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Leamington Spa Contact Case – Mantid Visitations, UFO Sightings, Premonitions, Shared Dreams

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: James Brodie

Release Date: 24/01/2023

This is a report for a number of interactions that have been experienced by Claire who is a regular member of the BUFOG Truth Seekers Group. I have got to know Claire over the last year and I found her to be personable and quite knowledgeable regarding the UFO and Paranormal phenomenon. In my initial conversations with Claire, she was also able to share with me that her father (who sadly passed 2019) reported that he had had a number of contactee experiences (which he was very reluctant to discuss). This sets an interesting backdrop for Claire’s own experiences. As always, I base my analysis on the information provided and then I follow up with my own conclusions.

The first instance that Claire shared with me was a UFO experience that she shared with her mother. Both Claire and her mother were able to share their experience sharing the same level of detail.

Claire was a teenager and was on work experience in Leamington Spa which is in Warwickshire UK. She had just finished and was walking over to her Mum's workplace so she could get a lift home. Claire recalls this was in May 2003 and it would have been around 5:10pm on a mild warm mid-week evening with a clear sky.

They were stood in the car park of Warwick District Council which was based at Riverside House on a road called Milverton Hill. Claire wasn’t sure who saw it first, but they looked up at the sky and saw an object they proceeded to watch for around 10 minutes. They had to leave the car park to pick up Claire’s younger brother, but they chose a route that would enable them to keep an eye on the object as go to their intended location. They believe they observed the object for around 20 min in total.

Map of Milverton Hill

The object was said to be silver in colour and appeared to be very shiny and metallic in nature. The shine was potentially the object reflecting light from the sun. The object was in a south easterly direction, and it was difficult to gauge how far the object was from Claire and her Mum but they estimated from the map that the location of the object might have been near Daventry. It appeared 1 or 2 cm in the sky but they estimated that the object must have been quite large in size and was cigar shaped.

It would move from left to right, as well as up and down, speeding up and slowing down within milliseconds, and making 90 degree turns at the blink of an eye. It also appeared to change size from large to small and back again, but this may have been caused by the object rotating.

Drawing of the UFO indicating its manoeuvres

Recently Claire was speaking to a friend who is interested in the paranormal and retold her what she had seen as a teenager, and it appeared to trigger a memory in her friend when she suddenly remembered seeing a similar object moving in the same direction as Claire which was moving low in the sky during the daytime and it actually went straight over her house but this happened back in October 2021. Apparently, the sudden recollection was quite disturbing as she couldn’t understand why that had only come into her mind at that point and why had she originally forgotten about it? This was also witnessed by the friend’s neighbour, and I will see whether I can follow up the report with the two additional people, to see if any more information comes to light.

Another experience Claire had was she was driving through Leamington Spa with her mother and Claire happens to have a severe phobia of insects. She felt something brush past her neck and had to stop the car to investigate what it was she had felt, worrying that it would be a spider or an insect of sorts. When they pulled over, they could find no evidence of any insects in the car, but her Mum said that she had seen an orb come through the window and had brushed past Claire and wondered if that is what she had felt. They have since tried talking through what happened, but her Mum no longer has any recollection of the event.

Claire doesn’t have a lot of childhood memories due to some form of trauma, but she does recount that she experienced a number of very vivid experiences when she was younger, which she has always been unsure as to whether they were dreams or something else. She reported that on multiple occasions a hooded figure would walk up the stairs and enter her room. She was sure that the figure wasn’t human and once it was in the room everything would go blank. It used to terrify Claire as a child and it happened frequently. As a child she described the figure as being tall and skeletal in nature or a stick-like figure. Claire has since performed some of her own research and listened to similar experiences and she feels this figure seems very similar to that witnessed by those who have encountered Mantid beings or beings like a Mantis insect.