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14/02/2008 - Birmingham - White Oval UFOs Sighting

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Craig Lowe

Release Date: 14/02/2008

I am part of a paranormal forum and after seeing something I couldn't explain other members suggested emailing you with the details:

I was in Birmingham town centre today and at 11:30 am this morning I was on the bus on the way home. I was at the back of the bus and facing backwards as they were the only seats available. I looked out the window and above a tall building there were four white objects. At first I thought they were seagulls soaring, then I realised they had no wings so I thought of balloons.

The objects were in a kite formation and perfectly motionless which made me wonder about them. There was a slight breeze so if they were balloons they should have moved. The bus moved on and I lost sight of them. As it moved on, I caught sight of them again and watched as one object at the top of kite formation moved slowly and smoothly under the left side object. Then I lost sight of them completely as the bus moved on.

The objects were slightly ovoid in shape, no idea of size as I don't know how far away they were. If anyone was in Birmingham town centre this morning around this time, if you saw what these objects were and could let me know I'd be grateful as I am baffled.

Copyright Craig Lowe 2008



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