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Erdington Contact Case - Beings, UFO Sightings, Orbs, Body Markings, Psychic Abilities, OOB

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report Author: Dave Hodrien Release Date: 24/04/2010


The contact phenomenon has many different angles to it. There are many traits and experiences that can point towards the possibility that contact is taking place. Some may only show a few signs. Yet in other cases, someone may have had a whole life-time of experiences, so many that contact is more of a certainty than just a possibility. I believe there is a large amount of evidence that points towards contact being both real and extraterrestrial in origin. You may well feel different. It is not my job here to convince you either way. But in this report I present a stunning case, with many incidents that lie outside the realms of normality. Most of these experiences are far from unique, and have been reported time and time again by people from all around the world, including other cases I have directly looked into.

Rachel is 42 years old and lives in Erdington, Birmingham. She is quite a spiritual person, and has always been interested in things of an other-worldly nature. This interest in the metaphysical has lead her to join the Hare Krishna faith. She regularly enjoys meditation and has been on a number of retreats to India for prayer and relaxation. Rachel is aware that for most of her life she has had experiences that defy natural explanation. For many years she denied these experiences were happening to her, and repressed the memories of particular events. However recently she has become more accepting of them. In doing so, she realised that many of her experiences had possible links with alien contact.

Rachel has not owned a television for many years, and until recently had not looked into the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact at all. This means that what she has experienced has not been influenced by things she may have seen or read. When she started looking into the contact phenomena, she read Ann Andrews book Abducted. In this she found many links with her own experiences. Intrigued and spurred on by this, she decided to get in contact with Birmingham UFO Group. She did this to find out more about what was happening to her and what it could all mean. Checking on the BUFOG website, she came across my report on Becky, a contactee from Gloucester. Again she found many similarities between her own experiences and what Becky has experienced.

The Investigation

On 22nd March 2010 , I drove round to Rachel’s house to interview her. Over a number of hours she filled me in with the details of her many varied experiences, during which I got her to do a number of drawings which can be viewed throughout this report. I also went through a contactee questionnaire with her (modified from original from Mary Rodwell of ACERN). This covered many of the traits that contactees exhibit and experience. I was immediately impressed by how many of these traits Rachel could relate to. While I was there, some unusual activity actually took place (more on this later).

On Sunday 18th April 2010, I had Rachel regressed at her home. This regression went very well indeed, and brought forward details of another fascinating experience she had forgotten about. You can read the entire transcript of it towards the end of the report. Rachel also brought me up-to-date with the latest strange occurences that she had experienced.

Beams of Light

Rachel’s earliest memory of something unusual taking place is very brief. She remembers being in the playground of her infant school at a very young age, and seeing a number of faint beams of light coming down from the sky. The beams were coming down to the ground, not aimed directly at other children. This memory is very hazy, probably because of her age at the time, but she still feels that it took place.

Night-Time Journeys

When she was young, Rachel used to share a room with her sister at their house in Daventry where she spent her early years. She remembers on a number of occasions seeing figures moving around and seeing visions of an unusual place. These visions used to come to her in a dream-like state but she is certain that they were much more than just dreams, and usually occurred just as she was settled down in bed and relaxing. When these visions occurred she felt she was looking into another place, like looking through a window. She felt she was still in her room but at the same time in this different environment. She would usually be seated in a corridor of a clean clinical-type environment which reminded her of a laboratory or hospital. Of this corridor was a number of rooms with open doorways. There were normal looking people wearing white overalls, who looked busy, walking around and picking up things. She remembers that a man would often come up to her and ask if she was ok. Despite the people looking normal, she always had the feeling that this was another place on a craft or different planet, and that these individuals were not human. Rachel is sure that these memories did not come from a visit to a hospital that had taken place.

These visions continued into the early years of her adult life. She would still meet and talk with individuals, who felt to her like old friends. She would often see strange looking machines. One time she was talking to an older man who was trying to explain to her the things she could see around her. One machine in particular fascinated her. It was making what looked like a violet spiral of swirling light/energy above it in the air. She does not remember whether the man explained what this machine was or not. In recent years she has not experienced visions of this type, but has had many other experiences.

Recently she started reading the book “Psychic Warrior”, about a remote viewer who was trained and used by the armed forces. She was just reading the introduction when suddenly for some reason it triggered a seemingly unrelated memory from back at junior school. She remembered walking to school and feeling very happy because of the knowledge that her night-time life was amazing, and that she saw many unusual things. She wondered if the other children also had experiences like hers, and it made her feel important. Thinking back to this memory, Rachel felt sure that she often went to other places at night. It may have been that the book reminded her about her own remote viewing experiences.

It seems unlikely that these memories were nothing more than vivid dreams. I feel that they may well be a screen memory for contact experiences she has had. This is where the ETs mask the true appearance of themselves, and sometimes their surroundings. It is possible that the “clinical environment” she remembers was actually on board a ship, and the people who looked like scientists may have been extraterrestrial beings.

Another possibility to consider is that the beings Rachel saw really were human, and that she is remembering memories of what are known as MILAB’s (Military Abductions). These have been reported by many contactees. Sometimes both humans and aliens are seen, other times just humans. The humans seen often wear white lab coats, just as Rachel describes. MILABs suggest that the military may have an involvement with abductions, and actually assist with them in some cases. However these are usually quite traumatic and Rachel did not experience this.


As well as the visions of the clinical environment which would come to her at night, Rachel remembers often seeing owls in her bedroom. On more than one occasion she saw a white owls face close to her own staring right at her with dark piercing eyes. This would happen when she was lying down in bed and just about to drop off to sleep. For an unknown reason this felt very spooky and a little disturbing to her, but she did not know the reason why. Out of all the things she has experienced, the vision of the owl staring at her was the most frightening to her, and sometimes she was worried about falling off to sleep in case she saw it again.

Drawing of the owl face which haunted Rachel at night:


Owls are a common screen memory used by ETs, and are often reported by contactees. The unease associated with seeing them is also very common. They can appear in the form of other animals as well, such as cats, wolves or insects. They probably do this to make themselves appear less frightening, or alternatively it could be caused by the mind trying to interpret what it is looking at. The similarities between a white owl with dark eyes and a Grey being’s face are easy to see. It is quite possible that when Rachel saw this owl staring into her face she was actually undergoing contact. Perhaps a future regression will enable her to see the “owl” for what it really is.

On many occasions through her adult life, Rachel has seen owls and other birds of prey. She is aware that these are common in the UK and that many of these sightings could be just birds. However a few of the times she has felt there was something odd about the experience. She believes that some of these sightings may have been a contact, though with what exactly she cannot say.

Rachel really enjoys heading away from city life to the countryside. On one day out in Wales, she was out walking with a couple of friends from her faith, one of whom was a devotee (monk). She suddenly noticed a large bird sitting in the upper branches of a tree they were passing under. She pointed it out to her friends. The devotee could see the bird, but her other friend could not see it at all for some reason, no matter how many times she pointed it out. Contactees often experience ongoing observation by beings, which may explain this unusual experience.

On another occasion, she was away for a weekend break in Scotland. Rachel loves the remoteness of Scotland and has had a number of experiences there, so it is one of her favourite places to visit. She decided to climb up Ben Starav in Glen Etive on her own. She reached the summit, then began to retrace her steps. By the time she was back down it had got dark. She could make out her car in the distance, and started heading towards it. Suddenly a large snowy owl swooped down across the path and brushed against her head on its way past! It then flew ahead of her and landed on a bridge further down. When she reached the bridge a few minutes later it had gone.

In December 2009, Rachel was on her way to visit her brother in Coventry. She was just coming off the M6 motorway to get onto the Coventry Road. As she came down towards the roundabout, she suddenly noticed a large buzzard sitting on a railing. It felt very odd to her that it didn’t seem bothered at all by the traffic. As she turned onto the island and drove past the bird, she kept one eye on it, and felt that it was watching her as she drove past. The whole incident felt very abnormal to her.

The Blue Light

When she was 6 or 7 years old, Rachel had another experience which was frightening to her. She woke up in the middle of the night. It was pitch black in the room but in front of her she could see an intense blue coloured light. It remained there for a while and she stared at it wondering where it was coming from. In the end she dropped back off to sleep.

The following day she kept seeing flashes of the same light while walking round her house. It was bothering her but her parents were around and she tried to hide it from them. In the end she went up to her room. Her mum came up and asked if she was ok, and she told her she wasn’t feeling well. Rachel has no idea what the blue light was, but got a strong feeling she was being shown it for some reason.

This incident suggests that an encounter took place, memories of which could possibly have been repressed.

First Body Marking

In 1975/76 when Rachel was between the age of 8-9, she remembers a red triangular shaped marking that appeared on her skin. She awoke one morning to find the marking on the front of her right shoulder. She stared at the marking for ages and was fascinated by it. It was not filled in, but was three thick lines in a symmetrical triangle. It looked red in colour like a burn mark, and it also caused an itching sensation. She doesn’t remember how long it was visible on her for but certainly vanished without trace. This was not to be the only time which Rachel would find strange markings on her body.

Drawing of the triangular marking:


Markings such as this are a telling sign that contact is probably taking place. They are usually related to abduction-type experiences, where the individual is taken aboard a craft and where medical-like instruments are used to examine them and take samples. Memories of these experiences are usually blocked out, so it is no surprise that Rachel does not conciously remember the cause of the marking.

Vibrations, Noises and the Disc-Shaped Craft

In late 1989, when Rachel was in her early 20s, she moved into a two bedroom terraced house on Crosbie Road, Coventry, with her boyfriend Dave. It was here that more unusual activity began to take place, activity that certainly suggests that her contact experiences were continuing.

Aerial map of Crosbie Road:


On a number of occasions in the night, Rachel used to wake up feeling very energetic. She would then see vibrations actually pass across her bedroom in waves. Sometimes these vibrations were so strong she could actually feel them in her chest. Dave never woke up during these experiences. The vibrations would happen intermittently for a number of minutes, after which she would go back off to sleep.

Rachel would also hear an unusual clicking noise behind her head to the right. Sometimes it would happen only once, other times more than once. It used to creep her out as she could never determine a cause for the noises. It would happen in the daytime as well as when she was lying in bed.

One night she awoke to see the familiar vibrations of energy flowing across the room. But this time there was something more. Her bedroom had a main window and a smaller side window, which overlooked the road. They had some old fashioned yellow curtains hanging in them. From behind the curtains she could see what appeared to be bright white light coming in from outside. She thought to herself “What the hell is that? It can’t be car as we are on the first floor!” She tried to wake Dave to show him, but for some reason he would not wake up. She was intrigued by the light so got out of bed, walked over to the window and peeked through the curtains.

She was immediately greeted by an incredible sight. There floating in the air over the street, level with the bedroom window, was a disc-shaped craft. It looked like two plates put together. Around the centre was a darker band, along which she could see pulsing white lights. As well as going around this strip, Rachel said the lights were also doing something else strange, hard to describe, like they were passing through the body of the craft to the other side. The main body of the craft was smooth and a light colour, though because it was glowing she did not know the exact colour it was. She could not make out any windows. The craft was at least the size of a double decker bus and was hovering silently and motionless. Crosby Road is quite narrow, and there are many telegraph wires. Rachel was amazed that it had managed to fit down between the housing without hitting anything.

Drawing of the disc-shaped craft:


Rachel shut the curtain and turned to look back at Dave, who was still asleep. When she did she could actually feel a change in energy. She moved to the side of the window against the wall, almost hiding from the craft. She then lifted the edge of the curtain and peeked out a second time. The craft was still there but had begun moving along the street on a straight course. Realising it was going to depart, she again loudly called Dave but he wouldn’t wake. She kept looking between him and the craft until it had disappeared from view.

She went back over to the bed and shook Dave quite heavily, trying to wake him up to tell him about what she’d just witnessed. But no matter how hard she tried he wouldn’t wake up. Rachel didn’t want to go back to bed, as otherwise she may dismiss the incident as just a dream, so she stayed up for the rest of the night, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. As it got light she went back upstairs and sat next to Dave until he woke up naturally. In doing this, it confirmed for her that the incident was real and had taken place. She told him about what she had seen but he wouldn’t believe her and said “What are you on about? You’re whack you are!” She took the next few days off work, during which she felt unusually tired, and thought about what had taken place a lot.

After this incident, she still heard the clicking sound, but it was much less frequent. Looking back at the incident, Rachel feels that they may have been trying to get her attention, but once she’d seen the craft there was less of a need to do so anymore. She also feels that she had seen the white light on other occasions too but had not checked to see what was causing it. She cannot remember whether these other events happened before or after the sighting of the craft.

This incident has many classic signs of contact, and it is possible that it occurred just prior to, or more likely just after, a contact experience. Obviously the sighting of the craft was very impressive and for myself confirms that there was extraterrestrial involvement. But the vibrations and clicking noises, and the way that she could not wake her boyfriend at the time, have also been reported many times by contactees. It is both mine and many other contact researchers’ belief that the ETs have a way of “shutting down” individuals, and may well be using some form of time or dimensional distortion. The fact that Rachel remained awake after the experience also proves that it took place and was not just a dream.

Multi-Coloured Orbs

Ever since her 20s, Rachel has enjoyed going camping in both Scotland and Europe. She loves being away from the city and she is also very fond of staring up at the night sky. She particularly likes Scotland, it has always been a spiritual home for her where she feels at ease.

In the early 1990’s, she went on a camping trip with her then boyfriend Steve, and two friends Lee and Ann. They had booked in at one of their favourite campsites on the East coast of the Isle of Skye - Torvaig Campsite at Portree. They liked this particular campsite as it was close enough to the town to easily walk between the two.

They had been in town having a couple of drinks at a pub, and returned to the campsite. Their tents were pitched near the top of the field. It was May/June, and the weather was very clear, so Rachel decided to stay outside a while. She lay down on the grass and looked up at the stars, while Steve went to sleep in the tent.

It got to about 1am and she needed to go to the toilet. The toilet block was down at the lower end of the field. She got up and started walking down to it. As she got near, she suddenly noticed something which made her abruptly stop. Next to a portacabin she saw what looked like a number of glowing orbs of energy in the air. They were about the size of footballs. One was a reddish-pink colour, one blue-green, and one yellow-white. The reddish-pink one remained the same colour, but the other two were slowly changing in colour. The orbs were floating slowly around each other and appeared to be pulsating.

Drawing of the orbs in front of the hedge and next to the portacabin:


Suddenly there was a bright flash of energy which surrounded all three of the orbs. Then the blue-green and yellow-white ones appeared to fade away, while the reddish-pink one moved up and over the top of a hedge and down behind it out of sight. Rachel continued to watch, and felt that the remaining orb was still there hidden behind the hedge. She felt too nervous to get any closer, so gave up on the idea of using the toilet, and walked back up to the tent. She was curious to see if the reddish-pink orb would reappear so she sat down outside the tent and watched.

About half an hour went by and nothing else had taken place. In the end she plucked up courage, walked back down the field and took a look behind the hedge, but there was nothing there. This put her at ease and she went back to the tent and fell asleep. In the morning she told the others about what she had seen.

Over time Rachel forgot this incident had occurred at all. However when she contacted me to arrange our initial meeting, she was trying to think of all the things that had happened to her over the years, and it came back to her. The orbs that she saw are another sign that she was possibly being monitored/observed at the time.

A Possible Abduction

Between 1992-95, Rachel had another experience while camping in Scotland with Steve. She is not sure whether it was a real event or not - she feels it was perhaps a lucid dream of some kind. However taking all her other experiences into account, there is certainly a possibility that this incident actually took place.

In the middle of the night she woke up in the tent. It was quite cold and still very dark. She then became aware of a growing light coming from outside of the tent. She initially thought it was a car driving round the campsite with the headlights on. It seemed bizarre to her that someone would be doing this at such a time of night. The light continued to get brighter. She then heard what sounded like the whirring of a helicopter, but the tent was not blowing at all. Then a man’s voice spoke to her, asking her to step outside.

Rachel looked at Steve but he was asleep. She decided not to wake him. Peeping out of the tent she saw two men standing outside wearing dark clothing. She felt they looked uniformed like police or military and appeared to be wearing plain black trousers and bomber jackets. Their features were obscured by a bright white light coming from behind them. She doesn’t know why she did this, but Rachel then got out of the tent. One of the two men started checking her up and down. Looking to her right she saw another young man who was looking around bewildered. He appeared to not know what was going on. She asked him what the two men were doing and he just shrugged.

Suddenly a white beam of light came down from the sky onto the other man. He then started drifting up into the air in the light! He was moving his arms and legs around and looked amazed at what was happening to him. Then she herself was suddenly flooded in bright white light, and everything else around disappeared. Next thing she knew she found herself in what appeared to be a holding room of some kind. The walls were a dull metallic colour and there were no objects in the room at all. She could see a number of doors in the walls. The room was dimly lit, but she could not see the source of the light. The other man was nowhere to be seen. She was sitting on a seat which was jutting out of one of the walls. She felt a crushing pressure inside her whole body, like she was being transported somewhere.

She then found herself in a different room. She remembers lying down on a bed of some kind, with a blanket pulled up around her. Her surroundings were very clinical looking, similar to the places she had seen in her visions when younger. There were a number of human-looking people walking around.

Rachel does not remember what happened next, or anything else about the incident. She wonders whether it was real or not, and whether she was experiencing it for herself or seeing through the eyes of the man who got taken up in the beam of light. She does not remember whether she spoke to Steve about the incident or not. She does remember him panicking about something which had taken place, as if he had seen something or got a glimpse of what was happening to her, but she doesn’t know whether it was related to this experience or something else.

Rachel could well have been taken on board a craft during this experience. It has many signs linking it with a “classic” abduction scenario. It is possible that the white light was coming from a landed craft, and that the two mysterious men were actually alien beings using a screen memory to mask their true appearance. Again Rachel saw a clinical environment with humans walking around working on things, just as she had when she was young on numerous occasions. This may not necessarily be what her surroundings really looked like; it could possibly be a screen memory of the interior of a craft. If this is the case, then it shows that she has been taken numerous times since her childhood.

Visions in Her Hands

In the mid-1990s, Rachel was invited on a hen weekend to a forest holiday park in the Lake District (which is now Centre Parcs). They were due to spend the weekend in a log cabin. Rachel really likes the forest, but didn’t know what to expect as she had never been away with just girls before. There were eight in total, herself, three others from Birmingham, and four work friends of the bride-to-be.

Over the weekend Rachel shared a room with her friend Karen. One of the nights she lay awake in bed. She wasn’t tired and wished the evening had gone on for longer. She heard Karen roll over and fall off to sleep. Finally she managed to drop off after a long while.

In the middle of the night she woke back up, feeling very energetic like she had drank lots of coffee. She opened her eyes and looked around the darkened room. Her mobile phone was on the floor next to the bed by her clothes. On the top of it was a green LED. She could see the glow coming from this light, and thought to herself “That seems really bright”. It was bugging her, so in the end she got out of bed and put the phone across the other side of the room. She got back into bed but kept staring at it.

Suddenly the light from the LED seemed to grow in brightness. It got bigger and bigger until it was lighting up a small area of the floor. She began to get very spooked out by what was happening, but then remembered that Karen was in the same room and this helped her feel safe. She then heard a male voice speak to her. The voice seemed to come from inside her mind rather than from the room itself. It asked her to sit with her feet overhanging the side of the bed. Rachel wondered if she was really hearing the voice. She tried ignoring it, thinking it must be her imagination. The voice spoke up again “Please, I know you can hear me”. It continued in this manner and in the end she decided to go along with what it was asking her to do. She sat on the edge of the bed. Then the voice said “Put your hands together on your knees and turn them over”.

