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North Carolina Contact Case - Greys, Visitations, UFO Sightings, OBEs, Protection

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 09/09/2012


While some contactees are all too happy to accept the fact that they are being taken by aliens, others deeply question what is happening to them and find it very hard to come to terms with this new reality. This is of course to be highly commended; all individuals involved with contact should always consider mundane explanations before looking at the possibility that something more unusual is taking place. One such person who has gone down this route is Rose (name changed for privacy reasons), a lady from North Carolina, USA.

Rose has had numerous fascinating experiences, both in her early child-hood and in recent years. In 2012 she had some disturbing encounters which prompted her to get in touch with BUFOG seeking answers to what had taken place. Many aspects of her experiences have greatly impressed me, and fit closely with other cases I have both investigated and looked into over the years.

The “Flying Car”

Rose’s earliest experience which she can currently remember took place when she was 5 years old. At the time she was living in a flat on Monroe Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the summer of 1951, either July or August. The weather was very warm and clear. The flat they lived in had two bedrooms. She and her 6 year old brother slept in one room, and her mother and grandmother in the other room.

In the middle of the night she was woken up by her brother Michael. It was quite dark but when she looked she saw two short men standing in the room, about 3-4 feet away from them. They appeared to be wearing normal black coloured suits with fedora hats pulled down low obscuring their faces in shadow. Looking back at the incident, Rose feels that they may have had some kind of other outfit on underneath the suit, but she is not certain. They looked dark, like they were standing in shade. However Rose could make out the fact that they were quite thin and also were no taller than 4 feet in height, and were much shorter than a normal adult human would be.

There was also a hovering vehicle outside over the back yard at roof height. At the time both Rose and Michael interpreted this as a silver coloured flying car. Rose has no idea how they saw this, whether it was visible through the bedroom window or whether they were just aware that it was there. It was round in shape, and about three times the length of a large car. It did not have wheels or any other protrusions or markings. It appeared to be casting a soft light blue light over the yard.

Michael took Rose’s hand and they both stood up on the bed in their pyjamas. For some reason they were not at all frightened of the men. The men asked them if they wanted to go for a ride. Both Rose and her brother were excited about having a ride in the “flying car”. Michael told the men that they would like to go but that they were not allowed to leave the yard. The men assured them that they would not go out of the yard.

Rose does not clearly recall what happened next, but she remembers moving towards the “flying car” above the yard, and then she was inside. After this point she only has fragmented memories of what took place. She remembers finding herself standing alongside her brother outside of a doorway which led to a brightly glowing room. Her brother was too her right, and past him appeared to be other places to go. The men were there with them. Rose then felt that they were going straight upwards extremely fast. She and her brother were concerned as they were not allowed to leave the yard, but the men assured them that they were still in the yard, just very high above it.

Rose kept staring into the bright room, even when her brother was taken away elsewhere. She was a little anxious when he left, but for some reason she did not move or even turn her head to see where he went.  She was then led into the bright room. It was circular in shape and quite small. There were no visible furnishings. She does not recall seeing any other beings there.

Her next memory was of sitting down alongside a window which looked out to the stars. There was also a panel near to her covered in buttons, although she did not look at this too deeply, she felt drawn to look out of the window at the view. She felt a little upset but was also aware that she was going home. Rose feels that this went on for quite a long period of time. After a while she got bored of staring out of the window, but for some reason couldn’t seem to stop looking.

Rose does not recall actually arriving back at her home. She just remembers waking up in the morning. Almost immediately her brother asked her “Do you remember the flying car?” They started to tell each other about their “dream” and found that they were finishing each other’s sentences. Rose was so surprised and excited to find that her brother recollected the same details as her. At first they even got mad at each other saying they were making it up and just pretending to have seen the same thing.  They rushed to tell their mother and grandmother about the dream. It scared them and they were discouraged from talking about it again.

The “dream” that Rose and her brother shared was so vivid and real that Rose has never forgotten about it. Many years later, shortly before his death in 2008, she asked Michael whether he remembered the dream, but he said that he did not. Rose remembers him expressing an interest in UFOs but feels that he did not believe it was real.

This has all the signs of a child-hood abduction, and there are many fascinating aspects to this experience. The memories of a contact experience often come back to the individual as a vivid dream, probably because it has taken place during the night and are so out of the ordinary. So it is not surprising that Rose and Michael remembered it in this way.

The men who appeared in their room are likely to have been ETs using a screen memory to mask their true appearance. They will often make themselves appear like something familiar to the contactee, such as a relative, family pet, other animal or something else they will be able to relate to. They probably chose suits with fedora hats as this was common attire back in the 1950s. Rose and Michael would have been familiar with this style of clothing. The way in which they were not frightened of the men is another common aspect of contact. This could have partially been due to their age, but it is often reported that the ETs somehow calm down the individual so that they completely accept what is going on and do not attempt to fight back against it or run away.

The silver “flying car” which both Rose and Michael is likely to have been a craft. This was not disguised and did not actually look like a car hovering in the sky, this was just how it was interpreted by the witnesses due to their young age and the fact that they had never seen anything else like it before to compare it against.

The fact that Rose could not remember many details about how they actually left the room and entered the craft is very common with contact, and is usually referred to as travel amnesia. However she did still recall moving through the air towards the craft, so it is clear that her and her brother were physically taken aboard.

Her descriptions of the inside of the craft again match up with many other experiences I have both investigated and read about over the years. Smooth walls, doorways and featureless brightly glowing rooms are regularly described. As with many other cases, Rose’s memories of what took place aboard the craft are fragmented. It is likely that more went on that she cannot currently remember between when she entered the glowing room and when she found herself sitting and staring out of the window into space. She may be able to recover these memories should she choose to be hypnotically regressed, though because of where she lives it is unlikely that I will be involved with this.

What truly cements this as a real experience is of course the fact that both Rose and her brother had the same recollections the following morning. It is extremely unlikely that they would both have had the same dream, especially one which was so closely linked with contact. It is my opinion that on this night Rose and Michael were abducted for an as yet unknown purpose.

Night Fears

After the “flying car” incident, Rose found that she could not sleep well at night. She developed a fear of the dark, and also sometimes felt like there was something there in the room which she couldn’t see. She began to wrap herself up in her covers as tightly as possible, leaving only a small hole to breathe from. She felt that if she was covered up she could not be seen.

Soon after this began, Rose may have had another visitation experience. She awoke in the middle of the night to see a brightly glowing white figure at the base of her bed. She felt that it was staring at her even though she could not make out any features. She pulled the covers over her head and began shouting out for her grandmother. By the time she had arrived in the room, the glowing figure was nowhere to be seen. Her grandmother said it must have been her great-grandmother or an angel watching over her. However looking back at the incident Rose wonders whether it was ET related.

This incident only served to heighten her fears at night time, and these continued for many years until she got married. After this she felt safer having someone else next to her in bed. Strangely her brother did not appear to be frightened after dark in the same way he was, even though he too had been directly involved with the initial experience.

Contactees often have a fear of the dark or of sleeping in their room at night. This is probably due to the fact that they either consciously or subconsciously know that this is when the beings have come for them. It is interesting that Rose developed these fears after the experience with the “flying car”, even though she did not appear to be frightened at the time by it. This again tends to suggest that other things took place that she cannot remember.

ET Protection?

There was one other strange incident which happened the same year as the “flying car” dream. One day Rose and Michael were playing outside. Rose watched on as Michael climbed up an old ladder which was nailed against the neighbour’s house. Suddenly several of the ladder rungs broke and he began to fall. But then she saw him float outward and land softly on the ground, as if something invisible had caught him. Rose ran over and told her brother what she had seen. He said that it had felt like someone had lifted him from under his arms and gently put him down! His only injury was a small scratch on his ankle. They ran inside the house to tell their grandmother what had happened.

I have looked into other contact cases where near identical things have been reported. It appears that sometimes the ETs can protect the individuals who they are in contact with and save them from harm. While there is no definite evidence that they intervened in this case, because of what had happened earlier in the year I feel this is certainly a possibility.

OBEs and Sleep Paralysis

Since an early age Rose has on occasion had out-of-body experiences and suffered from sleep paralysis. Both of these phenomena, while different to contact experiences in many ways, also appear to have links with it. I have investigated many contactees who alongside their contact experiences have also had OBEs or sleep paralysis incidents. These are reported far too regularly to be just coincidence.

