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October 1965 - Sudbury, Ontario - Glowing White UFO Encounter

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 18/05/2013


Occasionally BUFOG receives sighting details from abroad. This report covers a fascinating multiple witness sighting from a respectable source who decided to contact BUFOG directly because of our professional attitude towards the subject and open-minded views. The man’s name is Albert Treiz, and he lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, where he has lived for most of his life. He spent 35 years in the Sudbury police force, during which he worked his way up to the position of Staff Sergeant, where he was responsible for the entire station and all 340 personnel. His encounter with the UFO occurred in late October 1965 when he was 23 years old and a police officer.

Towards the end of the report is a link to two other separate BUFOG reports of similar UFOs observed within a month of this sighting, at least one of which is extremely likely to be the same object.

Sighting Details

On the evening of the incident, Albert was on night patrol. Part of his patrol area was the police shooting range at the end of Maki Road in Garson. The shooting range lies at the end of Maki Road, and still exists today. Albert would often use the area to take a short nap in the early hours of the morning.

Aerial map showing location of Sudbury police force shooting range:

Photograph of the entrance to the firing range:

It was about 3am when Albert stepped out of his police cruiser to use the bathroom. It was a cold night, but was still and clear, with the stars and moon fully visible. As he stepped out of the car, he spotted a bright white light in the night sky to the South, which he first assumed was a star. The light was at an angle of about 20 degrees. He stared at it for at least 5 seconds before realising that it was becoming brighter and appeared to be moving towards his location.

After about 15-20 seconds the object stopped moving. At this point it was directly over the firing range and lit up the entire area around it for about 300 yards. It was within a kilometre of his position and was completely silent. Due to the brightness of the light coming from it, it was impossible to see its actual shape. Albert was both fascinated and un-nerved by the object. Sensing potential danger, he instinctively reached across to his left side, retrieved his firearm and brought it to his right side.

Close up aerial view of the shooting range: