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London Contact Case - Beings, UFOs Sighting, Missing Time, Implants

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 29/07/2010

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used


Charlene currently lives in London. Ever since her teenage years, she has noticed strange occurrences around her. Some of these experiences may well have alternative explanations, though some of them suggest she may possibly be experiencing ET contact. At the very least she is a UFO witness, and was present during a multiple witness sighting of a number of disc shaped UFOs. This report will cover her experiences in detail, and whether or not you feel she is a contactee I’m sure you will find it very interesting.

Missing Time

When Charlene was 15-16 years old and living with her family in Kent, she had an experience which involved time she could not account for. At 4pm one Thursday she came home from school with a friend. On Thursday’s Charlene was allowed to go evening shopping. She and her friend went to the bedroom to change their clothes. When they went back downstairs, seemingly just a few minutes later, Charlene’s mum told them that it was too late to go out. When they checked the clock it was between 8-9pm. They could not account for the last 4 hours, and were extremely puzzled by what had taken place.

This is an interesting incident, especially as Charlene was not alone at the time. The fact that her friend was also present and also experienced the missed time supports the idea that it actually took place, and also that those involved had not just dropped off to sleep. As the girls had just come home from school there is no way that they had mistaken the time which they arrived home, so this is a real mystery. Contactees often report incidents of missing time. The ETs are able to block out memories of events and tend to do so on most occasions, which leads the individual(s) involved to believe that time has jumped forward. As there are no other signs that anything unusual took place, this is by no means a definite in this case, but is certainly a possibility that must be considered.

Sleep Paralysis

Since age 19 Charlene has occasionally suffered from sleep paralysis incidents. At first she put this down to sleep deprivation as it would occur more often when she was tired, and then seemed to cease for long periods of time. She often tries to shake herself out of it, which sometimes works, and other times does not and she falls off to sleep instead. However if she lets it take place, she feels like her feet are being dragged downward. She has also sometimes felt like she is being dragged into the gap between her bed and the wall and stamped on, and feels as though she is biting down on her teeth so hard that they fall out and causes physical pain. It usually takes place when she is about to drop off to sleep, but has occasionally woken up in the night and found she cannot move.

Twice during sleep paralysis she has seen figures in her room. The first time it ever occurred, she could see a tall shadowy form by the side of the bed and thought that her male flatmate was standing over her. She went to switch the light on and it was then that she realised she could not move.

In March 2010 Charlene went on a holiday to Egypt. She was staying in an apartment in Barat, Luxor. One night she experienced severe sleep paralysis, during which she felt extremely scared that something was coming to get her. She had not experienced this emotion before and it was quite frightening for her. When she woke up the following morning she had an extreme pain in her back. Charlene did not suffer from any back pain prior to the sleep paralysis incident, so it does seem to be related.

In May 2010 Charlene had a highly un-nerving sleep paralysis incident, once again involving beings. At the time she was living at a house in Stockwell, London, with her boyfriend Ben. As she settled down to sleep on the left side of the bed with Brent to her right, she suddenly heard a strange ringing sound in her ears, similar to a tuning fork. This was accompanied by pressure and a tingling sensation at the back of her head. She tried to ignore it and it died back down. Then in the room over on Ben’s side of the bed she suddenly noticed a couple of strange shadow like figures. They were about 4 feet high and were moving around the room quite fast in a gliding motion. They had a humanoid form but did not look exactly human. One of the figures moved from near the end of the bed towards the door, and seemed to pass right through it. Then another (or the same one) came back across the room and stood by the bed next to Ben.

Charlene remained staring at the figure. It was at this point that she realised she could not move. Her left hand was draped over Ben. Suddenly she felt a small hand grab her own and start pulling it away from him. The hand felt like that of a child’s but with less soft skin. At this point she became a little disturbed and so started to try and shake off the paralysis. She often does this by wiggling her fingers and toes. Ben felt this movement and it woke him up. He helped Charlene break out of the paralysis. When she looked around the room the beings were no longer there. She stayed up a while and told Ben about what she had just seen and felt. He said that while he did not see anything, he did feel that there was some kind of presence in the room.