When she was young, Rose was not able to control her OBE’s, they would happen randomly. However she has now learnt to control them and can even put herself into an out-of-body state using meditation techniques. Her OBE’s at night usually begin with her finding herself floating above her sleeping body. She actually has physical form and can see her hands but is able to pass through objects. When she sees her body she will often involuntarily go back into it, so she usually likes to move elsewhere and explore. If she thinks of a location she will instantly travel to it. Her OBE’s feel just as real as when she is awake.

As opposed to her OBE’s, Rose’s sleep paralysis experiences can be quite frightening. They got particularly bad during the 1970s when she was at university. She would sometimes wake up in the night to find the bed shaking and would not be able to move or shout out. This scared her so much she went to visit a doctor, but they did not really help with the situation and instead actually joked about it. In recent years she has tried to awaken her husband but has found that she cannot make a sound. So far she has not found any way of stopping these incidents from occurring, and has had to learn to deal with them as part of her life.

UFO at the Beach

After these childhood experiences Rose cannot remember any further unusual incidents taking place until late 2011. Rose and her husband own a seaside cottage at a beach near Wilmington in North Carolina. In December 2011 they went to stay at the cottage. It was around 10pm. Rose was standing at the front porch listening to the sound of the waves. Her husband was inside watching TV. It was very dark but the weather was clear.

Suddenly a row of coloured lights – red orange and blue – appeared out over the sea. They appeared to be up in the air rather than at sea level. A moment later a yellow and green light also appeared. Then all five blinked out. This pattern was repeated two more times. Rose ran into the hotel room to get her camera. She also tried to get her husband to come and see but he wasn’t interested.

Rose went back outside but the lights did not make a re-appearance. She took several photographs in the direction of the ocean but nothing came out on them. After a while she got tired so went back inside.

Bedroom Visitors

On the night of 6th February 2012 Rose had a very frightening experience which certainly appears contact related. Her and her husband had gone up to bed around 11 pm. She awoke in the night to movement on the bed like someone lying down alongside her to her left. Her husband was fast asleep on her right. She felt that it was the ghost of one of her daughters, who had sadly died in an accident a number of years before. In life they used to sometimes come into the room and get in alongside her, so she assumed it was one of them come to visit her.

Without looking, Rose reached her hand across and put it on the arm of the figure. However when she did so it felt strange to her, like “silk wrapped around a stick”. She moved her arm down to the hand. The fingers felt very odd to her, they did not end where they should have, and they seemed too long and thin.

Rose sat up in bed and put her hand on the leg, which again felt strange. At this moment she opened her eyes. She immediately saw three strange skinny beings standing alongside the bed reaching out for her. They were all the same height, about 4 feet tall. They were unclothed and had a pale yellowish-grey coloured skin. They had oversized head with large black almond-shaped eyes. Their noses were not well pronounced, just a couple of small nostrils. Their mouths were thin open holes with no distinguishable lips. Their faces looked smooth, but there were visible wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. The beings were staring intensely at her.

Witness drawing of one of the beings:


She was also aware that a fourth being was lying down on the bed next to her and this is what she had touched. Even though she did not look at it directly, she for some reason sensed that it was smiling at her, as though it had played a joke on her.

Witness drawing showing the positioning of her, her husband and the beings:


The beings in Rose’s room were Greys, one of the most commonly reported ET species. Although Rose had read about contact experiences before she had not seen any pictures which matched up with these creatures, so did not really recognise them as this at the time. She was terrified by the sight of them. Before she had time to react or call out, they reached out for her. Rose tried to push them away but they grabbed hold of her and put some kind of stick into her mouth. She bit down on this and then felt herself black out.

When she came round she found herself sitting on the bed. There was no longer a being lying alongside her. There were again three Greys alongside the bed, but this time they were joined by another very short being. It was about 3 feet high and was wearing red-brown coloured robes with a hood. It had a pig-like face with dark red coloured round eyes and a wide mouth filled with white teeth. Its face looked motionless like it was fixed in a permanent expression.

Witness drawing of the short hooded being:


Rose was already pushing out at them screaming “Get out! Get out!” Beyond the beings should have been the patio door, which is around 5 feet from the edge of the bed. But instead it looked like a dark veil made from some kind of energy. She did not touch the beings as they were backing away from her when she came round. They appeared to be floating backwards rather than stepping back. The Grey on the left reached the “dark veil” first and seemed to merge into it and vanish. It was shortly followed by the other two Greys leaving just the very short being staring up at her. Then Rose saw one of the Greys poke its head back into the room and appear to call for the short creature, although no noise could be heard. The short being then also moved backwards into the darkness. As this happened the energy seemed to fade away and the room returned to normal.

Witness drawing showing the beings departing from the room:


Rose sat up on the side of the bed and tried to make sense of what had just happened. Initially she put it down to a strangely vivid nightmare. She was breathing heavily and felt nauseous. She got up and went to the bathroom, before returning and lying down on the bed. As she put it down to a bad dream, she did not wake her husband up, who had slept soundly through the whole incident. She cleared her mind of what had happened and after a while dropped back off to sleep.

In the morning she still felt nauseous and very tired, and this feeling lasted for 30-45 minutes.  She didn’t relate this directly to what had happened in the night as she just put it down to a bad dream. However in the days following the incident she began to wonder if it had not been a dream but had really taken place. A few days later she told her daughters about it but it frightened them and they did not want to listen. She also told her husband about it but he did not take it seriously.


Shortly after seeing the Greys in her bedroom, Rose began to hear a voice inside her mind from time to time. This voice would come to her randomly, usually during the day. She did not hear it audibly; it would appear as a sudden clear thought in her mind asking her particular questions - “Can we come to visit you?” “Will you let us come?” “When can we come?”

Rose was too frightened about what the voice asked. She would respond by replying in her mind “No! I am too afraid!” It would then seem to depart.

Alongside Her

Despite not agreeing with what the voice in her mind would ask, soon Rose was due to have another experience. She was on holiday with her husband in Capistrano, Calafornia. It was 6.30pm and she was reading in bed. She began to feel tired, so lay down to go to sleep leaving her husband awake watching TV.

In the early hours of the morning she woke up to feel the bed move behind her. Rose sensed someone lying down close behind her. She felt an arm reach over her, and thinking it was her husband, she reached up and took a hold of the hand. At this point she realised it did not feel normal and was not her husband’s.

Witness drawing of the Grey lying behind her on the bed:


With this realization Rose felt a huge surge of electricity throughout her body. She let go of the hand and immediately it was gone. Rose lay there in a panic initially not knowing what to do. After a short while she picked up enough courage to peer behind her, and the bed was empty. There was no sign that anything had been there.

Rose got up to use the bathroom, before laying back down and trying to sleep. At this point her husband joined her, reaffirming the fact that it hadn’t been him who reached over her. She did not tell him about what had happened. She lay awake for a while extremely nervous, but was finally able to drop off to sleep.

She awoke at 6.12am, so had been asleep for around 12 hours, much longer than she usually would. She also had a heavy headache which lasted for part of the morning.

The Blue Light

In March 2012 Rose and her husband once again went to stay at their beach-side cottage.

Rose woke up in the middle of the night to find a bright blue light flooding the room. It lasted for several seconds before disappearing. Rose immediately jumped up out of bed shouting “Did you see that?!”  Her husband responded saying “See what?” Rose informed him about the blue light but he told her there was nothing and to go back to sleep.

Rose stood at the foot of the bed for a moment then went to the bathroom. She then went through to the other room and stared out of the window. There was nothing but darkness. No lights of any boats out to sea. No vehicles on the beach which could have accounted for the blue glow which was seen. After a short while she returned to bed.

Even though Rose cannot be certain that she was not dreaming, this incident is still worthy of note because of her other contact experiences. Many contactees have reported seeing the bedroom flooded in white or blue coloured light either prior to or following an abduction. However there is currently no other evidence suggesting that Rose was taken at this time.


Rose is still coming to terms with what is taking place, and it will no doubt take her more time before she can accept that these are real experiences and not just dreams. From what she has told me I feel quite certain that she is a contactee and that these incidents cannot have just been down to nightmares or hallucinations. There are too many aspects, both obvious and subtle, which fit with what is known about ET contact.

As many of Rose’s experiences are quite recent she may well have further experiences, especially since she has decided to confront the beings and invited them to appear again. At present, at least to my current knowledge, another clear contact experience has not yet taken place.

Rose may be able to find out further information about her experiences should she decide to go for a hypnotic regression . If she does so, and she provides me with the details of this, then the report will be updated. I would like to thank Rose for sharing her experiences with me and approving the release of this report so that others can learn from these fascinating incidents.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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