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Gloucester Contactee Case - Greys, UFO Sightings, Missing Time, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 20/03/2010

The contact phenomena is both a very interesting and very important part of ufology. Over the years I have looked into this aspect of the subject in great depth. It is my belief that people from all around the globe are being regularly contacted and taken by a number of different extraterrestrial species. There appears to be numerous reasons for this activity – including genetic research, creation of hybrid beings through mixing of DNA, the ongoing protection and education of our species, and an awakening to a higher level of consciousness. Often numerous generations of a family will experience contact. There are many aspects to this phenomenon and many signs which can indicate it is taking place.

Since becoming a UFO researcher have investigated a number of highly impressive contact cases. This report covers one such case. Becky is 48 years old and lives in Gloucester. Since an early age she has experienced many unusual incidents, most if not all of which may be connected. These incidents have included three close encounters with UFOs, missing time, visions of non-human beings, and many unexplained paranormal events. There are also a number of aspects to her personality and physical characteristics which are very interesting.

This report will cover many of the strange incidents throughout Becky's life, which still continue to this day. It also includes the full transcript and analysis of her initial hypnotic regression. As Becky’s experiences are ongoing it is likely this report will be updated with other events as and when they take place.

Becky has given me full permission to reveal the details within this report, including the regression transcript, for which I am most thankful. She hopes that it will help others who are going through similar things to come to terms with what is happening to them.

The Investigation

I first spoke with Becky on 5th February 2010. She contacted BUFOG via E-Mail to say that she was finally ready to talk about her experiences with someone. I rang her straight back and soon found out why she had got in touch. She had watched a recent TV program about UFOs. In this program someone reported exactly the same thing she had seen many years ago. This prompted her to get in touch with a UFO group. She looked around online and came across the Birmingham UFO Group website.

Through our initial conversation I listened to a brief overview of two stunning UFO sightings, as well as several other unusual things she had experienced. I could immediately tell she was sincere. As is often the case, she had been ridiculed about her experiences numerous times, and was very relieved to finally speak with someone who took her seriously.

On 9th February I drove down to Gloucester to meet her and her friend Janet face-to-face. Over the next few hours we discussed all her experiences in great detail. I was immediately aware that she was describing many of the things often reported by contactees. At this point she knew very little about UFOs or the contact phenomena, so the things she described did not have as much meaning for her, she just found them very unusual. After discussing the experiences she was aware of, I then went through a contact questionnaire with her (A modified version of the original passed to me by Mary Rodwell of ACERN). Both she and I were amazed at how many of the questions she could relate to personally. A number of the questions jogged her memory of other events not discussed up to that point, though many she had already answered.

Becky expresses a sincere wish to fully understand what was happening to her. She has lived with it for so long and wants answers. She was therefore an ideal candidate for hypnotic regression, especially as she had experienced missing time, and also appeared to have blocked memories of certain key incidents. I discussed with her the pro’s and con’s of regression and she was very happy to go ahead with it.

On Sunday 14th February, I and hypnotherapist Robert Tudge drove to Becky’s house to conduct the initial regression. At her request, her friend Janet (Name changed by request) was also present. You can read the transcript of this regression later in this report. We are planning a second regression in the near future.

Since her regression I have stayed in touch with Becky and she has regularly kept me informed of new events. I hope to soon also speak with her daughter Tara (name currently changed for privacy reasons), who has also had some unusual experiences.

The Burning Room

Becky’s first experience of something unusual (which she currently remembers) took place in 1971 when she was 10 years old. Back then she was living in a house on Ullenwood Road, Coney Hill, Gloucester. She was the 2nd eldest of 6 children.

Aerial map of Ullenwood Road:


She cannot remember the date when the incident occurred but it was evening time. Her mum was out for the evening and her dad had gone round next door to visit the neighbour. Becky was asked to watch over the other children until their return. They all went up into the bedroom and after a while dropped off to sleep.

For some reason Becky then woke up. She could smell the scent of something burning. She woke up the other children and told them to come with her. She walked downstairs and opened the door to the front room. Looking into the room, she was shocked to see that the whole room was on fire. Flames covered all the walls and ceiling, and the walls looked like they had blackened holes in them. Look back at the incident, Becky does not remember there being any feeling of heat, but she did not think about this at the time.

She quickly slammed the door to the front room and ran out of the front door of the house. She knew her dad was round the neighbour’s so went round and knocked on the door. Her dad answered and she led him back to their house to show him the fire. When he checked the front room there was nothing there. He told her off and said that she must have had a bad dream. Becky refuses to believe that this was the case, and to this day insists that the incident actually happened as she remembered. She currently has no explanation for what took place.

If Becky was indeed awake, as she remembered, perhaps the flames were some sort of hallucination. But she has never seen anything similar before or since so this seems unlikely. Could this incident be something to do with her other experiences, or was it a completely separate paranormal event of some kind? Mary Rodwell suggests that this incident may have been a precognitive dream. You will read more about Becky's apparent precognitive ability later in this report.

Silver Disc Sighting

When I and Rob Tudge visited Becky on 14th February 2010, we had a discussion about what she consciously remembered. We were discussing a sighting of three silver discs, which occurred in 1985 when she was 24 years old (see later). When we did so, she remembered another previous sighting which took place when she was 13 years old. This was the first time she had consciously remembered this incident.

She was alone in her bedroom and remembers looking out and seeing a small silver disc-shaped object hovering outside the window. She believes it was about 18 inches across, and quite shallow in depth, and essentially looked like a smaller version of the objects she saw in 1985. The object was making a continuous pulsing humming noise.

She does not remember anything else that happened with the sighting, it is possible that there are some lost memories surrounding this incident. Just as she forgot about this experience, there may well be other incidents prior to this one that she cannot currently remember.

A number of times in her current property she has heard the same pulsing humming sound coming from outside of her window, even shortly after her initial regression (see later). She is certain the sound is not caused by the wind, or something else such as an electrical generator or central heating. Until she remembered the silver disc sighting she had never related it to this event, but now believes that it may be the same craft checking up on her. So far whenever the sound has occurred she has felt too worried to check out of the window and look for a cause.

Out-Of-Body Experience

In the same year as her first silver disc sighting, Becky had an out-of-body experience when visiting the dentist. She was knocked out with gas to have a tooth taken out. When she went under, she felt herself leave her physical body and could see what was going on in the room. She could hear the dentist and his assistant talking to each other.

When she was woken back up, Becky complained that the dentist hadn’t properly knocked her out and that she could see and hear everything that happened. The dentist said this was impossible, but was amazed when Becky told him what he and the assistant had been saying. Out-of-body experiences are commonly reported by contactees.

Falling Pictures

To Becky’s knowledge, nothing else out of the ordinary took place until 1980 when she was 19 years old. She was now living at an address on Malmesberry Road, in the Chequers Bridge area of Gloucester.

Aerial map of Malmesberry Road:


Again she cannot remember the exact date of the incident. It was night-time and she was alone in the house. She was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. It got to about 1am and she was thinking of going up to sleep.

Suddenly all the pictures around the room fell from the walls one at a time in order. If one picture had fallen she would have thought nothing of it, but all of them coming down in such a way was really frightening. She was absolutely terrified and ran out of the house. She walked to Coney Hill to visit her friend Germaine, who was 14 at the time. She was so scared that she didn’t want to go back in her own house, and asked him if he would come round and spend the night on the settee. He was quite happy to do so, and returned with Becky to the house.

Becky would not go back into the room until Germaine had been in and put all the pictures back up on the walls. He did stop over and the rest of the night went by without incident. Becky put what had happened to the back of her mind and tried to forget it had ever happened.

Could a minor earthquake have caused the pictures to fall as they did? Perhaps the fact they appeared to fall in order was merely a coincidence. If not then this may well have been a genuine paranormal experience. If so, this could be a sign of contact, as experiences like this are commonly reported. Or perhaps it was completely separate and caused by something else, such as poltergeist activity.

Second Silver Discs Sighting

In 1985 when she was 24, Becky was now living in a two bedroom house on Northfield Road, part of the White City housing estate. She was living with her boyfriend at the time named Scott. One day in the summer, Becky was in the house alone. Scott had gone to a local pub with her friend Teresa, but Becky did not wish to go along, as she rarely enjoys drinking. It was late afternoon and she happened to look out of the bedroom window.

It was a bright sunny day with a relatively clear sky. The view from the window overlooked a path, which lead to some stiles next to the nearby railway line.

Aerial photograph of Northfield Road, with the railway line running alongside it:


She could see Scott and Teresa drunkenly clambering over the stiles on their way back home. Suddenly something caught her eye to the left of her vision up in the sky. She could make out what looked like three flat disc-shaped objects, silver in colour, which were flying together in a triangular formation. Initially it was hard to tell exactly what size they were, but they had the same appearance as the disc she had seen when she was 13.

Becky looked directly at the objects but they then completely vanished from sight. She looked back at Scott and Teresa and could see them again. This unusual aspect has been reported in many other UFO cases. It is not really known why this takes place, but could well be due to the unusual propulsion systems of the craft or the energy that they give off. It may even be a form of camouflage to mask themselves from view. Other explanations could have been the angle of the objects and the fact they were of quite low depth, or light reflecting off them which could have made them hard to see when viewed head on.

Whatever the reason, when she looked indirectly at the objects, she could see that they were slowly descending in formation and slowly coming closer to Scott and Teresa’s position. She shouted out of the window at them to warn them about the objects. “Come on! There’s something coming!” she called out. They looked around, but their view was obscured and they could not see the objects. Becky watched the discs get closer and closer, as Scott and Teresa continued to walk slowly towards the house. She shouted out of the window again. Scott fell over onto the ground and was struggling back to his feet.

As the discs got closer they were then visible all the time, even when Becky stared straight at them. She could now see they were about 10-15 feet in diameter, much larger than the disc from back in 1985. They approached the area, but rather than head towards Scott and Teresa they continued towards the window Becky was standing behind. They reached some nearby housing and were now flying extremely rapidly. They were so low down that Becky thought they were going to crash into hers or the neighbouring houses. But instead the three discs parted and went separate ways. One went to the left of her house, one to the right. The centre disc tilted up to over 45 degrees and passed between the two neighbouring detached houses then flew directly over Becky’s house. She heard no sound at all coming from the objects.

Witness sketch showing view from window, the discs as they initially appeared (upper left) and how they looked when they approached the house:


Becky was so shocked by what she had just seen that she hid in her bed until Scott arrived home. He came into the bedroom and she asked him, “Did you see that? Where are they” But Scott had not seen the objects at all and didn’t know what she was on about. Some craft can only be seen when in a certain awareness, so this may have been why Scott did not see the discs.

Later, either the same night, or the night following the sighting, Becky and Scott went to bed. Becky laid down facing the ceiling. She closed her eyes then almost immediately heard a strange electronic sounding voice in her head. The voice said very clearly “I have you now.” She asked Scott “Did you hear that?” He replied “No – what?” “I have you now. What does that mean?” Scott told her she must have dropped off to sleep and dreamt it. But Becky is certain this was not the case, she had only lain down for a moment.

Standing at the Window

Between 1988 and 1990 Becky lived in a house on Derby Road. Several times her boyfriend woke up in the night to find Becky standing at the window with the curtains open. She was asleep but looked like she was staring out at something. Each time he would wake her up and help her back into bed. Becky may have had an encounter around this time which she is currently unaware of.

In more recent years, Becky has had a fascination with staring at the night sky and the stars. She often spends ages staring at them through the window. She does not know the reason why but seems somehow drawn to them. This is a common trait of contactees, it is probable that Becky subconsciously knows what is happening to her.

Glowing UFO Incident

In 1996 Becky had once again moved house, and was now with her boyfriend named Matt. She was living on the 2nd floor of a block of flats named Parklands, just off School Lane. One night she stayed up quite late watching television. Matt had already gone to bed. It was around 12.30am in the morning. Suddenly Becky heard what sounded like a lorry with its engine running constantly. The noise was quite loud and sounded like it was close outside the flat.

Aerial photograph of Parklands, showing car park which Becky's flat overlooked:


She continued to watch TV but then the picture started to go fuzzy, there was some sort of interference. The noise was ongoing and she got angry at it, so decided to go take a look and see what was causing it. She walked up to the large window of the lounge, pulled the curtains apart a bit and peered out.

Immediately she became aware of a very bright light above and to the right of the window. It was quite large but was so bright she could not see any object behind the light. The light had an ultraviolet tinge to it. It was completely lighting up the car park outside the flat. She was certain that the object was the cause of the sound, and wondered what it could be. It was completely still and she was sure it was hovering in the air quite close to the flat. Un-nerved by the light, she decided to go and wake Matt up.

Witness sketch showing Becky opening the curtain and the glowing object:


As she went into the bedroom, a sudden glow came from behind the curtains. Opening them she saw that the light had come round the side of the flat and was now outside the bedroom window, almost as if it was watching her. She also noted that the strange sound she had heard had now stopped, and the object was silent. She woke Matt up and he too saw the light. They stared at it for a number of seconds. Suddenly without warning, the orb of light sped up extremely fast and accelerated away into the night sky, gaining altitude as it went. In just a brief moment it had completely vanished from sight!

Witness sketch showing view from bedroom window and the UFO's trajectory as it sped away:


Becky was stunned at how fast the object had accelerated. However Matt told her to forget what she’d seen, despite having also seen it. She told him she could not and that the object was definitely not normal. But he didn’t want to listen and settled back down to sleep. Becky went back through to the lounge, sat down and thought about what she had just seen. It was now that she noticed that the clock in the lounge was now saying 1.30am. She suddenly felt really strange and realised a whole hour had gone by which she could not account for. Also the TV was now off, she was certain it had still been on when she went to get Matt. From that point onward the clock never worked again, even when they changed the batteries. She stayed up a bit longer before finally deciding to go to sleep. It is certainly possible that contact may have occurred during this missing hour, but so far we have been unable to discover any definite details linked to it, even during Becky’s first regression, which focused on this incident (See transcript later).

In the morning, she started talking to Matt about the object. He told her to forget what she’d seen because nobody would believe her anyway. She replied to him “You saw it as well”, to which he responded “I’m not even going to mention it.”

Later in the day, Becky asked the neighbours and some of the other people in the flat if they’d seen anything but no-one said they had. However the following day, Becky’s friend informed her that there had been an article in the newspaper which said that a man walking his dog in the early hours of the morning in the area of Quedgeley had seen something. Becky never got to read this article for herself, and does not know which newspaper it appeared in, but it is possible there was another witness to the object.

Ever since the sighting, Becky has had a phobia of violet/blue tinged lights. She informed me that when she went for contact lenses a while back someone had shone a bright ultraviolet light into her eyes. She started hyperventilating and became extremely distressed. It felt like she couldn’t breathe and she quickly got up and left. Also recently she had gone to a bowling alley with Julie, but had to leave because of a number of bright blue lights that were there. It is likely that this phobia comes from her UFO sighting, and probably triggers flashbacks to the experience.

An Unknown Presence

For many years now, Becky has felt like a presence is observing her. This feeling comes and goes, but is sometimes very strong indeed. When I first arrived to interview her in February 2010, she said she could not feel anything. But about half way through our discussion she said she could feel it there next to her. Contactees often report this feeling of being watched.

Occasionally while in her bed she has felt a presence behind her but has not turned round to see what it is. One time she was so certain there was something there that she asked it out loud to go away and exclaimed that she was not scared of it.

Staring Eyes

For a number of years, Becky has experienced something very unusual on a number of occasions when she has gone to bed. Shortly after lying down, while she is still fully aware of what is going on, she will hear a strange buzzing sound in her head. This is sometimes accompanied by pulsing vibrations and a tingling sensation in her legs. She then feels herself sinking into a deep sleep-like state, during which the buzzing sound gets more and more intense. Becky informed me this feeling is nice but frightening at the same time.

Sometimes she will get scared and try to fight this and will wake back up. Other times she lets it happen. Whenever she does she gets the image of a face staring right at her close up. The face is blurred but has two “big black holes” for eyes which she is completely transfixed on. She never remembers what happens after this point.

In the morning after one of these experiences, she sometimes feels like pins have been stuck into her around the area of her eyes. Mary informed me that implants are sometimes put in through the eyes, and this could be responsible for the pain she feels. Becky has also sometimes gets a sharp pain in her belly button. Female contactees have reported having an instrument placed here which causes this pain, which is probably used to extract eggs.

She asked her GP about these incidents, and he assumed she must have migraines. However she does not get any of the usual side effects of migraines such as flashing lights, giddiness or sickness. Becky decided to go for a brain scan on 19th March 2010 just to make sure that there is nothing which could cause such odd experiences. Something interesting occured during the scan itself, you can read about it later in this report. She is currently awaiting the results of this scan.

It seems entirely possible to me that Becky is experiencing contact during these incidents. The pulsing vibrations and tingling feeling she describes are often reported, and usually prelude a contact experience. The being she sees with the big black eyes is quite possibly a Grey staring at her.

Without Consent

As well as the incidents described above, Becky has also experienced something else a number of times – something highly disturbing and frightening. The experience always begins when she is lying down in bed and still awake. At first her legs start to feel shaky and she gets the feeling something is about to happen. She then hears the back door of the house open. When this happens she will then become completely paralyzed except for her eyes.

She hears a figure walking up the stairs and into her bedroom. She then feels the unknown figure will then climb onto her and have sex with her. During this, she is usually too frightened to look at the figure. On the times when she has opened her eyes she has seen a shadowy form but it is never clear. One time the figure spoke to her and asked her to look at it, but she kept her eyes shut. After a short while, she feels the figure leave. This experience is of course highly distressing for her.

Becky says this experience has happened for quite a number of years. Six years ago it would happen quite regularly but now it seems to happen less often. She informed me when I first interviewed her that it had taken place once in the previous month. She is aware of sleep paralysis, and these incidents do appear to fit some of the criteria; however she is certain that she is awake when the experience takes place, and after it is over she will usually get out of bed rather than just drift off to sleep.

On one recent occasion she actually felt her body lift off the bed into the air prior to the figures arrival. The rest of the experience took place the same as it usually would, and once the figure departed she felt herself float back down onto the bed.

Mary informed me that this activity is a pattern sometimes reported and linked to certain species of ETs.

Unexplained Pregnancies

On one occasion a number of years ago, Becky started to experience various signs that she was pregnant. She was not with anyone at the time but decided to get a pregnancy test just to put her mind at ease. The pregnancy test was a clear blue test, and it came out positive. Her GP informed her it had 100% accuracy and there was no question that she was pregnant.

The next time she visited her GP and took another test, it came back a negative. The baby (if that’s what it was) had apparently completely vanished.

Becky has felt like she is pregnant on other occasions as well. This feeling usually remains for a number of weeks. There is always the possibility that these are merely false pregnancies, but considering Becky’s experiences there may well be another explanation. In some fully documented contact cases, it appears that the contactee has been used as a host to grow babies of mixed alien-human DNA, which has then later been taken from them. Could this be what is happening here?

For more information about this aspect of the contact phenomenon, I reccomend Mary Rodwell's book Awakening.

Physical Signs

Sometimes when Becky wakes up, she finds strange red blotches on her upper legs. As far as she is aware she is not allergenic and does not wear any specific item of clothing which could account for the markings. They do not itch or hurt, and always vanish within a day. Contactees often wake to find strange unexplained markings or rashes on them, which usually disappear after a short time. Currently she has no photographs of these markings, the last time it occurred, the markings did not last long at all. However she will hopefully soon be able to capture them on camera.

On a number of occasions she has found tiny flecks of blood on her pillow and bedclothes. She cannot explain where they have come from and has checked to make sure she has no cuts.

Recently Becky noticed that a small patch of hair towards the front of her head was missing. She has very healthy hair so this was quite noticeable to her. She asked her GP but he said it was unlikely to be alopecia, as the rest of her head was fine. He could not understand what had caused it. The hair has started to grow back now but the area was still partially visible when I interviewed her:


Many contactees have reported having small areas of hair removed. The reason behind this is unclear, but the hair may be used as a source of DNA. It is certainly not definite that this has occurred in Becky’s case, but is still another interesting factor, and one which should be taken into consideration.

Disturbed Sleep

It is not at all surprising that Becky suffers from unusual sleep patterns. She informed me this had become especially prevalent in recent months. She feels she has insomnia and likes to stay up really late at night, and then sleep through the daytime. The fear of another encounter if she sleeps is the probable explanation for this insomnia, and is commonly reported by contactees.

However a number of times recently she has also experienced a sudden desire to sleep. If this happens she tends to lie back and sleep wherever she is, not always go to her bed. Could this be related to her unusual sleep patterns or is there another cause?

Dream Sleep

When I asked Becky about her dreams, she informed me that she sometimes has strange dreams, but cannot clearly remember what takes place in them. She has had a number of dreams about UFOs, probably indirectly linked to her sightings. In one nightmare, there were hundreds of saucers in the sky and her neighbourhood was cordoned off by unknown people. Her and her family went inside and hid in the house, and she could hear an announcement asking everyone to remain inside. This dream was a nightmare and she woke up in a cold sweat.

Fears and Dislikes

As well as her phobia of bright ultraviolet lights, Becky has a number of other fears, some of which she has had since an early age.

She feels distressed or unusual when she hears about or sees pictures of UFOs or extraterrestrials. She knows relatively little about the subject, because whenever something is on about it she has almost always avoided watching it. One time she watched the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. She broke down into tears for a long while. She had no idea why it affected her in this way, but she has not watched it since. The only reason she watched the TV program which spurred her to contact me in the first place was because someone else had it on in the background.

Becky has always had a fear of the dark. This has been with her since childhood to present. She always leaves the landing light on and the door ajar, and feels uncomfortable if she is in complete darkness.

Becky is also claustrophobic and finds elevators or corridors especially uncomfortable. If there is a choice between using a lift or taking the stairs, she will always choose the later. If she does go in an elevator she feels like she will get trapped inside it with no escape.

These fears could well be due to contact experiences she is not fully aware of at present. All of them have been regularly reported by contactees.

Drawing Eyes

Since an early age, Becky has had a fascination with drawing pictures of faces - either quick sketches or detailed portraits, and is especially compelled to draw eyes. The eyes she draws are slanted, and are large in comparison to the other features of the face. Sometimes she even draws them again and again, without being fully aware of what she is doing. She has no idea where this compulsion comes from, but it is possible she is remembering the eyes of beings she has met during one or more contact experiences.

Below are typical examples of these drawings:


Ageing Gracefully

Becky physically looks a lot younger than she actually is. She has very good skin for her age and no grey hairs at all. Her friend Julie vouched for her when she said she looks almost the same as she did 20 years ago. Her younger sisters and even her own daughter look older than her. A while back she was worried about her health and visited a GP. He informed her that her skin, internal organs and uterus were like that of a 21 year old. Becky also feels that her skin heals very quickly if it gets damaged.

It is not widely known, but experienced contact researcher and hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell informed me that this is another common trait. This could mean that for some reason Becky’s experiences have improved the health of her body and even slowed the ageing process.

Electrical Interference

Contactees often report unusual electrical phenomena in close proximity to themselves. It is not really known the reason for this, perhaps it is some kind of charge of energy that they receive through their experiences.

The lights in Becky’s house blow much more regularly than they should. Also on a number of occasions the TV has turned itself on or off of its own accord when Becky was in the lounge.

She has had an electrician check out the electrics of the house but he could not find any problems at all.

On the evening of 15th February, Becky drove round to her daughter’s house. As soon as she entered, the lights in the house started to flicker. Her daughter informed her this had never taken place before and Becky was sure it was due to her presence. It disturbed her so much that in the end she decided to leave, and was informed later that the lights did stop flickering after she had gone.

Paranormal Activity

As well as the feeling of a presence watching her, Becky has experienced various unusual activity around her house. Contactees often report paranormal activity in their proximity. The activity Becky has experienced may or may not be linked with contact. It is possible that Becky has heightened senses as a result of contact, which makes her more attuned to experience supernatural phenomena.

A number of times Becky has heard someone suddenly shout her name. She cannot tell if the voice is male or female but usually thinks it is someone else in the house calling her. When she goes to check, there is no-one there. On one occasion she was upstairs when suddenly she heard someone shout “Becky!” She ran downstairs but no-one was around. Her neighbour was outside so she asked her if she’d called her, but she denied having done so. This exact same thing was reported to me by Ken Butcher, another UFO witness who shows signs of contact (See report in 2009 Sightings section).

Several times now when she is alone in the house, Becky has heard what sounds like footsteps going across the roof of the lounge. She is certain it is not the house creaking or echoes coming from next door. She says it sounds like clear footsteps of someone walking across the bedroom upstairs. She is always too un-nerved to go up and check the room.

Every 25th March Becky feels something which feels like a hand stroke her hair. This has happened for a number of years, and she has no reason to believe it will cease. The time and location that it occurs at varies.

Many times household items have mysteriously vanished for a time before suddenly reappearing in places Becky would certainly have checked. She says this really un-nerves her and happens quite regularly.

Numerous times when she is lying in bed she has suddenly smelt a strong odour of violets. She has looked around for a possible source of the smell but can never find one. Her mum once informed her that her gran used to wear violet perfume, so she wonders if it is the ghost of her grandmother coming to visit her.

On the 4th February 2010, several days before I met Becky for the first time, she was sitting in the lounge watching TV. The door was open, looking out onto the hall. She happened to glance at the door and suddenly saw what looked like a shadowy figure walk briskly up the stairs. She did not get up and check the house, but she was certainly alone at the time. Shortly after I left on the 9th February, Becky said she saw a dark figure walk past her lounge window. These figures are known as "shadow beings", and have often seen by contactees.

Both her previous and current pet dogs have on a number of occasions stood in the hallway and stared and barked at a particular corner. Becky feels they are sensing something that is there. Also she informed me that sometimes her current dog Max will stand still and stare right at her for ages for no apparent reason.

Repressed Memories

A number of times during our discussion, Becky informed me that she wanted to tell me certain things but that it was like something was stopping her from saying them.

When I asked her if she had ever seen any orbs of light either in her house or elsewhere, she said she was certain she had but couldn’t remember where or when. She said that when she heard that particular question her head felt very strange, as if something in her brain had “shifted”. Mary said this was more than likely a trigger for something Becky has experienced.

Later I asked her if she was drawn to any particular remote places. Again she reacted strongly to this, and said there was somewhere where she was on her own but for some reason couldn’t remember where. She also mentioned that she does not like driving through the areas of Gloucester named Matson and Brocksworth. She has no apparent reason for not liking these areas, but always feels uncomfortable when heading through them. According to Mary, this is a classic reaction which has been reported many times before.

We also discussed her family. She started to tell me about her brother, who had apparently been “taken away” from her mother shortly after he was born in the middle of the night. She said her mother had told her about this, but felt very strange when talking about it and felt there was more she wanted to tell me but couldn’t. She could not understand why he would have been taken away like this and finds it very odd.

During her initial regression, Becky showed signs that subconsciously she has blocked memories, and at one point even stated that something was stopping her from remembering (See transcript later). Blocks in memory are very common with contactee cases, and I wonder if this is taking place here. What is certain is that during the Parklands glowing UFO sighting she experienced an hour of missing time that she cannot currently remember. This may well have happened on other occassions too.

Precognitive Ability

It is common for contactees to receive heightened senses or special abilities through their experiences. The reason for this is not really known. Becky believes that she has had a precognitive ability for many years, and can sometimes predict things that are going to take place. These predictions come to her at random, and have apparently protected or helped her and her family and friends a number of times.

One time when she was out driving, she approached a roundabout. Just as she pulled out onto the roundabout, she felt a sudden overwhelming desire to brake to a halt. A moment later a huge lorry lost control, skidded and rolled over the island. If Becky had not stopped she would almost certainly have been killed.

Another time she was on her way home from visiting her mum. She approached a junction and saw to the right a vehicle approaching with its indicator flashing to turn into the road she was on. She was about to pull out when suddenly she heard a voice in her head telling her to stop. She did so and the vehicle did not turn into the road but drove straight on by at quite a fast speed. Again she had been saved from being involved in a road accident.

Many years ago, one of her friends was set to go on a holiday by train. Shortly before she left, Becky had a very bad feeling and told her friend not to go. Initially her friend ignored her request, but before she left decided to heed Becky’s warning at the last minute. She later found out that the train she would have travelled on had de-railed and there had been quite a few fatalities.

Becky regularly goes to bingo, and often can sense when she is going to win money. She doesn’t know how, but gets a particular feeling which appears correct time and time again.

Heightened Senses

As well as her precognitive ability, Becky feels her senses are highly attuned. She has a very strong bond with her daughters, and can often sense things, such as when they are in trouble. She is highly protective of them and says her maternal instinct is extremely strong.

Becky is also very intuitive about people (This fact was backed up by her friend Janet). She can often sense things about them without having to actually speak to them. For example she can diagnose issues such as autism or asperger’s syndrome, even if the individual looks completely normal.

She also feels she is sensitive to noise and is aware of every sound around her all the time, both day and night. She believes her level of hearing is unusually keen.

Contactees commonly appear to have high sense abilities such as these, so this is yet more evidence that Becky is experiencing contact.

Ongoing Feelings

When talking with Becky about her feelings towards herself and others, she came out with some very intriguing statements.

She has always believed she has been put here as some kind of experiment. She doesn’t know where this feeling comes from and of course knows that she was born of her parents, but she has felt this for a long time for an unknown reason.

Becky feels she is different to both her parents, and also her own daughters, in both appearance and some aspects of her personality. She also feels different to everyone else in some way, but is not sure exactly how.

She has a very strong compulsion to look after her children, and feels this on an abnormal, almost primal level. She feels a particularly strong bond to her daughter Tara, and cannot understand why.

Becky likes being on her own and keeps most people at a distance. This was confirmed by Janet, who said that she is often cold towards people even those who have known her for a long time.

Feelings such as these are often experienced by individuals referred to as "star seeds" or "star/indigo children". These people show signs that their origins lie outside of our planet. Obviously Becky's answers and her various experiences are not definate proof of this, but it is still a possibility to consider. To learn more about star children, I reccomend Mary Rodwell's book Awakening, and Abducted by Ann Andrews.


It is widely known that contact can often occur through multiple generations of a family. While interviewing Becky, she informed me of a couple of unusual facts about her daughter Tara which possibly point towards her being a contactee as well.

When she was young, Tara often used to wake up in the middle of the night about 3am screaming that there was something behind her bedroom door coming into her room. This lasted for quite a while. Becky would go and check, and never found anything out of place. Perhaps it was just nightmares, but then again perhaps not.

In 2007 when Tara was 26 years old, she often saw shapes in clouds and took photographs of them on her phone. Often she said she could see eyes in them looking down at her, and that something was trying to talk to her through them. One particular cloud photograph that she took she claimed looked like an alien face. Becky thought she was acting very strange indeed during this period.

I will hopefully soon get the chance to speak with Tara about her own experiences; if I do I will update this report with any new details that come to light.

Initial Regression

The regression hypnotherapist who assisted with the case is named Robert Tudge. He is highly experienced in regressing contactees and UFO witnesses after working with UFORM for many years.


Before beginning the regression, which took place at Becky’s house on 14th February 2010, he spoke with her for a while to make sure she was happy to go ahead. Becky was fine to continue, so he began.

Below is the full transcript of the regression. After the transcript I give my analysis on the various statements within it and what they could mean.

R: All I want you to do is breathe, just breathe. As you breathe out I want you to relieve all of the tension, at the back of your neck and your shoulders. Just as you breathe out…let it go. And on the next breath too. And see if you can relax, all down your muscles, down your arms, your forehead. As you next exhale just let it go. Let that tension go. So it is with your upper arms, your lower arms, just breathe out and allow the tension of the day to just leave you. There you go. From your upper back, to your lower back, as you breathe out, just relax. Relax. And the noises inside the room, and the noises outside the room, will help you relax even more. Becky I want you to imagine yourself standing at the top of ten steps. You’re at the top, looking down some steps, and there’s a huge wooden door at the bottom of the steps. And you’re going to go down the steps, but before we start down the steps I want you to imagine a beautiful bubble of white light surrounding you. You’re inside this bubble, this is your bubble of protection. It’s above your head and below your feet. You can stretch your arms out left and right, you cannot touch the inside of this bubble, it will protect you. I want you to imagine now, small tendrils now growing out of your heels. They go out to the bubble, into the ground, into the subsoil. So you are protected and grounded, but you can move quite freely. And I’ll ask you to take your first step down. At the second step down into peace and tranquillity. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, completely at ease. And step number three. And step four, almost half way down. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, protected and grounded. And number five. Step number six. And seven. Almost there now. Eight…nine…and ten. You’re standing in front of a huge wooden door, protected and grounded with the steps behind you. I’ll tell you what’s behind the door. Beyond that door is a hallway that stretches out right into the distance, and there are doors to the left and right. I want you to go through that door now, close it behind you, and perhaps you’ll tell me when you’ve done that. B: Yeah. R: Yeah that’s great, that’s a good girl, that’s fine. You’re looking down the hallway, looking into the far distance. And you can see numerous doors to the left and right. And you begin walking down the hallway, and I want you to look at each door on the left and on the right as you go. Look to your left, look to your right. Because you’re going to be drawn to one door in particular Becky. Because behind that door that you’re drawn to is your subconscious mind. So walk down the hallway. Check to the left and right, and perhaps you will tell me when you’ve found the door that you’re attracted to….Keep walking down the hallway, checking to the left and right. You will be attracted to one door in particular, because behind that door is your subconscious mind…. B: Lots. R: There are lots and lots of doors yes, you keep looking, you will be attracted to one door in particular. You will know which one it is when you see it….Keep looking, keep walking along. Good. You’ve found it, yes? You’ve found it? B: It’s a black door. R: Black door ok. Is there anything written above the door or on the door? B: I can’t see. R: That’s fine, ok. In a moment I’m going to ask you to go into that room. In that room is your subconscious mind. At present you won’t be able to see it, you won’t be able to see it, but the room will feel warm and familiar ok. So just open the door and go in, you won’t see anything at present, but the room will feel warm and familiar. Are you in? B: No. R: It’s quite safe to go in. You’re protected and grounded. B: I’m in. R: Are you in there? B: Dark. R: It’s dark, ok. In a moment I shall be speaking to your subconscious mind, I’ll be speaking to your subconscious mind as if I’m speaking to another person. And I don’t want you to think about my questions or consider your answers, but just give them as quickly as they come. I’m going to count to three and snap my fingers, and your subconscious mind will appear as a shape, a colour, picture or a symbol ok. It will appear to you. One, two, three. Tell me what you see….What is it that you see? B: Dark. R: Still dark? B: Dark. R: Ok. I’m going to count to three and snap my fingers, and you will become your subconscious mind. One, two, three. Are you Becky’s subconscious mind? Yes or no? B: Yes. R: Thank you subconscious mind for appearing in that way. Subconscious mind, would it be appropriate to go back in safety and comfort to the incident at Parklands? Yes or no? B: Not sure. R: We have to have permission before we can go back to the incident at Parklands. You are protected and grounded, and there will be other safety measures in place, do you understand? Do we have permission to go back in safety and comfort? B: Yes. R: Thank you subconscious mind. I’ll count to three Becky, and you’ll come back. One, two, three. Ok you’re back in the subconscious room. Open the door and make your way back out into the hallway. B: Can’t open the door. R: Ok, ask it to open. Tell me when you’re back in the hallway. B: I’m back. R: Directly opposite, there’s another door Becky, and I’ll tell you what’s in that room. At the far end of the room there will be a television set. Eight to ten feet from the television set there will be two chairs, and there’s another chair eight to ten feet behind that. So go into the room now for me please. B: I’m in the room. R: You’ve beaten me to it. Very good. So at the far end of the room is a TV set. Two chairs side by side eight to ten foot from it, and eight to ten foot behind those two chairs there’s another chair. I am already sitting in one of those two chairs, will you come and sit with me please? B: Yeah. R: Good. Now at any time during this exercise you want to open your eyes you can do. Any time during this exercise you call my name or say hold my hand, I will do that, and I’ll do that for you now so you know. Ok? I am here for you, I am physically here for you Becky. Ok. So your body is looking at the television set, it is blank at the moment, but be aware you have a remote, and I have a remote. I want you now to float your consciousness out of your body, send it back to that chair that’s behind us. Drift your consciousness out of your body; send your consciousness back to that other chair. B: It’s going around everywhere. R: Tell it to sit in the seat. You have control don’t forget. It must sit in the seat, your consciousness must be in that seat. B: I’ll sit down. R: Is it sitting down or is it near the chair? That’s ok if it’s near that position. B: It’s in the chair. R: Ok, so your consciousness is observing your body, and your body will be watching the television set, so you are twice removed from what’s happening. Do you understand that? B: Yeah. R: You are protected and grounded, and twice removed from your memories of what happened at Parklands. Do you understand? B: Yeah. R: If you say Rob, I will hold your hand. If you want things to stop you press the remote, and it switches it off. If I want it to stop I will press the remote and switch it off. Are you happy? You’re safe and protected. B: Yeah. R: Ok. The TV will already be queued up for the incident at Parklands. When you’re ready I want you to press the start button, and tell me what you see on the screen. In your own time, you have control. B: I have turned the telly on. R: What’s on there? You tell me. B: Nothing. R: There’s nothing on there yet? B: No. R: Perhaps it’s starting from when you woke up on that particular day. Perhaps we’re going to see the entire lengths of the day….Is it still black? B: Having a look. R: Is there something on the remote you can press to get the picture and sound as you wish? You tune it as you wish. B: Some kind of silly noise on there. R: It’s a silly noise on there. Ah, you’re nearly there, we’re getting something. Adjust the remote so you can hear more clearly and get a picture. You have the remote, you fiddle with the controls, you know exactly what to do….And what’s happening now? B: It’s just lines. R: Lines. We’ve got a picture and it’s just lines. Ok. B: Just lines. R: Just lines. It needs tracking in. You can do that with the remote. You’re getting a buzzing noise and you’re getting tracking. You track it in so you’ve got a picture, of the incident at Parklands….And what’s happening now? B: I can see you sat there. R: You can see something on there? B: No I can see you sat down. R: I’m there. I’m with your body watching the television yes. And your consciousness is in the chair behind us. But what’s on the screen at present? B: Just moving shapes, it’s constant light. R: Ah, moving shapes ok. Adjust the speed on your remote then to slow it down so we can make sense of what’s on the screen. Can you do that? B: Yeah. R: Tell me what’s happening. What have we got? B: Clouds. Just looks like clouds. Clouds. R: Clouds, ok. B: It’s cold. R: You’re cold? B: Yeah. R: Don’t forget your consciousness watching your body, watching the TV. Just watching what’s on the screen. You are twice removed, you are protected and grounded, and I’m sitting alongside you. What’s on the screen now? (Becky jumps) R: What was that? What’s happening there? B: Something made me jump. R: Something made you jump. What made you jump? B: Don’t know. R: Ok. Can you tell me exactly what’s on the screen, do you recognise what’s on the screen? B: No. R: You can’t recognise it? You told me there were clouds on there. B: Yeah. R: What colour is the sky, around the clouds? B: Black. R: Black, black around the clouds, ok. Does your remote need a little tuning to get that as it should be? Can you do that? B: It’s coming. R: What’s coming? What’s coming Becky? B: I don’t know. R: Your consciousness is in the chair which is far away from the TV, just tell me what you see on the TV screen. B: There’s something coming. R: What’s coming Becky? B: I don’t know. R: Can you see what’s coming clearly? B: It’s a skeleton. R: Ok. Press the freeze frame. Press the pause button. Press pause, stop it for a moment, let’s just have a look. B: What’s that? It’s poking… R: Stop it. Stop it. You’re just watching something on a screen. This is your consciousness, watching your body, watching the screen. Where is the skeleton? B: Looking at me. R: On the TV screen? B: No, he’s out the TV. Out the TV screen. R: He can’t come any closer. He cannot come any closer. How tall is he? B: Tall as us. R: As tall as us. Just a skeleton? Just bones? B: Bones. R: He can move? B: He just walked, walked out of nowhere. R: He just walked out of nowhere. B: Yeah. I’m not even looking at the TV. R: He came from somewhere else? He has no right to be here. B: Ok. R: He has no right to be here. You have the power to deal with him. He has no right to interfere with this important work, which your subconscious mind has agreed to do. B: He’s just looking. Not saying nothing, just looking. R: If he stands by the TV screen will you allow him to stand there? B: He can stand there. R: Excellent. He must stay there. Good girl, well done. Can you ask him who he is?....What did he say? B: Nothing. R: Nothing. I’m going to count to three and click my fingers, and you will be that skeleton. One, two, three. Skeleton, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? You must answer. Why are you here today? B: Because I want to be here. R: Where are you from? B: Not telling you. R: Are you afraid of the truth? B: Not telling you. R: What do you need from us? B: Everything. R: You want everything from us? B: Everything. R: Who sent you? B: Nobody. R: What is your reason for being here? B: Because I can. R: Because you can. B: Mmm. R: You want everything from us? B: Everything. R: What is it that you want from us? B: I want all of it. Everything I can take away. Get it all, I want it all. And I’m going to have it all. R: Do you envy our bodies because you are just bones? B: No. R: What do you want of us? B: I want it all. I want it all, everything. R: Do you want our spirit, our soul? What is it you require from us? B: Peace and quiet. R: Peace and quiet? From a human mind? We are in a constant state of stress and confusion. Why should you want that from us? Our bodies decay. B: ‘Cause it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t like that. R: When wasn’t it like that? B: The book said it wasn’t like that, books said it wasn’t like that. R: Books? Whose books? Whose? B: Friend. R: You’ve got a friend called books? B: Mmm. R: He told you to come here and take everything from us? B: Mmm. R: You did as you were told? B: I couldn’t help it. R: You do as you’re told do you? B: Yes I do. R: Have you always done as you’re told? B: Yes I have. ‘Cause I am me. I always do as I’m told. R: What can we do to help you? B: (Inaudible) R: Leave your consciousness to the one side of the chair, allow that skeleton to sit there. Are you comfortable skeleton? What is your name? B: Maggie. R: My name is Rob, and Becky is here, on a very important day for her. What would you like to say to Becky? B: Don’t…don’t be brave. R: By being brave Becky will make progress in her life. Being frightened and being told what to do just prolongs the agony. B: We’re all watching. R: You’re watching? B: All of us are watching. R: All of you are watching. But you realise how important it is that Becky is brave because she’s been frightened for a long time, and things are going to change. B: No…No you can’t do that, you can’t take her away, she’s not going anywhere and she’s staying right here! (shouting) R: Exactly, so she’s staying here and being brave, and fronting it out, ‘cause it’s time to progress. She’s staying here, she’s being brave, do you understand? B: I’m going now. I’m going. R: Thank you. I hope what we’ve said has helped you. B: I’m going. R: Bless you. Hope you find what you want….What’s happening now? What’s happening Becky, tell me what you can see. B: It’s coming. R: What’s coming? On the screen? B: No. R: What’s coming? B: It’s darker now. I can see you but… R: I’m here, I’m here. I’m here. B: I can see you but I’m cold. R: I’m here, I’m here, I’ve got you. You’re protected and grounded, and perfectly safe, you’re perfectly safe. We’re together, what did you see coming? B: I can feel it coming. R: You felt something, was it a familiar feeling? B: Mmm. R: Does it do that to frighten you? What does it do? What is it? B: It’s up my legs, it’s all up my legs, it comes up, it’s just all up my legs. R: What is it? B: The tingling. R: The tingling, that familiar tingling, yes? You’re protected and grounded, I’m here with you. You still got that feeling? Ok. We don’t need the TV do we? B: No, I don’t want the TV. R: Ok the TV’s gone, it’s you and I, protected and grounded together. Ok, ok. Is this what came at Parklands? B: I don’t know, I can’t see the light. R: We’re just looking, we’re just looking. We’re just sitting here. I want you to imagine your chakras. That’s a chakra, right there on your head, just there. And now I want you to imagine the most beautiful white light emanating from your forehead, let’s see what happens, let’s see what comes into the light, if you… B: Eyes! R: You can see eyes? Where are the eyes? B: In front of me. R: Ah, ok. You’re protected, grounded, I’m with you. B: It’s looking at me. R: Yeah. B: Coming! R: Stay there, you’re ok, it can’t get inside your bubble. B: No, it’s coming. R: It’s ok. You can see the eyes. What else do you see? B: There’s loads and loads of eyes. R: More eyes? B: Loads of ‘em R: Towards us? B: Towards my face. R: It’s ok, they can’t get in to your bubble, you’re quite quite safe. You’re illuminating what’s happening with your light, do you understand. You’re protected, grounded, and illuminating all around you. Ok. Is it still there? B: It’s still there. R: Have a good look at it. B: It’s hard to see, I can’t see. R: Ok, give it more light. Illuminate, just illuminate what you see. B: It’s just eyes. R: Just the eyes. How far off the floor are these eyes? B: Big eyes. R: Ok. What colour are they? B: Black eyes. R: What shape are they? B: Like holes. R: Shall you and I take a step forward towards these eyes? You’re protected, and grounded, and illuminating what’s in front of you. Just take a step forward. Illuminate more. Illuminate more. Lets see it for what it is, instead of skulking about in the shadows. Let’s bring some light here. What do you see? B: It’s fur. R: It’s fur? So we’ve got black eyes like holes and fur. What colour is the fur? B: I don’t know, just know it’s fur. R: Fur, ok. What shape is it, can you tell me? B: It’s not there. R: Ok, has it gone? I just want you to breathe…just breathe. B: It’s trying to get in my eyes. R: We’re not allowing that. More light. More light in front of you. Light of the universe that you’re giving through your third eye, and it’s illuminating this room, illuminating this creature of the dark, with its dark eyes like holes. You’re protected and grounded. B: I can’t see anything. R: Is it gone? B: No. R: Turn around, look for it, hiding in the corner. Shout at it. Shout at it. You just shout at it. B: It won’t listen. R: You haven’t shouted at it yet. Show yourself or be gone, that’s the choice. Tell it, shout at it. B: Gotta show yourself. Show yourself or go away. Leave me alone! R: Shout at it. B: Leave me alone! R: Good girl. B: It’s a coward, it don’t want to show me. It won’t show me my thoughts. It’s making me not think, It’s trying to make me not think, it’s telling me not to think. R: It doesn’t have the right to do that. B: I can’t think. R: You’re illuminating what’s in front of you, you’re illuminating the room with the light of the universe through your third eye. This is a creature of the dark, of the shadows, of the dark corners. You are a child of the light, it’s time you realised this. This is why they come to see you. You’re a beacon, a beacon of light. They’re drawn from the darkness towards you. B: I see the light now. R: Good girl. B: It’s right above my head. R: Ahh. What colour is it? B: White. R: White light. Purity. B: It’s in the shape of a triangle. R: Is it a star? B: No, it’s a light. R: A triangular light above your head. B: Now it’s a round light. R: It’s a round light. Ok. What colour is the triangle? B: White. R: I’m in a white light. R: You’re stood in a white light? B: I’m stood in a round white light, looking up at this round white light. I can’t see you anymore. R: I’m here, you can feel me. The light is so bright. Yes? B: Mmm. R: I’m here with you. I’m here with you. B: I’m just looking at it now, and it ain’t even doing anything, it’s just looking at me. R: Ok. Where did this come from? Above? B: Mmm. Came from the pitch black. R: From pitch black it came, and illuminated us both in a brilliant white light. What’s it doing now? Is it still there? B: It’s sending something to me. R: It’s sending something? What’s it sending? B: Can’t see. R: Can’t see what it is? Ok. Close your eyes and open your eyes. Go ahead and look. What’s it sending to you? B: It’s trying to get in my head. R: It’s not getting in. It’s not getting in. It used the white light. We only work with beings of one hundred percent pure light, nothing else. It’s trying to trick us. You’re protected and grounded, and you have the pure white light of the universe to defeat it. You have control, absolute control. B: It’s gone dark. R: So they’ve retreated. Is it gone? More light from your forehead, illuminate the corners, into the dark and see what you can see. B: Another light, the same as before. R: Uh-huh. We’ll give it the opportunity to show us what it is. B: I can see it out of the corner of my eye. R: That’s fine, that’s how they present. Just look straight ahead, take in as much as you can, and tell me what you see. You’re quite safe, protected and grounded, illuminating the area with your own light. B: It’s looking at me. R: So they haven’t got the courage to come forward and let us look? You’re not scared of them? How do you feel being protected and grounded by your own light. Does that give you courage? Good girl. We’ll leave them here. Just leave them. Just leave them and make our way back to that corridor. However you want, make your way back to the corridor. Just leave them in the dark, like the cowards that they are. B: I can’t find where I’m going. R: You will know exactly the way back. You have an intuition, you have the knowledge to find your way back to the corridor. Good girl, well done. B: It’s light now. R: It’s light now, are you in the corridor? B: Yeah. R: Excellent. Ok, shut the door behind you. Good. Ok let’s walk back to that huge wooden door. You and I together. Lets just walk through to the steps and close the door behind us. Ok. Before we go back up the steps we’ll take stock of what happened. You’ll bring all thoughts and feelings back with you, in particular your courage, and the knowledge that you have control. They are the beings of darkness. B: They want me. R: They want you? B: They wanted me there. R: Ok, what do you do, you face them down with your own light. You did it. I want you to remember that. Have pride in what you achieved today. Ok. So, start climbing the stairs. Ten to nine. Eight, seven, six. As you finish climbing the steps you come back to the room. In your own time, and take as long as you like, to come back to this room. As long as you want. Take your time. Take your time. Give yourself the opportunity to relax, there’s no rush, no rush at all.

Initial Regression Analysis

For the first regression we decided to concentrate on the incident at Becky’s Parklands address where she saw the ultraviolet glowing object and experienced an hour of missing time. This seemed like the most likely incident where additional memories may be uncovered.

Not as much came out in the regression than we would have liked. It is interesting that Becky can consciously remember many aspects of the Parklands sighting (apart from the missing hour of time), yet under hypnosis she could not describe these details. There are a number of reasons why this could have occurred.

It is possible that other issues in her life were getting in the way of remembering the incident and distracting her. Rob believes the skeleton she saw was a visual representation of Becky’s inner self, and that when it said it wanted everything this was an opposing reaction to Becky’s generosity towards others.

Perhaps the TV screen and set up with the chairs was confusing to her, and put her off retrieving the relevant memories in this case. Later in the regression she tells Rob she does not need the TV and he removes it from the room in her subconscious mind.

However another possibility is that the beings that I believe are in contact with Becky would not let her remember the details of the incident. This is known as a memory block, and is quite common in contactee cases. In the later part of the regression she states “It’s a coward, it don’t want to show me. It won’t show me my thoughts. It’s making me not think, It’s trying to make me not think, it’s telling me not to think.” This certainly suggests that she is currently being blocked from telling us what took place.

I will now make a number of suggestions about various links between what Becky said under hypnosis and known contact experiences, based upon my knowledge of the contact phenomena. Some of the interpretations are more relevant than others, but all could be valid and point towards memories of experiences she has had.

When Becky does finally get an image on the TV set, she sees a black sky with clouds. It is easy to dismiss this as just her imagination. But could it have been something she actually witnessed, perhaps when being taken up to a craft or through a window in a craft? This is a possibility we should consider.

A couple of times in the regression, Becky appeared to get distressed and mentioned that she could feel something coming, but could not describe exactly what. It is certainly possible she was thinking about a craft or a being approaching her. At one point she mentions getting a familiar tingling sensation spreading through her legs. She also says she feels cold on a number of occasions. These could be feelings from either the Parklands incident or another time when she was taken. Contactees often report a tingling sensation prior to an experience, and have also often described feeling cold while on board et craft (Often they have clothing removed).

During the regression, I felt that the “skeleton” that Becky could see was possibly a Grey or Mantis being rather than an actual skeleton. Even if it did resemble a skeleton, it may well have been a being using this image to disguise itself, or this could have been Becky’s way of interpreting its slender form. If we assume that it really was an et being, then when it told us that it wanted everything, it could have meant that it wanted Becky herself, her body and DNA, or possibly even her spirit or soul.

