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North Carolina Contact Case - Greys, Visitations, UFO Sightings, OBEs, Protection

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 09/09/2012


While some contactees are all too happy to accept the fact that they are being taken by aliens, others deeply question what is happening to them and find it very hard to come to terms with this new reality. This is of course to be highly commended; all individuals involved with contact should always consider mundane explanations before looking at the possibility that something more unusual is taking place. One such person who has gone down this route is Rose (name changed for privacy reasons), a lady from North Carolina, USA.

Rose has had numerous fascinating experiences, both in her early child-hood and in recent years. In 2012 she had some disturbing encounters which prompted her to get in touch with BUFOG seeking answers to what had taken place. Many aspects of her experiences have greatly impressed me, and fit closely with other cases I have both investigated and looked into over the years.

The “Flying Car”

Rose’s earliest experience which she can currently remember took place when she was 5 years old. At the time she was living in a flat on Monroe Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the summer of 1951, either July or August. The weather was very warm and clear. The flat they lived in had two bedrooms. She and her 6 year old brother slept in one room, and her mother and grandmother in the other room.

In the middle of the night she was woken up by her brother Michael. It was quite dark but when she looked she saw two short men standing in the room, about 3-4 feet away from them. They appeared to be wearing normal black coloured suits with fedora hats pulled down low obscuring their faces in shadow. Looking back at the incident, Rose feels that they may have had some kind of other outfit on underneath the suit, but she is not certain. They looked dark, like they were standing in shade. However Rose could make out the fact that they were quite thin and also were no taller than 4 feet in height, and were much shorter than a normal adult human would be.

There was also a hovering vehicle outside over the back yard at roof height. At the time both Rose and Michael interpreted this as a silver coloured flying car. Rose has no idea how they saw this, whether it was visible through the bedroom window or whether they were just aware that it was there. It was round in shape, and about three times the length of a large car. It did not have wheels or any other protrusions or markings. It appeared to be casting a soft light blue light over the yard.

Michael took Rose’s hand and they both stood up on the bed in their pyjamas. For some reason they were not at all frightened of the men. The men asked them if they wanted to go for a ride. Both Rose and her brother were excited about having a ride in the “flying car”. Michael told the men that they would like to go but that they were not allowed to leave the yard. The men assured them that they would not go out of the yard.

Rose does not clearly recall what happened next, but she remembers moving towards the “flying car” above the yard, and then she was inside. After this point she only has fragmented memories of what took place. She remembers finding herself standing alongside her brother outside of a doorway which led to a brightly glowing room. Her brother was too her right, and past him appeared to be other places to go. The men were there with them. Rose then felt that they were going straight upwards extremely fast. She and her brother were concerned as they were not allowed to leave the yard, but the men assured them that they were still in the yard, just very high above it.

Rose kept staring into the bright room, even when her brother was taken away elsewhere. She was a little anxious when he left, but for some reason she did not move or even turn her head to see where he went.  She was then led into the bright room. It was circular in shape and quite small. There were no visible furnishings. She does not recall seeing any other beings there.

Her next memory was of sitting down alongside a window which looked out to the stars. There was also a panel near to her covered in buttons, although she did not look at this too deeply, she felt drawn to look out of the window at the view. She felt a little upset but was also aware that she was going home. Rose feels that this went on for quite a long period of time. After a while she got bored of staring out of the window, but for some reason couldn’t seem to stop looking.

Rose does not recall actually arriving back at her home. She just remembers waking up in the morning. Almost immediately her brother asked her “Do you remember the flying car?” They started to tell each other about their “dream” and found that they were finishing each other’s sentences. Rose was so surprised and excited to find that her brother recollected the same details as her. At first they even got mad at each other saying they were making it up and just pretending to have seen the same thing.  They rushed to tell their mother and grandmother about the dream. It scared them and they were discouraged from talking about it again.

The “dream” that Rose and her brother shared was so vivid and real that Rose has never forgotten about it. Many years later, shortly before his death in 2008, she asked Michael whether he remembered the dream, but he said that he did not. Rose remembers him expressing an interest in UFOs but feels that he did not believe it was real.

This has all the signs of a child-hood abduction, and there are many fascinating aspects to this experience. The memories of a contact experience often come back to the individual as a vivid dream, probably because it has taken place during the night and are so out of the ordinary. So it is not surprising that Rose and Michael remembered it in this way.

The men who appeared in their room are likely to have been ETs using a screen memory to mask their true appearance. They will often make themselves appear like something familiar to the contactee, such as a relative, family pet, other animal or something else they will be able to relate to. They probably chose suits with fedora hats as this was common attire back in the 1950s. Rose and Michael would have been familiar with this style of clothing. The way in which they were not frightened of the men is another common aspect of contact. This could have partially bee