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Droitwich Contact Case Part 1 - Greys, Hybrid, Abduction Video, MILAB, UFOs, Psychic, Paranormal

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 22/09/2021

For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used

Every so often I come across a case which is extremely compelling, and which includes many experiences spanning the life time of an individual. This is one such case. The lady in this report, who I shall call Susan, has had contact related experiences right back to her childhood. These experiences have included multiple abductions and visitations by ET beings, UFO sightings, missing time, paranormal activity and psychic abilities. And with this particular case there is one piece of evidence which is extremely rare in the field of ET contact… one of her abductions appears to have been captured on video camera!

This extensive report features a full overview of Susan’s many fascinating experiences, analysis of the video footage, and transcripts from two regressions. Although parts of this case has been written about online by other UFO researchers who Susan has also got in touch with, this is the only complete and accurate version of events available. It is also the only report that Susan and her family have officially acknowledged.

The Investigation

I first learned of Susan’s case from UFO investigator Philip Mantle. He forwarded it to me due to my experience in contact research, and asked if I could write an article for UFO Matrix magazine, which has sadly since folded. He informed me that Susan had experienced two abductions back in December 2010, and that one of these had seemingly been captured on camera. Immediately intrigued, I gladly accepted and got in touch with Susan.

On 23rd January 2011 I drove round to Susan’s previous house near Droitwich to meet her and her family, including her husband Badar and daughters Abida and Senait. Over several hours I interviewed her about her experiences. After going over everything in depth we decided that the best way forward would be to arrange a hypnotic regression based around the two key abduction experiences, to see if any further details came to light. On 5th February I returned with hypnotherapist Rob Tudge, who I used to work with regularly on contact case investigations. The regression went well and

additional details were uncovered which Susan had not previously recollected. After this date, Rob returned to see Susan on numerous other occasions. As a result of this further details emerged relating to incidents from Susan’s past.

In the months following, I analysed the video footage which seemed to show Susan vanishing from her bed on the night of the 2nd abduction. I also sent it off for analysis to several video experts. Although they could not shed any further light on exactly what the footage showed, you can read about my own analysis of the footage later in this report. Throughout the year, Susan spoke with numerous other UFO groups and individuals about her experiences. She spoke at Expolitics 2011 conference, and was also interviewed by a camera crew for an American documentary.

On 12th January 2012, nearly a year since the investigation began, I once again visited Susan at her current home to interview her about additional experiences which had happened throughout 2011. I also learned about a further abduction experience which occurred when she was very young.

On 15th March I and Susan gave a joint talk at BUFOG about her experiences. The lecture went very well and we received some very positive feedback from it. Both I and Susan are happy to repeat this talk at other venues, so if you’re interested in arranging a lecture please get in touch. A few weeks later on 1st April, I took Susan to be regressed a second time by the female hypnotherapist I now work with in Birmimgham. We explored four of Susan’s other experiences which had taken place within 2011 to early 2012. To an extent this was again a success, and although there were still unanswered questions we did obtain some additional information regarding these experiences.

Initial Abduction

The first of the two experiences which the investigation was initially focused around occurred on Thursday 3rd December 2010. Susan and Badar settled down to sleep themselves at about 12.30am. Their daughters were already asleep in the other upper bedroom. As usual Susan was wearing her night gown. She was finding it very difficult to get to sleep, which was unusual for her. She had been at home all day relaxing so she just figured she wasn’t very tired.

After 1 am she got out of bed and walked through to the side bedroom to check up on her daughters. Whenever she does this she tends to take a quick glance out of the window. The house lies alongside some grass-covered farmer’s fields. It was a frosty but very clear night and she could see the surrounding area well. She noticed something in the distance. There was what appeared to be a fattened-disc shaped light, glowing white with a slight orange tinge to it. The light was on the far side of the field which runs alongside the field nearest the house, about a quarter of a mile away.

Photograph of the view from the bedroom window, showing the position where the distant light was situated:

Witness drawing of the UFO at a distance:

Susan thought to herself “What the hell, that’s a low flying plane!” She initially thought it was going to crash. But she then felt that it looked strange for a plane and wondered if it was a reflection coming from inside the room and bouncing off the glass. She went and got a piece of paper and held it up on the window, but she could still see the light so knew it must be outside. She glanced back around for a second. When she turned back she was surprised to see that the glowing light was now much closer to her location, within a few hundred yards at most. It was now down close to the ground and in the field next to the house. It looked different to how it had appeared at a distance. Susan could see that it was not a single light, but appeared to be a bank of horizontal lights in a row. These lights were glowing extremely brightly and it was not possible to see their source.

Photograph showing the closer position where the object was then observed:

Witness drawing of the UFO closer up:

Susan immediately got the impression that the object was observing her. Susan says that she should have been especially concerned by this as she is Muslim and likes to keep covered up, and she was only wearing her night gown. But rather than getting worried by the presence of the object and the feeling it was watching her, she turned around, and went back to her room! This sort of behaviour is seen time and time again in contact cases. It seems probable that the ETs have a way of calming the individual down so they are not overly concerned by what is taking place.

Before she got into bed she checked the clock and it was 1.36am. She thought nothing more of the glowing object she had seen and laid back down next to her sleeping husband. It wasn’t long before her elder daughter Abida suddenly appeared at the doorway to the room. She said “Mummy something’s pulling at my foot”. Susan told her it was probably just the cat and to go back to bed.

It was a short time after this that Susan felt the urge to open her eyes. She does not think she had dropped off to sleep, she did not even feel tired. When she opened her eyes she found she was no longer in her bedroom. She appeared to be lying on a hard flat surface in a darkened room. She did not feel cold, but felt that she was naked. Her eldest daughter was kneeling alongside her and leaning over her. Susan could not see anything behind her daughter, there was just darkness.

Her daughter leaned closer and quietly said to her “Mum, it’s alright don’t worry. It’s your turn mum, don’t be scared, they’re not going to hurt you”. As she said this her daughter brushed the hair out of her face.

Then suddenly she felt a pulling sensation on one of her heels. This was followed by a feeling of movement, like she had been pulled along a tunnel. Susan finds this hard to explain as she did not actually see anything, just felt it. She then found herself in a different place, and her daughter was no longer there. She was still lying down but could no longer feel the table beneath her and appeared to be free floating. She felt that she was now paralyzed and could only move her eyes. It was still dark all around her, but this darkness was now covered in glowing gridlines which separated the entire space into cubes. These lines were a pale yellow-green colour. They did not pass through her but appeared to be all around her.

Witness drawing of the glowing grid lines:

She could hear what sounded like numerous thumping rhythmic noises. These sounds reminded Susan of machinery of some kind. Susan also sensed that there were many short beings around her, although she could not bend her head round to look at them. Susan also felt the presence of a tall being of some kind to her left by her head. She could sense that this being had one of its hands on her head.

Suddenly she began to feel strong prodding sensations, which felt like numerous hands touching her. This began near her head and then went slowly down her body. These sensations were felt all around her, including her back. She did not see any physical beings standing around her.

Numerous times throughout this procedure she remembers thinking “Why am I not scared?” This would in turn cause her to begin to be frightened by the situation. But whenever this happened she would then hear something in her mind speak to her saying “Don’t be scared, calm down”. This would immediately calm her down and she would relax again.

At the time of the experience, Susan had a bad back. As the prodding sensations moved down her body, she became worried that the beings were going to hurt her back. She tried speaking to the beings in her mind saying “You’re going to hurt my back”. At this moment she heard a response saying to her “We won’t hurt your back”. She then felt her legs being moved around to show her that her back was not hurting.

Susan then became aware of a strange looking machine which was between her legs. The next thing she felt was a long cold metallic rod being pushed up inside of her. As this was being done, a screen of some kind appeared to the right. It had no outer structure to it – it was almost like a floating holographic image. The screen appeared to be showing an internal view of herself in glowing white lines. Susan felt there was an urgency to the situation, like whoever was doing this was running out of time.

Suddenly a white light appeared off to her left a short distance away behind the glowing gridlines. It looked like the glow from an arched doorway which had been opened. Standing in this light was the silhouette of a tall humanoid being, which she assumed at the time was her son. However this being looked to be at least 7 and a half feet in height, where as her son is 6 feet 5 inches tall. When Susan was regressed she saw this being for what it really was (see later)

Susan then heard the tall being speak in her mind. However what it said appeared to be directed not at her, but at the smaller beings around her. It asked “What are you doing with her? Why is she still here?” Susan then felt the familiar pulling sensation on her heel again.

Before her regression Susan could not remember what happened next, she just remembered being back in her bed in a sitting position. However under hypnosis she recalled some of the details of her return home, as you will read about in a bit.

Back in her bed Susan did not drop off to sleep. She was surprised to find that she was naked, even though she remembered going to bed with her night gown on. It was lying alongside the bed. She reached over and put it back on. She then noticed how hot the room appeared to be, despite the fact that the heating had not been switched on that night. However her skin felt cold to the touch. She wondered what had just taken place and definitely felt like she had been somewhere else. She checked the time and found that it was 3.16am. At the time she didn’t think anything of this but as we went over everything again she seemed perplexed by this, as she had felt at the time that everything had only taken about 30 minutes. However she believes she was taken soon after 1.38am. If this was the case then it appears she was gone for about 90 minutes. For some reason she felt that she was going to forget the details of what happened, so she woke up Badir to tell him. As she described what she remembered, she began to worry that she was pregnant. She does not know why she had these feelings.

Despite remembering many of the details of the actual abduction, she had completely forgotten that she had seen the UFO out in the field! She only remembered this part of the experience later when speaking to her aunt about what happened. Her aunt suggested that maybe it was to do with aliens, something which before this point Susan had not really considered. This seemed to trigger her memory of seeing the glowing light in the field next to the house.

After telling her husband about what happened, both he and Susan went back to sleep. The following morning Susan felt strong pains in the area of her lower abdomen around her ovaries. She also had a pain on the end of one of the fingers of her left hand. When she touched this she felt sensations shoot right up her arm. She started spotting blood a small amount. This continued for several days after the experience, as did her unusual thoughts about pregnancy. Another interesting aspect is that every morning when she woke up Susan felt she was going to find that her back was healed. It would take a short while before she would realise that it still hurt.

While she was fine with waking up in the morning, going to bed was a whole different matter. As the days went by her fear of going to sleep at night got steadily worse and worse until she was absolutely terrified and tried to stay up as long as possible so she would not have to lie down. The fear was overwhelming but Susan had no idea why she was feeling so frightened. It was at this point that Badir decided to take action and set up an infra red camera which they own. He wanted to reassure Susan that nothing was coming to take her away at night. He set it up at the base of the bedroom facing the bed. From that point on the camera was switched on each night.

Initial Abduction – Regression Transcript

When Rob regressed Susan on 5th February 2011, we looked into two incidents, the abduction described above, and a follow on abduction which took place 6 days afterwards (see later). Below is the part of the regression relating to the initial abduction.

R: Just relax and breathe, breathe deeply. That’s fine. And as you continue to relax and breathe deeply I want you to go back to that first incident, it was a Thursday, December the 2nd, 2nd into the 3rd. Tell me, did anything strange happen during daylight hours? Anything unusual, anything strange. And you can speak easily and freely.

S: No.

R: No, that’s fine, ok. So you went to bed as normal, you went to sleep, and then what happened?

S: I couldn’t sleep.

R: You couldn’t sleep. Just tell me, you can tell me.

S: I just need to check the kids.

R: You need to check the children.

S: Yeah.

R: Ok, had you been asleep?

S: No.

R: You hadn’t been asleep, you’d gone to bed, but you hadn’t been asleep, and then you had to go and check on the children, is that correct?

S: Yeah.

R: Ok. Have you any idea of the time when you went to check the children?

S: No.

R: That’s ok. So you went to check the children, then what happened?

S: The kids are fine.

R: The kids are fine, that’s very good. So you check the children and they’re fine. What happens next?

S: I’m looking out the window.

R: You looked out the window.

S: And I saw a light.

R: You saw a light.

S: Yeah. I can see it.

R: Mhmm. Is this light high above? Lower down? Where is it?

S: By the trees.

R: By the trees, ok.

S: Mmm.

R: By the trees.

S: It’s gonna crash.

R: Oh it’s going to crash, you feel it’s going to crash, it’s...

S: It won’t.

R: It won’t.

S: It didn’t crash.

R: What happened?

S: It’s not a plane.

R: It’s not a plane. Could you describe it? The light you’re seeing. Tell me, in your own time, you’re perfectly safe. Just describe to me.

S: It’s a light.

R: Ok.

S: A bright light.

R: Could you give me the colour of the light?

S: White.

R: It’s white. It’s very low.

S: It’s above the trees.

R: Mhmm.

S: But it might be a reflection in the window.

R: It might be a reflection in the window, yes. Is that what you’re thinking?

S: Yep.

R: Mhmm.

S: There’s a paper beside me.

R: Some paper beside you?

S: (Nods)

R: Mhmm. That’s ok. Just take your time, take as long as you need. There’s some paper beside you, is that important?

S: I need to block the reflection.

R: You need to block the reflection, oh just to check yes?

S: Mmm.

R: Ok.

S: It doesn’t work (shakes head)

R: It didn’t work. What happened?

S: It’s still there. And behind me.

R: What’s behind you Susan?

S: To see if there’s a reflection, if there’s a light.

R: Yes.

S: And there’s no light.

R: There’s no light behind you that could be a reflection.

S: No.

R: Ok.

S: I can see the light now, it’s closer.

R: The light is closer, is that correct?

S: (Nods)

R: Mhmm.

S: I only have my night gown on.

R: You only...

S: They can see me. They’re watching me.

R: Who’s watching you Susan? Who’s watching you? Is that what you sense or is that what you see?

S: That’s what I feel.

R: That’s what you feel.

S: Yeah.

R: Uh huh, you feel you’re being watched.

S: Yeah.

R: Thank you.

S: I should care ‘cause I just have my night gown on.

R: You should care because you have your night gown on, and you feel you’re being watched.

S: Yeah.

R: What...

S: I don’t care.

R: You don’t care. Ahh I see. And what happens next? You’re quite safe, this is a memory, you’re quite safe. You’re protected and grounded, this is a memory. Tell me what happens next.

S: I go to my room. I go to my room, and I lie down.

R: Now, something about coming to your room? You come back to your room?

S: Yeah.

R: You come back to your room.

S: Yeah.

R: So you leave the window where the light is.

S: Mhmm.

R: And you come back to your room, is that right?

S: Yeah, yeah.

R: Ok. Why should you want to do that? Didn’t you want to look at the light? To see what was going to happen?

S: No.

R: You wanted to come back to your room?

S: Yeah.

R: Mhmm. You came back to your room. What happened next? Just take your time, and breathe. This is just a memory. Just take your time and breathe. Good girl. What happened next? You returned to your room.

S: Yeah.

R: Did you lie down?

S: I fixed my bed.

R: You fixed your bed.

S: Yeah.

R: Uh huh. You fixed your bed. And then what happened next?

S: I took my night gown off.

R: You took it off. Do you normally take your night gown off?

S: No.

R: So that was something unusual that you did.

S: Yeah.

R: Ok. And what did you do with the night gown, where did you put it?

S: I dropped it.

R: You just dropped it. You dropped your night gown. And how did you feel, or what were you thinking when you dropped your night gown? Why should you do that?

(Rob’s mobile phone receives a text and makes a sound, even though he is certain he switched it off. He hands me the phone to switch off but it crashes on shut down)

R: What did you feel when you dropped your night gown?

S: I shouldn’t take my night gown off.

R: You shouldn’t do it, but you did it anyway.

S: Mmm (inaudible)

R: Ok. What happened next?

S: I lie down in bed.

R: You lie down?

S: Mmm.

R: Ok.

S: I put my phone on, I put the Koran on.

R: Mhmm.

S: My daughter comes in.

R: Your daughter came in.

S: Yeah. She said “Mummy something’s pulling at my foot”.

R: Your daughter came in and said to you “Mummy there’s something pulling at my foot”?

S: Yeah. I told her it’s the cat.

R: Ok.

S: “It was the cat. Just go and snuggle with your sister”.

R: Just go and snuggle with your sister. Did she do that?

S: Yeah.

R: She was happy with your explanation?

S: Mmm.

R: Ok. What happened next?

S: I’m just laying there.

R: You’re just laying there, ok.

S: I can’t sleep.

R: So you continue to lay there and you can’t sleep. What happens next? This is just a memory, you are completely safe, protected and grounded. You’re looking at a memory. What happened next Susan? Did you manage to get to sleep?

S: No.

R: You didn’t manage to get to sleep. So what happened next? What’s happening Susan?

S: I don’t know where I am.

R: You don’t know where you are? You don’t know where you are.

S: My daughter’s beside me.

R: Your daughter is beside you, ok. But you don’t know where you are, and your daughter’s beside you.

S: I don’t want to be there.

R: You don’t want to be there. Tell me what you see in this place that you don’t want to be, tell me what you see.

S: It’s just dark.

R: It’s just dark, can you see anything at all?

S: Everything’s dark except my daughter. I can see my daughter.

R: Good, that’s good that you can see your daughter.

S: She’s leaning over me.

R: She’s leaning over you. So you are lying down?

S: Yeah.

R: Yes. What are you lying on Susan, how does that feel on your back and your legs?

S: It’s hard.

R: It’s hard. You’re lying on a hard surface, that’s correct, and your daughter is leaning over you?

S: Yeah but she’s on her knees.

R: Oh I see, I understand, that’s ok. She’s kneeling down beside you?

S: Yeah. She’s touching my face and my hair.

R: Ok. Is she concerned for you?

S: Yeah.

R: That’s the impression I had.

S: And she’s telling me...

R: And she’s...

S: Telling me “Don’t worry”

R: She’s telling you...

S: She’s telling me “Don’t be scared. It’s your turn”.

R: It’s your turn.

S: “Don’t be scared”.

R: Don’t be scared.

S: “They won’t hurt you”.

R: Did she say “I don’t want to hurt you”?

S: She said “They won’t hurt you”.

R: They won’t hurt you, ok. And what do you understand from that? They won’t hurt you.

S: There’s somebody with us.

R: There’s somebody with you. Can you see that person with you or do you sense them?

S: I can sense them.

R: You can sense that there’s somebody with you. Are you looking at your daughter’s eyes?

S: Yeah.

R: Ok. And what do you see in your daughter’s eyes as she looks back at you?

S: She’s scared.

R: She’s scared.

S: Yes.

R: Ok. So you’re consoling each other...

S: (Distressed)

R: Ok just breathe. This is a memory, this is a memory, this is just a memory. You are safe and your daughter is absolutely safe. This is just a memory Susan, you’re absolutely safe. Both of you are safe I promise you. Good, that’s fine. That’s good. It’s a memory, a memory, that’s all it is. Ok. What happens next?

S: Something pulls me by my foot.

R: Something pulls you by your foot.

S: By my heel.

R: By your heel.

S: And everything’s black.

R: And everything goes black. Tell me about being pulled by your heels, was it something around your ankles or was it a pinch at theheel?

S: A pinch at my heel.

R: A pinch at your heel, ok.

S: Above my heel.

R: Ok.

S: But it doesn’t hurt.

R: It doesn’t hurt.

S: I’m going like in a tunnel.

R: You’re going in a tunnel.

S: It feels like a tunnel, I can’t see, it’s black.

R: You can’t see, it’s black. Is your daughter with you or have you left her behind?

S: No, I’ve left her.

R: You’ve left her behind.

S: I’m floating.

R: Say that to me again.

S: I’m floating.

R: You’re floating, thank you. You’re floating.

S: But it feels nice.

R: It’s a good feeling, yes.

S: Mmm.

R: Are you calmed by this feeling?

S: Yeah.

R: Excellent, excellent. Is it still totally dark?

S: No.

R: No. Tell me what you see. Take your time.

S: I’m in a room with grids.

R: You’re in a room with grids.

S: There’s lines all over.

R: There’s lines all over. Are you above the lines?

S: They’re everywhere around me.

R: I get the impression of a cage, would that be correct?

S: No.

R: No, that’s not correct.

S: They’re in the air.

R: The grids are in the air.

S: Yeah.

R: Uh huh. So they’re above you and below you, is that correct?

S: They’re everywhere.

R: What colour are these grids?

S: White, kind of green colour.

R: That’s fine. Is that the only colour you can see or the only structure?

S: I can’t move.

R: You can’t move.

S: Mhmm.

R: Are you constrained by the grids, or is this a physical thing?

S: I don’t know, I can’t move.

R: You don’t know.

S: I can just move my eyes.

R: It’s just you can only move your eyes, is that right?

S: Yeah.

R: And when you realise you can’t move, what’s your reaction to that?

S: I feel very relaxed.

R: You feel very relaxed in this place, you don’t react to the feeling of being unable to move. Ok. And how long does this last for, how long do you stay here?

S: I feel touching on my body.

R: You feel touching on your body.

S: Everywhere.

R: Everywhere mhmm. Can you see who’s touching you? Is that possible? Just take your time. This is just a memory. Just take your time. Tell me if you can see who’s touching you.

S: No.

R: You can’t see, that’s ok, that’s fine. But you’re aware of being touched.

S: They’re moving me.

R: You say they are moving you.

S: Yeah.

R: You’re aware of somebody.

S: There’s lots of them.

R: Dozens?

S: Lot’s of them.

R: Lots of who Susan? Lots of who? Who’s moving you Susan? Take your time, this is just a memory. Take your time, if you can look or sense who’s moving you. There are lots of them. Tell me what you see or what you sense please. Just take your time.

J:They’re going to move me.

R: Say that again please.

S: They’re going to move me. And they’re poking me in my back, and my arms.

R: Just poking you, is that right?

S: Touching me.

R: Uh huh. Are you still calm?

S: Yeah.

R: Good.

S: It’s like a massage.

R: It’s like a massage, uh huh.

S: Feels nice.

R: Ok so you’re calm, and this massage feels good for you. What’s happening, tell me what’s happening.

S: There’s someone by my head.

R: There’s someone by your head. Can you see there’s someone by your head? Take your time.

S: No, I can feel his hand.

R: You can’t see who’s by your head but you can feel his hand, is that correct?

S: Yep.

R: Ok, has he got his hand on your head?

S: Yeah.

R: And tell me how his hand touches your head.

S: Feels like it’s inside my head.

R: It feels like it’s inside your head. You said he, but you can’t see this person. Do you sense it’s male?

S: Yeah.

R: That’s correct, I’ve got that right, you sense it’s male yes?

S: Yeah.

R: Good, thank you. And it feels as if he’s touching you inside of your head?

S: ‘Cause I want to be scared.

R: You are...

S: I want to be scared.

R: You want to be scared, but you’re calm.

S: He’s telling me “Don’t be scared”.

R: He’s telling you “Don’t be scared”. Do you hear his voice?

S: No.

R: You don’t hear his voice?

S: In his hand.

R: The voice is in his hand. Mhmm.

S: His hand’s in my head.

R: His hand’s in your head. And then what happens Susan?

S: There’s this...noise.

R: There’s a sort of noise, yes?

S: Yeah. It’s like a rhythm.

R: A rhythm yes. How would you describe the noise? Is it high pitched, low pitched?

S: It’s machines.

R: A machine noise, ok.

S: Lots of them.

R: Lots of machine noises, ok. And is this noise coming from below you?

S: No, all around me.

R: It’s all around you, ok. And have you still got that hand on your head?

S: Yeah.

R: Ok. Are you being touched still?

S: Yep. On my back.

R: On your back, ok.

S: They’re going to hurt my back.

R: They’re going to hurt your back. How do you know that? How do you know they’re going to hurt your back?

S: My back hurts when I lie on it.

R: Your back hurts when you lie on it.

S: But he shows me. He moves my legs around.

R: They moved your legs around, yes.

S: Mk knees are hurting me.

R: Yes.

S: He’s moved my legs. In and out, up and down. And he said “I won’t hurt your back”.

R: He said “I won’t hurt your back”. But if he’s moving your legs is he by your feet now, or alongside you?

S: It’s something different over there.

R: It’s something different, he’s still by your head?

S: Yeah.

R: Uh huh thank you. So he’s showed you by moving your legs and he’s assured you that he won’t hurt your back.

S: Yeah. It’s very relaxing.

R: It’s very relaxing, ok. Are your eyes closed at this point or can you see your legs moving? Or are you just aware of your legs moving?

S: No, I see my legs, my eyes are open.

R: Your eyes are open, you can see your legs. Do you see what moves your legs?

S: Seems like shadows.

R: Shadows, ok. Shadows.

S: I can’t really see.

R: No, that’s fine. That’s fine. Shadows. It’s difficult to define shadows.

S: I can see something moving.

R: You just see something moving, that’s fine Susan, ok.

S: There’s something in between my legs.

R: Ok.

S: Like a machine.

R: Right. Just breathe, this is a memory, you’re absolutely safe and your daughter is absolutely safe. This is just a memory.

S: I can see something.

R: What can you see Susan?

S: I can see like a picture.

R: Where’s the picture? In relation to you where is the picture?

S: It’s further past my legs.

R: Oh I see, it’s further away, ok.

S: It’s very big.

R: Ok. Tell me about the picture, if you wish.

S: I don’t want them to do this.

R: You don’t want...

S: I don’t want them to do that.

R: You don’t want them to do that. Do you voice that feeling?

S: Yeah.

R: You actually say that verbally?

S: No, I think it.

R: You think it. And what happens when you think “I don’t want them to do this”?

S: They just keep doing it.

R: They do it anyway.

S: And then my legs are bent.

R: I understand.

S: And I know they’re going to start looking inside.

R: And you don’t want them to do that, you told me.

S: (Distressed)

R: Just breathe Susan, breathe, just breathe, just breathe. Just breathe, that’s fine. Just breathe, it’s just a memory. This is the memory, this is the memory, you are safe, and your daughter’s safe, absolutely safe, do you understand? You’re looking at the memory.

S: They’ve put something inside me.

R: I understand.

S: I feel something wet, and cold.

R: I understand.

S: And I can see...I can see on the screen.

R: If you wish to tell me what’s on the screen you can do so.

S: It’s just what they’re doing.

R: It’s just what they’re doing.

S: I can see it inside of me.

R: And you can see what they’re doing on the screen. If you wish to tell me what they’re doing then you can do so

S: I just have something inside of me.

R: I understand.

S: I don’t want to...

R: You don’t want to tell me. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.

S: I just want it to be over.

R: You just want it to be over.

S: There’s a light.

R: There’s a light.

S: Behind my left leg.

R: There’s a light under your left leg, uh huh.

S: Past my left leg, and there’s someone standing in the light.

R: Someone’s standing in the light.

S: It looks like my son.

R: Your son is standing in the light.

S: It’s too tall.

R: It’s too tall for your son?

S: Yeah.

R: But it looks like him, is that correct?

S: Yeah.

R: How tall is your son?

S: About six foot five.

R: How tall is this thing standing in front of you?

S: feet. Eight feet.

R: I understand. He has the features and the build of your son, is that correct?

S: No.

R: No.

S: He’s very skinny.

R: He’s very skinny.

S: And he has no clothes.

R: Say that again for me.

S: He doesn’t have clothes on.

R: He doesn’t have clothes on. And he’s very skinny.

S: Yeah.

R: How does he look facially?

S: He’s very soft.

R: Very soft.

S: Yeah, his face looks soft.

R: Ok.

S: He doesn’t scare me.

R: He doesn’t scare you. What about his eyes. Tell me about his eyes. Is he looking directly at your eyes or looking elsewhere?

S: He’s talking.

R: He’s talking.

S: But not with his mouth.

R: I understand.

S: I can hear him.

R: You can hear him.

S: But I don’t know what he’s saying.

R: Ok. Is he still in front of you?

S: Yeah.

R: He’s still there.

S: And he’s err...he’s wanting them to hurry.

R: He’s wanting them to hurry.

S: He wants to know why I’m still here.

R: Ok, he wants to know why you’re still there. Is he wearing clothes?

S: No. He has long arms.

R: He has no garments?

S: He has long arms.

R: He has long arms, I see.

S: Long legs.

R: Long arms , long legs. Can you see his fingers and thumb? Do you notice this?

S: No.

R: Ok.

S: He has big eyes.

R: He has big eyes. Describe these big eyes, describe his big eyes to me.

S: They’re black.

R: They’re black.

S: And he looks kind.

R: They’re black eyes, they’re big eyes, but he looks...

S: Kind.

R: The eyes, this is the impression you get from the eyes, kind. Does he have a nose?

S: I can’t see it.

R: What about a mouth?

S: I can’t see it.

R: That’s fine, that’s fine.

S: He’s a bit far.

R: Yes, I understand.

S: His head’s shaped funny.

R: His head’s shaped funny.

S: It’s big.

R: It’s a big head. Even for his big tall size yes?

S: Yes.

R: He’s got a big head, even for his size. His eyes are black and big, but they’re kind.

S: He doesn’t want me there.

R: He doesn’t want you there.

S: And he wants them to hurry and finish what they’re doing.

R: Ok. He wants them to hurry and finish what they are doing.

S: I want to talk to him.

R: You do? Or you don’t want to speak to him?

S: I do.

R: You do want to speak to him, ok.

S: The one with the hand on my head.

R: With a hand on your head. Yeah?

S: He says I can’t.

R: Right, he says you can’t. And then what happens? After they refuse, what happens? You wanted to speak to him, but that was refused. What happens next?

S: I’m back in my bed.

R: You’re back in your bed. How did you get from there back in your bed? What happened in between? Between the time you were refused, and being back in your bed. Just go back. Just go back. What are you aware of? Talk it through very slowly, what happens.

S: I’m floating.

R: You’re floating, good, ok. You’re floating. Can you see anything while you’re still floating? Just go very slowly, back through your thoughts. What do you see whilst you’re floating, what do you feel whilst you’re floating?

S: Nothing.

R: Say that again for me.

S: Nothing.

R: Nothing, there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to feel, and you’re just floating.

S: I’m in a tunnel.

R: You’re in a tunnel again?

S: Yeah.

R: Ok. Is there anything marking this tunnel?

S: It’s black.

R: Everything’s black, ok. Now very slowly continue, very slowly, remembering everything you can after the tunnel. What comes next? Take your time. After the tunnel what happens, what do you see? What do you feel? After the tunnel.

S: I can’t see anything.

R: You can’t see anything ok. Can you feel anything? What do you sense after the tunnel?

S: It’s cold.

R: It’s cold, ok. You can feel a physical cold? Nice and slowly, when you sense the cold. Where’s the cold coming from? Is it at any particular place on your body?

S: No.

R: Is it all around you, this cold?

S: Yeah. It feels like I’m outside.

R: It feels like you’re outside. Can you see anything? What can you see when you feel the cold like outside, what can you see?

S: I can’t see anything.

R: You can’t see anything, but you sense that you’re outside, and it’s cold. Can I ask if you are floating outside, or if you’re standing outside.

S: I’m floating.

R: You’re floating outside, and it’s cold.

S: Yeah.

R: Very slowly take me forward, from the floating and it’s cold. You can’t see anything. Just go forward slowly, nice and slowly, it’s ok.

S: I’m in my house.

R: You’re in your house. Where are you in the household?

S: I’m in the kitchen.

R: You’re in the kitchen. How did you get into the kitchen?

S: I don’t know.

R: You don’t know. Are you still cold.

S: No, only a bit.

R: Are you standing or floating in your own kitchen?

S: Floating.

R: You’re floating in the kitchen.

S: I come to my room.

R: You come to your room. Do you walk to your room?

S: I float.

R: You float back up to your room.

S: And I lie in my bed.

R: You’re in your bed. Just breathing. How quickly does sleep come?

S: I don’t sleep.

R: You still don’t sleep. What do you do?

S: I wake my husband up.

R: Mhmm. What does he say to you?

S: I say “Wake up, I have to tell you something”. Because I don’t want to forget.

R: You don’t want to forget.

S: I need to put clothes on.

R: Yes, of course you need to put clothes on.

S: Don’t like being naked.

R: No.

S: I have to put clothes on before I can talk.

R: You have to put clothes on before you’re able to talk, is that correct?

S: Yeah. My body’ body feels cold, my skin is cold, but I feel very very hot.

R: Yes I understand.

S: I have to tell him what’s happened.

R: So you told him what happened, yes?

S: Yeah, I told him what happened.

Initial Abduction – Regression Analysis

The regression went very well indeed. Susan described everything she had already remembered consciously in great depth and accuracy. But she also recollected additional memories that she had not been aware of beforehand.

Susan had initially remembered going to bed with her night gown on. This is why she was so confused after she had been returned and found out she was naked. Susan keeps covered up at night so she has no idea why she would have done this, it was completely against her usual behaviour. It suggests that she was under some kind of control at this point.

Prior to the regression, Susan had only remembered the tall being standing in the light as looking like her son. She was simply aware that it could not have been him as it was too tall. However under regression, she finally got to see this being’s true appearance. She described a tall Grey being with long skinny arms and legs. It had a strange shaped, oversized head with large black eyes. There was no nose or mouth visible, although she may not have been able to see these due to its distance from her.

Witness drawing of the tall Grey:

ET’s have the ability to disguise their own appearance, and sometimes even the appearance of the surroundings or their craft. This is commonly referred to as a screen memory. It is more than likely done to make the situation feel more familiar to the individual so they will be less traumatised by what is taking place, and less likely to fight against it. It is possible that this being was using a screen memory to mask its true appearance and appear to Susan as her own son.

The other new information that came out during the regression was details on how Susan was returned to her bedroom. She recalls feeling cold and feeling like she was outside, which suggests that she was physically floated down from the craft. She was then transported through the roof of her house and down into the upstairs kitchen. At this point she was still in the air and lying horizontally. Note that at this point of the regression Susan mentions that the feeling of being cold is largely reduced, which would fit in

with the theory that she had previously been outside but was now back in the warmth of her house. She was then floated through into her bedroom and laid down on the bed. This is very interesting indeed. It is as if the initial point she was returned to was slightly inaccurate, and was then corrected so she would end up where she was taken from. Perhaps this is something to do with the urgency that Susan felt regarding the end of the experience.

Follow On Abduction

It wasn’t long before another incident took place. It was the 9th December 2010, the second night that the camera was set up.

The experience began at an unknown time of the night, and felt to Susan like a vivid dream at the time. The first unusual thing that happened was that she heard a buzzing sound inside her head. Sounds such as this are often heard by contactees directly prior to or after experiences. She then felt the familiar feeling of being drawn along a darkened tunnel, similar to in her previous experience. Next she found herself in a room which reminded her of a doctor’s office. The walls were covered in brown wooden panels. Once again she was lying down but this time appeared to be on a flat table, naked and covered in a thin white sheet. There was some kind of pillow under her head.

To her right at about stomach height she could see a strange looking little man. He had very pale skin, was wearing dark glasses and had short red coloured hair. He was wearing a white doctors coat. This figure actually vocalised to Susan that he was a doctor. However when he did so she heard the voice directly inside her mind, the being did not open its mouth. It was clear to Susan that he was not really a doctor, but was something trying to portray itself as one. At first she assumed that this odd being was sittingdown next to her, but soon realised that it was more probable that he was just short and was standing alongside her.

To her left she could once again sense the tall being who had remained alongside her through her initial abduction. For some reason she did not turn her head to look directly at this being, but she could sense that it was there watching over proceedings.

Witness drawing showing the surroundings, her position, the small being and the position of the taller figure:

The short doctor began to move its hands over her body, not touching her but keeping them about an inch from her. She then heard the being speak to her directly in her mind. It first told her that she had a stomach ulcer but that it wasn’t causing her any discomfort. Moving its hands lower, it then said to her that she had low blood sugar but that she was not diabetic. At this point Susan began to get frightened that the being was going to give her some bad news and inform her that she had cancer. But as if in answer to her concerns, it then moved its hands further down over her uterus and informed her that she did not need to worry about this.

After this Susan one again felt the familiar feeling of rushing along a tunnel, but after that she did not wake up and only remembered the incident in the morning. When she got out of bed she found that her back was feeling much better, although it was not completely better. This feeling persisted and ever since the incident her back has felt noticeably different to before. Could Susan have received healing as part of one or both of her abduction experiences?

When she got up and looked in a mirror, Susan also noticed there were two non-symmetrical bruises on her belly around the area of her ovaries. She also started bleeding again, more heavily this time. In the weeks after the experience Susan found that she now has a normal 28 day menstrual cycle, whereas before her experiences it was always an abnormal 45 day cycle. She seems to have been altered permanently in some way.

Witness drawing showing the bruises which appeared on her belly:

Follow On Abduction – Regression Transcript

Below is the section of Susan’s regression which refers to the second abduction experience.

R: I’m going to ask you to go forward now, to the 8th December. Before you went to bed, had anything strange happened during that particular day? The day before the night of the 8th, the morning of the 9th. Did anything strange occur on that particular day?

S: No.

R: No, that’s fine. So, time to go to bed. On the 8th, the 8th of December. And you went to bed?

S: Yeah. There’s cameras in the bedroom.

R: There’s cameras in the bedroom, mhmm.

S: Just one.

R: Just the one, ok. How do you feel about the camera in the bedroom.

S: I feel good about it.

R: You feel good.

S: Nobody’s going to take me on camera.

R: No ok, nobody’s going to take you on camera. What time do you come to bed?

S: It’s late.

R: Mhmm. It’s late.

S: Very late.

R: Does that make you physically tired?

S: Yeah. But I don’t want to sleep.

R: You don’t want to sleep? But you have a camera.

S: I’m scared.

R: You’re scared.

S: I’m scared something’s going to take me again.

R:You’re scared something’s going to take you again, ok. But do you sleep?

S: Yeah.

R: You do, mhmm. So you’re asleep in your own bed. The camera is there, you know it’s there. What happens?

S: I can hear a buzzing.

R: You can hear a buzzing. That’s the first thing that happens?

S: Yeah.

R: And how do you react to the buzzing?

S: It’s relaxing.

R: The buzzing is relaxing, mhmm. Do you feel the buzzing throughout your body, or do you just hear it? Or is it in your head?

S: It’s in my head.

R: The buzzing is in your head. Are you hearing it?

S: Yeah.

R: You hear it, you actually hear it.

S: Mmm.

R: Thank you. What happens next Susan?

S: I just want to sleep.

R: You just want to sleep, although you’ve got a buzzing, you can hear it, you just want to sleep.

S: Yeah.

R: Mhmm. And what happens?

S: Something pulls me by my foot.

R: Something pulls you by your foot. Is it the same you had, is it the same experience you had previously?

S: Yeah.

R: It feels the same , is that correct?

S: Yeah.

R: Something pulls you by the foot. Can you see anything?

S: No.

R: What can you sense?

S: That I’m floating.

R: You have the floating, ok.

S: I’m in a tunnel.

R: You’re in a tunnel. Is there any coldness associated with the floating?

S: No.

R: You’re in the tunnel.

S: And I come into a room.

R: Into a room, yes.

S: I’m lying on a bed.

R: You’re lying on a bed, ok.

S: And there’s a sheet over me.

R: Ok. How does the bed feel to your back?

S: It’s hard.

R: What about the temperature of the room?

S: It’s normal.

R: It’s normal. Ok, that’s fine. Is it comfortable to your body, is it comfortable?

S: No. It’s hard.

R: It’s a hard bed. But the temperature’s ok for you to lie on.

S: Mmm.

R: You have a sheet over you.

S: And a pillow under my head.

R: Right, ok. Can you see around you?

S: Yeah.

R: Tell me what you see around you please.

S: There’s a man.

R: A man?

S: Yeah, on my right side. He’s very pale.

R: Mhmm very pale. It’s ok, relax and tell me, just relax and tell me. Tell me about the man. This is the memory. Tell me about the man.

S: He has red hair.

R: Red hair. Is it long or short.

S: Short.

R: Mhmm. What about the shape of his face?

S: It doesn’t seem real.

R: His face doesn’t seem right. What makes you tell me that his face doesn’t seem real. Just tell me as best you can.

S: It’s like it wants to fall off.

R: His face looks as if it wants to fall off, mhmm.

S: And his arms...

R: Yes, his arms, what about his arms?

S: They look like normal hands.

R: They look like normal hands yes.

S: But they change.

R: They change.

S: Yeah.

R: Whilst you’re looking at his hands they change?

S: While I’m watching what he’s doing.

R: I see, while you’re watching what he’s doing you observe his hands change? From normal looking hands to...

S: Just something with three fingers.

R: Something with three fingers. Normal fingers?

S: No, they seem to be pointed.

R: Pointed, ok. What about the length of these pointed fingers?

S: I know that he’s not what he says.

R: What does he say he is? Tell me, what does he say he is to you?

S: A doctor.

R: A doctor. Does he verbalise he’s a doctor?

S: Yeah.

R: Does he is he dressed?

S: He has a lab coat on.

R: Ah he has a lab coat on, ok. He has a lab coat on. Tell me does this lab coat have a high neck?

S: No.

R: Or is there a V at the front?

S: There’s a V.

R: Ok. Tell me what’s in the V that you can see in the lab coat. What’s in there?

S: He’s just stood there.

R: He’s just stood there, ok.

S: His neck’s too skinny.

R: His neck’s too skinny. Ok, that’s fine, that’s fine.

S: And he’s moving his hands from my chest down.

R: Ok. He’s moving his hands, mhmm.

S: And he’s telling me my problems.

R: Ah I see, he’s moving his hands down, he’s touching you...

S: No.

R: He’s not actually touching you?

S: No.

R: Oh I see, ok. So his hands, they’re above your body, and he’s telling you what’s wrong with you, is that correct?

