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BUFOG Pranks & Funnies

Updated: Jun 24, 2020


Occasionally, as to be expected, we receive hoax or unintentionally daft/funny reports via either here, the BUFOG forum or Richard Hall's site Richplanet.Net. I don't in any way condone these but I figured I'd put them on display for you to have a read. I have purposely removed any contact details from them. Note that these are usually pretty rude/adult in nature and contain sex references and bad language. If you are offended by such things please do not read on, you have been warned. Otherwise enjoy!

The Membership Request Is Out There

Received: 16/01/2017

Via: E-Mail

Title: Mr

First Name: Fox

Last Name: Mulder

Message: Please I want to believe.

My response message:

Your name sounds kind of familiar. For some reason I’m getting the impression that you have an official background and that there’s also a lady involved to some extent. Any idea? Membership to BUFOG costs £10 for life which ensures that only real FBI agents join us. You’ll get a membership card and money off all of our meetings and events. Best to bring it along to a meeting with you. Just watch out for unmarked helicopters or strange old men smoking cigarettes…

UFO Caught On Tape Received: 27/08/2014 Via: Facebook Page

What you think of the UFO I caught on tape.???

My response:

Ha ha ha I think it's 100% legit!

Illuminati Invitation

Received: 22/08/2014 Via: E-Mail

Subject: Membership Application

Do you desire Wealth,Riches,Fame,Spot light,Powers,Unlock your destiny by joining the illuminati order today and earn $250,000 for member loyalty and $1,000,000 for championing the course of destiny. If Interested contact us.

Warm Regards.

Illuminati Order.

Copyright ©2014 Illuminati

Kitchens In Space

Received: 20/02/2013 Via: BUFOG Forum

Best kitchen deals available from

Member responses: