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Erdington Contact Case - Beings, UFO Sightings, Orbs, Body Markings, Psychic Abilities, OOB

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 24/04/2010


The contact phenomenon has many different angles to it. There are many traits and experiences that can point towards the possibility that contact is taking place. Some may only show a few signs. Yet in other cases, someone may have had a whole life-time of experiences, so many that contact is more of a certainty than just a possibility. I believe there is a large amount of evidence that points towards contact being both real and extraterrestrial in origin. You may well feel different. It is not my job here to convince you either way. But in this report I present a stunning case, with many incidents that lie outside the realms of normality. Most of these experiences are far from unique, and have been reported time and time again by people from all around the world, including other cases I have directly looked into.

Rachel is 42 years old and lives in Erdington, Birmingham. She is quite a spiritual person, and has always been interested in things of an other-worldly nature. This interest in the metaphysical has lead her to join the Hare Krishna faith. She regularly enjoys meditation and has been on a number of retreats to India for prayer and relaxation. Rachel is aware that for most of her life she has had experiences that defy natural explanation. For many years she denied these experiences were happening to her, and repressed the memories of particular events. However recently she has become more accepting of them. In doing so, she realised that many of her experiences had possible links with alien contact.

Rachel has not owned a television for many years, and until recently had not looked into the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact at all. This means that what she has experienced has not been influenced by things she may have seen or read. When she started looking into the contact phenomena, she read Ann Andrews book Abducted. In this she found many links with her own experiences. Intrigued and spurred on by this, she decided to get in contact with Birmingham UFO Group. She did this to find out more about what was happening to her and what it could all mean. Checking on the BUFOG website, she came across my report on Becky, a contactee from Gloucester. Again she found many similarities between her own experiences and what Becky has experienced.

The Investigation

On 22nd March 2010 , I drove round to Rachel’s house to interview her. Over a number of hours she filled me in with the details of her many varied experiences, during which I got her to do a number of drawings which can be viewed throughout this report. I also went through a contactee questionnaire with her (modified from original from Mary Rodwell of ACERN). This covered many of the traits that contactees exhibit and experience. I was immediately impressed by how many of these traits Rachel could relate to. While I was there, some unusual activity actually took place (more on this later).

On Sunday 18th April 2010, I had Rachel regressed at her home. This regression went very well indeed, and brought forward details of another fascinating experience she had forgotten about. You can read the entire transcript of it towards the end of the report. Rachel also brought me up-to-date with the latest strange occurences that she had experienced.

Beams of Light

Rachel’s earliest memory of something unusual taking place is very brief. She remembers being in the playground of her infant school at a very young age, and seeing a number of faint beams of light coming down from the sky. The beams were coming down to the ground, not aimed directly at other children. This memory is very hazy, probably because of her age at the time, but she still feels that it took place.

Night-Time Journeys

When she was young, Rachel used to share a room with her sister at their house in Daventry where she spent her early years. She remembers on a number of occasions seeing figures moving around and seeing visions of an unusual place. These visions used to come to her in a dream-like state but she is certain that they were much more than just dreams, and usually occurred just as she was settled down in bed and relaxing. When these visions occurred she felt she was looking into another place, like looking through a window. She felt she was still in her room but at the same time in this different environment. She would usually be seated in a corridor of a clean clinical-type environment which reminded her of a laboratory or hospital. Of this corridor was a number of rooms with open doorways. There were normal looking people wearing white overalls, who looked busy, walking around and picking up things. She remembers that a man would often come up to her and ask if she was ok. Despite the people looking normal, she always had the feeling that this was another place on a craft or different planet, and that these individuals were not human. Rachel is sure that these memories did not come from a visit to a hospital that had taken place.

These visions continued into the early years of her adult life. She would still meet and talk with individuals, who felt to her like old friends. She would often see strange looking machines. One time she was talking to an older man who was trying to explain to her the things she could see around her. One machine in particular fascinated her. It was making what looked like a violet spiral of swirling light/energy above it in the air. She does not remember whether the man explained what this machine was or not. In recent years she has not experienced visions of this type, but has had many other experiences.

Recently she started reading the book “Psychic Warrior”, about a remote viewer who was trained and used by the armed forces. She was just reading the introduction when suddenly for some reason it triggered a seemingly unrelated memory from back at junior school. She remembered walking to school and feeling very happy because of the knowledge that her night-time life was amazing, and that she saw many unusual things. She wondered if the other children also had experiences like hers, and it made her feel important. Thinking back to this memory, Rachel felt sure that she often went to other places at night. It may have been that the book reminded her about her own remote viewing experiences.

It seems unlikely that these memories were nothing more than vivid dreams. I feel that they may well be a screen memory for contact experiences she has had. This is where the ETs mask the true appearance of themselves, and sometimes their surroundings. It is possible that the “clinical environment” she remembers was actually on board a ship, and the people who looked like scientists may have been extraterrestrial beings.

Another possibility to consider is that the beings Rachel saw really were human, and that she is remembering memories of what are known as MILAB’s (Military Abductions). These have been reported by many contactees. Sometimes both humans and aliens are seen, other times just humans. The humans seen often wear white lab coats, just as Rachel describes. MILABs suggest that the military may have an involvement with abductions, and actually assist with them in some cases. However these are usually quite traumatic and Rachel did not experience this.


As well as the visions of the clinical environment which would come to her at night, Rachel remembers often seeing owls in her bedroom. On more than one occasion she saw a white owls face close to her own staring right at her with dark piercing eyes. This would happen when she was lying down in bed and just about to drop off to sleep. For an unknown reason this felt very spooky and a little disturbing to her, but she did not know the reason why. Out of all the things she has experienced, the vision of the owl staring at her was the most frightening to her, and sometimes she was worried about falling off to sleep in case she saw it again.

Drawing of the owl face which haunted Rachel at night:

Owls are a common screen memory used by ETs, and are often reported by contactees. The unease associated with seeing them is also very common. They can appear in the form of other animals as well, such as cats, wolves or insects. They probably do this to make themselves appear less frightening, or alternatively it could be caused by the mind trying to interpret what it is looking at. The similarities between a white owl with dark eyes and a Grey being’s face are easy to see. It is quite possible that when Rachel saw this owl staring into her face she was actually undergoing contact. Perhaps a future regression will enable her to see the “owl” for what it really is.

On many occasions through her adult life, Rachel has seen owls and other birds of prey. She is aware that these are common in the UK and that many of these sightings could be just birds. However a few of the times she has felt there was something odd about the experience. She believes that some of these sightings may have been a contact, though with what exactly she cannot say.

Rachel really enjoys heading away from city life to the countryside. On one day out in Wales, she was out walking with a couple of friends from her faith, one of whom was a devotee (monk). She suddenly noticed a large bird sitting in the upper branches of a tree they were passing under. She pointed it out to her friends. The devotee could see the bird, but her other friend could not see it at all for some reason, no matter how many times she pointed it out. Contactees often experience ongoing observation by beings, which may explain this unusual experience.

On another occasion, she was away for a weekend break in Scotland. Rachel loves the remoteness of Scotland and has had a number of experiences there, so it is one of her favourite places to visit. She decided to climb up Ben Starav in Glen Etive on her own. She reached the summit, then began to retrace her steps. By the time she was back down it had got dark. She could make out her car in the distance, and started heading towards it. Suddenly a large snowy owl swooped down across the path and brushed against her head on its way past! It then flew ahead of her and landed on a bridge further down. When she reached the bridge a few minutes later it had gone.

In December 2009, Rachel was on her way to visit her brother in Coventry. She was just coming off the M6 motorway to get onto the Coventry Road. As she came down towards the roundabout, she suddenly noticed a large buzzard sitting on a railing. It felt very odd to her that it didn’t seem bothered at all by the traffic. As she turned onto the island and drove past the bird, she kept one eye on it, and felt that it was watching her as she drove past. The whole incident felt very abnormal to her.

The Blue Light

When she was 6 or 7 years old, Rachel had another experience which was frightening to her. She woke up in the middle of the night. It was pitch black in the room but in front of her she could see an intense blue coloured light. It remained there for a while and she stared at it wondering where it was coming from. In the end she dropped back off to sleep.

The following day she kept seeing flashes of the same light while walking round her house. It was bothering her but her parents were around and she tried to hide it from them. In the end she went up to her room. Her mum came up and asked if she was ok, and she told her she wasn’t feeling well. Rachel has no idea what the blue light was, but got a strong feeling she was being shown it for some reason.

This incident suggests that an encounter took place, memories of which could possibly have been repressed.

First Body Marking

In 1975/76 when Rachel was between the age of 8-9, she remembers a red triangular shaped marking that appeared on her skin. She awoke one morning to find the marking on the front of her right shoulder. She stared at the marking for ages and was fascinated by it. It was not filled in, but was three thick lines in a symmetrical triangle. It looked red in colour like a burn mark, and it also caused an itching sensation. She doesn’t remember how long it was visible on her for but certainly vanished without trace. This was not to be the only time which Rachel would find strange markings on her body.

Drawing of the triangular marking:

Markings such as this are a telling sign that contact is probably taking place. They are usually related to abduction-type experiences, where the individual is taken aboard a craft and where medical-like instruments are used to examine them and take samples. Memories of these experiences are usually blocked out, so it is no surprise that Rachel does not conciously remember the cause of the marking.

Vibrations, Noises and the Disc-Shaped Craft

In late 1989, when Rachel was in her early 20s, she moved into a two bedroom terraced house on Crosbie Road, Coventry, with her boyfriend Dave. It was here that more unusual activity began to take place, activity that certainly suggests that her contact experiences were continuing.

Aerial map of Crosbie Road:

On a number of occasions in the night, Rachel used to wake up feeling very energetic. She would then see vibrations actually pass across her bedroom in waves. Sometimes these vibrations were so strong she could actually feel them in her chest. Dave never woke up during these experiences. The vibrations would happen intermittently for a number of minutes, after which she would go back off to sleep.

Rachel would also hear an unusual clicking noise behind her head to the right. Sometimes it would happen only once, other times more than once. It used to creep her out as she could never determine a cause for the noises. It would happen in the daytime as well as when she was lying in bed.

One night she awoke to see the familiar vibrations of energy flowing across the room. But this time there was something more. Her bedroom had a main window and a smaller side window, which overlooked the road. They had some old fashioned yellow curtains hanging in them. From behind the curtains she could see what appeared to be bright white light coming in from outside. She thought to herself “What the hell is that? It can’t be car as we are on the first floor!” She tried to wake Dave to show him, but for some reason he would not wake up. She was intrigued by the light so got out of bed, walked over to the window and peeked through the curtains.

She was immediately greeted by an incredible sight. There floating in the air over the street, level with the bedroom window, was a disc-shaped craft. It looked like two plates put together. Around the centre was a darker band, along which she could see pulsing white lights. As well as going around this strip, Rachel said the lights were also doing something else strange, hard to describe, like they were passing through the body of the craft to the other side. The main body of the craft was smooth and a light colour, though because it was glowing she did not know the exact colour it was. She could not make out any windows. The craft was at least the size of a double decker bus and was hovering silently and motionless. Crosby Road is quite narrow, and there are many telegraph wires. Rachel was amazed that it had managed to fit down between the housing without hitting anything.

Drawing of the disc-shaped craft:

Rachel shut the curtain and turned to look back at Dave, who was still asleep. When she did she could actually feel a change in energy. She moved to the side of the window against the wall, almost hiding from the craft. She then lifted the edge of the curtain and peeked out a second time. The craft was still there but had begun moving along the street on a straight course. Realising it was going to depart, she again loudly called Dave but he wouldn’t wake. She kept looking between him and the craft until it had disappeared from view.

She went back over to the bed and shook Dave quite heavily, trying to wake him up to tell him about what she’d just witnessed. But no matter how hard she tried he wouldn’t wake up. Rachel didn’t want to go back to bed, as otherwise she may dismiss the incident as just a dream, so she stayed up for the rest of the night, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. As it got light she went back upstairs and sat next to Dave until he woke up naturally. In doing this, it confirmed for her that the incident was real and had taken place. She told him about what she had seen but he wouldn’t believe her and said “What are you on about? You’re whack you are!” She took the next few days off work, during which she felt unusually tired, and thought about what had taken place a lot.

After this incident, she still heard the clicking sound, but it was much less frequent. Looking back at the incident, Rachel feels that they may have been trying to get her attention, but once she’d seen the craft there was less of a need to do so anymore. She also feels that she had seen the white light on other occasions too but had not checked to see what was causing it. She cannot remember whether these other events happened before or after the sighting of the craft.

This incident has many classic signs of contact, and it is possible that it occurred just prior to, or more likely just after, a contact experience. Obviously the sighting of the craft was very impressive and for myself confirms that there was extraterrestrial involvement. But the vibrations and clicking noises, and the way that she could not wake her boyfriend at the time, have also been reported many times by contactees. It is both mine and many other contact researchers’ belief that the ETs have a way of “shutting down” individuals, and may well be using some form of time or dimensional distortion. The fact that Rachel remained awake after the experience also proves that it took place and was not just a dream.

Multi-Coloured Orbs

Ever since her 20s, Rachel has enjoyed going camping in both Scotland and Europe. She loves being away from the city and she is also very fond of staring up at the night sky. She particularly likes Scotland, it has always been a spiritual home for her where she feels at ease.

In the early 1990’s, she went on a camping trip with her then boyfriend Steve, and two friends Lee and Ann. They had booked in at one of their favourite campsites on the East coast of the Isle of Skye - Torvaig Campsite at Portree. They liked this particular campsite as it was close enough to the town to easily walk between the two.

They had been in town having a couple of drinks at a pub, and returned to the campsite. Their tents were pitched near the top of the field. It was May/June, and the weather was very clear, so Rachel decided to stay outside a while. She lay down on the grass and looked up at the stars, while Steve went to sleep in the tent.

It got to about 1am and she needed to go to the toilet. The toilet block was down at the lower end of the field. She got up and started walking down to it. As she got near, she suddenly noticed something which made her abruptly stop. Next to a portacabin she saw what looked like a number of glowing orbs of energy in the air. They were about the size of footballs. One was a reddish-pink colour, one blue-green, and one yellow-white. The reddish-pink one remained the same colour, but the other two were slowly changing in colour. The orbs were floating slowly around each other and appeared to be pulsating.

Drawing of the orbs in front of the hedge and next to the portacabin:

Suddenly there was a bright flash of energy which surrounded all three of the orbs. Then the blue-green and yellow-white ones appeared to fade away, while the reddish-pink one moved up and over the top of a hedge and down behind it out of sight. Rachel continued to watch, and felt that the remaining orb was still there hidden behind the hedge. She felt too nervous to get any closer, so gave up on the idea of using the toilet, and walked back up to the tent. She was curious to see if the reddish-pink orb would reappear so she sat down outside the tent and watched.

About half an hour went by and nothing else had taken place. In the end she plucked up courage, walked back down the field and took a look behind the hedge, but there was nothing there. This put her at ease and she went back to the tent and fell asleep. In the morning she told the others about what she had seen.

Over time Rachel forgot this incident had occurred at all. However when she contacted me to arrange our initial meeting, she was trying to think of all the things that had happened to her over the years, and it came back to her. The orbs that she saw are another sign that she was possibly being monitored/observed at the time.

A Possible Abduction

Between 1992-95, Rachel had another experience while camping in Scotland with Steve. She is not sure whether it was a real event or not - she feels it was perhaps a lucid dream of some kind. However taking all her other experiences into account, there is certainly a possibility that this incident actually took place.

In the middle of the night she woke up in the tent. It was quite cold and still very dark. She then became aware of a growing light coming from outside of the tent. She initially thought it was a car driving round the campsite with the headlights on. It seemed bizarre to her that someone would be doing this at such a time of night. The light continued to get brighter. She then heard what sounded like the whirring of a helicopter, but the tent was not blowing at all. Then a man’s voice spoke to her, asking her to step outside.

Rachel looked at Steve but he was asleep. She decided not to wake him. Peeping out of the tent she saw two men standing outside wearing dark clothing. She felt they looked uniformed like police or military and appeared to be wearing plain black trousers and bomber jackets. Their features were obscured by a bright white light coming from behind them. She doesn’t know why she did this, but Rachel then got out of the tent. One of the two men started checking her up and down. Looking to her right she saw another young man who was looking around bewildered. He appeared to not know what was going on. She asked him what the two men were doing and he just shrugged.

Suddenly a white beam of light came down from the sky onto the other man. He then started drifting up into the air in the light! He was moving his arms and legs around and looked amazed at what was happening to him. Then she herself was suddenly flooded in bright white light, and everything else around disappeared. Next thing she knew she found herself in what appeared to be a holding room of some kind. The walls were a dull metallic colour and there were no objects in the room at all. She could see a number of doors in the walls. The room was dimly lit, but she could not see the source of the light. The other man was nowhere to be seen. She was sitting on a seat which was jutting out of one of the walls. She felt a crushing pressure inside her whole body, like she was being transported somewhere.

She then found herself in a different room. She remembers lying down on a bed of some kind, with a blanket pulled up around her. Her surroundings were very clinical looking, similar to the places she had seen in her visions when younger. There were a number of human-looking people walking around.

Rachel does not remember what happened next, or anything else about the incident. She wonders whether it was real or not, and whether she was experiencing it for herself or seeing through the eyes of the man who got taken up in the beam of light. She does not remember whether she spoke to Steve about the incident or not. She does remember him panicking about something which had taken place, as if he had seen something or got a glimpse of what was happening to her, but she doesn’t know whether it was related to this experience or something else.

Rachel could well have been taken on board a craft during this experience. It has many signs linking it with a “classic