Despite the fact that some aspects of ET contact can be similar to symptoms experienced with sleep paralysis, I feel that most if not all of these incidents can be put down to the later. Charlene has suffered from sleep paralysis for many years on a regular basis. All of the unusual things she has referred to – the pulling sensation, the ringing sound, the feeling of a presence, seeing shadowy beings in the room – are symptoms that can sometimes be brought on by sleep paralysis. The incident in May 2010 is the most interesting, although the fact that the beings were seen only while Charlene was experiencing paralysis, and that Ben did not see them at all tends to suggest that they were a side effect of the paralysis, rather than something more unusual.

Other Sleep Anomalies

One time when she was younger, Charlene remembers waking up to find herself standing on her bed facing the corner of the room and pointing up at the ceiling. On another more recent occasion she awoke to find her right arm pointing up into the air, and felt it had been there a while. It is probable that these incidents have just been caused by Charlene moving around in her sleep, and could well be related to the sleep paralysis episodes that she gets.

Charlene often feels uneasy at night while lying in bed, and when she closes her eyes she feels that if she re-opens them she is going to see something in the room. She doesn’t like the dark but can’t sleep with the light on so is forced to turn it off. Many contactees are afraid of the dark, probably because their contact experiences take place at night and they subconsciously know this is when the beings come for them.

Unmarked Helicopters

Since moving to London in 2003, Charlene has regularly seen black unmarked military-type helicopters in her local area. Since then she has been at four addresses in Brixton, Stockwell, Clapham and Bermondsey where she currently lives. She has both sighted and heard these helicopters at all of these addresses. For example, at Stockwell she would regularly see a black double belly military helicopter that would circle the area several times for about an hour. She hears them almost daily, usually early in the morning around 3.00-4.30am.

Although Charlene realises that they may be in the area for other legitimate reasons such as crime or terrorism response, she wonders if they are keeping an eye on her because of her experiences.

Reiki Healing

Back in 2005 Charlene was having stomach problems. Her friend suggested performing a Reiki treatment on her. She apparently found that Charlene’s symptoms were directly related to a previous relationship which she had not fully gotten over. After the treatment her friend also suggested that she learnt the Reiki for self healing purposes. In September 2005 Charlene learnt Reiki level 1 and 2, and learnt master/teacher levels in January 2006. She now runs her own company.

Charlene has always wanted to heal others and feels good about the work she does. While some contactees have reported having healing abilities, which may have been brought on from their experiences, I do not feel that in this case it applies. Obviously most people who study and perform Reiki healing are not contactees.

Disc UFOs Incident

On a weekend in summer 2007 (exact date unknown), Charlene and seven friends would experience a bizarre series of events. Charlene was round one of her friend’s houses in Wolseley Gardens, Chiswick, London. It was the afternoon and a bright sunny day, with patchy cloud in the sky. Everyone decided to lie out in the back garden on the grass. They were chatting to each other when suddenly a couple of her friends noticed two objects. They pointed them out to Charlene and the others present.

Aerial map of Wolseley Gardens:


Charlene looked up without getting to her feet and saw two silver disc-shaped objects in the sky. The objects appeared smooth with no markings visible. They appeared to be at quite high altitude, but were below the clouds. It was hard to judge their exact size, but they looked smaller than a plane would at that height. The objects were almost directly overhead, and it is unknown how long they had already been there for. They appeared to be moving erratically, weaving around one another at a fast speed.

Suddenly the discs moved into formation in close proximity to each other. Now Charlene noticed that there were four discs not two. It is possible that each of the initial discs had split into two. The discs were lying vertically to one another and in a row, and from their new angle looked like oblongs. They remained stationary for several minutes. Then a black helicopter approached the area from Charlene’s right. It appeared to be at a lower altitude than the discs. As it got closer to where the discs were, all four of them suddenly shot off in different directions extremely rapidly. This movement was extremely abrupt, it was clear that the objects were under intelligent control. As they departed from the area in different directions, Charlene also felt that they increased in altitude, but were soon lost from sight.

Suddenly quite close to the helicopter, a grey/black cloud of vapour appeared to spread outward from nowhere. Later someone would describe this as similar to an aircraft dumping fuel in the air, although as Charlene has never seen this she has nothing to go on. Over the next 15 minutes or so, the clouds appeared to change in some way and looked abnormal. When she looked at the sun it was like it was encased in a bubble or forcefield of some kind, with rainbow coloured light streaming through it in the direction of the helicopter. It was a truly bizarre sight that Charlene finds very hard to describe.

