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Gloucester Contactee Case - Greys, UFO Sightings, Missing Time, Psychic Abilities, Paranormal

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Last Updated: 20/03/2010

The contact phenomena is both a very interesting and very important part of ufology. Over the years I have looked into this aspect of the subject in great depth. It is my belief that people from all around the globe are being regularly contacted and taken by a number of different extraterrestrial species. There appears to be numerous reasons for this activity – including genetic research, creation of hybrid beings through mixing of DNA, the ongoing protection and education of our species, and an awakening to a higher level of consciousness. Often numerous generations of a family will experience contact. There are many aspects to this phenomenon and many signs which can indicate it is taking place.

Since becoming a UFO researcher have investigated a number of highly impressive contact cases. This report covers one such case. Becky is 48 years old and lives in Gloucester. Since an early age she has experienced many unusual incidents, most if not all of which may be connected. These incidents have included three close encounters with UFOs, missing time, visions of non-human beings, and many unexplained paranormal events. There are also a number of aspects to her personality and physical characteristics which are very interesting.

This report will cover many of the strange incidents throughout Becky's life, which still continue to this day. It also includes the full transcript and analysis of her initial hypnotic regression. As Becky’s experiences are ongoing it is likely this report will be updated with other events as and when they take place.

Becky has given me full permission to reveal the details within this report, including the regression transcript, for which I am most thankful. She hopes that it will help others who are going through similar things to come to terms with what is happening to them.

The Investigation

I first spoke with Becky on 5th February 2010. She contacted BUFOG via E-Mail to say that she was finally ready to talk about her experiences with someone. I rang her straight back and soon found out why she had got in touch. She had watched a recent TV program about UFOs. In this program someone reported exactly the same thing she had seen many years ago. This prompted her to get in touch with a UFO group. She looked around online and came across the Birmingham UFO Group website.

Through our initial conversation I listened to a brief overview of two stunning UFO sightings, as well as several other unusual things she had experienced. I could immediately tell she was sincere. As is often the case, she had been ridiculed about her experiences numerous times, and was very relieved to finally speak with someone who took her seriously.

On 9th February I drove down to Gloucester to meet her and her friend Janet face-to-face. Over the next few hours we discussed all her experiences in great detail. I was immediately aware that she was describing many of the things often reported by contactees. At this point she knew very little about UFOs or the contact phenomena, so the things she described did not have as much meaning for her, she just found them very unusual. After discussing the experiences she was aware of, I then went through a contact questionnaire with her (A modified version of the original passed to me by Mary Rodwell of ACERN). Both she and I were amazed at how many of the questions she could relate to personally. A number of the questions jogged her memory of other events not discussed up to that point, though many she had already answered.

Becky expresses a sincere wish to fully understand what was happening to her. She has lived with it for so long and wants answers. She was therefore an ideal candidate for hypnotic regression, especially as she had experienced missing time, and also appeared to have blocked memories of certain key incidents. I discussed with her the pro’s and con’s of regression and she was very happy to go ahead with it.

On Sunday 14th February, I and hypnotherapist Robert Tudge drove to Becky’s house to conduct the initial regression. At her request, her friend Janet (Name changed by request) was also present. You can read the transcript of this regression later in this report. We are planning a second regression in the near future.

Since her regression I have stayed in touch with Becky and she has regularly kept me informed of new events. I hope to soon also speak with her daughter Tara (name currently changed for privacy reasons), who has also had some unusual experiences.

The Burning Room

Becky’s first experience of something unusual (which she currently remembers) took place in 1971 when she was 10 years old. Back then she was living in a house on Ullenwood Road, Coney Hill, Gloucester. She was the 2nd eldest of 6 children.

Aerial map of Ullenwood Road:

She cannot remember the date when the incident occurred but it was evening time. Her mum was out for the evening and her dad had gone round next door to visit the neighbour. Becky was asked to watch over the other children until their return. They all went up into the bedroom and after a while dropped off to sleep.