However there is another unusual possible explanation for it stating that it “wanted it all, wanted everything”. As I mentioned earlier in the report, Becky appears to be precognitive and has had a number of premonitions. On the evening of Saturday 6th March, Becky put the TV on, and the hospital drama Casualty was on. One of the first things that came up was a doctor staring at his reflection in a mirror. Someone asked him what he wanted to which he loudly responded “I want it all! I want everything!” These are the exact words that Becky used during her regression. When she heard them she was immediately shocked, as she remembered what she had said beforehand. We should consider the possibility that when the “skeleton” stated these words, they were a premonition of what Becky would see on TV a few weeks later. If so, there is also the link that Rob was getting her to stare into a virtual TV screen right before the appearance of the skeleton. Could this have triggered a television-related premonition of some kind? This is merely a suggestion; I know that to many this may seem farfetched.

When Rob spoke to the “skeleton” directly, it was adamant that Becky remained there with it. It also said that it does as it is told. This is an interesting quote as Grey beings are often mentioned as behaving like workers, with specific tasks to perform. Another telling sign that it may have been an alien being is that it said that all of them were watching. An interesting statement considering there was only itself present. It could suggest that extraterrestrials have been observing Becky for a time and may well continue to do so.

In the later part of the regression, it seems likely that Becky could see one or more non-human beings around her, perhaps from the Parklands incident, or perhaps from a different experience. Shortly after describing the tingling sensation, she described seeing large black eyes like holes looking at her, but could not describe the rest of the being, other than saying it had fur. The description of the eyes suggests that the being was a Grey, but these are usually described as being hairless. She was possibly referring to something the being was wearing, or maybe it was a different species altogether. At one point she saw lots of eyes staring at her, suggesting that numerous entities were in her presence during at least one contact experience.

Near the end of the regression, Becky described seeing a glowing white triangular shaped light shining light down from above all around her. It is possible that this triangle is a craft that she has seen, and she is remembering it shining a beam down around her. Or perhaps it is a light on board a craft placed over her during a contact experience. When Rob asked what was happening, Becky said that it was sending something to her, and that it was trying to get into her head. Numerous contactees have reported receiving information delivered straight into the brain like a download. Perhaps this is what she was referring to. Alternatively she could have meant that it was trying to read her mind.

As you can see, there are many aspects of the regression that suggest Becky is a contactee. Both myself and Rob believe that many of the memories of what she has experienced are still buried deep down, and she may well have had memory blocks put into place to prevent her remembering, even under hypnosis. Becky plans to go for another regression soon, if it takes place, I will again add the transcript and analysis of it to the report.

Opening Windows

Since the regression, Becky has felt compelled to open both the curtains and window of her bedroom when she goes to bed, even if it is a cold night. She has no idea where this has come from but it certainly seems that the regression was somehow the cause. Perhaps it is so she can see if anything is approaching her house in the air. Alternatively she may be subconsciously welcoming another experience, opening her window to let in whatever is in contact with her.

Fire In The Sky

In early March 2010 Becky was sitting watching TV with Julie. She suddenly had a thought about watching the movie Fire In The Sky, which is about the Travis Walton abduction case. She had seen the movie many years ago, but had no conscious reason to have suddenly thought of re-watching it. She had forgotten most of what took place in the film, but felt compelled to watch it again. It is possible that the regression and speaking about her experiences has somehow struck a chord with her and reminded her of something from the movie. Once she gets hold of it and watches it again, I will ask her whether it jogs any of her own memories.

The Noise Returns!

On the night of 9th March 2010 Becky went up to bed around midnight. She lay down in bed, with the window and curtains open like usual (see above). After a few minutes the familiar pulsing humming noise suddenly began. It was quite loud and was coming from close outside her bedroom window. She immediately recognised it as the noise the silver disc she had seen when she was 13 had made. She was certain that it wasn’t being made by wind (it was quite a still night), or something else nearby such as an electrical generator or house heating.

She became convinced that this was a same or a similar craft was close to her window. However she was very worried about this fact, and was too scared to take a look. She remained in bed listening to the sound, and after a while dropped off to sleep. She is unaware of anything else out of the ordinary occurring that night. Becky says that although she was scared on this occasion, if she hears the sound again she will grab her camera and take a look out of the window.

The Fourth Kind

On 18th March 2010 Becky went to the video store to hire out a couple of movies. She took them up to the counter, and found that she had picked up an extra movie unintentionally. That movie turned out to be The Fourth Kind, the latest movie to be based around the abduction phenomenon! She has no idea why she was drawn to this or picked it up. Perhaps she subconsciously noticed what the movie was about, and that it relates to her own experiences.

I warned Becky that the movie was designed as a horror film and had some quite disturbing moments in it, but she decided to watch it anyway. Several of the things she saw in it struck a chord with her and brought back new memories related to her experiences.

She remembers on at least four occassions waking up to find herself standing in the bedroom, feeling very out of breath with her heart beating fast. She does not suffer from sleepwalking so these incidents may well have been directly after contact experiences.

She also remembers suddenly waking up and sitting up in bed, trying to shout. But no noise would come out no matter how hard she tried. On this occassion she tried waking her boyfriend but he would not wake up, no matter how hard she shook him. This has been reported before by contactees, and probably took place just prior to or after a contact experience. The aspects of incidents like this suggest that the ETs use some sort of time distortion effect to prevent inference in what they are up to.

She also mentioned again the fear that something was behind her bedroom door. She had informed me of this before, but this was something else that occured in the movie which she could directly relate to.

Brain Scan

On 19th March 2010 Becky went for a brain scan, just to make sure that the headaches, feelings of being observed, buzzing noises and other unusual things she is experiencing are not being caused by something more down-to-earth than ET visitation. She was made to lie down in the brain scanning machine. A few seconds after they switched in on, it suddenly stopped working! The doctor said he was extremely sorry and that this had never happened before, and that he couldn't understand what had taken place! Becky had to wait a long time before the scanner was fixed, and she was finally able to have the scan. This time around it did not break, and she is currently awaiting the results of the scan.

Was the breakdown of the scanning machine just a bad coincedence? Or did Becky or something inside of her somehow interfere with it? Earlier in the report I mentioned that electrical equipment and lights have malfunctioned before when in proximity to her, this interference is a common trait reported by contactees.


As you can see, Becky has experienced an incredible amount of sightings and unusual activity over the years. She has had three very impressive encounters with unidentified objects, none of which can be easily dismissed. She has witnessed strange paranormal activity around her home on numerous occasions.

Despite so far not having any clear recollections of contact with entities, I am convinced that she is a repeat contactee. I feel she is experiencing and displaying too many signs that contact is taking place for it to all be pure coincidence. These thoughts are mirrored by highly renowned contact researcher/hypnotherapist Mary Roswell.

The black eyes she sees staring at her, the tingling and buzzing noise she hears, the paralysis and feeling she is being observed are all possible aspects of contact experiences she has had, which have subsequently been blocked out from her conscious memory. Sometimes she is left with other telling signs that something has occurred, such as unexplained markings and pains. Other aspects of her life such as her precognitive ability, keen senses and physical health may well be directly related to her experiences, as has been reported many times before. Her feelings and phobias, likes and dislikes, are again signs that contact is taking place.

I am certain that as time goes by, Becky will discover more about what is happening to her and how it influences her life. She is planning to be regressed a second time, which may well reveal more details. Becky’s experiences are ongoing, so I am certain this is far from the end of the story.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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