The helicopter then proceeded to fly towards the sun and strange clouds. Charlene doesn’t remember whether it vanished suddenly, but she lost sight of it. After this over the next 5-10 minutes the clouds and sun seemed to return to normal.

Afterwards everyone present discussed what had just taken place, and were all excited by the events they had just witnessed. They looked online to see if anyone else had seen it, but there was never any articles/reports about it. They told people about the incident, but were not really believed. All the witnesses felt that what they had experienced was a real incident, it is very unlikely that eight people would have had a mass hallucination.

This is certainly a very dramatic sounding series of events, which due to the large number of witnesses seems to have taken place. Obviously at the moment there is only Charlene’s testimonial evidence to go on, but I see no reason why she would make up this incident. It seems to have involved numerous disc-shaped craft which performed intelligent manoeuvres and moved at extremely fast speeds. It is unclear as to whether what occurred next was related to the discs or was something completely different. There is a possibility it was unrelated and was strange atmospheric phenomena such as aurora borealis, although this of course does not occur in the daytime over London! There are many unanswered questions regarding this incident – did the helicopter drop the dark vapour that was seen, did this vapour somehow cause the conditions then seen in the sky, was it some kind of portal that had opened up and which the helicopter then flew into?

I would certainly like to speak to some of the other witnesses of this event, but so far have been unable to. If Charlene puts me in touch with any of them, their own details and verdict on what took place will be added to this section.

Being Watched

Charlene has felt for quite a while, especially in recent months that she is being observed or watched by something. This feeling comes and goes but she gets it worse at night, and usually she is uncomfortable with going to bed. Sometimes when she comes back to her flat she feels like someone has been in there, even though she knows they have not. She sometimes senses a presence or negative energy in the room.

This sense of being observed is very commonly reported with contactees. If Charlene really is a contactee, she may well be sensing the ET beings watching over her as she goes about her life.

Energy Implants

When Charlene spoke with her friend who is a clairvoyant about her experiences, her friend suggested that she checked herself to see if there were any implants in her. On 7th July 2010 Charlene used a method of pendulum dowsing and found what she believed to be a number of energy implants in her chakras – crown, brow, throat, thymus and heart. She claims to have removed them using Reiki energy and symbols. After doing this she felt a lot stronger and positive.

The following day she checked again and this time found 7 implants in all chakras except her throat, and one possible physical implant in her right ear. The inside of her right ear felt sore like it was bruised or cut, but had been fine the night before. She once again removed the energy implants using Reiki. Her ear felt sore for two days after which it seemed to be ok again.

I am not an expert on Reiki healing or pendulum dowsing, so it would be improper of me to comment on the validity of Charlene’s claims here. It seems unlikely to me that so many implants would be put into place and then the following day be back again. It is possible that Charlene’s feelings about her other experiences led her to believe she had implants inside her. The soreness inside her ear could well have occurred naturally and been nothing to do with contact. The fact that after a couple of days the soreness went away certainly suggests this.

Electrical Activity

Quite often, contactees report strange electrical disturbances in their home or elsewhere. Charlene’s current flat has a ceiling fan in the bathroom with a wall switch. Sometimes she comes home and finds it has turned itself on, even though she knows it was off when she went out. This is yet to happen in her presence, but is interesting.

In early July 2010, Charlene noticed that one of the ceiling lights above her bed was switching itself on and off, seemingly in a pattern rather than random flickering. Also on 12th July 2010, the light on her bedside table was on when she awoke, and she is certain it was switched off when she went to sleep.

Obviously these incidents could be put down to normal technological faults, so may not necessarily have anything to do with ET contact.


While Charlene has obviously experienced some unusual incidents throughout her life, I feel that there is not really enough here to say that she is definitely experiencing ET contact. I feel that a lot of the more bizarre occurrences could be directly linked with her sleep paralysis, and so may not be related to contact at all. However other incidents such as the missing time and of course the disc-shaped UFOs sighting are very interesting indeed. Nothing in the later incident suggests that the UFOs were there for Charlene, it is probable that she was just a witness alongside everyone else who saw what took place that day. For the time being she is not interested in hypnotic regression, so we are not able to currently delve any deeper into these events. Perhaps in time Charlene will gain a greater understanding of her experiences, and may even experience other contact-related incidents. If she lets me know any further details they will be added to this report.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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