For some reason Becky then woke up. She could smell the scent of something burning. She woke up the other children and told them to come with her. She walked downstairs and opened the door to the front room. Looking into the room, she was shocked to see that the whole room was on fire. Flames covered all the walls and ceiling, and the walls looked like they had blackened holes in them. Look back at the incident, Becky does not remember there being any feeling of heat, but she did not think about this at the time.

She quickly slammed the door to the front room and ran out of the front door of the house. She knew her dad was round the neighbour’s so went round and knocked on the door. Her dad answered and she led him back to their house to show him the fire. When he checked the front room there was nothing there. He told her off and said that she must have had a bad dream. Becky refuses to believe that this was the case, and to this day insists that the incident actually happened as she remembered. She currently has no explanation for what took place.

If Becky was indeed awake, as she remembered, perhaps the flames were some sort of hallucination. But she has never seen anything similar before or since so this seems unlikely. Could this incident be something to do with her other experiences, or was it a completely separate paranormal event of some kind? Mary Rodwell suggests that this incident may have been a precognitive dream. You will read more about Becky's apparent precognitive ability later in this report.

Silver Disc Sighting

When I and Rob Tudge visited Becky on 14th February 2010, we had a discussion about what she consciously remembered. We were discussing a sighting of three silver discs, which occurred in 1985 when she was 24 years old (see later). When we did so, she remembered another previous sighting which took place when she was 13 years old. This was the first time she had consciously remembered this incident.

She was alone in her bedroom and remembers looking out and seeing a small silver disc-shaped object hovering outside the window. She believes it was about 18 inches across, and quite shallow in depth, and essentially looked like a smaller version of the objects she saw in 1985. The object was making a continuous pulsing humming noise.

She does not remember anything else that happened with the sighting, it is possible that there are some lost memories surrounding this incident. Just as she forgot about this experience, there may well be other incidents prior to this one that she cannot currently remember.

A number of times in her current property she has heard the same pulsing humming sound coming from outside of her window, even shortly after her initial regression (see later). She is certain the sound is not caused by the wind, or something else such as an electrical generator or central heating. Until she remembered the silver disc sighting she had never related it to this event, but now believes that it may be the same craft checking up on her. So far whenever the sound has occurred she has felt too worried to check out of the window and look for a cause.

Out-Of-Body Experience

In the same year as her first silver disc sighting, Becky had an out-of-body experience when visiting the dentist. She was knocked out with gas to have a tooth taken out. When she went under, she felt herself leave her physical body and could see what was going on in the room. She could hear the dentist and his assistant talking to each other.

When she was woken back up, Becky complained that the dentist hadn’t properly knocked her out and that she could see and hear everything that happened. The dentist said this was impossible, but was amazed when Becky told him what he and the assistant had been saying. Out-of-body experiences are commonly reported by contactees.

Falling Pictures

To Becky’s knowledge, nothing else out of the ordinary took place until 1980 when she was 19 years old. She was now living at an address on Malmesberry Road, in the Chequers Bridge area of Gloucester.

Aerial map of Malmesberry Road:

Again she cannot remember the exact date of the incident. It was night-time and she was alone in the house. She was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. It got to about 1am and she was thinking of going up to sleep.

Suddenly all the pictures around the room fell from the walls one at a time in order. If one picture had fallen she would have thought nothing of it, but all of them coming down in such a way was really frightening. She was absolutely terrified and ran out of the house. She walked to Coney Hill to visit her friend Germaine, who was 14 at the time. She was so scared that she didn’t want to go back in her own house, and asked him if he would come round and spend the night on the settee. He was quite happy to do so, and returned with Becky to the house.

Becky would not go back into the room until Germaine had been in and put all the pictures back up on the walls. He did stop over and the rest of the night went by without incident. Becky put what had happened to the back of her mind and tried to forget it had ever happened.

Could a minor earthquake have caused the pictures to fall as they did? Perhaps the fact they appeared to fall in order was merely a coincidence. If not then this may well have been a genuine paranormal experience. If so, this could be a sign of contact, as experiences like this are commonly reported. Or perhaps it was completely separate and caused by something else, such as poltergeist activity.

Second Silver Discs Sighting

In 1985 when she was 24, Becky was now living in a two bedroom house on Northfield Road, part of the White City housing estate. She was living with her boyfriend at the time named Scott. One day in the summer, Becky was in the house alone. Scott had gone to a local pub with her friend Teresa, but Becky did not wish to go along, as she rarely enjoys drinking. It was late afternoon and she happened to look out of the bedroom window.

It was a bright sunny day with a relatively clear sky. The view from the window overlooked a path, which lead to some stiles next to the nearby railway line.

Aerial photograph of Northfield Road, with the railway line running alongside it:

She could see Scott and Teresa drunkenly clambering over the stiles on their way back home. Suddenly something caught her eye to the left of her vision up in the sky. She could make out what looked like three flat disc-shaped objects, silver in colour, which were flying together in a triangular formation. Initially it was hard to tell exactly what size they were, but they had the same appearance as the disc she had seen when she was 13.

Becky looked directly at the objects but they then completely vanished from sight. She looked back at Scott and Teresa and could see them again. This unusual aspect has been reported in many other UFO cases. It is not really known why this takes place, but could well be due to the unusual propulsion systems of the craft or the energy that they give off. It may even be a form of camouflage to mask themselves from view. Other explanations could have been the angle of the objects and the fact they were of quite low depth, or light reflecting off them which could have made them hard to see when viewed head on.

Whatever the reason, when she looked indirectly at the objects, she could see that they were slowly descending in formation and slowly coming closer to Scott and Teresa’s position. She shouted out of the window at them to warn them about the objects. “Come on! There’s something coming!” she called out. They looked around, but their view was obscured and they could not see the objects. Becky watched the discs get closer and closer, as Scott and Teresa continued to walk slowly towards the house. She shouted out of the window again. Scott fell over onto the ground and was struggling back to his feet.

As the discs got closer they were then visible all the time, even when Becky stared straight at them. She could now see they were about 10-15 feet in diameter, much larger than the disc from back in 1985. They approached the area, but rather than head towards Scott and Teresa they continued towards the window Becky was standing behind. They reached some nearby housing and were now flying extremely rapidly. They were so low down that Becky thought they were going to crash into hers or the neighbouring houses. But instead the three discs parted and went separate ways. One went to the left of her house, one to the right. The centre disc tilted up to over 45 degrees and passed between the two neighbouring detached houses then flew directly over Becky’s house. She heard no sound at all coming from the objects.

Witness sketch showing view from window, the discs as they initially appeared (upper left) and how they looked when they approached the house:

Becky was so shocked by what she had just seen that she hid in her bed until Scott arrived home. He came into the bedroom and she asked him, “Did you see that? Where are they” But Scott had not seen the objects at all and didn’t know what she was on about. Some craft can only be seen when in a certain awareness, so this may have been why Scott did not see the discs.

Later, either the same night, or the night following the sighting, Becky and Scott went to bed. Becky laid down facing the ceiling. She closed her eyes then almost immediately heard a strange electronic sounding voice in her head. The voice said very clearly “I have you now.” She asked Scott “Did you hear that?” He replied “No – what?” “I have you now. What does that mean?” Scott told her she must have dropped off to sleep and dreamt it. But Becky is certain this was not the case, she had only lain down for a moment.

Standing at the Window

Between 1988 and 1990 Becky lived in a house on Derby Road. Several times her boyfriend woke up in the night to find Becky standing at the window with the curtains open. She was asleep but looked like she was staring out at something. Each time he would wake her up and help her back into bed. Becky may have had an encounter around this time which she is currently unaware of.

In more recent years, Becky has had a fascination with staring at the night sky and the stars. She often spends ages staring at them through the window. She does not know the reason why but seems somehow drawn to them. This is a common trait of contactees, it is probable that Becky subconsciously knows what is happening to her.

Glowing UFO Incident

In 1996 Becky had once again moved house, and was now with her boyfriend named Matt. She was living on the 2nd floor of a block of flats named Parklands, just off School Lane. One night she stayed up quite late watching television. Matt had already gone to bed. It was around 12.30am in the morning. Suddenly Becky heard what sounded like a lorry with its engine running constantly. The noise was quite loud and sounded like it was close outside the flat.

Aerial photograph of Parklands, showing car park which Becky's flat overlooked:

She continued to watch TV but then the picture started to go fuzzy, there was some sort of interference. The noise was ongoing and she got angry at it, so decided to go take a look and see what was causing it. She walked up to the large window of the lounge, pulled the curtains apart a bit and peered out.

Immediately she became aware of a very bright light above and to the right of the window. It was quite large but was so bright she could not see any object behind the light. The light had an ultraviolet tinge to it. It was completely lighting up the car park outside the flat. She was certain that the object was the cause of the sound, and wondered what it could be. It was completely still and she was sure it was hovering in the air quite close to the flat. Un-nerved by the light, she decided to go and wake Matt up.

Witness sketch showing Becky opening the curtain and the glowing object:

As she went into the bedroom, a sudden glow came from behind the curtains. Opening them she saw that the light had come round the side of the flat and was now outside the bedroom window, almost as if it was watching her. She also noted that the strange sound she had heard had now stopped, and the object was silent. She woke Matt up and he too saw the light. They stared at it for a number of seconds. Suddenly without warning, the orb of light sped up extremely fast and accelerated away into the night sky, gaining altitude as it went. In just a brief moment it had completely vanished from sight!

Witness sketch showing view from bedroom window and the UFO's trajectory as it sped away:

Becky was stunned at how fast the object had accelerated. However Matt told her to forget what she’d seen, despite having also seen it. She told him she could not and that the object was definitely not normal. But he didn’t want to listen and settled back down to sleep. Becky went back through to the lounge, sat down and thought about what she had just seen. It was now that she noticed that the clock in the lounge was now saying 1.30am. She suddenly felt really strange and realised a whole hour had gone by which she could not account for. Also the TV was now off, she was certain it had still been on when she went to get Matt. From that point onward the clock never worked again, even when they changed the batteries. She stayed up a bit longer before finally deciding to go to sleep. It is certainly possible that contact may have occurred during this missing hour, but so far we have been unable to discover any definite details linked to it, even during Becky’s first regression, which focused on this incident (See transcript later).

In the morning, she started talking to Matt about the object. He told her to forget what she’d seen because nobody would believe her anyway. She replied to him “You saw it as well”, to which he responded “I’m not even going to mention it.”

Later in the day, Becky asked the neighbours and some of the other people in the flat if they’d seen anything but no-one said they had. However the following day, Becky’s friend informed her that there had been an article in the newspaper which said that a man walking his dog in the early hours of the morning in the area of Quedgeley had seen something. Becky never got to read this article for herself, and does not know which newspaper it appeared in, but it is possible there was another witness to the object.

Ever since the sighting, Becky has had a phobia of violet/blue tinged lights. She informed me that when she went for contact lenses a while back someone had shone a bright ultraviolet light into her eyes. She started hyperventilating and became extremely distressed. It felt like she couldn’t breathe and she quickly got up and left. Also recently she had gone to a bowling alley with Julie, but had to leave because of a number of bright blue lights that were there. It is likely that this phobia comes from her UFO sighting, and probably triggers flashbacks to the experience.

An Unknown Presence

For many years now, Becky has felt like a presence is observing her. This feeling comes and goes, but is sometimes very strong indeed. When I first arrived to interview her in February 2010, she said she could not feel anything. But about half way through our discussion she said she could feel it there next to her. Contactees often report this feeling of being watched.