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Billy Meier Hoax Research

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Original wording by Victor Gibbs Re-written for publication by Dave Hodrien Release Date: 21/11/2009

Billy Meier is one of the most famous individuals who has claimed to have made contact with extraterrestrials. He lives in Switzerland, and claims his first ET contact occurred in 1942 when he was just 5 years old and lasted for a number of years. He claims his “official” contact with a group of humanoid extraterrestrials from the Pleiades star system began in 1975. These beings communicated with him both face-to-face and telepathically, and on numerous occasions allowed him to take photographs and video footage of their ships. Meier subsequently released this evidence to the public as proof of his contact experiences. These videos and photos have been studied in depth and are highly controversial. There are many believers and many sceptics alike.

In November 2009 Birmingham UFO Group was contacted by an elderly man named Victor Gibbs via E-Mail. Victor has done some optical research and believes he has discovered evidence that the Billy Meier UFO videos and photographs are hoaxed. Victor has been retired for some years now, but earlier in his life he worked in the gardening industry for 30 years. This included working in all aspects of the profession including maintenance, forestry, plantation, landscaping, farming and tree surgery. He believes that this qualifies him to give an expert opinion on the claims of Billy Meier that some of his photographic evidence shows large trees. Victor has looked at the Billy Meier photographs on the internet, and after his research and experience as a gardener, is in no doubt that Billy Meier used miniature trees in some of his photographs. Indeed the same miniature tree can be clearly observed in several of his UFO films and photographs reported to have been taken at different locations.

Here is one of Meier’s most controversial UFO video clips, known as the Wedding Cake Beam Ship footage because of the unusual shape of the craft:

Below are two stills from this video showing the craft and tree:

Here are some of Meier’s other photographs which appear to show either a very similar or perhaps even the same tree as in the video:

Below is a photograph of Victor standing next to a miniature tree which he believes is roughly the same size of the tree that Meier used several times in the video footage and a number of other photographs. He is actually confident that Meier’s tree was slightly smaller than this tree, and certainly no bigger than it.