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August 2015 – Carreg Mabws, Mathry – Glowing Orange Sphere Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 14/03/2023

In January 2023 I spoke with a lady named Nina Scott via Facebook Messenger about a couple of sightings from earlier in her life which she wanted to get down on record. This report covers the more recent of these sightings. There is a link to her childhood sighting at the base of it.

Sighting Details

In August 2015 Nina went on holiday with her ex-husband and their two daughters to St Brides Bay in Pembrokeshire. They stayed at a holiday cottage in a hamlet known as Carreg Mabws, South of the village of Mathry.

Aerial map of Carreg Mabws indicating the holiday cottage

The area is very rural, and the cottage is surrounded in farmer’s fields. At the back of the property is a small garden with shrubbery at the far end, beyond which is an open field which slopes gradually upward.

Photograph of the garden with the fields visible beyond

It was the penultimate night of their holiday (a Thursday). Nina happened to wake up about 1 am. She decided to get up out of bed and go to use the bathroom. She stepped out of the bedroom onto the landing. Above the stairwell is a tall window which gives a view of the surrounding area to the West. As she walked along the landing she happened to glance out of this window.

Photograph of the rear of the cottage indicating the window which Nina looked out of
Photograph of the landing showing the same window

Near the far end of the neighbouring field, about 800 feet away from her location, she saw what appeared to be a huge glowing circle/sphere of amber-coloured light. Within this she could see three smaller orbs of even brighter light. It seemed to be hovering a good height above the ridge of the hill, and seemed to be about the size of a double decker bus.