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13/04/2019 - Castle Ring, Cannock Chase – Glowing Orb Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Release Date: 07/11/2019

In late September 2019 I spoke at the Supernatural Fayre in Worcester, a single day event involving market stalls and speakers. For the remainder of the day I ran a live UFO investigation desk. One of the cases which was reported to me was a sighting by Nigel Webster, one of the Chairmen of Spectral Ghostseekers, a paranormal investigation group based in Birmingham. The group also have a big interest in UFOs, and have attended numerous BUFOG meetings.

Sighting Details

On the 13th April 2019 Nigel, other Chairman of Spectral Ghostseekers Paul Southey, and two friends Tim and Jason drove to Castle Ring, an Iron Age hill fort at the South East edge of Cannock Chase. Nigel had previously been recommended the location as a good place for a sky watch due to the amount of UFO activity reported in the area over the years. It was a clear and dry night and quite warm, which unfortunately meant there were lots of gnats in the air. They stood on the top of Castle Ring for a number of hours. Nothing unusual was seen in the sky, and they decided to set off home around 1.30am.

The men walked back down to the car park at the base of Castle Ring. Tim back in his car and headed off. Nigel, Jason and Paul then stood at the open boot of their car packing away their equipment.

Aerial map of Castle Ring with the car park indicated

At the far end of the car park is the base of the path which leads up onto Castle Ring. To the left of this is some trees and bushes. Nigel and Jason happened to be looking in this direction while Paul sat on the back seat of the car taking his boots off. Suddenly they both saw a glowing orb of light flying on a descending arc extremely fast. It looked quite small, perhaps a couple of feet across and appeared to be sparkling around its’ edges. Nigel remembered it being a pale green colour, but Jason remembers it being white.

Photograph of the end of the car park where the orb was observed

Both the men in tandem exclaimed “Look at that!” Paul immediately looked up but by this time the orb had come right down and seemingly entered the bushes. Whatever the object had been it was completely silent.

Witness drawing showing the car, himself and the path of the object

Nigel and Jason both told Paul what they had just seen. He was a little disappointed that he had just missed seeing the object considering they had just finished a sky watch. A couple of days after the incident Paul asked both Nigel and Jason to independently draw what they had seen. It was from these drawings which they discovered that the colour they recalled the object being didn’t match, but other than this the drawings were identical. Unfortunately these drawings appear to have been lost.

Sighting Analysis

This is an intriguing sighting. Obviously when speaking with Nigel I asked him if he considered whether the object could have been a small meteorite. He said he does not think this was what it was as usually meteorites are just seen in the upper atmosphere burning up not at close proximity. Also there was no sound of any collision with the ground or signs that this had happened. He wonders instead whether the orb was perhaps an earth light. However these are quite rare in urbanized areas and Castle Ring is just North of the village of Chestall. It was a clear night so it could not have been ball lightning.

Due to its appearance and small size it does not look like this was any form of manned craft. However it also moved far too fast to be a lit inflatable. If it was not a meteorite (a notion I feel cannot be entirely ruled out) then it seemed to be a ball of energy of some kind. Whatever it was it clearly took place as it was witnessed by both Nigel and Jason.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2019



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