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06/10/2012 - The Radleys, Birmingham – Black Sphere Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Case Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 11/10/2012


Early on the evening of 6th October 2012, a UFO incident occurred in The Radleys, Birmingham which was witnessed by my friend Chris who was at the time on his way over to my house on a bus. This was confirmed by a second witness the following day, after the first draft of this report was posted on the BUFOG website. It is clear that not only did the incident take place, but that the object was observed by a police helicopter from Birmingham International Airport. Planes were also being re-directed by the airport while the object was present in the area.

This report contains up-to-date information on this case, and will be updated with any further developments as they come to light. It includes E-Mail transcripts from the airport and details of a phone call with the police.

First Witness Sighting Details

On the evening of 6th October 2012 my friend Chris had plans to come across to my house in Solihull for a few hours. He set off from his home in Chelmsley Wood and walked to the bus stop on Moorend Avenue. It was a pleasant and still evening with only light cloud cover. As he reached the bus stop he noticed a distant helicopter in the sky to the South West West in the direction of The Radleys. He got on the 71 bus that travels close past to where I live.

Photograph from Moorend Avenue with the approximate position of the helicopter marked:

The bus headed to the West until it was on Garretts Green Lane. By now it was around 6.20 pm and the sun was just starting to set. Chris was sitting on the left side of the bus and staring out of the window. As the bus travelled towards a small roundabout, he noticed the same helicopter he had seen earlier on hovering in the sky to the South East. He realised it was a police helicopter, one that is often seen patrolling the area. However directly below it he saw what appeared to be a small black coloured sphere.

Photograph ofthe location on Garretts Green where the UFO was first spotted, with the helicopter and object drawn on top:

The object was completely motionless. It appeared to be about twice the size of a basketball. He initially assumed that it was something hanging from the base of the helicopter. However Chris has a good knowledge of aircraft and was aware that this type of helicopter does not come equipped with a winch. There was nothing between the helicopter and the object, and something did not feel right about this explanation.

Chris kept his eye on the object and the helicopter as the bus made its way along Garretts Green. It then turned onto Sheldon Heath Road. A short distance along this the bus pulled up at a bus stop. The UFO was now a little closer now, and Chris could see that it was not directly under the helicopter but just close to it. So at this point he realised it was definitely not something attached to the helicopter and hanging from it.

Photograph from the bus stop on Sheldon Heath Road with the helicopter and object drawn on top: