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Erdington Contact Case - Beings, UFO Sightings, Orbs, Body Markings, Psychic Abilities, OOB

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 24/04/2010


The contact phenomenon has many different angles to it. There are many traits and experiences that can point towards the possibility that contact is taking place. Some may only show a few signs. Yet in other cases, someone may have had a whole life-time of experiences, so many that contact is more of a certainty than just a possibility. I believe there is a large amount of evidence that points towards contact being both real and extraterrestrial in origin. You may well feel different. It is not my job here to convince you either way. But in this report I present a stunning case, with many incidents that lie outside the realms of normality. Most of these experiences are far from unique, and have been reported time and time again by people from all around the world, including other cases I have directly looked into.

Rachel is 42 years old and lives in Erdington, Birmingham. She is quite a spiritual person, and has always been interested in things of an other-worldly nature. This interest in the metaphysical has lead her to join the Hare Krishna faith. She regularly enjoys meditation and has been on a number of retreats to India for prayer and relaxation. Rachel is aware that for most of her life she has had experiences that defy natural explanation. For many years she denied these experiences were happening to her, and repressed the memories of particular events. However recently she has become more accepting of them. In doing so, she realised that many of her experiences had possible links with alien contact.

Rachel has not owned a television for many years, and until recently had not looked into the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact at all. This means that what she has experienced has not been influenced by things she may have seen or read. When she started looking into the contact phenomena, she read Ann Andrews book Abducted. In this she found many links with her own experiences. Intrigued and spurred on by this, she decided to get in contact with Birmingham UFO Group. She did this to find out more about what was happening to her and what it could all mean. Checking on the BUFOG website, she came across my report on Becky, a contactee from Gloucester. Again she found many similarities between her own experiences and what Becky has experienced.

The Investigation

On 22nd March 2010 , I drove round to Rachel’s house to interview her. Over a number of hours she filled me in with the details of her many varied experiences, during which I got her to do a number of drawings which can be viewed throughout this report. I also went through a contactee questionnaire with her (modified from original from Mary Rodwell of ACERN). This covered many of the traits that contactees exhibit and experience. I was immediately impressed by how many of these traits Rachel could relate to. While I was there, some unusual activity actually took place (more on this later).

On Sunday 18th April 2010, I had Rachel regressed at her home. This regression went very well indeed, and brought forward details of another fascinating experience she had forgotten about. You can read the entire transcript of it towards the end of the report. Rachel also brought me up-to-date with the latest strange occurences that she had experienced.

Beams of Light

Rachel’s earliest memory of something unusual taking place is very brief. She remembers being in the playground of her infant school at a very young age, and seeing a number of faint beams of light coming down from the sky. The beams were coming down to the ground, not aimed directly at other children. This memory is very hazy, probably because of her age at the time, but she still feels that it took place.

Night-Time Journeys

When she was young, Rachel used to share a room with her sister at their house in Daventry where she spent her early years. She remembers on a number of occasions seeing figures moving around and seeing visions of an unusual place. These visions used to come to her in a dream-like state but she is certain that they were much more than just dreams, and usually occurred just as she was settled down in bed and relaxing. When these visions occurred she felt she was looking into another place, like looking through a window. She felt she was still in her room but at the same time in this different environment. She would usually be seated in a corridor of a clean clinical-type environment which reminded her of a laboratory or hospital. Of this corridor was a number of rooms with open doorways. There were normal looking people wearing white overalls, who looked busy, walking around and picking up things. She remembers that a man would often come up to her and ask if she was ok. Despite the people looking normal, she always had the feeling that this was another place on a craft or different planet, and that these individuals were not human. Rachel is sure that these memories did not come from a visit to a hospital that had taken place.

These visions continued into the early years of her adult life. She would still meet and talk with individuals, who felt to her like old friends. She would often see strange looking machines. One time she was talking to an older man who was trying to explain to her the things she could see around her. One machine in particular fascinated her. It was making what looked like a violet spiral of swirling light/energy above it in the air. She does not remember whether the man explained what this machine was or not. In recent years she has not experienced visions of this type, but has had many other experiences.

Recently she started reading the book “Psychic Warrior”, about a remote viewer who was trained and used by the armed forces. She was just reading the introduction when suddenly for some reason it triggered a seemingly unrelated memory from back at junior school. She remembered walking to school and feeling very happy because of the knowledge that her night-time life was amazing, and that she saw many unusual things. She wondered if the other children also had experiences like hers, and it made her feel important. Thinking back to this memory, Rachel felt sure that she often went to other places at night. It may have been that the book reminded her about her own remote viewing experiences.

It seems unlikely that these memories were nothing more than vivid dreams. I feel that they may well be a screen memory for contact experiences she has had. This is where the ETs mask the true appearance of themselves, and sometimes their surroundings. It is possible that the “clinical environment” she remembers was actually on board a ship, and the people who looked like scientists may have been extraterrestrial beings.

Another possibility to consider is that the beings Rachel saw really were human, and that she is remembering memories of what are known as MILAB’s (Military Abductions). These have been reported by many contactees. Sometimes both humans and aliens are seen, other times just humans. The humans seen often wear white lab coats, just as Rachel describes. MILABs suggest that the military may have an involvement with abductions, and actually assist with them in some cases. However these are usually quite traumatic and Rachel did not experience this.


As well as the visions of the clinical environment which would come to her at night, Rachel remembers often seeing owls in her bedroom. On more than one occasion she saw a white owls face close to her own staring right at her with dark piercing eyes. This would happen when she was lying down in bed and just about to drop off to sleep. For an unknown reason this felt very spooky and a little disturbing to her, but she did not know the reason why. Out of all the things she has experienced, the vision of the owl staring at her was the most frightening to her, and sometimes she was worried about falling off to sleep in case she saw it again.

Drawing of the owl face which haunted Rachel at night: