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Droitwich Contact Case Part 1 - Greys, Hybrid, Abduction Video, MILAB, UFOs, Psychic, Paranormal

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 22/09/2021

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Every so often I come across a case which is extremely compelling, and which includes many experiences spanning the life time of an individual. This is one such case. The lady in this report, who I shall call Susan, has had contact related experiences right back to her childhood. These experiences have included multiple abductions and visitations by ET beings, UFO sightings, missing time, paranormal activity and psychic abilities. And with this particular case there is one piece of evidence which is extremely rare in the field of ET contact… one of her abductions appears to have been captured on video camera!

This extensive report features a full overview of Susan’s many fascinating experiences, analysis of the video footage, and transcripts from two regressions. Although parts of this case has been written about online by other UFO researchers who Susan has also got in touch with, this is the only complete and accurate version of events available. It is also the only report that Susan and her family have officially acknowledged.

The Investigation

I first learned of Susan’s case from UFO investigator Philip Mantle. He forwarded it to me due to my experience in contact research, and asked if I could write an article for UFO Matrix magazine, which has sadly since folded. He informed me that Susan had experienced two abductions back in December 2010, and that one of these had seemingly been captured on camera. Immediately intrigued, I gladly accepted and got in touch with Susan.

On 23rd January 2011 I drove round to Susan’s previous house near Droitwich to meet her and her family, including her husband Badar and daughters Abida and Senait. Over several hours I interviewed her about her experiences. After going over everything in depth we decided that the best way forward would be to arrange a hypnotic regression based around the two key abduction experiences, to see if any further details came to light. On 5th February I returned with hypnotherapist Rob Tudge, who I used to work with regularly on contact case investigations. The regression went well and

additional details were uncovered which Susan had not previously recollected. After this date, Rob returned to see Susan on numerous other occasions. As a result of this further details emerged relating to incidents from Susan’s past.

In the months following, I analysed the video footage which seemed to show Susan vanishing from her bed on the night of the 2nd abduction. I also sent it off for analysis to several video experts. Although they could not shed any further light on exactly what the footage showed, you can read about my own analysis of the footage later in this report. Throughout the year, Susan spoke with numerous other UFO groups and individuals about her experiences. She spoke at Expolitics 2011 conference, and was also interviewed by a camera crew for an American documentary.

On 12th January 2012, nearly a year since the investigation began, I once again visited Susan at her current home to interview her about additional experiences which had happened throughout 2011. I also learned about a further abduction experience which occurred when she was very young.

On 15th March I and Susan gave a joint talk at BUFOG about her experiences. The lecture went very well and we received some very positive feedback from it. Both I and Susan are happy to repeat this talk at other venues, so if you’re interested in arranging a lecture please get in touch. A few weeks later on 1st April, I took Susan to be regressed a second time by the female hypnotherapist I now work with in Birmimgham. We explored four of Susan’s other experiences which had taken place within 2011 to early 2012. To an extent this was again a success, and although there were still unanswered questions we did obtain some additional information regarding these experiences.

Initial Abduction

The first of the two experiences which the investigation was initially focused around occurred on Thursday 3rd December 2010. Susan and Badar settled down to sleep themselves at about 12.30am. Their daughters were already asleep in the other upper bedroom. As usual Susan was wearing her night gown. She was finding it very difficult to get to sleep, which was unusual for her. She had been at home all day relaxing so she just figured she wasn’t very tired.

After 1 am she got out of bed and walked through to the side bedroom to check up on her daughters. Whenever she does this she tends to take a quick glance out of the window. The house lies alongside some grass-covered farmer’s fields. It was a frosty but very clear night and she could see the surrounding area well. She noticed something in the distance. There was what appeared to be a fattened-disc shaped light, glowing white with a slight orange tinge to it. The light was on the far side of the field which runs alongside the field nearest the house, about a quarter of a mile away.

Photograph of the view from the bedroom window, showing the position where the distant light was situated: