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25/11/2017 - Rugby - Green Tinted Glowing Orb Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 18/01/2018

Sighting Details

At 7.12am on the morning of 25th November 2017, Paul Crowther and his partner Avril were sitting on the bed chatting and having a morning cup of tea. Paul was sitting facing the bedroom window and the curtains had already been opened. The window overlooks Burnside Park. It was a frosty and dry morning with a completely clear sky. Due to the time of year the sun was only just starting to come up.

Aerial map of Burnside:

Suddenly from the East, a glowing orb of light with a greenish tint to it came into view through the window. It was quite bright and immediately drew Paul’s attention. The object appeared to be about 1000 feet high and roughly 300 feet from their location. There were no visible markings on the object and no trail behind it.

Witness drawing of the orb:

The object was moving very quickly, faster than an aeroplane would fly at. It was on a gradual descending trajectory heading to the West. It flew behind the trees visible on the far side of the park. It was still in sight over the roofs of the housing when it suddenly seemed to change course to a South Westerly direction and then vanished. Either the light on it had gone out, or it had disappeared into the distance to the South West.

Photograph of the sighting location with drawing of the movement path added by the witness:

The object had been visible for no more than 5 seconds Due to the brief length of the sighting Paul did not have a chance to grab a camera and film the object. Nor did he have time to alert Avril to the presence of the object, so she did not witness it.

Sighting Analysis