have been caught in a passing vehicle’s headlights.

Strangely this is not the only case I have heard of where a bright yellow beam was seen. In 1987 a man in Rowley Regis saw something very similar to what Lee described, although in this case the beam did remain constantly lit for a period of time. Could the two incidents be related in some way? There is a seperate case report on this incident.

Silver and Red UFO

In the summer of 2010 Lee and Madeline were out in the back garden. It was a clear and sunny but breezy day. Lee happened to glance up into the sky visible in the gap between his and the neighbouring house. In the distance he noticed what appeared to be two silver metallic oval-shapes on top of one another with a red glowing area at the centre between them. It looked fuzzy and was surrounded by a reddish glow. He initially assumed it must be a novelty balloon. However it was completely stationary in the sky. If it had been a balloon it would have drifted in the breeze that was blowing. Lee got his binoculars out to take a closer look at the object but couldn’t quite bring it into focus. It appeared to be quite distant and also quite large in size.

Witness drawing of the UFO, including a close up of how it appeared:


The object remained completely motionless for around 20 minutes. Lee and his wife continued to watch it for the duration. Then suddenly without warning it appeared to fade and vanish. There were no clouds nearby which it could have been hidden behind, it was just gone. When I went to visit Lee at his house I also had the chance to speak with Madeline about this incident, and she confirmed everything which had been witnessed.

There is no reasonable mundane explanation that I can think of for this object. It certainly appeared solid and was shimmering in the sunlight, so it is unlikely it was a mirage or reflection of light. It does not sound anything like how a distant helicopter would appear. Also we should take into account that the house is under a flight path, so Lee and Madeline are both used to seeing all sorts of aircraft and helicopters both at day and night. It is very unlikely that it was some kind of illuminated inflatable, as this would certainly have drifted during the 20 minutes that it was observed for. I would have suggested an unusual radio controlled model if it wasn’t for the fact that the object suddenly vanished. Lee is certain that it didn't just fly off into the distance until out of sight, he did not see the object change size or angle at all.

Could this be a genuine sighting of an ET craft in broad daylight? If so then perhaps the reason that he could not focus properly on the object was because it was inside an energy field of some kind. There have been many UFO sightings where such a field has been observed, and it can often make the craft look distorted or blurred. As the sighting took place in the day time perhaps there were other witnesses who have yet to come forward.

White Sphere

Lee’s most recent UFO sighting occurred on 18 February 2012. It was 10.49 pm and completely dark outside. It was a clear and still night. Lee was sitting on his bed. He glanced up out of the bedroom window. As he did, a glowing white ball of light came into view at the left edge of the window. It was to the West of his location but quite close, probably within half a mile. It moved swiftly across the view from the window heading towards the North, and was soon lost from sight. It only took a couple of seconds to do this, so was moving at quite a fast speed. This speed of movement caused it to look slightly oval in shape, but there was no trail behind it. Lee jumped up off the bed and ran to the window but it had gone. Madeline was also in the room at the time and had witnessed the object in her peripheral vision.

The velocity was much too fast to have been an LED balloon or Chinese lantern drifting on an air current, or even an aircraft or helicopter. If it had been an aircraft of some kind then Lee is sure he would have seen other navigation lights on it, but there were none. The object was too slow to have been a meteorite. Lee estimates the object was at least as big as a car, possibly larger.

Flying Triangle

On the evening of 1st November 2015. Lee, his wife Madeline and son Gavin were out looking up at the stars. It was a clear moonlit night. At approximately 9.45pm Gavin suddenly excitedly shouted out that there was an unusual object approaching from the South South East and visible between the chimneys of the neighbouring house. At the time Madeline was inside making a hot drink, but Lee immediately looked to see what his son was referring to. It looked like a black triangular shaped object with a bright white oval-shaped light at each corner. It was hard to judge the object’s distance or speed as there was no point of reference, but Lee feels that it was flying lower than a jumbo jet would fly at, and was of a significantly large size. It appeared to be completely silent, although this may have been due to its altitude.

A moment later Madeline joined them in the garden. All the witnesses watched the UFO fly overhead and continued onward to the North North West on a level and straight course in the direction of Halesowen. After about 10 seconds it faded into the distance and was no longer visible. Unfortunately they had no camera with them at the time, and the object was not visible for long enough to go and fetch one.

The witnesses were both shocked and excited by what they had seen and remained outside in the hope that the object would return. It did not, but soon afterwards some apparently unusual plane activity began in the area. First of all a low altitude conventional aircraft appeared in the sky from the East and proceeded to circle over the house three consecutive times before heading off to the North East. Gavin jokingly remarked that they could be “checking up on them”.

This was followed by three other aircraft at higher altitude. These all arrived from the South West and headed off in the direction the UFO had travelled. There were two further fly-bys of other aircraft. The family remained outside for a further 20 minutes surveying the sky but no further activity took place.

This is a fascinating multiple witness sighting of what appears to have been a “classic” Flying Triangle UFO.  Lee is convinced that it was not a conventional aircraft of any kind. The house lies under a flight path from Birmingham International Airport, so he is extremely used to seeing aircraft of various kinds passing overhead, and knows what they look like after dark. The object did not perform any manoeuvres which would indicate it was ET in origin, but it certainly appeared to be under control and flying at quite a fast speed. As the three lights held formation for the duration of the sighting it is clear they were all parts of the same object. This, combined with their appearance and colour, puts out of the question that they were a number of Chinese lanterns or other lit inflatables.


As you can see Lee has had many fascinating and unusual experiences, some of which were also witnessed by his wife and son. However when looking at the case from a contact perspective, it is quite hard to say whether Lee is a contactee or not. Other than the visitation the night his father died, he has not had any other experiences which have directly involved beings. He has no recollected memories of being abducted, and the only missing time experience he has had could well have been as a result of being dazed after being knocked unconscious. So while there is not much evidence that he is an abductee, the night time visitation experience is very interesting and has some impressive aspects to it.

 He has also reported many different things which are commonly spoken of by contactees – multiple UFO sightings, glowing orbs, unusual recurring nightmares and particular fears and obsessions. Some of these incidents may in some way be linked to his visitation experience. Maybe in due course Lee will have further experiences which will confirm this.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2015



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