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Lake District Contact Case – Glowing Beings, UFO Sightings

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 01/12/2013

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses


As an investigator with a particular interest in the contact phenomenon, I regularly work on cases involving ET beings. However in the majority of these cases the beings are seen during abduction experiences. In October 2013 I spoke with a man named Shaun who discussed several incidents with me, one of which involved the observation of both UFOs and some very unusual beings. This report covers each of his experiences in depth and discusses the various possibilities for what has happened.

Glowing Beings Encounter

Back in 1997 Shaun used to live in the North East of England. On the 19th June 1997 (which happened to be the day that William Hague was elected leader of the Conservative party), he and his friend Simon (real name withheld) decided to go camping overnight in the Lake District. They did not have much money at the time so rather than pay to stay on an official caravan site they decided to camp on an open area of National Trust owned land.  Unfortunately Shaun cannot remember the exact location where they set up their tents, he only remembers that it was a couple of miles away from a village.

They drove to an ideal camping spot in Shaun’s Ford Escort. By the time they had set up the tents it was about 11.30pm and fully dark. The weather was clear and the stars were visible in the sky. As it was getting a little cold they decided that they would sit in the front seats of the car to drink a beer and have a chat.

The field they were on gently sloped up, and in the distance was a hillside about half a mile away. As Shaun looked out into the dark through the front window he suddenly noticed two orbs of light, one blue and one white, bobbing around near the base of the field. They appeared to be about 200 feet in the air. Shaun asked if Simon could see the two lights and he confirmed he could see them too. The men discussed what they could be.

Without warning the two glowing lights disappeared. Then they noticed what appeared to be two glowing white figures on the hillside. The figures looked thin almost like matchstick men. They seemed to be stooping down towards the ground like they were looking for something or digging. The figures began to walk back and forth crossing one another continuously, covering a short patch of ground, perhaps 5 metres in distance. It was like they were pacing in a constant pattern. They would occasionally stop a moment before continuing to move.

Shauns first thought was that they were people trying to steal cattle. However the figures did not look human. They appeared to be self luminescent rather than people holding torches, and were glowing a bright neon white. Also the speed they were moving at seemed odd. It was like they were scuttling back and forth much faster than normal walking speed.

After watching the figures for a short while, Shaun said to Simon that he was going to get out and go and have a closer look. But Simon said “Don’t be stupid!” and persuaded Shaun that this was not a good idea. They continued to watch the figures for about 5 minutes, during which they did not alter their movement pattern. It felt like a recording playing over and over again. Shaun then tried turning on the main headlights of the car to see if that made any difference. Simon was not happy about this and said “That’s a bit stupid ‘cause now they know where we are!”

The figures were too far away and were not lit up any more by the headlights anyway, so Shaun switched them back off. He asked Simon if he would like to just ditch the tents and get out of there. Simon thought this was a good idea so Shaun tried starting the car. At first it didn’t start up but on a second attempt it worked. However he was too curious about what was taking place so changed his mind. He switched the engine back off and told Simon that he wanted to continue watching.

Things then got even more strange. The men suddenly became aware of a pickup truck filled with people in the rear view mirror. They reminded Shaun of hillbillies. The truck appeared to be on the grass, in the same field that they were camped in. It drove around the car in an arc and headed off in the direction of the glowing figures.

The next thing Shaun and Simon became aware of they were waking up still in the car seats. It was morning time, around 9am. Confused, Shaun asked Simon “Which one of us fell asleep first?” Neither of them could remember going off to sleep. Shaun says that he would have found it extremely difficult to drop off in the car seat, and it is not something he would have normally done. And it seemed even more implausible because of what had been happening. They had both been completely transfixed by what was taking place. They were extremely puzzled by what had happened and neither of them could rationally explain it. It was like they had both been instantly switched off.

This is a truly fascinating incident with numerous unusual aspects to consider. It began with the lights up in the sky. Shaun confirmed that the lights were too high in the air to have been torches higher up on the hillside or lights from vehicles or other machinery. Their movements were too erratic to have been a helicopter. It is extremely unlikely that they would have been two LED balloons due to the remote location, and the fact that both lights vanished at the same time. LED balloons remain lit indefinitely so would have been visible until they drifted out of sight due to the distance. It’s possible that they were hidden from view by a cloud, but I still feel this explanation is improbable.

The glowing beings were extremely strange and not something which is commonly reported. They looked about the height of normal adults but appeared to be entirely luminescent. If they were people holding torches looking for something on the ground then it is unlikely they would have looked like this at a distance. Usually just the light from the torch would be visible until quite close, or at most the person holding the torch would be slightly lit by the glow. Another thing which does not fit with this explanation is the fast movement speed of the figures. There would be no reason for two people holding torches to race back and forth extremely rapidly for an extended period of time. Interestingly I have both investigated and heard of other cases involving Greys where the beings have been seen to make rapid scuttling movements.

Lastly the pickup truck seemed completely out of place. What was it doing there in the middle of the night in the same open field that the witnesses were camped in? Why did it drive off in the direction of the glowing figures? Why did both witnesses black out at this moment and have no further recollection of what took place? In many UFO and contact cases the ETs have been seen to use screen memories to mask their true appearance. They appear to be able to do this for both themselves and sometimes their craft, so that the witness remembers seeing something completely different. For example in one case I investigated the individual recalled that when she was at school a helicopter landed in the playground and the pilot took her for a ride in it. This scenario was of course illogical. Under regression she recalled that the “helicopter” was in fact a silver coloured saucer-shaped craft, and the “pilot” was a Grey. It is not inconceivable that something similar happened here. The instant black out of the witnesses is another commonly reported feature of close encounters, especially those involving contact. It is possible that the pickup truck was in fact a craft, and that the witnesses had the memories of what happened next blocked out from their minds. Unless Shaun decides to go for a regression we may never know for certain if anything else took place, however there are far too many unusual elements to this incident which point towards an ET explanation.

Shaun has come across some photographs online taken by Andrew Hennessey which appear to show glowing ET beings on the roof of a house. He says that these photos are very reminiscent of what he saw:

Red UFO Sighting

By 2009 Shaun had moved to Newport in Shropshire. At the time he worked in Stafford, and would drive there and back every day. One evening in autumn around 5.45pm he was on his way home from work. It was a pleasant evening with scattered cloud in the sky. The light was just starting to fade. Shaun was just turning onto the street where he lived when he noticed a large object up in the sky. It appeared to be dark red in colour and was the shape of an upside down Fez hat or light shade. It did not appear to be glowing. There were no markings or windows visible. The object was at quite a high altitude and moving around the same speed as a plane, perhaps 300 mph.  It was visible in the sky over his house, but was further away over the town.

As he drove down the road he realised several other people also appeared to be looking up at the object. After reaching his driveway Shaun parked the car and ran into the house to grab his camera. He returned outside but the UFO was sadly no longer visible. He at first thought it must have gone behind a cloud but after waiting a while realised this was not the case.

Soon afterwards an article appeared in the Shropshire Star detailing another sighting of the same object. Shaun informed me I should be able to find this online but after an extensive search I have not yet been able to track down the article.

This is an interesting sighting, and the fact that there were multiple witnesses to it from different locations makes it all the more impressive. I do wonder if the object was some kind of novelty shaped hot air balloon. This may be a possible mundane explanation for what was seen, although Shaun does believe that it was moving fast like a plane. It was clearly not a normal aircraft of any kind.

Flying Triangle Sighting

Shaun currently lives in Telford. In July 2013 Shaun was driving home along the A519 with his wife and baby between Eccleshaw and Newport. It was about 11.30pm and a clear and still night.

About a mile South of Eccleshaw there are a number of farm buildings alongside open fields. As they drove past one of these farms Shaun noticed a dark triangular shaped object hovering directly over one of the buildings, about 50 metres from the edge of the road. The UFO appeared to be at an altitude of around 50 feet. It seemed to have a light at each corner, although only two of these were visible to the witnesses due to the angle they were viewing it. One was white while the other was green. The main body of the object just looked black, no markings were visible.

Aerial map of the A519 showing the approximate location of the sighting:

Photograph of the A519:

At first Shaun assumed it was a helicopter, but as he drove past it he realised it was completely silent. He did not stop to observe the object for longer as the car was almost out of petrol and he was worried it was going to run out before they reached Telford. He had observed it for about 10 seconds. As he continued along the road he asked his wife “Did you see that over there?” She confirmed she had seen it too, saying “Yes I saw it. It looked like a triangle.” Neither of the witnesses felt that the object had been a normal aircraft.

It is a shame that Shaun did not stop the car or even attempt to get closer to the object to take a proper look at it. The fact that it was hovering at low altitude does tend to suggest that it was not an aeroplane. Both witnesses were convinced that it was triangular in shape, which means it was unlikely to be a helicopter. The idea that the object was some kind of lit inflatable drifting in the air is quite improbable, but cannot be entirely ruled out in this situation. There have been many sightings of dark triangular shaped UFOs, commonly referred to as Flying Triangles. These are often reported as having a light at each corner, although these lights are usually all the same colour. The object seen in this incident could well have been one of these craft, although due to the short observation time we cannot say this with certainty.


Shaun has had several very interesting experiences involving both UFO sightings and beings. The incident with the glowing figures is absolutely bizarre and has some aspects to it which are very hard to explain. I certainly feel that it is possible that the beings were extra-terrestrial in origin and that more may have happened with this incident than either witness can currently recollect. Shaun’s other UFO sightings have both been quite impressive and of clearly structured objects, and in both cases there have been other witnesses who have backed up what he has observed.

It is likely that Shaun will keep in touch with me going forward, so if he has any further experiences they will likely be added to this report. If you have any additional information relating to any of these incidents please get in touch.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2013



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