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Helden Contact Case – Greys, Nordics & Other Beings, Abductions, Orbs, Psychic Abilities

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 13/05/2012


Soufian lives in a town called Helden in the Netherlands. He first got in touch with BUFOG in late March 2012. He has experienced many unusual things over the years, most of which began in his teens. These experiences have included visitations by beings, abductions, psychic abilities, unusual vivid dreams and other strange phenomena. After looking into the ET contact subject, Soufian realised the extent to which his experiences fitted with it. He decided to purchase and read Awakening – the excellent book on contact by Australian ET contact specialist Mary Rodwell, and found that he could relate to a lot of what was mentioned. After initially getting in touch with Mary, he then came across BUFOG due to my own investigation into the subject. Over many E-Mails he has provided some excellent information on his experiences, as well as many drawings which are scattered throughout this report.

Morocco Being Visitation

In June 2004 when Soufian was 19 years old he went with his family on holiday to their house in Al Aâroui, Nador, Morocco. The house is big enough for Soufian to have his own bedroom.  His two sisters shared a second bedroom, and in the third were his parents and younger brother. The incident happened in the second week of their stay. It was particularly hot weather, too hot to lie on the bed close to the wall. Soufian had laid his mattress down on the floor and was sleeping on it close to the open doorway of the room. The windows were also left open to cool down the room as much as possible.  Soufian and his family went to sleep about 10.30-11.00pm.

At some point in the night Soufian began to experience what he put down at the time to a nightmare. He was lying down on the mattress with his eyes open. He was not sure what time of night it was. The room was quite dark but was partially lit by moonlight coming in through the open shutters. He looked through the doorway of his room over to the door of his parents bedroom. There standing in the doorway was a strange being, which was looking right at him. The being was around 1.5 metres in height. It was humanoid in shape. It appeared to be unclothed. Its body appeared to be covered in a light brown coloured silky fur. This fur extended right down over its hands. No fingers were visible. The creature had large rounded black coloured eyes which Soufian describes as “lifeless and without a soul”. It had very small nostrils and its nose was not very pronounced. Its mouth was open, exposing pointed pale-white coloured teeth. No ears were visible from the front. Strangely although he had a clear view of the creature, Soufian does not remember seeing any feet.

Witness drawing of the being:


After a moment the being began to move towards Soufian. It appeared to be floating a short distance above the floor. Its arms and legs hung down and did not sway back and forth. Soufian began to panic as the being got closer to him. Then one at a time, the windows in the room began to slam shut extremely violently. At this moment Soufian jumped up off the mattress and ran through into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. As he did so he felt that the being was chasing after him. Although it had felt like a bad dream, he was now definitely awake and very frightened.

Witness drawing showing the layout of the house and an arrow indicating how he left the room:


Soufian remained in the bathroom for up to 15 minutes. He was shocked by what had happened and very upset. He did not call out to the others in the house as he didn’t think they’d believe him so there was no point. After this time he cautiously made his way back to the bedroom. The being was nowhere to be seen, but Soufian could see that the shutters were almost closed, whereas when he had gone to sleep they were definitely open. He lay down on the mattress again but was still frightened and could not sleep for a long while. In the end he finally dropped off.

In the morning without saying anything to her, Soufian’s mother stated that she had heard him shouting out during the night. She assumed that this was a bad dream which is why she did not get up and go through to his room. Soufian did not tell her about what had happened. After a while he too put it down to a dream, despite the way in which the shutters were now nearly closed. However now looking back at the experience he believes that this was an ET visitation.

This is certainly an interesting experience. Could Soufian have really been visited by an ET during that night? The being had certain characteristics that fit in with one of the most commonly reported species, the Greys; The slender body, the large black coloured eyes, small nose and short height. However there are other characteristics which are very unusual and do not fit with it being a Grey. The fact that it was covered in a silky fur is very unusual. Although fur-covered beings have been described before they are quite rare. The sharp pointed teeth again are un-common, and give the creature a very animalistic presence. It appeared to float towards him rather than walk. This combined with the slamming windows suggests that the being possessed telekinetic powers, which in turn means it was unlikely to have been a wild animal of some kind.

What are we to make of the slamming window shutters? Why would the being have done this in the first place? This seems a very odd thing to do. Could the being have been trying to frighten Soufian or display its power to him? The fact the shutters were nearly closed when Soufian re-entered his bedroom does suggest that something took place and that the experience was more than just a bad dream. What the being wanted with him is unknown at present. It is unlikely that anything else occurred due to the fact that he got up and ran through into the bathroom. There is no indication of any missing time surrounding this experience.

Pale Skinned Female

At some point in 2010 Soufian experienced another visitation which this time included a painful operation-like procedure. He was at his home in Helden. He went to sleep as normal. In the middle of then night, Soufian began to have a strange dream. In this dream he saw himself lying down in bed. There was a tall and slender female humanoid figure standing alongside the bed, about 1 metre away. The lady was wearing light coloured robes She had pale grey coloured skin and long pale blonde/white hair which hung down to her shoulders. She looked very healthy, with smooth skin. For some reason Soufian does not remember her facial features. Her arms and lower legs were exposed, and other than the skin tone looked human.

Painting which reminds the witness of the female being he saw:


Soufian stared at this scene for a couple of seconds. Then without warning the figure was closer and appeared to have her hands down inside of his lower chest. He immediately felt excruciating pain, like the lady was moving his lower ribs back and forth and crushing down on them. From his current viewpoint he could not see whether or not his chest was actually opened up, but he feels that it wasn’t and that the hands of this being had somehow entered his skin. He watched himself struggling against what was taking place, but he felt that he was paralyzed and trapped. The intense pain continued. He tried shouting out but could not scream, there was just complete silence.

This procedure seemed to go on for a very long time, possibly a couple of hours, although Soufian says that it could have been less but felt so long due to the pain. Then all of a sudden it was over. The lady vanished and he awoke with a shock. However despite the traumatic experience he had just undergone, Soufian soon drifted back off to sleep.

In the morning he lay in bed remembering what had taken place. He could feel that his lower ribs were aching. At first he was frightened to check, but after about half an hour he looked over his body for any markings or cuts. There was nothing. He got up and went into work like normal. The aching pain in his ribs continued for several hours before finally dispersing. However his ribs continued to feel sensitive for at least another day.

With this particular experience I am torn two ways. Some of the aspects of what was experienced do fit in with sleep paralysis, a fact which Soufian is aware of and does not deny. During sleep paralysis the individual finds that they cannot move no matter how hard they try. They try to call out and nothing happens. Sometimes during sleep paralysis can include visions of either shadowy moving forms in the room or specific figures. These figures will sometimes climb on top of the individual, pushing down on their chest or attempt to choke them. Because of the feeling of being held down, the brain comes up with a reason to explain why this is happening. This is of course similar to the crushing sensations that Soufian felt during the experience. Also Soufian felt that he was asleep at the time. The fact that he was looking down at the experience rather than actually seeing it with his own eyes tends to back this up.

However with all of the above said, I find  Soufian’s description of the being very interesting. In sleep paralysis experiences, people can imagine all sorts of horrible figures, such as a witches or demons. However the being that Soufian described has many characteristics which fit in with it being a Nordic or hybrid. The being was beautiful and very healthy looking. She had long pale blonde hair and was wearing flowing robes. All of these are commonly described. The lady’s skin tone was a pale grey colour. Nordics usually are either described as having pale flesh coloured skin or tanned skin. However the ET race known as the Greys are usually described as having a pale grey coloured skin. One of the known ET agendas which crops up time and time again in contact cases is the hybrid breeding program. Often the ETs mix their own DNA, or mix theirs with human DNA to create cross breeds. The reason behind this is not fully understood yet, although there are numerous theories. Could this being have been a Grey-Nordic hybrid or a Grey-Human hybrid? If so this suggests that his experience actually took place. The fact that his ribs ached for several hours the following day is another factor which seems to suggest that something real occurred.

Orange Sphere

Late evening in November 2010 Soufian was in his bedroom at his home on Van Wisstraat, Helden. It was between 9.30-10.00pm. He looked out of his bedroom window. It was a very clear night outside and the stars were fully visible. He decided to go up to the attic to get a better look at them from the attic window.

Photograph of the attic window:


He opened the window and peered out. He first looked down to see if anyone was around but it was quiet. He then looked back up. As he did so he was astounded to see a glowing sphere to the upper left of his vision, several feet away from his face. It was about the size of a football, and was glowing orange with a black core. The glow coming from it was constantly bright.

Witness drawing of the sphere:


Photograph of the roof with the sphere drawn on top to show its position:


Soufian sensed that this sphere was observing him. He stood there completely still staring at it. He felt completely calm by the situation. Despite the fact it was only 12 degrees centigrade outside he did not feel cold at all, a fact which he finds odd looking back at the experience. He was fascinated by the object. After around 10 minutes he decided to look away a moment. When he looked back it had completely vanished. Despite this, he was absolutely convinced that the object had been real and not just an optical illusion or light reflection. He did not tell anyone about what he had seen as he felt that they would not believe him.

Witness drawing showing an overview of the house, position of himself and of the sphere:


This incident remains a mystery at present. There are a number of possible explanations which could be given for such an experience, but many of them do not stand up to the facts. It could not have been a nearby Chinese lantern as these have a definite shape to them, a shape which is only blurred at a distance. Also we must take into account the fact that it didn’t move at all for a period of 10 minutes, a lantern would definitely have drifted during this time. There are no orange lights in the vicinity of Soufian’s house which could account for the orb. On the opposite side of the road are some normal yellow street lights, however these are down low below the height of the attic.

The orb could not have been a reflection from a light inside the house, as Soufian had turned off all the lights in the attic to get a better view of the stars. It is extremely unlikely to have been ball lighting, as this is not orange in colour, and also only appears during stormy weather when the air is electrically charged. Also again it would not have remained motionless for 10 minutes. It cannot be put out of the question that it was some kind of optical illusion. The fact that it vanished when Soufian looked away then back could support this theory. However Soufian has not had any other sightings of similar objects so why would this have occurred on this particular occasion?

Contactees often report seeing glowing orbs of light in their proximity around their home. These sometimes appear to be under intelligent control and could be observational devices, or may even be a manifestation of energy. Therefore this experience does fit in with one of the common aspects of contact and certainly should not be ruled out.

Related Dreams

Soufian has often had very vivid dreams, some of which have featured elements that could be related to contact. Often memories of experiences may come back in the form of dreams rather than as conscious memories. Sometimes these dreams may be clear recollections of events, other times aspects of the experience may come back in a metaphorical sense.

In March 2011 Soufian had a bizarre dream. In this dream, he opened the front door of his house to take a look at the neighbourhood. It was early afternoon of a bright sunny day. Nobody else was around, but coming down from the sky onto the road were numerous red beams of light, which reminded him of lasers. He looked up into the sky and realised that these beams were the base of a strange glowing red grid that stretched up as far as he could see.

Witness drawing showing his road with the red beams coming down:


Photograph of Soufian’s road showing his viewpoint from the front door during the dream:


He was mystified at what this could be and stood there in the doorway staring at it for around 30 seconds. This is where the dream ended. While this dream does not seem to have much to do with contact, numerous people have spoken before of an invisible energy grid surrounding the Earth put into place by the ETs. Could Soufian have been shown this grid via this particular dream or was it just his imagination?

In the autumn of 2011 Soufian had a dream in which he viewed sights elsewhere in space. The dream began with a vision of flying very fast through the air, watching the landscape rush by below him. After a while his view suddenly changed, and he found himself in space with stars all around him. He did not see his own body it was more like a vision. He was close to a orange-brown coloured planet which he assumed was Mars. He looked down in awe at the surface of the planet.

Artist’s impression of Mars which Soufian says is very similar to what he saw in the dream:


Again after a number of minutes his view shifted again and he found himself viewing the inside of a space craft or space station. There was a hallway with metallic flooring. The floor was split into hexagons like a honeycomb. Alongside this hallway were large computer-like machines covered in buttons. These machines were behind metal fencing and pillars. There were some boxes stacked on the floor, and off to the left was a path leading somewhere. He watched two people walk along the hallway, a man and a lady.  They were wearing tight fitting suits which were dark green and black in colour. The figures turned, and Soufian could see that the man was himself at a slightly younger age. The lady started speaking to his other self, but he was too far away to hear what was being said. Both of them appeared happy and were smiling.

Witness drawing of the surroundings, showing his viewpoint of proceedings:


Witness drawing of one of the machines:


After a few minutes the dream came to an end and Soufian woke up. He remembered everything which he had just dreamed.  It had felt far more real than a normal dream would, like actual memories of a real experience.

Soufian believes that the dream was real, and that the male figure he saw in the dream was another version of him elsewhere in the universe or in a different dimension. Could this vision have been of actual events, or was it nothing more than a dream? It is very hard to say for sure. It is entirely possible for Soufian to have dreamt up these things, anyone can have a dream of flying in space and exploring craft. Other than the fact that he was out in space there is nothing directly linking this with ET contact. He did not see any ET beings during the dream, the figures appeared human. ETs almost always talk telepathically, yet the woman he saw spoke using her mouth like normal. If we assume for a moment that the dream was of a real experience, who was this other self he saw? Could it have been a dream of a prior experience and it was actually him? Perhaps it was a clone which had been made from his DNA. Or maybe it was as Soufian believes – another him existing elsewhere.

On 5th January 2012 Soufian had a dream about a UFO. He found himself walking along a path by the edge of the sea after dark. To his left was the open sea. Some cargo boats were floating near the shore. To his right an area of grass and a small forest. There was a bench at the edge of the path with an old woman on. A younger girl was standing alongside the bench. He went and sat down next to them and started talking with them. He does not recall what he said but was trying to make something clear to them. They looked up and saw eight circular red coloured lights in the sky above them.

Witness drawing of the surroundings in the dream:


Witness drawing of the red lights:


After looking at the lights for between 5-10 minutes, suddenly a craft appeared in the sky about 50 metres above them. It was quite large in size and cigar-shaped, with short rounded wings at each end. There were a number of symbols on its side. It flew diagonally down towards the sea. When it was above the boats near the shore it suddenly tipped over upside-down. Then it descended into the water behind the boats. Soufian expected there to be an explosion but there was not even the sound of a splash. This is where the dream ended.

Witness drawing of the craft, with two symbols on that he remembered when he woke up:


On the 8th May 2012 Soufian had another dream that may have been related to a contact experience. He was in his bedroom during the night, standing among at least 10 small children. Soufian wondered what they were doing in his room. He noticed that the children were all staring across to one side of the room. At first he thought they were watching the TV. But he glanced round and at this moment saw a strange creature standing in his closet. It had a dark shadowy form, and appeared to have no arms or legs. The creature had black eyes with grey around the edges. No other facial features were visible. It stood there staring for a few seconds then moved sideways and vanished into the wall.

Witness drawing of the dream, giving an overview of the room and what the creature looked like:


Then a panic began and he and the other children ran downstairs. He could hear his sister calling for him to hurry. They ran outside the house and there were cars waiting to pick them all up. His sister was in one of the cars. At this moment he woke up.  While it is unlikely that this dream actually took place, it perhaps has elements brought on by prior contact experiences. His description of the strange creature is interesting as is the presence of many other children.

It should be noted that while these dreams appear to have elements related to UFOs or ETs, Soufian has informed me of many other dreams which are unusual but not directly related so they have not been included in this report. Obviously it is important to differentiate these dreams from things which have happened to Soufian while he has been awake, or at least felt that he has. It is entirely possible that they are nothing more than vivid dreams, something which anyone is capable of experiencing.


Soufian has informed me that on numerous occasions he has seemingly had premonitions of events before they have taken place. These visions come to him in the form of dreams which look like watching a black and white movie. Sometimes Soufian’s premonitions are about people he knows, other times they seem to be completely random. Psychic abilities such as this are often reported by contactees, and may well be either a side effect of contact, or the reason the ETs are interested in them in the first place.

In mid 2011 a Turkish woman and her husband used to live on his road. One night Soufian had a dream or vision in which the woman had died. He saw her friends and family all dressed in black with sad expressions on their faces, and a black funeral car. When describing how it felt to experience this vision, Soufian says it was like “looking through a viewing hole” at the scene. When he woke up he wondered whether he should do anything, like perhaps go and tell the lady’s husband what he had dreamed. But he felt that he would not believe him.

Two days later the lady died and Soufian’s premonition came true. The lady’s grand-daughter came to the house and spoke with his mother. She informed her that her grandmother had died of a heart attack Soufian realised that he had known about the incident prior to it taking place. He still feels guilty about it and wonders if he could have done anything to stop it from happening. He has not told anyone else about what happened. His family is Muslim and he says that they would not believe him or would say it was down to the devil.

Abduction Memories

In January 2012 Soufian appears to have undergone an abduction experience. He went off to sleep like any other night. At some point during the night he opened his eyes and found himself elsewhere. There was darkness everywhere, and he found that he was paralysed from the neck downward. He craned his neck round and could see that he was lying on a smooth surfaced metallic table. The edges of it curved up a bit and he could see a band of metal around the edge. Most of the surroundings were completely dark, but there was a faint yellow glow coming from behind his head. Also either floating or hanging about 2 metres above him was a frame of some kind made from glowing yellow tubes/pipes. These tubes were self illuminated but not extremely bright.

Witness drawing of the yellow tubes:


Photograph witness found which reminds him of how the yellow tubes looked:


Either side of him stood three Grey beings in dark robes. They were around 1.2-1.4 metres in height. They had a slender build with long skinny necks. They had large over-sized heads with completely black almond-shaped eyes, two small nostrils, and a slit like mouth. No ears were discernible and their noses were not pronounced. The beings were wearing black coloured long sleeved robes which covered their bodies and legs, though their hands were exposed. All of the beings were staring right at him. Their eyes were emotionless yet he sensed intelligence from them.

Witness drawing giving an overview of the surroundings (only one of the six Greys drawn):


Despite the situation and the fact he could not move he felt calm. Looking back at the incident he is puzzled why he was not panicking. This feeling of calmness has been described by many contactees and UFO witnesses, and appears to be a regular aspect of these experiences. He recognised the beings around him as Greys. He looked around trying to establish where he was, looking for something familiar, but there was only darkness. He did this for about 15-20 seconds. After this he has no memories of what happened next.

His next conscious memory was of waking up the following morning. He remembered the above details and immediately began writing them down. Also for some unknown reason he felt he had to touch the base of his spine above his pelvis. Soufian has no idea whether the incident happened during that night or whether it was memories of an earlier experience, but he feels certain that it really took place.

Vision Of Grey

One morning in February 2012 Soufian awoke earlier than usual, at around 5am. The room was quite dark but the shutters on the window were not fully closed, allowing some light into the room. As Soufian slowly opened his eyes he realised there was Grey standing in his bedroom. It was across the room from him standing still. It was unclothed and slender, with pale grey coloured smooth skin. The being turned its head and looked directly at Soufian. At this point he noticed that its eyes were not completely black, it appeared to have irises. Soufian felt a great sense of sadness from the being, and it had a slightly saddened expression on its face. Unlike the Greys he had seen previously in his abduction experience, this one seemed to convey emotion. He was not frightened of the Grey, and wanted to help it with whatever was causing it this sadness.

Witness drawing of the Grey:


Photograph of the witness’s bedroom showing the location the Grey was standing:


After about 3-5 seconds the being simply faded away. Soufian immediately got up out of bed and wrote down the details of what had happened. As with his other experiences he kept what he had seen to himself. Soon it was normal morning time and he got ready for work like usual.

It is unclear what this experience may have involved. Perhaps it was an actual visitation.

Shadow Being

Roughly one week after the vision of the Grey in his bedroom, Soufian had another experience in which something else was briefly seen. It was about 8am and Soufian had just woken up. He walked along the landing to the bathroom to have a wash. As he walked he glanced to the right into the open doorway of his parents room. For a brief moment he was greeted by the sight of a strange shadowy form standing over by the window inside the room. It was about 1.7 metres in height, a little shorter than himself. The shape had no discernable humanoid shape it was just a shadow-like form. It was only present for a second before it faded away.

Witness drawing showing a room plan of the upstairs of the house, showing his position and the location of the shadowy form:


Could this vision have been of an actual entity of some kind? Contactees have often spoken of seeing strange moving shadow-like forms around their house. These are commonly referred to as shadow beings, and are one of the many mysterious aspects of the paranormal. There is a chance that this is what Soufian saw. However as it was only briefly visible and did not move at all, there is also the possibility that it was just a temporary optical illusion, perhaps caused by his sleepy eyes becoming accustomed to the morning light. Or perhaps a brief shadow caused by something outside.

Night Time Experiences

Soufian regularly hears unusual buzzing or beeping sounds when he is just about to drop off to sleep. It occurs between 1-2 times a week. He is usually dozing and about to enter deep sleep when it occurs. Usually he hears a buzzing sound which lasts for between 2-20 seconds. Sometimes the noise is accompanied with a vision of white light coming towards him in his mind, or vibrations felt throughout his body. Occasionally he also hears a loud continual beep noise which can last up to 2 minutes. Some of the strange dreams that Soufian has had have begun with this experience.

The reason for these sounds and feelings is unclear. Due to their regularity, it is possible they are a medical condition or related to sleep paralysis. However it is a known fact that many contactees have heard such sounds and felt vibrations, often directly before a contact experience. This suggests that the noises are related to contact in some way, and are perhaps a side effect or even scanning by the ETs.

However they are also mentioned as side effects of out-of-body experiences. Soufian has often experienced OBEs, otherwise known as astral projection. He informs me that he has the ability to do this at will. The experience usually begins with him leaving his physical body. He then finds himself flying to other places extremely fast. Often if he thinks of a certain place he will travel there, though whether he is actually there or if the OBE takes place just in his mind is open to speculation. At first glance these experiences appear separate and un-related to ET contact. However once again many contactees have reported having OBEs.

Other Signs

The ET contact phenomena has many varied aspects to it, and there are many signs which can indicate that contact is taking place. Sometimes these can be clearly related to experiences the individual has had, other times they can appear completely un-related. In the extensive notes Soufian has provided, he has mentioned many of these signs, including the following:

- Has a fear of the dark, and of rooms without a window covering (curtains/shutters). Contactees often get a phobia of the dark or of having to go to sleep at night as they are aware that this is when they have been taken.

- Has irregular sleep patterns. This can again sometimes be linked to night-time contact experiences.

- Feels he is constantly being watched by an unseen presence. This is commonly reported by contactees, and may well be down to ongoing observation/monitoring by the ETs.

- Unexplained sounds within his home and occasional voices speaking his name. Contactees often experience paranormal activity such as this within their home, and I have heard others mention that they have heard their own name being called.

- Feels a strong connection to the stars and moon. Often spoken of by contactees, perhaps this is down to a sense of where the ETs they are in contact with have originated from.

- Feels he is here for something specific, but does not yet know what this is. Often reported by contactees, perhaps this is down to whatever purpose they have been taken in the first place for, something they are supposed to do here on Earth within their life time.

- Feels different to most other people. Feels in some way different to his family, almost like he has been adopted. This tends to be reported by individuals commonly referred to as “star children”. These are people who have a deeper connection with the ETs and view them as their other family, usually from an early age. While Soufian does express some of these characteristics I do not feel there is enough evidence to say that he is a “star child”.

- Drawn to remote places for an unknown reason. Most outside contact experiences take place in remote locations so that there are few if any witnesses. This indicates that Soufian may have been taken while outside at some point.

- Has felt energy surges through his body at times. Another unusual physical aspect sometimes described by contactees.

- Is sensitive towards many chemicals/drugs. For an unknown reason, contactees often find that they have allergies towards unnatural products.

- Has very acute hearing. Contactees often have highly developed senses and report having highly sensitive hearing, smell or sight.

It should be noted that these signs on their own are not outright proof that Soufian is a contactee, as many people can experience these things. However they are often reported so should still be taken into consideration.


As you can see, Soufian has had many interesting experiences, some of which are directly linked with contact, and others which may well be. Although it is unknown if his vivid dreams are related, he certainly appears to be a contactee, something he has until recently had to deal with completely alone. He  feels that his family and friends would not understand what he is going through, a fact that is often sadly proved to be the case. However he has gratefully shared his experiences with me and anyone else who decides to listen and treat them with the seriousness that they deserve. His experiences appear to be ongoing, so it is likely that he will have further contact going forward. If he keeps in touch with BUFOG this report will be updated as necessary.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012



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