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Derby Contact Case – Greys, Shadow Beings, Abductions, Visitation, UFO Sighting, Body Markings

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 15/09/2021

Last Updated: 23/09/2021

Note: For reasons of anonymity pseudonyms have been used for some witnesses.

In early September 2021 I was contacted by a lady named Justine via our Facebook community page. She informed me that she had experienced a number of things over the years, but due to recent experiences she wanted to speak with someone in depth about what was taking place. In the following days we arranged numerous Facebook Messenger video calls to go over events.


One early memory Justine has is of greatly panicking when she was taken to get her immunity injections. She must have only been 3-4 years old at the time. She was extremely frightened, especially regarding the way in which she was being held down. She remembers fighting back against things to the point that she actually kicked one of the nurses!

Abductees often have a phobia towards needles or doctors because it reminds them of things that have happened to them during their contact experiences. Although it is common for children (and sometimes adults) to be frightened of injections, Justine wonders if her extreme reaction towards the situation was as a result of childhood abductions she cannot currently recollect.

Lit UFO Sighting

In her childhood Justine used to live in Santa Rosa, California. In 1995 or 1996 when she was 10-11 years old she would sometimes go round to her friend Sarah’s flat after school to play for a while. Sarah lived on the 2nd or 3rd floor of Creekside Apartment, 5199 Old Redwood Highway. She used to get picked up by her mother around 7pm after she finished work.

Aerial map of Creekside Apartment

One evening in the winter she was round at the flat. She and Sarah stepped out onto the balcony around 6-7pm. It was a clear evening. Due to the time of year it was already fully dark. In the distance Justine noticed an object with a cluster of red lights. The object was at least several miles away from their position, too distant to see its shape or size, although it must have been quite big to have been seen that far away. She is unsure of what compass direction it was situated in.

The girls watched the object for 1-2 minutes as it hovered motionless in the sky. Then without warning it suddenly shot away to the left. Justine says that the speed was incredible and within a couple of seconds it had completely vanished from sight!

Witness drawing of the UFO including movement path

The girls didn’t tell their families about what they’d seen. As the sighting was quite distant and did not appear to have involved direct interaction it is unknown whether this incident has anything to do with Justine’s later experiences or not.

Shadow Beings

At age 21-22 Justine lived in a house in the area of Rincon Valley with her boyfriend Mark. He used to play a band at the time. One day he and Justine visited Live Musicians Co-op music studio on Piper Road to make a recording. Justine says that these days it has been renovated and looks nice but back then it was more run down and had a really bad vibe to it.

Modern photograph of Live Musicians Co-op

That night, and for two consecutive nights they were plagued by dark shadowy humanoid forms which would appear in their bedroom. These figures were seen by both of them and were absolutely terrifying. Justine says when they appeared she and Mark would hide under the covers, and when they looked again the entities would be gone. They would never appear during the daytime, only after dark in their room.

Justine was convinced that they had brought back an evil presence from the music studio. Mark's mother was Christian and she decided she would try to cleanse the house by playing hours of Christian music. She set up a playlist and went out for the day. When she returned home she says it felt extremely different, and the shadowy figures no longer appeared.

These entities are commonly referred to as “shadow beings” and have often been reported by contactees. Due to this fact there appears to be a link with contact, although exactly what this link is has not yet been determined.


By 2016, at the age of 31, Justine had moved to Nottingham in the UK and lived in a house on Denmark Grove.

Aerial map of Denmark Grove

On 21st April she and Tom, her partner at the time, went to bed at 9.30pm. Their pet cat Brian was also in the room on the dresser. A while after she had dropped off she suddenly woke up for an unknown reason.

It was quite dark in the room but there was some light coming from a nearby street light through the window. She looked across the bedroom to the door on the far left side of the room. Suddenly three Grey beings faded in over the space of a couple of seconds! They were positioned around the left and base of the bed in a row.

The beings were about 3 and a half feet tall and completely unclothed. They had grey coloured skin and smooth slender bodies with no bone structure or genitalia visible. Their heads were pear-shaped with large black almond shaped eyes, small nostrils and thin slits for mouths.

Justine then realised she could not move or shout out, she could only move her eyes. Tom lay asleep next to her and did not stir. She glanced over at the clock on the bedside table and found it was 10.30pm an hour after they had gone to bed. She was not particularly frightened of the beings, she was more upset by the fact that she could not move.

She then heard a voice inside her mind, and realised this was coming from the second being who was standing at the far left corner of the bed. The voice sounded male. There was no particular emotion sensed in it. It said “You went to bed early tonight” in a very matter-of-fact way.

At the same time Justine realised the being on the left had turned and approached the dresser. The cat was standing up on the dresser and did not appear to be paralyzed. The Grey being was touching the cat on its chin. The cat did not appear to be agitated by this and was not making any sound.

Witness drawing of the visitation

A moment later Justine instantly blacked out. When she came round it was morning time and she was waking up like normal. She says that she felt really unusual. She felt empty inside, like a hollow shell. She immediately recollected what had happened during the night. She asked Tom “Do you remember hearing anything last night?” He responded saying “No, why?” Justine explained what had happened and he sat there giving her an odd look.

She then remembered what had happened with the cat. She got out of bed and searched the house for him, finding him in the living room. When she checked his chin she found a round hole in the centre of his chin. There was no blood surrounding it. She and Tom searched the house to see if they could find anything which was could have been responsible for the injury but there was nothing. Justine was convinced that the Grey had done this to him.

Witness drawing of the wound on the cat’s chin

Later in the morning they took the cat to the vets. The vet confirmed that it was a wound but had no idea what could have caused it. Justine did not tell him about what she remembered from the night, as she felt sure he would not believe her. He gave her a saline solution to apply, and over the next few days the wound slowly healed up. The cat did not act abnormally in any way. Sadly the vet did not give Justine any written documentation confirming the presence of the wound or his assessment of it.

Justine enjoys painting pictures which she sometimes sells online. Several days after the incident she decided to paint a picture of some beings and craft inspired by what had happened to her:

She used some pre-done stencils so they didn’t look exactly as she’d remembered. She also painted them in white paint as she had no grey. The craft she included in the picture were standard UFO stencils and not based on any recollected memories.

It is likely that after she blacked out Justine, and potentially her partner too, were abducted. The empty feeling that she experienced the following day is a sensation I have had described before by other contactees, and suggests that more may have taken place. It also seems probable that the Grey near the dresser performed a procedure of some kind on the cat’s chin resulting in the wound. I have investigated a number of cases where they have done similar things to people, and also dealt with cases where pets have been examined or mutilated.

Light Under The Door

By 2017 Justine had moved to a house on Lindley Terrace. On the night of 30th July she recalls seeing a light on the landing coming under the bedroom door. She is unsure whether she was lying in bed and had not dropped off or whether she awoke during the night and saw it. She was certain that the landing light had been switched off and this was more of a white coloured light rather than the usual yellowish glow.

Aerial map of Lindley Terrace

In the morning she awoke with the familiar feeling of emptiness she had experienced the previous year. She was convinced that something else had occurred.

Later in the day she sent her friend a text message talking about how she felt. Justine managed to retrieve this message for inclusion in the report:

After Effects

In 2020 Justine moved to Chaddesden, Derby. One morning in early 2021 she awoke and felt very strange. She wasn’t tired but just felt odd somehow. She mentioned it to her partner Tony. At the time he did not say anything. However a while later he opened up to her more and informed her of something strange. He told her that his testicles felt like they had been vacuumed.

It is interesting that both Justine and her partner felt unusual on the same morning. This is perhaps an indication that they had both been taken during the night and undergone procedures, but had the memories of this blocked from their minds.

Night-time Disappearance

In August 2021 Tony awoke during the middle of the night to find that Justine was missing from the bed. Justine says that it is improbable that she was in the adjoining bathroom as he did not hear any sounds and the bathroom light was off. She also informed me that she is not prone to sleepwalking.

In the morning when he awoke, Justine was back in the bed like normal. There is the possibility that Justine had been abducted during the night and Tony had woken up while she was gone. However as he did not get out of bed and search the entire property it is hard to say for certain.

Abduction Recollection

On 4th September 2021, prompted by the recent visitation experience, Justine decided to go for a hypnotic regression. She chose a local hypnotherapist for this (name omitted for confidentiality). In this regression Justine had a recollection of her and Tony both being aboard a craft. It was extremely frightening for her and she was breathing heavily through the majority of the session.

Justine sent me a Youtube link to the recorded regression footage. Below are some transcribed segments from it. Initially she answers the hypnotherapist’s questions directly. Later on the hypnotherapist attempts to speak directly to one of the beings through Justine to gain answers.

H: Are you wearing anything on your feet there? Look down and see. Or do you have any feet at all?

E: I feel stuck.

E: I see an alien.

H: An alien. Does the alien have permission to be there? Ask him "Do you have permission?"

E: Do you have permission?

H: Ask him.

E: He's just standing there looking at me.

H: Alien I want to know what you're doing there, why are you there?

E: I'm watching.

H: But you know that she's ready to move forward, why are you holding her back? Why are you holding her back?

E: We need her.

H: But you haven't had permission to use this human have you? You haven't had permission.

E: We don't need permission.

H: What is it that you've been doing with her?

E: Experimenting.

H: Is that why she has bruises on her body?

E: She fights us off.

H: That's because she didn't give you your will, her will, did she?

E: No.

H: Tell me what is it that you've been doing to her while you've been around her? Have you been using her mind?

E: No.

H: What have you been doing then? Why do you need to work on us humans?

E: To grow stronger.

H: Why do you need the strength of humans? Don't you have your own strength?

E: Hybrids.

H: Tell me, what name is your race? Are you actually a Reptilian or are you something else?

E: Something else.

H: Where do you come from?

E: Polaris.

H: How long have you been with her?

E: Years.

E: We need her for our experiments.

H: What kind of experiments?

E: Our biological experiments.

H: Is there anything that you want to say to my client before you go?

E: We've been taking both of them.

It is up to you to decide whether the hypnotherapist really was speaking to one of the beings directly through Justine or not. While this may appear to be the case due to the manner in which she responded there is no real way of telling if this was actually occurring or whether it was Justine's mind assuming this persona. Even if this was the case, she may well have been coming out with real information that she was subconciously aware of.

Due to the visible trauma Justine was experiencing with the situation, the hypnotherapist spent time attempting to calm her down, to some degree of success. Immediately following the regression she then interviewed her about what she remembered. It was now that Justine was able to speak more freely about what she observed. Below is a direct statement taken from the recorded interview:

“Let me talk a little bit about the ships. What I can remember. It's like a big round space, it's made out of metal, and it's very cold and bright in there, and there's tables made out of metal raised up off the ground. They must be, these aliens are about three and a half feet tall, so these tables must be at least two, two and a half feet off the ground, they're wide tables and we're just umm...they're in rows, these tables are in rows and there's a few of us on these tables and we're strapped down. When I look I can see myself laying on this table and trying to get out of these restraints, I can see my partner on the table behind me, and there's this a cone shaped drill coming down from the ceiling, and I just remember feeling petrified, I mean who wouldn't be petrified if a drill came down from the ceiling?”

Witness drawing of the abduction

Many of the aspects described here fit in with other abduction experiences I have investigated over the years, including the surroundings, cold temperature and metallic tables.

When I queried Justine about her memories of the abduction she informed me that during her recollection she was in a position up in the air looking down over proceedings, similar to an out-of-body experience. She thinks there were other people also present on some of the other tables in the room, although her focus was primarily on herself and her partner.

She is also aware that this recollection was not from any of the nights of previously described incidents. In her memory she saw that Tony has orange coloured hair. He only dyed his hair this colour in early July, meaning that this abduction must have taken place within the last couple of months. Tony currently had no recollection the incident, and it only came back to Justine while under hypnosis.

The cone-shaped drill like device seen above Justine’s stomach is interesting. It seems unlikely it actually was a drill, it is more probable it was merely reminiscent of one. I don’t think I have investigated any other abduction cases where this has been seen, though there may be some on record elsewhere.

Leg Bruises

Since around 2009 Justine has regularly discovered bruising around her knees when she wakes up in the morning. The bruises are small and round, and whenever they occur she feels sure she has not bumped into anything on the previous day. They tend to last for a few days before fading.

Below are photographs of some which appeared on her legs on 27th July 2021:

While not obviously artificial in nature, Justine wonders if these bruises have appeared as a result of contact experiences. In her recollected memories under regression she saw straps holding her down on the table. The lower of these straps was over her legs around her knees. She wonders if the bruises are a result of her attempting to struggle to free herself. However, while this of course cannot be ruled out entirely, I would expect the markings to be more straight edged and in exactly the same place each time.


Justine has had some fascinating contact experiences over the years, which appear to be on-going. In recent months she has come to terms with these experiences, and is less fearful of them. She is intrigued by what has occurred and wants to have a clear recollection of events. There is some evidence that her partner has also been taken, although he has not reached the same level of acceptance yet.

Moving forward, Justine is interested in purchasing an Infrared camera to see if she can capture any evidence at night if further experiences take place. She and Tony are also planning further regressions to see if more details come to light. If anything is discovered from these the details will be added to this report. I would like to thank her for her bravery in coming forward with this information.

I'll end the report with this statement directly from Justine regarding her experiences.

"Where do I even begin, really. It seems what isn't normal to others is somehow strangely normal to me. What is normal anyway? A setting on a washing machine. It is what it is; both a blessing and a curse. To be one of the 'special' ones who sees and experiences things that not everybody does. Sometimes it's comforting to know that I'm part of something bigger, something greater. Other times it's terrifying. But knowing my experience may be able to help others too afraid to talk about it makes it all worth it. The stigma has got to stop. The truth is out there. I believe."

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2021



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