When Rachel did as she was asked, a moving vision appeared in the palms of her hands, like staring at video footage. The first thing she saw was an old looking village. There was an elderly man with his back turned to her, walking along a road through this village. The man turned to look towards her, then continued walking away until he had vanished into the distance.

Next she started to see flowers in a field, then butterflies. She saw a single butterfly flying away from her, and her view followed behind it. As it flew, the surroundings went from bright sunlight to darkness. Eventually it was flying over a muddy brown field. In the distance she could see bright flashes of light, and she started to feel very cold. The butterfly began to descend and she saw what looked like long lines carved into the ground. As she got closer she could see these were trenches, and she realised she was in World War One. The butterfly flew down into one of the trenches, heading past many soldiers who were chatting and smoking.

This is where the second vision ended. Rachel knows that she was shown something else but cannot remember what. At the same time as watching these visions she got a sense that something was outside the log cabin in the forest. She could feel energy in the room coming from whatever it was. Rachel had no idea how long the situation went on for, but it felt very real to her at the time, and was completely conscious of the incident when she woke up in the morning. She also felt very tired the next day, which proved to her that she must have been awake for part of the night. She feels that she was shown the visions for some reason, but currently has no idea what this could be. She is not particularly interested in World War One so does not feel that it was just a dream. The fact that she had a strong recall of the entire event also suggests it actually took place.

Black Triangles

Easter 1997, around the time her dad passed away, Rachel went on holiday by herself to the campsite on the Isle of Skye where she had seen the orbs. Steve had gone to Ireland with friends, but she felt like she needed to get away from things and relax. She camped almost at the same spot as before, up the top of the field. She remembered seeing the orbs and wondered if something else was going to happen.

It was her first night on the campsite. At an unknown time she woke up with a strong feeling of dread. It was very dark and absolutely silent. She had a vision in her mind of a large black triangular craft in the sky. It had no lights on it at all but was huge and blocked out the stars. It was hovering above a nearby mountain that could be seen from the campsite. One of the corners of the craft was hidden behind the summit of the mountain. Despite not seeing it with her own eyes, she felt certain that the object was there. It felt very menacing, especially as she was on her own and felt vulnerable. She covered her head with her sleeping bag and in the end managed to drop back off to sleep. In the morning she remembered the experience. She was still freaked out by what she had felt, and decided to pack up her bags and head home.

Drawing of the black triangular craft over the mountain:


Several weeks before we met for the first time, in early March 2010, another incident similar to this one came back to Rachel. She had gone to visit friends in Aberystwyth, and left for home at 9.30pm. She was driving along the road, and it was very quiet. She thought about how anything could happen while she was out there on her own. Then the memories of an incident from 1996 came back to her, and she began to experience the emotions she had felt.

She and Steve had been out on a day trip to Wales. Steve used to own a Citroen with a detachable roof. They were driving home with the roof down, and heading towards Shrewsbury. It was quiet and there were hardly any other cars on the road. As it got dark, Steve began to put the roof back up, but Rachel stopped him. She asked if they could continue driving with the roof down. It was clear weather, and this would enable her to look up at the stars on their journey. Steve was worried about getting cold, but Rachel said if it did then they would stop at Shrewsbury and put the roof up. He agreed to this and they continued their drive.

As they were driving along the road, Rachel suddenly began to feel that they were being followed. She informed Steve, who just laughed at the possibility, as there was no-one else around. She had a vision in her mind of a black triangular craft quite far behind them and up in the clouds. She looked back but couldn’t see anything. However this feeling stayed with her and she felt very uneasy. After a while Steve put the radio on. This distracted her and the feeling went away.

Rachel feels that there may have been other times where she saw this black triangle, but these two stand out the most. What is fascinating about these experiences is that until recently Rachel did not know much about the UFO subject, and had no idea that black triangles are a widely reported craft type. This makes them all the more believable.

The Mystery Man

In the late 1990s, Rachel and Steve used to own a Citroen camper van, so would sometimes go away for the weekend and camp by the side of the road while on their travels.

They were up in Scotland for the weekend. It was the middle of a bright sunny day when they came across a suitable location to camp until the following morning. They pulled over into a lay-by and got out to have a look around. By the side of the road was a ravine with a stream at the bottom. There was a nice area of grass on the slope leading down to the stream, and trees either side. It was a bright sunny day and very quiet and peaceful.

Steve walked right down the slope to take a look at the stream. Rachel sat half way down the slope on the grass to soak up the sun. She closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh countryside air. As she sat in the warmth, she heard another vehicle pull into the lay-by. She thought to herself “Oh no! It’s going to be a family with kids and cause a lot of noise”. However when she looked up the slope she saw a car with a male driver. She turned back but was aware that the man had got out of the car.

Suddenly the man called down to her, saying “Scuse me! Scuse me!” Rachel didn’t want to have to deal with the man, so she called down to Steve. But when she looked down the slope to the stream, he appeared to have wandered off. Again the man called for her. In the end she got up and walked up the slope to meet him and find out what he wanted. The man was about 45-50 years old, and was wearing T-Shirt and trousers. Initially he appeared to look like an American tourist. She asked him “Can I help you?” At this point the man walked over to his car (a beige coloured Peugeot Estate), reached in through the door and appeared to be rummaging around in the glove compartment for something. He took out an object and put it in his pocket, before walking back over to Rachel. She found this a little odd, but then started chatting casually with the man, telling him about where her and Steve had been to. She realised that he was not American, and instead had a Yorkshire accent.

As she was talking she realised the man appeared more interested in the object in his pocket than in what she was saying. He then took out the object. It looked like a beige/grey coloured rectangular electronic gadget with a red/orange coloured LED light on one end. Rachel assumed at first it was a camera flash, but could not see any flash window on it. Suddenly without warning he forcefully put the object onto Rachel’s side, neither gently or fast enough to hurt. She exclaimed “What are you doing?!” The man said “Oh shit, it’s not working!” Rachel wondered if the man was wrong in the head. While she watched with a puzzled expression, the man walked back over to his car. She called out loudly for Steve but he didn’t seem to be able to hear her. She started shouting after the man, asking what he had just done. As she did, he got back into the car and drove off without saying a word. The whole incident was extremely bizarre and Rachel didn’t know what to make of what had just happened.

Drawing of the electronic device in the man’s hand:


She saw Steve down by the stream, so walked down and spoke with him, explaining what had just happened. Steve did not have a clue what she was on about. He had not heard the car, and had not heard Rachel shouting for him, even though he was not very far away. It was a quiet day and Rachel is certain that he was within earshot. Steve just brushed off the incident and reacted quite coldly to it. Rachel couldn’t understand why he was acting in such a manner, and it caused a bit of friction between them. She went back over to the grass and sat down with a cigarette.

Because of the strange circumstances surrounding the incident, Rachel wonders whether it actually took place. However it is unlikely she dreamed the whole incident up, as directly after it had taken place she walked straight down the slope to talk with Steve, there was no transition where a dream could have ended and real life begun. Rachel cannot understand how he could not have heard her calling him; it was as if the incident happened in an alternative dimension. But perhaps Steve really had wandered off along the stream, too far to hear her. Perhaps the mysterious man was just odd and had built some kind of device which he believed would do something to Rachel, which of course could have quite disturbing overtones to it. Or perhaps this experience really was something else to do with her contact experiences. Many contactees and UFO witnesses over the years have reported visitations by the infamous Men In Black. The fact that the man Rachel saw was not wearing black is regardless; there is the possibility that this incident was an experience of this type.

Heightened Activity

Rachel and Steve shared a house on Sherlock Road in Coventry for quite a few years. Steve wanted to move to New Zealand, but Rachel wasn’t interested in the idea. In April 2001 Steve decided to leave, and broke up with Rachel. Before this point Rachel had experienced unusual things but not paid much attention to them, however once Steve had left and she was alone in the house she became much more aware of things that were out of the ordinary. Whether triggered by the situation or not, many bizarre occurrences took place.

Aerial map of Sherlock Road:



For several months before Steve left, he and Rachel slept in separate rooms. While Rachel was just getting used to this she experienced a very un-nerving incident. She had dropped off to sleep and was having an unusual dream (she cannot remember the exact details of the dream). Suddenly she awoke face down, and found she could not move. It felt like something was holding her down and pushing her head into the pillow. She felt like she was being suffocated and could barely breathe.

Rachel shouted out for Steve but found that no words were coming out. She struggled against what was happening, and finally managed to shout out loud. When she did this the feeling completely went away. Despite her call, Steve did not wake up. Rachel openly admits that this experience could have been sleep paralysis caused by the anxiety she was going under at the time, and may not have been anything to do with ET contact, but considering all her other experiences, and the fact that paralysis often occurs during contact, this incident is still interesting.

Mind Scanning

In the months after Steve left, on occasion Rachel would experience a sudden loud buzzing sound in her head. It would sometimes take place when she was lying in bed and almost dropping off to sleep. At other times it would occur during the night and she would wake up. She would actually feel it moving through her head from one side to the other, and sometimes back the other way. The effect would always be the same, no matter which way she was lying. Before the noise occurred, Rachel would become very alert that something was about to happen, and then she would hear it.

It began happening quite regularly, every few days. During the experiences, she would not be paralyzed but would often feel a sense of dread and would lie very still with fear, pulling the duvet up around her. Sometimes she would see indistinct figures or shadowy shapes moving in her room.

Mary Rodwell informed me that these experiences are commonly reported, and usually occur before contact takes place.

Rachel would sometimes go and visit a clairvoyant. She believed she was genuine and she would tell her lots of things she couldn’t possibly have known. Rachel visited her around the time the buzzing noises were taking place. She was quite distressed at the time because of what was going on, and this would have certainly been visible to the clairvoyant. However, without telling her anything about what was taking place, the clairvoyant said to her “They’re bombarding you with everything aren’t they? They’re making that connection. But what they can’t understand is that you’re only so tolerant, and it’s up to you to control it. If you tell them and not allow them to do it then they won’t, and they’ll be a bit more easy going on you”. Rachel was astounded by what the clairvoyant had said. She has transcribed some of her readings, and is going to look for the transcript to include in this report.

The final time the buzzing happened was a much more intense experience than others had been. Rachel was in bed and had her eyes closed at the time. Suddenly it began, and was much louder than it would usually be. It was also accompanied by white light inside her mind. Rachel was terrified; she explained to me that it felt like she was being fried. It felt like it may damage her in some way, like she was getting an electric shock or being “plugged in”. It got too much for her and she shouted out loud “Enough! I’m not having this anymore! Stop doing it, it’s really freaking me out!” The sound and light immediately ceased. Ever since, she has never experienced it again, it was like they had listened to her and agreed to her request.

The Second Marking

Around the same time as she was experiencing the buzzing noises, Rachel found another unexplained marking on her body. She woke up one morning with the distinct feeling that she had been somewhere. She felt dazed and a little like she was sunburnt. When she tried to think back to where she had been in the night, she could only see glowing white light.

Rachel sat up in bed and decided to go and take a shower. While she was in the shower, she suddenly noticed something on her arm. She saw four circular red dots in a precise line on the inner side of her left forearm. They almost looked like burn markings. The circles were quite small and were flat on her skin. It looked like some kind of probe had been put on her. She touched the markings and felt a sharp sting of pain. After finishing her shower, she continued looking at the strange marking on her arm. Touching it again, she found that there was no longer any pain at all. She knew that the marking would continue to bother her, so she put on a long sleeve top so it would be out of sight.

Drawing of the marking on her arm:


At several points through the day she looked and found it was still visible. However when she checked it in the afternoon she could see that a couple of the circles had started to fade. By evening time the marking had completely vanished. She has never seen a similar marking on herself since. Rachel is certain that the markings were not insect bites, as she is quite allergic to them, and they would have made the area visibly swell for a number of days.

Markings like the one’s that Rachel has experienced are common with contact experiences, and provide physical evidence that something very real has taken place. Just as she describes, these markings usually (though not always) fade and vanish within a number of hours.


On a number of occasions, Rachel would experience visions of events or of coloured lights. These visions felt to her like she was looking at someone else’s experiences rather than her own, they always looked quite distant away from her like they were detached in some way. They would occur either when she was relaxing in the day, or at night-time when lying in bed.

On one occasion, Rachel woke up in the middle of the night and saw what looked like a glowing green light at the end of the bed. She felt like she was in a dream-like state, and was not aware of any reason why she was being shown this light. It felt like she was seeing it somewhere else rather than it actually being in her bedroom.

At another time she saw blue flashes of light. She lay awake in bed watching them appear. They appeared intermittently for several minutes. They appeared to be energy of some kind rather than actual light. She was certain that they were not coming in from outside of the window.

One of the things she saw, which appeared to be the experience of someone other than herself, was quite disturbing. She saw an unknown woman lying on a bed, with some sort of grey coloured energy form on top of her having sex with her. As with her other visions, it appeared to be in the distance, and she was not able to clearly see the features of the lady, but was sure it was not herself that she was looking at. Understandably, this particular vision felt quite un-nerving.

This has links with another contactee case I have looked into - the lady named Becky from Gloucester (see 2010 Sightings section). She described events where an unknown figure would come into her room, climb on top of her and have sex before departing. Rachel did start reading the report of this case, and wonders if she had a vision of one of these incidents. However this experience has been reported by other contactees too, and is believed to be linked to particular ET species, so she may not have been necessarily seeing Becky, it could have been someone else entirely. There is even the possibility that it was actually herself, and that she was disassociating the experience by making the woman look different and viewing it from a distance.

Precognitive Ability

As is common with contactees, Rachel believes that she has heightened senses and that she is precognitive to a degree. She cannot remember many specific things she has said which have then taken place, but she says that it occurs regularly with random thoughts and statements. For example she will be talking with a friend and say something to them without realising it, and then a few days later her friend will come back to her and tell her that it has actually happened. Over recent years this ability has become more apparent to her, earlier in her life she chose to ignore it or just put things down to coincidence.

BUFOG Premonition

In 2001 Rachel had a very unusual dream. She found herself inside a massive open building. Along the walls were many strange looking landed craft. They were huge and rectangular shaped and covered in windows. She met her father (who had died back in 1997). She started talking with him and he told her he was working on the craft she could see and that he was very happy. When the dream ended, she suddenly got an unknown word in her mind – this word was “bufog”. She wondered what the word meant and even wrote it on a piece of paper and showed it to a number of her friends, asking them what they thought it meant.

Of course back then they could find no meaning for the word at all. But soon after getting in contact with the Birmingham UFO Group for the first time she was amazed to see the shortened name we often go by, BUFOG. It seems incredible to me, but both myself and Rachel believe that she may have had a premonition about our group, many years before the group even existed! Rachel feels that this was for a reason, perhaps because through speaking with me and the investigation, including possible regressions which haven’t even taken place yet, she would gain more of an understanding of what is happening to her and this knowledge would make a big impact on her life.

Mary informed me that departed souls are sometimes seen during contact experiences aboard craft, which suggests that some of these advanced intelligences work on a similar dimension/level of existence. Perhaps through Rachel’s dream, her father was trying to guide and help her.

Distortion of Time

While still living in Coventry, Rachel experienced events where her view of time was distorted. This included a number of occasions where she appeared to have missing time she could not account for. One time she appeared to miss several days of her life without knowing they had passed. She only found out about this when she went round to see her friend. She wouldn’t believe several days had gone by until her friend showed her the current date on a calendar. It seems very unlikely that she would have fallen asleep for a few days, so Rachel currently has no explanation for what took place.

On another occasion, Rachel woke up without remembering going to sleep. Because of all the strange things that were occurring, she had taken a few weeks off work to deal with what was going on. She was sitting on her sofa, and then the next thing she knew it was night-time. It felt bizarre to her as she had not been relaxing with the intention of sleeping.

Missing time is a common occurrence with contact experiences. The ETs have a way of blocking out memories; I suspect this is probably done to reduce the emotional impact on the individuals involved. It is unknown if any of Rachel’s missing time events were down to contact, the only event she can remember in detail is the one described above, and there were no other signs with this which would suggest contact had taken place. However, Rachel does feel that some of her memories have been repressed. She cannot link this to any event in particular, it is just a general belief that she holds.

The Walk In

Around the same time as when she woke up without realising she’d gone to sleep, Rachel also experienced something much more unusual. She was sitting at one end of the sofa in her lounge. Suddenly she felt she was being asked to move to the back of her own body. She finds this very hard to explain but it was like something asked her inner self to step back and allow another spirit/soul into her body. She was still conscious during this, but could see her arms moving without her asking them to. She tried to speak, and a male voice came out. This situation was quite disturbing for her, and she tried struggling against it. In the end she felt something leave her and that she was back in control of her own body.

Rachel has no idea why this occurred at this time. She had not asked for anything like this to take place. However experiences such as this, where an entity comes into the physical body for an amount of time, are common with certain psi abilities.

White Shapes

In late 2001 just before she sold the house in Coventry and moved back to Birmingham, Rachel experienced something which felt very frightening at the time. One night she was lying in bed finding it hard to get to sleep. She opened her eyes and stared round the darkened room. On the wall to the right of the light switch she saw a strange shape made out of white light. It looked like two crossed sabres without handles.

Drawing of the white shape next to the light switch:


She lay there staring at it for quite a while. She then got out of bed and went right up to it and tried to block out the light by standing at different positions around it, but it remained on the wall. She could see no source which could be responsible for the shape. She got back into bed and continued to look at it, and after a while longer it seemed to fade away.

Rachel then noticed a circle of white light on the ceiling by the bay window. It appeared to be made from swirling energy which she could see slowly moving and changing.

Drawing of the circle of light/energy in relation to the window and bed:


For an unknown reason it felt disturbing to her. She pulled the duvet up over her head and rolled over so she could no longer see it. After a while she fell asleep. Later in the night she woke back up again and looked over, and the white circle of energy was still there. This frightened her even more. She wanted to get up and leave the room but felt too scared to even get out of bed. After staring at it for a while longer, she eventually managed to drop back off to sleep.

The next time she awoke, it was daylight and she was very relieved that the morning had finally come. She found that she was covered in a cold sweat caused by the fear of events through the night. She had no idea why this particular incident had been so disturbing for her, for some reason the sight of the white shapes on her wall and ceiling was extremely unpleasant. Possibly something else took place on that night that she is not currently aware of.

Seeing Through Another’s Eyes

In 2006 Rachel had moved back to Birmingham and was living in a house in Bartley Green. There was a nearby Hare Krishna temple which she used to regularly visit. One day she was standing on the street outside the temple entrance with two other devotees. Suddenly her vision started to go cloudy and fade to black. She felt that she was going somewhere else and asked one of the others present to hold her hand.

She began to experience a vision which appeared to be through someone else’s eyes. She found herself in a descending elevator. Looking to her right she saw an American fireman. He looked absolutely terrified. The lift came to a halt and the doors opened. Heavy clouds of dust immediately filled the elevator. She began moving through this thick grey dust and could make out people all around panicking. Some were cowering behind things, others on their knees praying. It dawned on her that she was experiencing a vision of 9/11! This was very un-nerving and she spoke out loud, asking the others to bring her back. They comforted her and held her hand, saying “It’s ok, you’re here, you’re in Moseley”. She was brought back from the vision and found herself back on the street. The whole experience was very emotional and she began to cry. She felt like she had experienced the vision for at least five minutes, but she found out that to the other devotees this had passed by almost instantly.

Rachel says there have been several other occasions where similar things have happened, but this is the main one which comes to mind and which she can clearly remember. This type of experience is similar to remote viewing. Mary says she has heard of similar experiences off some of the peole she has worked with.

The Being

While living at Bartley Green, Rachel used to work at Eaton Automotive in Brierley Hill, Halesowen. Sometimes she would do evening shift work. The buildings had a strange layout which reminded Rachel of army barracks.

One evening in 2006 she needed to use the toilet. The toilets were in a separate block away from the other buildings. This block felt very lonely as it was so quiet and remote. Outside of the toilet cubicles in the corridor was a white tiled wall. She was just about to leave the cubicles when she had a sudden vision of a humanoid entity. It only lasted for a split second, it was as if she’d experienced a glimpse into another dimension for the briefest of moments. The being was about 7 foot tall. It had dark coloured skin, but Rachel cannot remember the exact colour. It had a slender frame, with long arms and legs, and its fingers were also very long and thin. Its cranium was a bit larger than normal human proportions. Rachel believes its eyes were black but were not massively oversized like the drawings of Grey beings that she has seen. The being appeared to be unclothed. It was looking directly at her, and appeared to be leaning out from behind something - either a corner in the corridor or actually coming from a slit in the wall itself, like some sort of portal.

Drawing of the tall being:


When she saw the being she was more intrigued by the vision than scared. Looking back at the incident, Rachel feels that it was an extraterrestrial, and that they were just making their presence known to her. The toilet block was very clinical looking, with its white tiled walls, and she wonders if this perhaps triggered a memory from one of her other experiences where she visited clinical looking environments when younger (see earlier). However this was not the only time she would get to see this being.

Sibling Awareness

On a number of occasions through her life, Rachel has gone of Hare Krishna pilgrimages to India. These pilgrimages usually take place in late October/early November. During them, she stays with monks at various temples. She uses the days there to meditate, read and pray. She also attends classes given by her Gurudeva (teacher). The last time she went was in October 2007, where she went for two and a half weeks.

Back then, her brother was quite unwell. A couple of weeks before she left on the pilgrimage, she had a strange dream about him. In the morning she rang up to check with her sister that he was ok. Two weeks later, on the way to India, she suddenly started to think about her brother and got quite worried and emotional. When she got to the temple where she was staying, she got the distinct feeling that all was not right, and prayed for her brother to get through whatever was happening.

When she got home two and a half weeks later, she found out that the day she had flown to India her brother had got rushed to hospital and had been in intensive care, but had since made a full recovery. Somehow she had sensed that something was wrong. She believes that her prayers helped her brother recover. This incident suggests that Rachel may have remote healing abilities.

Contact Through Meditation

While she was over in India on the pilgrimage, Rachel thought back to the being she had seen in 2006. She wanted confirmation that she had seen what she thought she had. She decided to ask for an experience with a being from another world.

She started to meditate, and during this meditation, she experienced a vision involving the same or similar being to the one from the previous year. In this vision, it was sitting cross legged in front of her, a few feet away. The surroundings were very misty, and it was hard to clearly see the features of the being, but she could make it out enough to know it wasn’t human. This time, the beings head appeared to be emitting light, which she believed may have been a kind of communication. It was holding a cup full of liquid. It reached forward and handed the cup to Rachel, who readily accepted it. She drank from the cup before handing it back to the being, and the vision faded away. Rachel says that she doesn’t remember tasting this drink, she believes it was more symbolic rather than actually taking place, but she was very satisfied with the experience and felt her request to have an experience with an extraterrestrial being had been answered. It felt to her much more real than simply her imagination.

Drawing of the cross-legged being:


Soon afterwards, possibly on the same day, Rachel experienced another being during meditation. This time it looked completely different. The being had a very child-like, cheeky appearance. It had a large rounded head with over-sized eyes and long eyelashes. Its hair was wispy and thin, and it had a small nose and mouth. It had a very slender neck, but Rachel does not remember what the rest of it looked like, she was transfixed by the being’s face. The being was actually translucent, but its features were highlighted by glowing violet-coloured energy, making every detail of its face clear to see. The colour of this energy was incredibly vibrant.

Drawing of the child-like being:


The being appeared to walk past her vision, looking right into her face as it did so, before vanishing from sight. Rachel felt an overwhelming sense of love from the being, but there was no direct communication with it at any point. She felt a connection to it in some way.

This is just a theory, but I do wonder whether this second being was a alien-human hybrid. Some of the features she describes could point to this possibility, such as the over-sized yet normal looking eyes, slender neck and thin wispy hair. However the fact the being was actually transparent, and could only be seen via the energy being emitted from it, gives this second sighting an ethereal aspect.

Pinpoints of Light

Sometimes when speaking with people, Rachel will see small intense pinpoints of light for a split second. These are usually white, but can also occasionally be red or black in colour. When we were talking, Rachel said she saw one of them, bright white in colour, appear next to my head. She also saw a white light over Rob’s head when he came to give the regression.

Rachel distinctly remembers seeing black spots around people when she was young. She does not know the reason behind these, but believes that she is picking up on energy given off by the individuals. Even more bizarrely, sometimes when reading something very interesting to her, she will see one of them appear on the page next to words of importance.

Despite Rachel’s belief that energy is the reason behind these lights, she still accepts that there may be something to do with her sight which could account for them.

Electrical Interference

It is widely known that contactees can sometimes experience unusual interference with lights or electrical equipment. Lights around her house often flicker when she is close proximity to them. This is not a constant flickering but happens intermittently. It happened a couple of times when I was there interviewing her. There could of course be a natural explanation for this activity, but Rachel says they recently got the electrics of the house checked out and they were found to be fine.

One time when she was younger, Rachel went out driving in Wales on her motorbike. She was on her way how and suddenly felt like something was observing her. She slowed down to take a look around, and suddenly all the lights on her bike cut off for no particular reason. She tried to switch them back on but nothing happened. She pulled into a lay-by, still with a distinct feeling of being watched. After a short time this feeling left her. She tried the ignition again and the lights came on absolutely fine. They never did this again so she feels that an electrical fault was not an adequate explanation for what had taken place. It was like something had, for a short while, interfered with the lights.

Paranormal Activity

In both her previous and current houses, Rachel has experienced ongoing paranormal activity that may be linked to her contact experiences.

She often hears unexplained tapping noises around the house. These noises have been heard in various rooms and on various surfaces, including the walls, cupboard, doors, picture frames, computer monitor, radiators and windows. They occur randomly both in the day and at night. Rachel is certain that they are not simply being caused by the central heating, subsidence or other normal explanation. They have not been heard just by Rachel – her housemate Adam has also heard them. Also her pet cat sometimes reacts to the noises. At other times she has appeared to stare at a particular location, as if there is a presence of some kind there. The fact that it is not just being experienced by herself proves to Rachel that it is really taking place and not just in her imagination. Apparently 20 minutes before I turned up to interview her on the 22nd March 2010, she heard knocking on a picture frame in the front room. Sadly I did not get to hear anything for myself when I was there, after telling me about her experiences my ears were on full alert! Rachel believes that the noises may be caused by relatives who have passed on and have come back to visit her. Most of the time the noises do not bother her, but once while in bed she heard knocking on the base of the bed, which was a little too close for comfort.

While she usually hears only noises, a few times she has also seen tall shadowy shapes out of the corner of her eye standing close to her. These are known as “shadow people” and are often reported by contactees.

Rachel believes that there may be the ghost of a cat haunting the house. On one occasion she was seated in her bedroom working at the computer. The cat was curled up on the bed. Suddenly she heard noises on the top of the cupboard, followed by a heavy thud on the floor next to it. It sounded like an invisible animal had leapt off the cupboard onto the floor! Her cat on the bed looked up and stared at the position where the thud had come from like she could sense something there.

On other occasions, Rachel has had her hair gently stroked, or felt a touch on her hand, arm or sometimes face. She does not mind it when this happens, as she feels that whatever is doing it means well. This exact same thing has been reported by other contactees, including a number of other contact cases I have personally investigated.

In early 2003, when Rachel first moved into her previous house on Holly Lane in Erdington, her friend bought her a small pot of daffodils. She decided to put them on a small table in the living room. While she was relaxing, all of a sudden one of the flowers moved right across to the other side of the pot. Obviously this could have a logical explanation such as a sudden draught, or perhaps one of them was balanced and randomly fell sideways, but it felt unusual to her.

She has also smelt unexplained odours sometimes, such as the sudden smell of perfume or cigar smoke. These odours usually last for only a few seconds before fading. She has linked them to particular relatives, and believes that they may be visiting her when they occur. One morning in December 2009, Rachel woke to the distinct smell of toast. She thought that Adam must be making toast for her downstairs. She waited and waited but he did not appear. Later in the day she asked if he had made toast and he denied having done so.

Another strange occurrence which has happened a number of times is when Rachel has randomly found the taps running. She is quite a careful person and feels sure she would not be responsible for this. It has occurred sometimes when she is on her own in the house, so she knows Adam cannot be to blame.

Paranormal activity of the kinds described above is regularly reported by contactees. It is unknown whether this is directly linked to their contact experiences, or whether it is through heightened awareness that they are more susceptible to detect such things, but it is reported time and time again, far too often to be coincidental.

Initial Regression

The hypnotherapist I work with on cases involving contact or missing time is named Rob Tudge. He has many years experience in regressing contactees. On Sunday 18th April 2010, Rachel was regressed by Rob at her house.

We discussed some of Rachels concious memories of events beforehand, and decided upon which would be most interesting to look into during the regression. The three incidents we decided upon were the triangular marking when she was young, the more recent dots marking which appeared on her arm, and the strange white shapes that appeared in her bedroom.

As you will see, under hypnosis Rachel chose the dots marking to go back to. However, remarkably she then began to recount a completely different incident, one which she had not remembered prior to the regression. Below is the full transcript of the regression, interspersed with pictures that Rachel drew directly afterwards.

Ro: Just relax and breathe. And what I’m going to ask you to do is imagine yourself at the top of ten steps. You’re looking down these ten steps and there’s a huge wooden door at the bottom of the steps. Just be aware of the temperature up there, the sounds – do they reverberate off the wall or are they muffled? And just continue to breathe for me. You’re standing at the top of ten steps looking down at a huge wooden door. See yourself as a being of light, emenating light, for that is what you are. Surround yourself with it. But you can move without let or hindrance in a perfectly normal way. And I want you to take the first step down into peace and tranquility. And the second step down please. And the third step down. Calm, comfortable, relaxed, completely at ease. Take another step down into peace and tranquility. And another step, half way down. Look around you at the walls on either side. Are they smooth or rough to the touch? How much light is there? And another step down, into peace and tranquility. And another step, and another, and one more. And the final step down into peace and tranquility. So you’re standing in front of the huge wooden door, with the steps behind you. You’re calm, comfortable, relaxed and completely at ease. And in a moment I’m going to ask you to open the door and move through. I’ll tell you what’s on the other side of the door before you move through it. It’s just a room. On the other side of this door is just a room. It’s plain, and neutral. And when you’re ready, step through into that room please. And close the door behind you. Can you tell me what colour your room is? Ra: Green. Ro: Green room. That’s fine, thankyou. Now very shortly Rachel I’m going to ask you to do some counting for me. I’m going to ask you to count backwards from 100 downward. And after counting each number I want you to say the words “deeper and deeper”. And each time you say the words “deeper and deeper” you’ll get deeper and deeper relaxed. And before you say each number I want you to envisage that number in your minds eye. And you will notice something pretty interesting. Each number will become smaller and fainter than the one before it. And after a while the number will be so small, so faint that you won’t be able to find it anymore and we’ll stop counting. So start counting backwards from 100 and start saying the words “deeper and deeper”. Ra: 100, deeper and deeper, 99, deeper and deeper, 98, deeper and deeper, 97, deeper and deeper, 96, deeper and deeper, 95, deeper and deeper, 94, deeper and deeper, 93, deeper and deeper, 92, deeper and deeper, 91, deeper and deeper, 90... Ro: That’s right. And now what I’d like you to do is put those numbers above your head. What I’m going to do now is count to three, and snap my fingers, and when I snap my fingers I want you to clear those numbers from above your head. And as you clear those numbers so you clear your mind. One, two, three. Have you cleared your mind, yes or no. Ra: Yes. Ro: Rachel I’ll shortly be talking to your subconcious mind, and I’ll be talking to your subconcious mind as if it’s another person. And I don’t want you to think about my questions, don’t consider your answers but just give them as quickly as they come. I’ll count to three and snap my fingers, and when I do your subconcious mind will appear as a shape, a picture or a symbol or a colour. One, two, three. Tell me what you have. Ra: I’ve got blue energy. Ro: Where? Ra: At the doorway area. Ro: Blue energy, are you Rachel’s subconcious mind, yes or no? Ra: Not sure. Ro: Ok. One, two, three, and you will become the blue energy. One, two, three. Blue energy, are you Rachel’s subconcious mind, yes or no? Ra: Yes. Ro: Thankyou subconcious mind for appearing in that way. Subconcious mind, would it be appropriate to go back in safety and comfort to one of the three incidents. Ra: Yeah. Ro: Which incident would you like to go back to? Ra: Number two. Ro: Number two, ok. I’ll click my fingers and you will be Rachel again. One, two, three. Rachel, there’s a door in the wall, not the one you came in through, one in the opposite wall. On the other side of that door is incident number two, and it will be twelve hours previous to the incident that took place. Do you understand? Ra: Yes. Ro: You are protected and grounded, and I will look after you. When you are ready, and not before, I’d like you to open the door, step through, and tell me what you see. Ra: I’m trying my hardest. Ro: That’s fine. Ra: I can see energy. Ro: You can see energy. Are you through the door completely? Make your way through the door when you can, in your own time. You are protected, and you are grounded. This is for your honest good. Make your way through to where you’re supposed to be, twelve hours before the second incident. Are you ok? Ra: Not sure. My face is twitching loads. Ro: Just relax, you’re ok. You’re protected and grounded. Ra: I’m sitting in a garden. Ro: That’s good. Do you recognise it? Ra: Yeah. Ro: Where is the garden? Ra: It’s in our house. Ro: And where is the house? Ra: In Coventry. Ro: Ok. How old are you? Ra: Hmmm...I think I’m about twenty something. Ro: You’re twenty something. You’re sitting in the garden. Ra: Right. Ro: What sort of day is it? Ra: It’s a bit sunny and a bit cloudy. Ro: Why are you at home sitting in the garden? Ra: Saturday. Ro: It’s Saturday. And you’re enjoying your Saturday sitting in the garden. Ra: I’m sitting on the doorstep. Ro: Are you alone or with others? Ra: On my own. Ro: Can you go forward now to the next significant incident? Ra: I heard somebody in the kitchen. Ro: You heard somebody in the kitchen? Ra: Mhmm. Ro: What do you do? Ra: I look, go in, but there’s nobody there. Ro: There’s nobody there. Ra: But I know there’s someone around. Ro: And what happens then? Ra: I look in the other rooms. Then I go back in the kitchen, and I go and see if John’s there. I’m concious of the fact that there was someone there. Ro: There was somebody there? Ra: Mmm. I heard them. Ro: What did you hear exactly? Ra: Not sure. Ro: Ok. Just relax. Ra: Mmm. Ro: And what happens next? Ra: I’m back outside. I shut my eyes. ‘Cause it’s sunny. Ro: Yes. Ra: And I think about nice things. But I start thinking about spaceships. Ro: You start thinking about spaceships? Ra: Mmm. And it frightens me a little. Ro: Could you tell me why thinking about spaceships would frighten you a little bit? Ra: ‘Cause of the sound, a connection with it. Ro: Uh-huh. That’s what you think, there’s a connection? Ra: Yeah. Ro: Is the sun still shining? Ra: Yeah. Ro: You’re thinking about spaceships in the light. Ra: Mhmm. Ro: How long do you sit there for thinking about spaceships for? Ra: I sit there and have a cup of tea basically. And then I put the radio on. Ro: Mhmm. Ra: I put radio four on. Ro: Yes. Ra: Which I do ‘cause my dad likes radio four. Ro: Ok, your dad likes radio four. So that’s familiar to you. Ra: Mmm. Ro: Can you remember what the program was? Ra: A gardening one. Ro: A gardening one. Do you listen to the whole program? Ra: No. I’m not really listening to it. Ro: You’re not really listening to it. What are you doing? Ra: I’m listening for other things. Ro: You’re listening for other things. And do you hear other things? Ra: I’m not sure. There’s cars going past. Ro: You hear the cars going past? Ra: Mmm. Ro: What happens next? Ra: I go upstairs. I look around the rooms. And then I look out of the windows. I’m waiting for my partner to come back. Ro: Ok. So you’ve checked all the rooms upstairs, you’re looking out of the window, waiting for your partner to come home. Then what happens? Ra: I sit in the back room upstairs. Ro: Ok. Ra: And I lie down, and I think about what I’ve just experienced. Ro: What have you just experienced? Ra: When I heard something in one of the rooms. Ro: But you checked the kitchen, and you checked the rest of the rooms. Ra: Then I sit up, wondering if they’re still there. And I kind of walk around, just looking, not really looking at anything in particular. Ro: Just looking. Ra: And then I sit at the table in the kitchen. And I look the food that there and wonder if I should cook something. Ro: Can you tell me what time it is approximately? Ra: Don’t know, just after lunch time. Ro: Mhmm, just after lunch time. So you’re thinking about cooking something? Ra: Mmm. It’s about 2 o’clock. And then I’m wondering if I’m staying in tonight or going out. And I think that I will stay in because I’m not feeling like I want to go out. And then I don’t bother cooking, but I make another cup of tea. Ro: And what happens next? Ra: I sip my cup of tea. I want to read a book but I don’t really have anything I want to read. Radio four’s still going. Ro: It’s still going? Ra: Mmm. So I turn it off. And I put some music. But after some time I don’t want to listen to that. Ro: Ok. And what happens next? Ra: I’m sitting near the window. I look out at the people outside. Watch cars go down the road. Then I see the next door neighbour cleaning his car. So I hide. Ro: You hide? Ra: Behind the curtain. I don’t want him to see me looking. And the back doors still open. And it’s really quiet. Ro: Mhmm. Ra: I want to go for a walk, but I don’t really know the area. There’s an alleyway at the back of the house, like an entry, where I go and have a walk sometimes. Ro: And what happens next? Ra: I’m not sure. I read a magazine. Play Patience with cards. And then Dave comes home. Ro: Uh-huh. Ra: He takes his suit off. Ro: Yes. Ra: He eats some food. He’s bought some. Ro: He’s bought something? Has he bought some for you? Ra: Think his mum gave him it. He wants to go out. Then I tell him about what I heard. He thinks it’s a bit weird. Ro: I see, so you explain about the noise you heard? Ra: Yes Ro: And he thinks it’s a bit weird. Ra: So we sit there talking about it. And then I tell him I’m not going out. He’s ok. Ro: He’s ok. Good. Ra: And then later on he does go out. Ro: Right ok. What time does he go out? Ra: I can’t remember. Ro: Right ok. And what do you do when he goes out? Ra: Listen to music. Got an old black and white TV. Ro: Yes. Ra: That he brought with him when he came from his mums. And I try and get it to work. And I hear it for a little while but then it cut off. I leave it for him ‘cause we haven’t got another. And that’s it then. Play Patience. Ro: Is it light now? Ra: Dusk. Ro: Dusk. Ra: After some time...Dave comes home with booze. But I don’t drink anything. And I watch him, I listen to him talking. Ro: Mhmm. Ra: I watch him drinking. I’m still very full of what happened earlier. Ro: Yes. Ra: I don’t feel the same. Ro: You say you don’t feel the same? Ra: I keep thinking about it. Ro: You can’t put it out of your mind. Ra: No. Ro: And what happens next Rachel? Ra: I go and light some incence and lie down. And the windows are open in the room, ‘cause it’s still warm, and the curtains are blowing. Dave’s gone out. Ro: He’s gone out again. Ra: So I’m aware that it’s quiet. I lie on the bed, and I’m waiting for something to happen. Ro: You’re waiting for something to happen? Ra: Mmm I think so. I see lots of purpley-blue light, like orbs. Ro: You see them in your room? Ra: Yeah. But I’m not in my body. Ro: Ok. Ra: And I see lots of lights. They’re flashing. Like disappearing and reappearing, not flashing. Ro: I understand. Ra: Appearing and disappearing. Ro: Mhmm. Where are the lights in relation to you? Ra: On the other side of the room. Now they’re over here. Now they’re over there. In the corner. Now they’re over here. Ro: Do you follow them with your eyes? Ra: Yeah. And then there’s this big pile of them come through the ceiling. Ro: Come through the ceiling. Ra: And then they go away. And then there’s a few again in the corner. And I don’t know what’s going on. And the curtains are still gently blowing. Ro: Do these lights seem vaguely recognisable? Like patterns or symbols or something you can recognise? Ra: No. They look random. Ro: What would you say the size of them is? Ra: They vary as they come in and out of the energy. Ro: Could I ask, what are you thinking of at this time? Because the noise in the house earlier disturbed you. Ra: Mmm. Ro: And you’re seeing these lights come in your bedroom through the ceiling. What are your thoughts on that? Ra: The same. A little bit anxious, but I’m ok. Ro: You’re ok. Ra: I don’t know what it is. Ro: You don’t know what it is. Ra: Then I see this red light. Ro: And where are you seeing that. Ra: It’s a beam. Ro: A beam. Ra: It’s not like a red light. Ro: I understand, it’s truncated. Ra: Yeah. Like a rod. Ro: Like a rod. How wide is it? Ra: It’s the other side of the room. Maybe it’s 6 inches, on the other side of the room. Ro: It hasn’t got a top or a bottom? Ra: No. Then there’s a green piece that comes onto it. I don’t know how to explain. Ro: Thankyou. A green piece joins the red rod is that correct? Ra: Yeah. And then it merges.


Ro: And you’re just looking at that red rod with the green piece attached? Ra: Yeah. Ro: How do you react to seeing that? Ra: That really astonishes me. Ro: Astonishes you. Ra: I think I realise then what’s happening. Ro: What is happening? Ra: I’m going somewhere. Ro: Explain to me about going somewhere. Ra: I’m not in my world...that I know. But I’m still in my room, ‘cause I can see it. Ro: You’re not in the world that you know, but you’re still in your room. Ra: Yeah I can still see my room, but I’m starting to appreciate another dimension. Ro: So you’re looking at the red rod with the green attachment, and you realise you’re not in your room. Ra: Mhmm. Ro: There’s an alteration to the dimension you’re in, is that correct? Ra: Mhmm it is. Ro: So what happens next? Ra: The red rod disappears into itself. Ro: Yes. Ra: I look at the blue orbs, and they’re not there anymore. And I look around and the floor is shiny. Ro: Your floor is shiny? Ra: Mmm. Ro: When you say your floor is shiny... Ra: It’s like metal. Ro: Metal. So you’re telling me it’s a metal floor? Ra: It looks that way, but I can still see my room. Ro: Ah ha. Ra: And it’s lower than my room floor. Ro: I see. Ra: And I’m not standing on it, I’m still standing in my room. Ro: So you’re standing. What are you thinking as you observe this. Ra: It’s pretty far out. I’m looking for other clues. Ro: You’re looking for clues of what you see. Ra: I’m looking for a wall maybe. Ro: A wall, ok. Ra: I can’t see anything. Ro: But the metal floor is shiny. Ra: I put my hand out but all I can feel is the wall of my room. Ro: How do they feel to you? Do they feel familiar, or do they feel different? Ra: Cold. Ro: The walls are cold to the touch? Are you expecting that? Ra: Maybe. It’s a North room. It’s a North facing room. Ro: It’s a North facing room. Ok. Ra: And I’m looking through the door from my room, onto the landing, and it looks normal. Ro: That looks ok? Ra: It’s just in my room. Ro: It’s just your room. Ra: And I’m looking for the blue orbs, but there’s nothing there. Ro: There’s nothing there. Ra: But the red rod, I’m looking in the space where it was. Everything seems really weird. So I shut the curtains, and shut the windows, and lie back down. The incence has finished. And then I go to sleep. Then there’s a vibration. Ro: So you’ve got your eyes closed I take it, at this point? Ra: Yeah. I’m lying down again, and I can feel the vibrations, and I think it’s me. Ro: You think you’re vibrating? Ra: Mhmm. But I’m not sure. Ro: But you’re feeling the sensation of vibration. Ra: Mhmm. I look at the curtains, they’re not blowing anymore ‘cause the windows are shut. Ro: You’re still feeling that vibration? Ra: A little. I’m looking at the floor where I saw the other floor, it’s not even there. Ro: Ok. Ra: I see a light. I’m lying down, and the light starts from inside my head. Ro: The light starts from inside your head. Ra: The third eye. Ro: Yes. Ra: The light starts from my third eye, and it gets really intense. Looking across the room, but it’s not me, it’s in the room. Ro: The light is in the room but it emenated from your third eye? Is that correct? Ra: Mmm. Ro: But you think it’s not you? Ra: No. Something else. Ro: What colour is it? Ra: Yellow. Yellow-white. Ro: Yellow-white, ok. Ra: I feel like I’m being drawn to the light. And I feel like I’m being sucked away somewhere, my inner body. Not my physical body. Ro: Ah I understand, ok. Ra: The light is drawing me out. Ro: The light is drawing you out, is that correct? Ra: Yeah. Ro: In which direction are you being drawn? Ra: Just upwards. Ro: Upwards. Ra: And out. No particular way. Ro: I understand. Ra: And then I look down and I can see my body. And I look around the room and everything’s the same, apart from one thing. Ro: What’s that? Ra: The red rod’s there. Ro: Ah ok. Ra: The green thing’s disappeared. Ro: It’s just the red rod now. Ra: Yeah. Ro: And you’re looking down on the red rod and your body? Ra: And I’m going towards the floor level, and I’m on the floor, and I’m walking around the red rod. Ro: You’re walking around the red rod? Ra: Mmm. Ro: Can you feel anything? Ra: Just intense energy. Intense energy. Ro: Intense energy. Ra: Mmm. I’m seeing other things when I look through. Ro: You’re seeing other things... Ra: When I look through. I’m not sure, it’s inside. Ro: It’s inside the red rod. Ra: Yeah. Ro: Do you recognise anything? Ra: No. It feels ok. Ro: It feels ok. You’re calm and comfortable. Ra: Yeah. It seems metallic, but it’s not, it’s energy. I don’t understand, how can that be? Ro: Maybe its metallic and energy at the same time. Ra: Maybe not that, maybe around. Ro: Maybe around. Ra: Then there’s green light. Ro: Where do you see that? Ra: The other side. Now I’m not in my room. Ro: Where are you now? Ra: Somewhere else. Ro: Can you tell me where you are? Ra: I don’t know. It’s a really big room. Ro: A really big room. Can I ask you to look at the floor again? Ra: I can’t see it. Ro: You can’t see the floor. Ra: They’re not showing me. Ro: That’s ok. Who’s they? Ra: I don’t know. Ro: You’re aware, can you see them? Ra: They’re not showing themselves. Ro: They are not showing themselves. Ra: No. Ro: Can I ask you if you are aware of some entities around you? Ra: Yeah. But they’re being good, they don’t want to frighten me. Ro: Are you sensing love? Ra: No. They’re protective. They want me to see but they don’t want to frighten me. Ro: They want you to see but they don’t want to frighten you. Ra: Mmm. There’s a green light. And it’s moving. It looks like a face, but there’s no body. I’m not sure what I’m seeing. Ro: It’s green light, and it looks like a face, and there’s no body. Ra: Mhmm. Ro: Is it level with your face? Ra: A bit taller. Ro: Just have a look at that face for me. Ra: Mhmm. Ro: Can you describe it to me? You’re perfectly safe and calm, this is just a memory.


Ra: It’s quite normal looking, but different. Ro: It’s quite normal looking, but different. What’s the little difference in it? Ra: Skin. It looks thicker, not like human. But human to a point. Ro: It’s a human looking face, is that correct? Ra: Yeah kind of. Ro: Thick skin. Ra: Eyebrows are higher. Ro: Eyebrows and eyes? Ra: No eyebrows are higher. Ro: Oh higher. I’m sorry. Just keep looking at the face. Ra: Mmm. Ro: Describe it as best you can. Ra: The ears are real set back, more at the back of the head. Ro: Mhmm. Ra: I can’t really see it ‘cause it’s green, glowing. Ro: Ok just describe what you see. Ra: But the clothing, they’ve got clothing, I can’t see much of it. Ro: Ok. So you can see more of this particular figure now is that correct? Ra: No, I’m nearer. Ro: Oh you’re nearer. Ra: It’s coming towards me. Ro: Ok. Can you see clothing? Ra: Round the neck. Ro: Mhmm. Ra: I’m looking, I can’t really see it ‘cause the energy’s moving. Ro: The energy’s moving. Ra: Yeah. It’s like a purple collar around his neck. And there’s green energy from his head. Ro: Green energy from his head. Ra: Yeah. Ro: Does it follow the shape of the head? Ra: Mhmm. Kind of. And then goes off into a spiral at the back. Ro: Ok. Ra: I’m looking at the room now. It looks really black, but in the distance I can see things, not sure what they are. Ro: That’s ok. Is the figure still by you? Ra: Yes, he’s looking. Ro: He’s looking at you. Ra: Mmm. Ro: Have a look at the eyes. Could you describe the eyes of this figure to me? Ra: They’re like brown, hazel, with orange bits in. Ro: Brown and hazel, with orange bits in. Ra: Hmm. Ro: Are they large eyes? Small eyes? Ra: Bigger than ours. Ro: Set wide apart or close together? Ra: About the same. Ro: About the same, that’s fine. What sort of nose does this figure have? Ra: Really thin. Ro: When you say thin, do you mean it’s narrow? Ra: Hmm narrow. Ro: Mhmm. What sort of mouth can you see? Ra: Thin lips. Ro: Thin lips. Ra: Mhmm. It doesn’t say anything. Ro: Just looking at you? Ra: Mhmm. Ro: Is it a stronger jaw or a weak jaw? Square jaw? What can you see? Ra: Thin, small. Ro: Small jaw? Ra: Seems high, but the energy, can’t see it. Ro: Ok. Just looking at you and you’re looking back. Ra: Mhmm...It’s eyes have real oranges and browns in them. Ro: The eyes have real oranges and browns in them. Ra: Mmm. Quite weird. I’m looking at them really close now. Ro: You’re close, or has this thing approached you? Ra: No I walked towards it. Ro: You walked towards it. How do you feel being closer? Ra: Can’t get too close. It’s not possible. Ro: Could you give me a reason? Ra: Energy’s different, so it’s not possible. Ro: Oh I see. Ra: It goes to walk away. Ro: Did it turn? Ra: Mmm. Ro: What do you see? Ra: Just energy. Can’t see it. It kind of disappeared. Ro: I understand. Ra: I didn’t want it to go. Ro: You didn’t want it to leave? Can you tell me why you didn’t want it to leave? Ra: Because it was interesting. Ro: Interesting. Ra: Mmm. And it felt ok. Ro: It felt ok. Ra: And then I’m on my own. For ages. Nothing happened. Ro: You’re just there? Ra: Mmm. And I don’t remember anything else. I’m just remembering what I’ve just seen. Ro: That’s fine. Ra: And I’m in this black room. Ro: Just in the black room, alone, for ages? Ra: Mhmm. Ro: Just alone? Ra: Mhmm. Ro: You can’t remember anything else? Ra: No I’m just thinking about what I’ve just seen. Ro: Yes of course. Ra: And then I wake up. And Dave’s there. And I sit up in bed. Look at the clock. It’s still about three in the morning. Didn’t even hear him come in. And I sit there for ages. Then I look at the incence and it’s gone still. Ro: Mhmm. Ra: And it’s reminded me of what’s happened. I stare at it for ages. Ro: Just staring at the incence? Ra: Mmm. Staring at the carpet on the floor. Remembering what I’d seen. Then I go to the bathroom. And it seems really cold in there. Then I pour the cold water and it warms the room up. Ro: Pour the cold water and it warms the room up? Ra: And it seems weird. As soon as I switch the cold tap on it warms me up. I don’t even touch the water. Ro: Ok. Ra: I still feel strange. And I go downstairs and open the door and I sit on the doorstep out the back, look up at the stars. And then I get cold. And I sit at the table. I don’t know what to do with myself. But I’m ok. Just sit there for about an hour, then I go back to bed. Ro: When you go back to bed are you able to sleep? Ra: Not really. Not properly. Maybe a little bit. And I keep waking up and seeing Dave. Ro: Yes. Ra: And then it’s light outside. So I make some tea. Ro: How do you feel in the daylight? Ra: I’m ok. Ro: And the next morning when you’re up and dressed and you think about your experience, what comes to mind? Ra: Seems weird. When I go upstairs I look at the floor. And I can’t quite imagine what I’d seen. It’s not the same now. It’s just like a dream. But I know it wasn’t. Ro: You know it wasn’t a dream? Ra: Mhmm. In myself I know. Ro: I see. Ra: It’s too...too real. Ro: Too real, I understand. Rachel is there anything you need to say, anything you need to do? Ra: No, it’s ok. I’m ok about it. Ro: That’s excellent. Ra: Just wondering when it’s going to happen again. What will happen next time? Ro: And as you sit there wondering what’s going to happen, I wonder if you could just check your forearms, the inside of your forearms. Just check left and right, and tell me what you see. Ra: A blue light. On my right arm. Ro: You see a blue light on your right arm. Ra: But then it’s not there anymore. Ro: Ok. And what about your left forearm? Ra: No. Ro: That’s clear is it? Ra: Mmm. Ro: Ok. I just want you to breathe for a moment or two. And when you’re ready and not before make your way to the door that will take you into the neutral room please. And perhaps you’ll tell me when you’re there. Ra: Now. Ro: Thankyou. And at this point I’d like you to thank your subconcious mind for helping you with this important work, from the bottom of your heart. Then when you’re ready go through the door and stand at the bottom of the stairs. Ra: Ok. Ro: Thankyou. And bringing all those thoughts and feelings back with you, start to make your way back up the stairs one at a time. Ten to nine. Eight, seven, six. Number five, half way there. Four and three. Two and one. And the top of the stairs. And in your own time, and your own way, taking as long as you need, come back to this room revived, refreshed, and wide awake.

Initial Regression Analysis

As you can see, Rachel’s first regression went very well indeed. She was able to recount many details about the incident she decided to go back to. Her words seemed very genuine and were definately not considered in advance - she just described things as they happened, including many unimportant minor details.

Rachel did not recollect this incident prior to the regression. This does not mean that the incident was wiped from her memory, it just means that over time she had forgotten it had taken place, perhaps due to the many other unusual experiences she has had. After the regression the incident was again clear in her mind, and she remembered it as a real event. The details she recounted she already knew about, so were certainly not imagined while under hypnosis.

The reason why she decided to go back to this incident is unknown. It is possible that the incident was of great importance to her subconciously, or because it took place around the same time as the marking (though clearly not the same night). We did not realise she was talking about a different incident until near the end of the regression, it was at this point that I prompted Rob to verify with Rachel that she did not have any markings on her arms.

The noise she heard in the house earlier in the day is very interesting - was this some kind of early indication that a contact experience was imminent? Rachel certainly seemed uneasy about the sound, whatever it was that she heard. And soon afterwards she started thinking about spaceships. Could this have been because the noise reminded her of previous contact experiences which had taken place? This certainly seems like a possibility; why else would she randomly start thinking about this? Remember that Rachel has only recently started looking into the UFO/extraterrestrial subject, back in her twenties she was not interested at all or associating her experiences to ET contact.

As you have read throughout this report, Rachel has experienced numerous strange anomalies in her bedroom at night. But this was the first time she had mentioned to me blue orbs coming down through the ceiling and the strange “rod” of red coloured energy. It is possible that these were something to do with transporting her to a different place. Looking at the details Rachel described, it appears that in this instance she may not have physically travelled elsewhere, but may have left her body and visited another dimensional reality. Or perhaps at first this was the case, but later when she met the being, she had then been physically taken. Certainly some of her other experiences have physical aspects to them, such as the two markings which she has found on her body.

The being that she met with was very interesting, and could possibly have been a Nordic type, an alien-human hybrid or other humanoid species. If it had a sex, Rachel believed it to be male. While quite human looking, it had very thin features and reduced ears and lips. It was also probably bald, although Rachel says that it could have had hair which was hidden by the glowing green energy. The “spiral” she mentions at the back of the head is intriguing, it may possibly have been swirling energy related to how the being was making itself visible to her (Perhaps an indication of some kind of portal through which it was appearing). After the regression Rachel informed me that as the being approached her it appeared to bob up and down, like it was actually walking but the body was not visible. If it was indeed walking, this means the being would have been quite tall - similar to the other visions of the dark coloured entities she has had in more recent years.

It does not appear that any contact went on between her and the being; perhaps it was merely observing her, or making its presence known to her for a reason. Or maybe some of her memories of the event have been blocked out. She did mention that she stayed in the large dark room for quite a while, perhaps in reality more was going on at this time, but if so she currently has no recollection of it.

The strange temperature changes that Rachel experienced in the bathroom after the incident could have been her body re-adjusting to the normal room temperature, and may not have been to do with turning on the tap. This might suggest that for a time she had physically left her bedroom and was somewhere else, or that her body temperature had been affected by the experience, but it is in no way proof of this.

Rachel, Rob and I were all very pleased with how the regression went. Obviously there are many different events she has experienced which we could take her back to using regression, so if she decides to go ahead I’m sure there will be other regressions in the coming months.


As you can see, Rachel has had many varied experiences, many of which certainly seem linked with ET contact. She feels like she is being shown things for a reason and collecting information. She also feels a sense of mission, though does not know yet the meaning behind her experiences or where they may lead. For many years she could not bring herself to believe that she was experiencing contact, but has now come to terms with the reality that this is taking place, and has been for a large part of her life. Her experiences have changed her perception of the world, and strongly influenced her decisions and thoughts.

I am completely fascinated with Rachel’s case, and believe it to be one of the most impressive contact cases I have yet looked into. Just because she is very spiritual in nature, do not make the mistake of assuming that she easily reads into things. Rachel comes across as a very intelligent, logical and sincere lady, one who genuinely trying to figure out what she has experienced.

I hope that over time Rachel gains more of an understanding as to the meaning behind everything that has taken place. This investigation is far from over, so this report will be updated with further information as and when it becomes available.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010



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