S: Mhmm.

R: What does he say? If you wish to tell me.

S: He says I have an ulcer.

R: He says you have an ulcer, uh huh.

S: And it’s not bothering me.

R: It’s not bothering you, mhmm.

S: And he moves his hands down to my middle.

R: He moves his hands down to your middle, yes.

S: And he said my blood sugar is down low.

R: He told you your blood sugar was low, ok.

S: And I’m not diabetic.

R: You’re not diabetic.

S: I’m very relaxed.

R: You feel very relaxed, that’s good.

S: I told him I was worried about cancer.

R: You told him you were worried about cancer.

S: ‘Cause my mum had cancer.

R: I understand.

S: And he moved his hands there.

R: Where did he move his hands?

S: Above my uterus.

R: Ok, he moved his hands above your uterus, and what did he say? What did you hear?

S: He said not to worry about it.

R: Not to worry about it, ok. What did, what happened next?

S: He said he has to check something.

R: He has to check something. What does he have to check?

S: On my left side.

R: On your left side, uh huh. What does he have to check?

S: I can feel it’s something they put there.

R: You can feel it’s something they put there, is that correct?

S: Yeah.

R: And he has to check it, is that correct?

S: Yeah.

R: On your left side. And does he touch that place, on your left side?

S: He doesn’t touch me.

R: He didn’t touch you.

S: He said “I have to check your cholera” (Pronounced chow-lair-a)

R: He had to check...

S: Your cholera.

R: He had to check your channel area, is that correct?

S: Cholera.

R: Cholera. Cholera, thank you. I haven’t heard that before. He has to check your cholera, yes?

S: And there’s something on my, on my left side.

R: There’s something on your left side.

S: Yeah.

R: What is that?

S: Something tall.

R: A being on your left side, something tall.

S: Yeah. He has his hand on my head again.

R: He has his hand on your head, mhmm. Can you see this being on your left side?

S: No.

R: You can’t seeit, ok. How does this hand feel?

S: Very relaxing.

R: Very relaxing, ok.

S: I can see wooden walls.

R: You can see wooden...

S: Yeah.

R: Wooden walls.

S: Like panelled. And err...there’s two frames on the wall.

R: Two frames?

S: Yeah, but I can’t read what it says.

R: That’s ok. Is it script of some kind? That you can’t read?

S: I don’t know what it is.

R: That’s fine. What colour are the wooden panels?

S: Brown.

R: Brown. That’s fine. Can you see anything else in this room, besides those?

S: No.

R: That’s fine. Tell me what happens next?

S: I want to talk.

R: You want to talk. You want to talk?

S: And I ask them if I can talk.

R: You ask them if you can talk, yes.

S: I want to talk to the one with his hand on my head.

R: You want to talk to the one with the hand on your head. Could I ask of the reason for you wanting to do that? What’s the reason you want to speak to the one with his hand on your head?

S: ‘Cause he’s very peaceful.

R: He’s very peaceful, ok. He’s very peaceful. He brings you comfort.

S: Yeah.

R: Yes, thank you. And what response do you get when you ask to speak to the one with his hand on your head?

S: “It’s not time to talk now”.

R: It’s not time to talk now, ok. So after being told it’s not time to talk, what happens next?

S: I’m floating.

R: Floating.

S: In the tunnel.

R: In the tunnel, mhmm. Just go forward nice and slowly, and tell me anything you sense, anything you feel, anything you see.

S: Just floating.

R: Just floating, that’s fine. That’s good.

S: I can’t move.

R: You can’t move.

S: Mmm.

R: Mhmm. That’s ok, just tell me what happens. Just tell me what happens. You’re perfectly safe, protected and grounded, you’re safe. Tell me what happens. You can’t move.

S: I think I’m suffocating.

R: Feels as if you’re suffocating? You can breathe easily and freely right now. Breathe easily and freely. Just give me the memory.

S: I’ve just got to get out.

R: You’ve got to get out? Tell me is there a lack of air, are you constricted, tell me why you can’t breathe.

S: There’s something over me.

R: There’s something over you.

S: Heavy.

R: Heavy yes. Is it actually pressing on you?

S: No. I’m in my bed.

R: Right, ok. Good, just breathe. That’s fine. And what happens then?

S: Just very tired.

R: You’re very tired now, yes?

S: I just want to sleep.

R: You just want to sleep. You don’t do anything else?

S: Too tired.

Follow On Abduction – Regression Analysis

Once again, the details that Susan recollected were very accurate in terms of what she was already aware of, which shows that the regression was going as planned and Susan was recalling genuine memories.

When Rob asked her to describe the small “doctor” that was next to her, Susan’s response was fascinating. She said that the doctor’s face did not look real and that it looked like it wanted to fall off. When referring to the figure’s hands, she initially said they looked normal. But then she said that they changed, and now appeared to have three long pointy fingers. These are signs that she was seeing past the screen memory the being was portraying. Due to the proportions of the being and the description of it’s hands,

It is probable that it was a Grey. These are widely known to use screen memories, and I have looked into other cases where they have disguised themselves as doctors in white coats. It is likely that the actual surroundings that Susan found herself in were also a screen memory.

One of the most fascinating aspects which emerged from the regression was when Susan mentioned that the short being checked something inside of her left side, something that they had put into her, presumably on a previous occasion. The being informed her that it was going to check her “choelera”. Susan had no idea what this word meant, but the being moved its hands to the left side of her belly.. I have scoured the internet but have not been able to find any mention of the word and it does not refer to any part of the human body. It is possible that Susan had or maybe still has a physical implant inside of her. So far she has not wished to go for an x-ray to see if this is the case.

There were other additional details which came out during the regression. Susan remembered two frames hanging on one of the walls with some kind of script on them. Unfortunately she was not able to remember these clearly enough to draw.

After the body scan by the short being, Susan recalled asking to speak to the tall being alongside her. They responded to her, telling her that it was not the time to talk. This suggests that when this incident took place they wanted to keep Susan in the dark about what was taking place, but perhaps in the future at some point may be willing to answer her questions.

(Continued in Part 2 - click here)

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