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26/07/2008 to 03/10/2009 - Northampton/Portway - Black Arrowheads, Grey Sphere & Red Light Sightings

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 10/10/2009

Witnesses Colin & Ruth have been lucky enough to experience several UFO incidents since July 2008 to October 2009. This report will cover each of these sightings in detail in seperate sections.


It is impressive enough when a witness reports seeing a single UFO. But when many UFOs are seen by multiple witnesses from different parts of the UK on the same night, we should definitely sit up and take notice. The fleets of glowing orange UFOs seen on the evening of Saturday 26th July 2008 were reported by numerous individuals and appeared in newspapers around the UK. This report will concentrate mostly on what the witnesses Colin and Ruth from Northampton experienced, however it also features details on other related sightings and newspaper articles.

Sighting Details

It was around 10pm at night. Ruth was in the back garden of their house on Whiteland Road, relaxing on the patio. It was a clear evening with patchy cloud but completely still and silent. The sun was starting to set but there was still light in the sky. Colin arrived home and went about putting his motorbike away. Ruth was staring at the sky when suddenly she noticed what looked like a very bright orange orb of light coming from the South West. It seemed to be travelling quite fast and was on a straight path in a North Easterly direction. The light had an irregular pulse to it, occasionally dimming before becoming brighter again. She called Colin who came out to join her on the patio. As the glowing orb got closer they could start to make out details of the object behind the light, and as it started to move away the light seemed to dim and they could make out what looked like a black arrow-head shaped craft, although the exact shape of the tail end was hard to distinguish. The orange glow came from a central light in the middle of the underside of the object. At no point did they hear any sound from it. It continued to travel in the same direction and velocity until it was out of sight. The witnesses estimate it was visible in the sky for about 40 seconds, so must have been travelling at quite a speed. They believe the object was about the same size as a military jet and was less than a thousand foot up, flying below the clouds.

About five minutes later another similar object appeared in the distance and once more flew North East on the same path. From then on the objects started to appear roughly every couple of minutes. Some were grouped, some individual. They each travelled in the same straight path. The lights on some of them dimmed as they approached, others stayed bright and could still be visible lighting up the far horizon in a dull red glow. However the seventh object suddenly began to change its course and curved off away from where the other objects were travelling. It looked like it was over the area of the Pitsford Reservoir. The orange light on it was still glowing brightly obscuring its shape. It slowed down and came to a halt. Suddenly what looked like bright sparks shot out of the top of it, and then it dropped straight downward to the ground! After this more objects continued to appear but did not veer off their path. Colin had his mobile phone on him but decided not to take any photographs as he believed they would not come out clearly enough. They called Ruth’s son out, who also saw at least one of the objects before heading back into the house. The final object that the witnesses saw moved on a different path to the majority of the others, and instead came right over their house. Colin felt like it was aware it was being watched and had come over to check them out. As it passed overhead its shape was hidden by the brightness of the orange pulsating light emanating from it. The witnesses watched the objects for around 20-25 minutes in total.

Photograph of sighting location facing the direction the UFOs came from:

Location map showing witness location, paths of the objects and estimated location for the one which descended to the ground:

After the sighting was over, Colin first wrote down details of what they had seen. He then decided to ring Northampton police. Both he and Ruth were concerned because of the one object which appeared to have crash landed. The lady who he spoke to confirmed that other witnesses in the local area had reported the same objects and that officers had already been sent out to investigate. She then put him on hold a minute. When she came back on the line she started to ask him really detailed questions about the objects they had seen, including what shape the craft were, the lighting configurations on them and direction they were heading in. Colin found this to be a little unusual.

The next morning they decided to contact the Northampton Chronicle & Echo newspaper to report their sighting. They were informed by the paper that other people had also contacted them about the objects, and were asked to send details in an E-Mail. Later they discovered that there had been numerous other sightings in different parts of the UK on the same night including the South coast and up in Scotland. Also orange lights in the sky had been seen on previous dates around the area of Northampton.

A couple of weeks later Colin was speaking to his barber who lives in Brixworth, close to the Pitsford Reservoir. He informed Colin that numerous roads in the area were mysteriously closed off just on that particular night, with no explanation given. Did the officers find the object which had fallen to the ground, and had some sort of clean up operation taken place?

Witness Drawings

What the objects looked like on approach once the light had dimmed enough to make out the actual shape:

An estimation of the shape of the objects:

The explosion of the object which veered off course:

Newspaper Articles

Below is the Chronicle & Echo newspaper article which was released a couple of days after the witnesses sighting. It mentions numerous other witnesses to the same UFOs: